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Realtor Deb Tomaro brings you the people, places and resources that make Bloomington, Indiana home and help you live your best life. At Home in Bloomington.

Realtor Deb Tomaro brings you the people, places and resources that make Bloomington, Indiana home and help you live your best life. At Home in Bloomington.
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Realtor Deb Tomaro brings you the people, places and resources that make Bloomington, Indiana home and help you live your best life. At Home in Bloomington.








Episode 35: Financial Advisor Matt Doering

We all know we should plan for the future, whether that's next week, ten years from now or 40 years in the future. But many of us don't, Why? Well, we didn't solve that mystery in today's show but we do remove some of mystery in financial planning. Planning for your financial future can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be! Just like most things in life, you have to use the right tools to get the job done. This episode clears the barriers and helps you understand how, where and why you...


Episode 34: Visit Bloomington

Tired of hearing Deb and Karan exclaim, "I had no idea this was in Bloomington!"? Well, that's probably not going to end any time soon. As shown by the previous 33 episodes of At Home in Bloomington, there's a lot to discover about our town no matter how long you've lived here. How do you wrap your head around all there is going on? Residents and visitors can enjoy 80 international restaurants, 203,000 acres of forest, 1,100 free shows, 42 annual events and festivals, 10,750 acres of water...


Episode 33: Monroe County History Center

Deb once cried in the building that houses this episode's guest. Is she an overactive crier? Absolutely. Was it another deal of the century that made her cry? Maybe. Want to hear the story? Of course you do. Listen in! Sitting on the corner of North Washington and 6th Streets in downtown Bloomington is a building with a very long history. What started as a segregated school in 1854 later became one of the first Carnegie Libraries in the state and is now home to the Monroe County History...


Episode 32: May's Greenhouse

It's all about the dirt. No, not the gossip kind of dirt. The actual dirt, soil, earth. That's what Deb learned in today's episode. And it was a lightbulb moment for her. In the spring of 1965, Marshall May decided to make a career change and started by selling a few vegetable plants and geraniums on his property on the south side of Bloomington. Little did Marshall know that his decision would touch the lives of his family, friends and literally tens of thousands of Bloomington residents...


Episode 31: Jill's House

If you've lived in Bloomington long enough, chances are you've heard of Jill's House. But do you know about what is going on there? A new concept encouraging two groups to learn from each other and share their spirits. Can't go wrong with that, right? What started as a place for families to stay during cancer treatment at IU Health Proton Therapy Center, now serves both young and old through their Assisted Living & Memory Care and Intergenerational Preschool. Partnering these two services...


Episode 30: Young Professionals Bloomington (YPB)

I hear from a lot of 20 and 30 somethings that Bloomington can be a tough place to find your people. Between the younger college student crowd and the older families with kids, where do you fit if you are a younger professional? Right here! Young Professionals Bloomington (formerly hYPe) is a group created by The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. Open to anyone ages 21-40 who lives, learns, works, and/or plays in Bloomington, YPB aims to facilitate professional development, networking...


Episode 29: Consider it Done Transition Services

A lot of us dream of a simpler life, right? We love tiny houses, that crazy Marie Kondo chick and the Container Store. But where do we start? Cheryl Smith of Consider it Done Transition Services joins us for a motivating chat about why we hang on to things we don't need and what to do about it. She shares great tips about organizing, moving, and many of life's other transitions and is a big advocate of decluttering NOW rather than waiting for your next move. Have grandma's china? Put it into...


Episode 28: Emily Herr, Bloomington Canine Services

Tired of hearing about Deb's dogs? Well, this episode isn't going to solve that problem but it may provide a great resource for anyone with a pet! Everyone loves a good dog, but not everyone appreciates the hard work and dedication it takes to get one. According to Emily Herr, Outreach Coordinator for the City of Bloomington Animal Shelter & Trainer at Bloomington Canine Services, training is like a dance- one person always has to be in the lead! That's why Emily recently launched...


Episode 27: Switchyard Brewing Company

This is episode is epic. Is it because supertaster Deb (see episode 2) becomes a beer drinker or because of the dream our guest made a reality (probably the latter, but still, you should listen to find out)? Seven years of dreaming, persistence against all odds and nine long months of demolition are what brought our guest to realizing his dream of owning and operating his own brewery. For Kurtis Cummings, Founder and President of Switchyard Brewing, he claims his entrepreneurial spirit...


Episode 26: The Mill

In this episode of At Home in Bloomington, we realize how old Deb really is as she wonders in amazement at the concept of co-working (huh?), open workspaces (isn't that loud?), and the important social aspects of work (you mean I shouldn't feel guilty if I'm chatting at the office?). In the heart of downtown Bloomington, a once bustling factory known as Showers Brothers Furniture sat neglected for over 60 years. While Indiana University and the city used it for storage until the 90's, it...


Episode 25: Sycamore Land Trust

Did you know that 85% of Indiana's original forests no longer exist? 85%. Think about that. And while Bloomington is home to over 200 miles of trails, three lakes and some of Indiana's most beautiful forests, we still have species that face extinction, contaminated ponds and waterways facing erosion. On this episode, we talk with Sycamore Land Trust about what you can do to help. Sycamore Land Trust is working incredibly hard to ensure we maintain important eco systems. You've probably seen...


Episode 24: Scouts BSA Troop 1148 for Girls

Would Deb and Karan survive on a campout? As we learn in this episode, probably not alone, but with the help of our guest and her scouts, survival is possible. Join us as we learn about the new Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts) female troop in Bloomington with Julie Ramey, Community Relations Manager for Bloomington Parks & Rec by day and Scout Master for the first Scouts BSA for Girls Troop 1148 during every other waking moment! Julie discovered her love of camping and the outdoors in...


Episode 23: Bloomington Creative Glass Center

We're turning up the heat on your artist and science aspirations this week! STEM meets art in this week's episode (and we don't mean the stem of a wine glass). Join us as we talk shop with local artist and Bloomington Creative Glass Center founder, Abby Gitlitz. After receiving her Masters of Fine Arts in Glass and working alongside engineers to learn the science of glass at MIT, Abby returned to Bloomington in 2009 wondering if the community was interested in the two thousand year old art...


Episode 22: Class 101

Who else has that recurring nightmare about having to take a college final for a class you've never been to? It's not just Deb who has that dream, is it? But these days, students have even more to worry about than when Deb went to college. It's not just getting in, but also how to pay for it. With college costs skyrocketing, what can you do? We have the answer! From test preparation and college selection to essay editing and scholarship applications, we have the wizards who can wave that...


Episode 21: Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health and Technology

Was Deb more excited by the DEAL OF THE CENTURY or the prospect of being able to visit Wonderlab sans children and not be judged as a creeper? You'll just have to listen and find out. What started in 1995 as a community outreach project by IU's Physics Department has grown into an award-winning destination serving over 80,000 visitors annually! Join us as we explore all that WonderLab Museum of Science, Health & Technology has to offer people of ALL ages. From music for toddlers to WonderLab...


Episode 20: Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarians

If you think our public library is nothing more than a building full of books, we're here to school you. The Monroe County Public Library is an incredible resource for everyone in our city. Join us as we learn more about what they offer with Community Engagement Librarians, Erica Brown and Matt Neer. From free workshops in the Level Up Digital Creative Center to programs like Freshly Brewed Books & Nerd Nights, their calendar is packed with activities for the whole family. Check out a...


Episode 19: Buskirk-Chumley Theater

What do Deb and Kris Kristofferson have in common? Both have performed on stage at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. She with the Dancing with the Celebrities fundraiser, while under the influence of a fair amount of tequila, and well, Kris Kristofferson probably doesn't need as much explanation or liquor to perform. But with a history as storied as the films and productions it presents, the Buskirk-Chumley Theater has become a staple in the community, hosting over 280 events in 2018. From local...


Episode 18: Goldleaf Hydroponics

Why did Deb fear the DEA? Listen and find out as we chat with this episode's guest, Kyle Billman of Goldleaf Hydroponics. When long time hydroponic garden supplier Worm's Way shut its doors in 2016, employees Kyle and Monica Billman knew there would be a huge resource missing in the growing hydroponic community. So along with one other former employee, they opened Goldleaf Hydroponics to fill the void. By offering both indoor and outdoor growing supplies and equipment, they serve the...


Episode 17: Sculpture Trails

What if I told you that deep in the woods of Bloomington's neighbor, Greene County, sits a site that is respected and known across the globe in the art world? I didn't know about it either until recently. And now I must tell everyone! Since 2002, thousands of people have come to enjoy the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, with hundreds of artists from all over the globe participating in an annual event that's become known as the best cast sculpture workshop in the world. Gerry Masse,...


Episode 16: Bloomington Co-Housing Project

Bloomington is an amazing place to live and with the creation of its first Cohousing Community, it's about to get even better! Join us as we catch up with Loren Wood of Loren Wood Builders to learn about developments in the Bloomington Cohousing Community. Hear the latest news about this construction, the vision behind cohousing and how this intentional style of living will offer a new benefits for its residents. In our Facebook Follow segment we share Loren Wood Builders Facebook and...