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Episode 34: Dawn Okoro - Punk Noir

"For me authenticity is being truthful, and just allowing yourself to be vulnerable." "I express myself through fashion by just letting it flow and just walking into my closet and kind of treating it like a palette and just wearing what I feel and grabbing pieces that I feel work for me instinctively at that moment." Dawn Okoro is a figurative painter who uses bright and bold saturated colors and as she has in her most recent exhibition, Punk Noir, captured the spirit and presence of...


Episode 33: Paul Soileau

"It’s not easy but for me it’s very enjoyable to put on these wigs and be these people. One mainly because I am an entertainer and I like to entertain people and I like what these characters do to people, and to me. But then in a deeper sense I’m very much exploring and reclaiming a lot things about myself that were taken from me as a kid. And that’s a slow, slow process." Paul Soileau simply considers himself an artist even though he does practice and inhabit many different forms of art,...


Episode 32: Laura Caffrey - Reject/Respect

"I am generally not thinking about what it means because I don’t know that I am imbuing it with any particular sort of meaning. I’m more inclined to let the viewer take what they want from it. I’m not generally sending a message. Except, look at this amazing old stuff. That is the message. Look at this stuff that you walk by everyday and don’t care about." Laura Caffrey has spent the last 20 years creating artwork out of junk. Well maybe not always what you might consider straight-up junk...


Episode 31: Charles Heppner - Moved by Beauty

“This is what I want, this is what makes me fulfilled, is to make work. I need to do that. In order to go further, in order to grow, as an artist you have to do! You can’t ask why all the time. You can ask why later.” Visual artist Charles Heppner’s work spans many different mediums and has many themes but ultimately focuses on the sanctity of beauty, especially in nature, how its appreciation makes us human, communication, and the interconnectedness of everything. He is devoted to both...


Episode 30: Jason Phelps - The Creative Self

"Who are the people in your life that inspire you, that support you, that you can connect with on a regular basis, to keep that creative spirit going, to inspire you to explore things that you maybe never have?" "If you have something that lights your fire, that really inspires you, find a way to do it and surround yourself with people who are doing it also." For the last thirty five years Jason Phelps has been studying and practicing a diversity of performing arts including acting,...


Episode 29: America Martin - It's Not Enough Just to Look

"The way that I look at things, anything, even this big storm brewing outside, I feel like my eyes aren’t acknowledging it enough. I feel almost restless that I’m not able to look at it and be satisfied. I want to capture it again. I want to hold the moment again through my hand or a gesture of that big tree blowing in the wind. I want to recycle and feel it again but through my translation. Because I think this world is so gosh darn gorgeous and people are so interesting that it’s not...


Episode 28: Elizabeth Chiles - Weave

"What are the sensual takeaways from being in a place? When I think about how it feels to be lying in my backyard in the hammock watching the pecan trees it's not static images of green leaves. It's spectral light, it's rainbow light moving through. It has pink and it has orange and it has all of these colors." Elizabeth Chiles ( creates photographic collages and complex composites with images she has taken of nature. Growing up her love of the outdoors and...


Episode 27: Faustinus - El Subconsciente

"We all are photographers. Everybody will have their own excuses to take photos. But to me just being able to keep shooting I think it is already in my veins, in my mind, in my heart, in my soul." Photographer Faustinus Deraet ( learns more about himself every time he clicks the button on his camera, captures an image, and makes a print. These images are windows into his subconscious (subconsciente) which end up revealing something deeper that needs to be...


Episode 26: Karen Hawkins - The Pink Bow Project

"I am just grateful that people are finding this as an outlet to be able to say that this happened to them. As a way of walking through and finding some semblance of healing in it or using it as their very first outcry. There are people who have reached out to me who have never told anyone else……There is a true feeling of empowerment in doing this. It’s been so cathartic for me. Wether you are a survivor or not the one thing that I hope will happen is that it will make people talk." The...


Episode 25: Jenn Hassin - A Life Of Service

"If everyone that wants to make a difference, just started making and taking those steps to actually make a difference, then imagine the world we would live in. I think that doing good today is invaluable and we need it. Just do it. Just start. Just take the necessary steps to make it happen." Jenn Hassin cares about the world we live in and is trying to figure out what we can do as a society to make it a better place. Her artwork is often focused on raising the awareness of important...


Episode 24: AKIRASH

"People they are the cloth that protect me, that cover me. Without them, I’m nothing, I can't do anything. So they take me to this level. They should not leave me here. They should continue. Be behind me. Be forward. Be at the back. Be at the side. And I will also do my best and continue to be there and be contributing to this world we are living." Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya is most well known by the name AKIRASH. He is a unique interdisciplinary artist who has few boundaries when it comes...


Episode 23: Ron Berry - Fusebox Festival

"Within our festival there’s space for really different kinds of expression of art, and some of those are perhaps harder immediately to relate to. But we’re holding space for those artists to challenge things, to experiment, to tinker. To help us as people, as artists, think about things in new ways, and give us things to chew on. I love things that have mystery to them, that I don’t understand." The Fusebox Festival ( aims to allow for a meaningful...


Episode 22: Elizabeth Hendley - The Power of Art Therapy

“Giving people compassion and respect, it just goes such a long way to healing. You never know what somebody is going through or what could happen in their lives.” A lot of people don’t know what art therapy is but for those who do they probably understand and appreciate its power and potential. Elizabeth Hendley, the art therapist at Dell Children’s Medical Center, might not think she is a saint but she is doing really important work. It’s the kind of work that has a good chance of...


Episode 21: Natalia Sylvester - Everyone Knows You Go Home

“We all have creativity in us and we’re all very imaginative people but we also have all these voices that tell us we’re not. I just don’t give myself credit for it. I don’t think any of us do.” Novelist Natalia Sylvester says of her most recent book, she is writing for the people who have shared common experiences around immigration and know about being caught in between. These powerful and sometimes painful stories need to be out in the open so that the subjects and those like them know...


Episode 20: Griffon Ramsey - Chainsaw Art

"That's the thing that got me excited about being creative is that you start with nothing and then something happens. We have so much power as creatives." If you get to the point in your artistic career where you are invited to help carve and build a church and sculptures out of ice in Slovakia for three weeks, you might think you have made it. But for Griffon Ramsey ( it is only a part of the beginning of the next exciting chapter. After spending many years...


Episode 19: Deborah Roberts - Dedicated to the Work

"I’ve always dedicated my life to the work, and what ever the work needed that’s what I did. I never thought about what it would cost me." It has been an incredible year for Austin based artist Deborah Roberts. But after decades of hard work and scholarship it’s not really a surprise. She was already an established artist long before deciding to go back to school to get her MFA in 2014, to study and find the language and direction for her new work. Her imagery started out in a very...


Episode 17: Kirk Weddle - The Next Big Gig

Advertising and editorial photographer Kirk Weddle has worked with a lot of different local and corporate clients on jobs that have taken him all over the world. Throughout his career he has honed his skills photographing people and loves to do environmental portraits which often include the opportunity to visit some interesting and exciting locations. He has also specialized in a very difficult and adventurous type of photography. Underwater. Near the beginning of his career he got a big...


Episode 16: Bale Creek Allen - No Limitations

Bale Creek Allen has chosen to pursue a beautiful and rich life and live by his own rules. He is a prolific artist with a great work ethic who creates art in a very diverse amount of ways and with many different materials. Bronze, neon, sculpture, painting, wood, photography, music, spoken word and theater to name a few. Bale grew up in California, went to school in Boston and now calls Texas his home. He is a working artist with a great Austin gallery that exhibits fantastic national and...


Episode 15: Michael Anthony García

Michael Anthony García is a multidisciplinary artist, independent curator, and activist. His work takes many forms and attempts to addresses personal, local, and global issues, often highlighting those in this world who are marginalized, unseen, and under appreciated. Whether he is curating a show of someone else’s work, doing a live performance interacting with a video and audience, or presenting a very personal one man exhibit made up of sculptures created from old clothing and...


Episode 14: Nancy Mims - It Begins With A Walk

By seeking out the mundane and overlooked visual aspects of our world and sharing them through her perspective Nancy Mims shows us the beauty and expansiveness we might be missing. There can be order from chaos and it can be photographed. Not stopping there, by printing these images on fabrics, sometimes weaved back to together or embellished with vibrant stitching, she enhances these views to create a very personal take on what is right in from of us all. Our lovely conversation delves...