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Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 38: NaNoWriMo Special w/ Thomas Cox

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is upon us! We’ve got Knoxville regional Municipal Liaison Thomas Cox, and there’s plenty to talk about. From NaNoWriMo techniques and tips to The Haunting of Hill House (spoiler free), we run the conversational gamut. Story Time introduces us to Mikethy the antique salesman, who finds himself in the middle ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 37: Zach Springer’s Yellow Pants Versus Everyone

Physical fitness instructor Zach Springer joins us to talk about his job keeping HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) fighters in shape. We chat about Sony’s equipment grant for female photographers, the fall of Barnes & Noble, Banksy’s latest stunt, and the massive legacy of George Romero. Zach answers some of our burning fitness questions, and ... Read more


AIA Vol 1 Ep 36: Olivia Flaggert and the City of El Paso VS Kaiju Elvis

Indie author Olivia Flaggert joins us today for discussion and storytelling! Right before her recent cross-country move, Olivia published ‘Fractured’, a romance thriller. We talk about her process, the possibilities of expanded distribution for independent authors, the use of pen names in writing, and take a sideways detour to the Body Farm. Story Time gets ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 35: Travis I. Sivart and the Shaded Innuendo

Twitch streamer and author Travis I. Sivart calls in to the show today! He’s pretty hardcore; he writes and edits live on his stream ‘Talk of the Tavern’! We talk about meta-humor, shaded innuendo in children’s media, and do some ripping on orcs. Story Time takes Russian squirrel enthusiast Bob into a massive demon showdown complete ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 34: Eric Matthews and the Effects of Yogurt Displacement

Our good friend and euphonium player Eric Matthews is in the studio today to talk to us about all things nerdy! We talk about cosplay as a hobby, music’s role when informing feelings, anime and video games, and the demise of Blockbuster. Story Time takes warrior Princess Meredith on a strange cartographic yachting trip with ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 33: Joseph Cadotte and the Alligator Life Insurance Fraud

Remember how AiA’s three hosts recently submitted stories to an anthology by Old Sins? We’ve got publisher and author Joseph Cadotte on the airwaves, and he’s gonna tell us whose story gets published! No, not really, but we do talk about the anthology we’re submitting to (Beyond Steampunk: Fake News), alternate history, syncretism, and the ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 32: Richard C. White and the Raptor Diamond Heist

Trade publishing veteran and science fiction/fantasy author Richard C. White is our guest on the show today, and we pick his brain on the industry! With 20 years as a media tie-in novelist under his belt, Richard has important insights to share on both the indie and trade publishing circuits. Story time takes Raphael the ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 31: Fran Terminiello and the Dragon Kebab Beach Party

It’s a British Invasion for Authors In Abstract as we welcome our first international guest, HEMA fencing instructor and grimdark fantasy author Fran Terminiello! We talk about Fran’s busy life, the reasons people play with swords, and why we procrastinate. Story Time takes Millie the cheerful ex-military dwarf on a beachy adventure with Justice the ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 30: William Bond Nunn Has Wild Vegas Fun

It’s our first episode without Mike in the studio, and we would be lonely except that he keeps teasing us with his idyllic weather and palm trees. Tom and Whitney have audiodramatist and voice actor William Bond Nunn on the hot seat, and our guest does deliver! Talk runs around the role of fanfiction as ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 29: Double Comic Danger! (NSFW)

It’s time for another VERY explicit stand-up comedy revue on Authors in Abstract! Lance Adams and Jared Pearce join us for 80 minutes of cussin’, fussin’, and Bigfoot-hustlin’ in the Southern Fried Radio studio. Story Time is a real hot mess… prepare yourself for the weed-farm-squatch-porn-set takeover. Lance Adams [FB @lance.adams.54] is a member of the ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 28: An Empty Room, An Angry Gazebo

It’s just the three of us in the studio today, talking to ourselves… uh oh! Topics range from Meme Ph.D. courses to True Crime Book Club, from the horror of house sales to the ins and outs of submitting your short story to an anthology. Join us! Tagged Explicit since we discuss a rapist/murderer in ... Read more


AiA Vol 1 Ep 27: Thomas Moore and the Knock at the Door

Filmmaker Thomas Moore of Blessed Melody Productions joins us in the studio today! General discussion runs from video games to movie production, and then we take good ol’ Detective Reeve through a rough day at the office with Story Time! Keep up with Blessed Melody Productions on Facebook @BlessedMelodyProductions and Instagram @blessedmelodyproductions!


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 26: Jenn Staley

Jenn Staley, author of The 10th Inning, joins the AIA crew from New Mexico to talk about not dying in the desert, writing her book and the absolutely harrowing tale of what happened to come to the story.


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 25: Caitybelle Ackeryandere Goes Spelunking

Cosplay Queen and Pastel Goth Supreme Caitybelle Ackeryandere graces our studio with her shiniest shoes. Topics range from makeup tips to fanfiction to dying in a cave. For Story Time we take one of Caitybelle’s favorite cosplay characters into a cave of his own… it’s a jiggly, tentacular mess! Keep up with Caitybelle on Instagram ... Read more


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 24: Chelsea Lambert and the Great Lizard Showdown

Filmmaker Chelsea Lambert and her manager Lindsay Underwood of Dark Star Films have driven a long two hours to be in the studio with us! We talk about the filmmaking life, movies, video games, and the burgeoning greatness of driving a Subie. Story Time takes our guests to the western wastelands, where nothing stirs but ... Read more


Authors In Abstract Vol 1 Ep 23: Patricia Gilliam vs Planty DeVito

We’ve finally got Sci-Fi author Patricia Gilliam in the studio, and we’re gonna have a GOOD, if tangential, time. Patricia and our hosts are all over the board today, but when we hit Story Time you’ll want to buckle up and wear your very best gardening gloves…. Patricia Gilliam’s books can be found on! ... Read more


Authors In Abstract Vol 1 Ep 22: Becky Kyle and the Pizza Hut

Author Rebecca McFarland Kyle calls into the show, but only Mike and Whitney are in the studio! Where’s Tom, and will we ever hear from him again? Becky and the crew talk shop, including a brief, hot touch on the Cockygate hearings. Story Time takes Becky’s character Hagatha to a very nostalgic pizza joint. What ... Read more


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 21: Thirty Minute Special! Scream Queen Felissa Rose

Actress Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Dahmer vs. Gacy, Return to Sleepaway Camp, Death House, etc) stops in to talk about acting.


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 20: Ryan Willard and the Great Moon Zombie Takeover

Ryan Willard of international music group Chaos Theatre stops by to talk about the process behind his new album “Metanoia”. Story Time takes Vlad the Wrencher on a fight-music-worthy battle across the moon!


Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 19: Elizabeth Kidder and the Coordinating Book Cover Outfit

Elizabeth Kidder , Illustrator and Authors of Color Blind, stops in the studio for this week’s Authors in Abstract.