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America Out Loud Network © – Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.

America Out Loud Network © – Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.


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America Out Loud Network © – Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.




Inspiring Girls to Excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Every young girl and boy have been asked the question; 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' For boys, it was an athlete, astronaut, doctor, scientist, policeman, or a fire fighter. For girls, a teacher, veterinarian, singer, actress, dancer, or artist would have been a typical answer. The answer kids give to that question is changing, and if Stephanie Hein, Julia Haried or Elizabeth Engele have anything to say about it, those typical stereotype answers will become a thing of the past....


Rob Jones: Survive, Recover, Live

Afghanistan is one of the world's most heavily landmine contaminated countries, and the impact to the civilian population as well as our military soldiers is the leading cause of injuries and death. A report was issued from the United Nations in October 2018 calling on militants in Afghanistan to stop using improvised explosive devices, “The killing and maiming of Afghan civilians by improvised explosive devises, particularly suicide devices, has reached extreme levels in Afghanistan.” Rob...


Ria Pieters Turns Family Sadness Into Hope for Future Generations!

It should have been a happy time, fresh off her retirement, Ria had set off across the country to visit her sister in Johannesburg, South Africa. As they pulled into a friends townhouse, some men had rushed the vehicle in an attempt to carjack⏤in the process they shot and killed Ria's sister. Ria Pieters "For some unexplained reason they spared my life," explains Ria Pieters. "In one moment, I lost my sister, the next I lost my feeling of safety and then I had anxiety attacks. I was a...


Janelle Towne Redefines homeless with furnishings, love and respect!

Janelle had not a clue that when she contacted her friend at a local homeless shelter for her own daughter⏤who needed service hours for school⏤that it would turn into a life changing experience. It broke her heart when she discovered a family living in the shelter with two young girls just weeks before the holiday. She struggled with the idea that these two girls were living in a shelter with their parents at Christmas time. Janelle Towne understood the beauty of Christmas and as the mother...


Through the Eyes of Jessica Taylor-Bearman “A Girl Behind Dark Glasses”

A high achiever at school, Jessica’s life completely changed at the end of 2005, when she caught a virus that her body just couldn’t get over. She tried to push forward with a ‘stiff upper lip’ but fell into a rapid decline and by May the following year could not get into school anymore. From a darkened world, bound by four walls, Jessica tells the tale of her battle against the M.E Monster. The severest form of a neuro immune disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis went to war with her at...


Emily Kustka proves 9 yr olds can THINK BIG!

Emily Kustka found joy differently than most nine year olds. She enjoyed going with Grandma Kathy to help feed the homeless. She loved the feeling she got in making people happy! As Emily explains it, "My favorite thing to do was serve lunch to the homeless in Downtown Raleigh with the Bread of Life Ministry." She quickly became frustrated in the way children were viewed and their lack of leadership roles for children volunteers; so in 2010, Emily created and organized her very first annual...


Cutting Lawns For Free Turns into a Movement that Empowers Kids

4/30/2019 “One day, I saw an elderly man cutting grass, and something just hit me. God was talking to me (saying)⏤‘Do something about it.’” It was that one split decision when Rodney Smith Jr. pulled his car to the side of the road to offer Mr. Brown a helping hand to finish cutting his lawn⏤that would change his life forever. Mr. Brown became the inspiration for Rodney to help more people. He set an initial goal to cut forty lawns for free. It was his way of giving back...


Until Every Child has a Family, Caroline Boudreaux Wants to Create Miracles For Them

Caroline was not the first person to find herself in a good job with all the security, money and niceties that a good corporate job provides. She was also not the first person feeling unfulfilled in that role; a burning sense that something was missing in her life. The difference is⏤Caroline Boudreaux acted on that feeling. She decided that 'money would not be the main ingredient that would make her world go round'. "I always thought if I made more and more money that I’d be happier, but it...


Greg Nance takes on 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days to inspire students to DREAM BIG

Addiction comes in all forms. Psychology Today, defines it as a condition in which a person engages in the use of a substance or in a behavior for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behavior despite detrimental consequences. Greg Nance found himself is such a place for seven long years. As he explains, there were weekends where he would engage with thirty to forty drinks. He became the life of the party⏤except it was no party! In Greg's words...


A Remarkable Story of Determination; A Challenged Life to a Crowning Achievement, Cordelia Cranshaw is Miss DC

"Growing up, I was always told that I would end up pregnant, that I would never be anything, that I would end up in jail, that I would be homeless", explains Cordelia Cranshaw. "I really felt like I didn't have much confidence. My mother — after her being incarcerated, in and out of my life, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. My dad being an alcoholic," she said. One of 18 children, Cranshaw lived her childhood years in foster care, and at 14 she tried to take her own life. Throughout...


Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty Gives Life’s Umbilical Cord to Disadvantaged Youth

This story starts at a doorstep back in 1991 in the country of Romania. Baby Hannah was left hours after birth, umbilical cord still attached to her tiny body. When Hannah was discovered, she was still bleeding, but alive⏤as the homeowners called the authorities with the news. Hannah Elisabeth Dougherty Alone, lost with an uncertain future... Hannah would say, "the despair and loneliness would surface throughout my middle school years when I began to understand my adoption and experience the...


A Heartbeat From Death, Mike Papale Discovers His Dream

Seconds can make the difference between life and death. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change the outcome as well. Having trained personnel with the proper equipment for treatment close by is often the deciding factor. At just 17 years old, Mike Papale was in a life and death situation. At one point his brother John heard that he had died. It was that serious, and if it wasn't for Bob hearing the call next door, chances are Mike would not be here today. There was no AED on...


A Farming Accident Turned Tragic, Suicide & Setbacks, Dick Beardsley Runs Life’s Marathon

"When I stood on the starting line at the Boston Marathon two runners down from Alberto Salazar (then the world record holder) and Bill Rodgers (four-time winner at the Boston Marathon), I wondered, 'Dick, what in the heck are you doing on the same line with these guys?'" It was at that moment that an inner voice spoke to Dick Beardsley with a reassuring message. "Dick, you deserve to be here, you've done the work." If the name Dick Beardsley seems somewhat familiar to you, then you might be...


Broken families, illness, poverty; over 143 million orphans worldwide, Greg Buzek has a plan!

Seventeen years ago, Greg Buzek was working as a Product Development Manager making anti-theft devices. They were the type of devices designed to deactivate if merchandise left a store without being purchased. Greg made a very good living at this, but found himself completely unfulfilled inside. Something wasn't quite right in his life. It was at a casual lunch one day with the Pastor from his church, when the first seeds would be planted. Pastor Kelly Lyons worked with small groups and...


Jake Clark’s Mission of Miracles Starts by Saving One Warrior at a Time

Jake Clark enlisted in the Army at 17 years old; he served five years and then went onto become a Los Angeles Police Officer and FBI Agent. He reenlisted after Sept 11th, and then spent another four years in the military, deployed with the California National Guard for two tours in Kosovo. First we need to understand the severity of the problem. Jake calls it a 'suicide epidemic'. It is a certifiable crisis, no doubt. The most recent VA study shows that 20 warriors are lost each day. Since...


A Local Answer to a National Homeless Problem, Meet Toby Owen, CEO Presbyterian Night Shelter

Homelessness is a worldwide problem, a national disaster, and a drain on local communities. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. There are many origins of this famous quote - Chinese, Native American, Italian, Indian, or Biblical, Lao-Tzu, Maimonides, or Mao Zedong. Where ever it originated may be unclear... but what is clear, is the power behind those words. Homelessness continues to be a topic of great interest across the...


Lisa Kirk Turns Her Struggles Into Mentoring Homeless

"Finally, I met a guy who wanted to get to know me as a friend. He wasn't hitting on me, he didn't need money, he was completely self-sufficient. He saw something in me. I'd never had anyone mirror back a positive image of me, ever. I’d always looked at other people, regardless of their position in life, and I assumed they looked down on me. That they could see that I was garbage," explains Lisa Kirk. What happens when you have no self-esteem and it seems the cards of life are stacked...


Ansley Sara Flynn – A story that will give you hope and love in your heart!

Kathy & Roger Flynn were so excited at the birth of their first child, their beautiful daughter Ansley Sara Flynn. "Shortly after this joyous occasion we were suddenly approached by our pediatrician stating, “I hear a heart murmur, but feel like it is innocent however, as a precautionary measure we have arranged a pediatric cardiologist for an evaluation”. Within a few hours the cardiologist came into our room and said, “I have no other way to say this, but your daughter has severe...


“This was Personal” Craig Sawyer Turns the Table on Child Trafficking and Exploitation

Life can change in the blink of a moment, and when you least expect it. Sometimes it is an ordinary everyday event that goes bad. Fact is, many of these encounters happen within a few miles of your home even. It was May of 2017, when Aspen made a typical stop at a Subway sandwich shop, just miles from her home in Tucson, Arizona. She was abducted at knifepoint from a man with a criminal past; she was brutally and sexually assaulted throughout the course of many hours. It was the phone call...


“I don’t think we should have homeless vets,” explains Lt. Col. Deborah Snyder

“I used to walk to work every day in Crystal City,” Snyder says of the area in Northern Virginia near the Pentagon. Each day, she encountered veterans like Clarke, whose situation astounded her. “I couldn’t believe it. He was homeless, right here in my area.” That is where the story begins. Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Snyder served for 22 years, US Army, UH-1 Huey Test Pilot, UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot. Her passion to serve was at the center of her military career; so much that, in retirement she...