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Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.

Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.
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Good News and Heroes do exist… Exciting and inspiring stories of people that were finding themselves on the brink of some life decision that transformed their life.




🎧 A Higher Calling; Gretchen Smith and the Code of Vets

How do you unsee what you've seen? Impossible really. The lasting impact of war on our veterans has a traumatic affect on every aspect of their lives; for the duration of their lives. Consider that our veterans are waiting months and even years for basic health care. The VA Appeals process takes minimum 2-5 years; in the mean time many of these veterans die while waiting. Veterans are living paycheck to paycheck. Many are disabled, have PTSD, and suicidal tendencies. The suicide rate among...


🎧 A Life Mission to End Ocean Pollution, Meet Chloe & James

She is full of energy, sharp, organized; she manages the teams, writes the grants, plans the cleanup, does the research. He is a bit quiet, unless he has something to say... has a steady hand, tactical in nature. He runs and maintains the equipment, he is the Vessel Captain. Meet Chloe and James. Together they make one incredible team. A highly spirited couple on a mission of a lifetime. They each recognize the plight of our oceans in their current state, and they're not happy with what they...


🎧 One Bed at a Time, Luke Mickelson Wants Kids off the Floor, Top 10 CNN Heroes

“If you want true joy, you’ve got to stop looking at yourself,” says Luke Mickelson. Mickelson knew something was missing in his life. It was time to get off the sofa and figure it out. Back in 2012, it came to the attention of Mickelson through his Church, that some kids in the community were sleeping on the floor. He felt compelled to help the family out. Instead of buying a bed for the kids, he decided to take on the project of making the bed. So Mickelson and his own family, and church...


🎧 Two Time Cancer Survivor Sean Swarner Redefines Impossible

At the time, it seemed a pretty lofty goal; to climb out of the hospital bed and crawl eight feet to the bathroom. A simple task by most standards, but not when you have life-ending cancer. Compare that moment to being just eight feet from the summit of Mount Everest. In contrast, the eight feet to the bathroom was probably more difficult when your body is not up to the task. It's all relative now, isn't it? At just thirteen years old, Sean Swarner was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin's...


🎧 Jacque Hawk is Taking on the System to Combat Homelessness

There are far too many cities and towns struggling with homelessness, with no easy answers on how to fix the problem. It is a growing crisis largely being ignored by local municipalities and government as a whole. As an example, in the state of Georgia, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that well over 10,000 people find themselves in a homeless situation. Jacque Hawk, and his son Erin, decided it was time to do something about the growing homeless situation in their own...


🎧 Domestic Violence Turned Her Life Purpose into Wings of Courage, Meet Shayna Qualls

"What if this woman who was beaten by her boyfriend and put in ICU for 3 days was your mother? Well guess what? She is my mother,her name is Cathy. I watched my mother get beat on and belittled my whole childhood. Every man I saw her with after she and my father divorced when I was 3, abused her. It finally stopped when she committed suicide because her husband made her feel like she wasn't worth enough to live in this world." Just three weeks before her high school graduation, Shayna Qualls...


🎧 Two Paths of Life and Death, Leslee Schneider & Brittany Griffith Form Life Mission

The birth of a child is one of life's greatest experiences; the emotional and lasting impact has consequences that will last a lifetime and beyond. When that birth becomes compromised with a life-threatening birth defect, your world is immediately forced into a tailspin of unimaginable emotions. This is a story of two lives on two different paths that would come together with a shared goal and vision of helping countless families not just survive, but thrive in some of the most challenging...


🎧 Human Trafficking Almost Killed Her, Norma Bastidas Fights Back

"I cannot be called brave and courageous until I do the hardest thing, which is to acknowledge publicly that I am a survivor of sexual human trafficking." And with that, Norma Bastidas changed everything. Growing up in the community of Sinaloa, Mexico; violence, sexual abuse and human trafficking are a way of life, as the cartels run the streets. On any given day, young girls and boys are picked up by the cartels and violated - in a way that no child should ever experience. Norma was...


🎧 Death, Isolation, Despair… Lisa Williams Discovers A Reason To Live

When things go bad, it is often difficult to know you've reached the lowest point of the plummet. Sometimes you have to brace yourself for what comes next... Lisa Williams was at the lowest point of her life - so she thought. She was in the hospital surrounded by family as they disconnected the defibrillator from her dad. The silence in the room quickly filled with sobs of tears. It was at that moment Lisa heard a voice yell out “Stop Crying he will hear you Lisa." Shocked at first that her...


🎧 A Life Changing Accident Changes Everything; Jim McCay & The Power of Positive Thinking

“We’ve been fighting this battle to get ahead of this infection to stop the spread, we hate to tell you, the outcome is not good,” explained the doctors. The news was anything but good. This was not the December holiday surprise Jim McCay was expecting. How could a small misstep one evening, at the end of a beautiful day out boating with friends turn into this...? “If we don’t eliminate the infection, you will not be alive in 3 months,” “My brain just turned off, and my wife said, I went...


🎧 An Abusive Childhood Turned Victim Advocate, Meet Greg Williams, PhD

A life of trauma and tragedy transformed into a warrior against sexual abuse and violence; a beacon for truth, hope and knowledge. Dr. Gregory Williams is a most unusual man. Most anyone would run and hide from the sheer embarrassment of a tortured childhood - from the hands of a father completely out-of-control. He remembers seeing the front cover of the famous Sears catalog at just four years old as a pivotal moment in time. This was the first remembrance of being sexually abused by his...


🎧 Timothy Payne “Losing My Legs Changed My Life Forever”

He was on a mission in one of the most hostile areas on the planet, in Southern Afghanistan; a place also known as "The Devils Playground". He knew something wasn't quite right. He blamed himself for the death of the enemy. He questioned his decisions of leadership that placed him in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Timothy Payne was about to go through a 'life transformation' that was both dramatic and purposeful at the same time. In a flash, an instant; a moment in time he will never...


🎧 Operation Coming Home. The Mission Never Ends with Andy Ladner

Andy had just finished volunteering with a group of guys to build a home for the show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He had been working with groups like Habitat for Humanity and Extreme Makeover when he asked himself the question: "Why aren't we doing this for our own military families?" He and his buddies decided to try and build one house to see how it would go. The outpouring of support from the community was an unbelievable moment for them. The feeling you get from doing...


🎧 John Evans: From Addict to Mentor, “A Letter to Santa Changed My Life”

In many ways, John's life was all mapped out; at least in his mind it was. An excellent student; good grades, athlete, good attitude, even perfect attendance in school. The kids in school were always trying to get John high by offering him drugs. He managed to stay clear of drugs despite the peer pressure that permeated the air at junior high school. Yet, the drugs were all around him. In fact, this part of Ohio has a bit of a reputation for addiction, drug dealing and the kinds of crime...