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Brian "Beezy" Douglas chats with performers, activists, journalists, authors, or and other interesting folks he's crossed paths with. All songs included with permission from the artists. Support Beezy's work on Patreon


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Brian "Beezy" Douglas chats with performers, activists, journalists, authors, or and other interesting folks he's crossed paths with. All songs included with permission from the artists. Support Beezy's work on Patreon





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80. Curtis Eller - Banjo Player and Songwriter

Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter and rock & roll singer who's songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. A twenty-year show business veteran, Eller has developed a devoted international following with his band, The American Circus. I'm giving away two tickets to see Curtis in Cleveland on Saturday, July 15th at the Wizbang Circus School and Theater. To enter, just share this episode and follow Curtis on social media and send a link to your post or a screenshot to All Patreon supporters will automatically be entered. The winner will be announced on July 12th. Links to follow and support Curtis Eller: Songs used in this episode: "Sweatshop Fire" (Fireside Chat no. 13"Busby Berkeley Funeral" (NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2015"Poison Melody" (Official Video)"Conscientious Objector" (NPR Tiny Desk Contest 2022)"After the Soil Fails" (Barn Session)"Save Me Joe Louis" (Live at The Ferret, Preston UK, 2019)


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79. Jimmy Falun Gong - Host of the "Programmed to Chill" podcast

Jimmy Falun Gong is the pseudonymous host of the podcast “Programmed to Chill”, which describes itself as a show about “business, crime, parapolitics, and esoterica”. Jimmy does multi-part deep dives into the history of intelligence agencies, who financed hitler, the industrialists who profited and persisted after WWI and II, international spycraft, and it only gets darker and weirder from there. He’s got a wry and dry dry style of breaking down his research on dark and slippery topics that I enjoy quite a bit. We talk about our paths to paranoia, why more people should be more paranoid and attentive to local issues, some of his podcast’s greatest hits, the origins and reasoning for Jimmy’s cheeky alias, and much more. P2Chill Links: Unedited episode available to Patreon supporters:


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78. Talking about Walking The Wire with Philip Fairbanks

In part 2 of my interview with Philip Fairbanks we discuss Walking the Wire, a new podcast series releasing in April that will re-examine David Simon's groundbreaking series, "The Wire", episode by episode. This Friday at 9pm EST Philip will be joining me for a livestream Q&A on YouTube, Facebook, or via Twitter Spaces. Follow Walking The Wire on Twitter: Q&A Livestream Links:


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77. Talking with Philip Fairbanks, Author of "Pedogate Primer" (Part 1)

Look for part 2 of this interview in a couple days. This Friday at 9pm EST Philip will be joining me for a livestream Q&A. If you're a Patreon supporter, a PDF copy of Fairbanks book is available for you at FOOTNOTES:' recent "Reverse Madoff" storyPedogate Primer: The Politics of PedophiliaCIA Memo on "Conspiracy Theory"Lance deHaven-Smith on State Crimes Against Democracy


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76. Talking Anarchy with Video Essayist Anark

I recently watched the excellent video essay, "A Modern Anarchism Part 1" (, and immediately reached out to the creator, Anark, to schedule an interview. On today's episode, we dive right into discussing how we each came to adopt anarchy as our political identities, how we practice anarchy individually, and then swim around in some philosophical waters as we envision the many facets of a modern anarchism. Anark's video is described as follows: "This video is the first in a several part series where I am developing a modern synthesis of anarchism. It is not intended as an introduction to anarchism, but instead a broad coverage of anarchist ideas, discussing the state, Capital as Power, kyriarchy, the mega-machine, queer anarchism, Black anarchism, social ecology, decolonial ideas, and much more... Here we will lay out the anarchist mode of structural critique and apply this theory of power to a variety of hierarchical power structures." Follow and Subscribe to Anark:


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75. Year in Review with Mustache Bob, Brenton Lengel, Contraband and Conor Kelly

It's time for a review of 2021 and what the major events of the last year mean for us going forward in 2022. Original Video: *** PANELISTS *** Contraband Progressive American Brenton Lengel Mustache Bob


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74. Talking with Nico Walker, Author of "Cherry"

My guest today, the first of the new year, is Nico Walker, author of the novel, Cherry. The book is a fictionalized account of an unnamed character who follows a path very similar to Walker’s own life story. He joins the army at 19, serves in Iraq as a medic, spirals into heroin addiction as he deals with crippling PTSD, and finally sets off on a spree of bank robberies. This interview actually came about because Nico reached out to me a few weeks ago following the publication of my investigation into Tony Viola’s wrongful prosecution. Walker was Viola’s cellmate a decade ago, and the two have kept in touch over the years. On today’s show, Walker and I discuss Iraq, the spirals of addiction, the futility of the drug war, and the frustrating tragedy of Viola’s case. +++ SUPPORT +++ Likes, Shares, and Subscribes are free, and they help with the Algorithm gods! Patreon: Substack: PayPal: This Friday I’ll be doing a livestream year in preview and Q&A on YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter Spaces. I’ll preview some of the stories I’m looking into, and share some ideas on other projects I’m hoping to produce.


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72. The Dan Kasaris Investigation - The story, how it started, and where it's going

A meta discussion of my latest story investigating allegations of prosecutorial misconduct against Dan Kasaris and Mark Bennett. Read the full report here: Please support my independent journalism by becoming a paying Substack subscriber or Patreon supporter.


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71. The Prosecution of Tony Viola: Unreliable witnesses, suppressed evidence, and a dead whistleblower

The story of Tony Viola told in the press up until now leaves one with the impression of a devious criminal who was defrauding banks out of nearly fifty million dollars through a complicated mortgage fraud scheme with a cast of shady operators. If the news coverage was to be believed, the affable, honorable, and generous person Viola’s friends and family all knew was merely a facade hiding a duplicitous, unscrupulous, greedy monster. Visitors of will find a much different story. It’s a scrappy but fairly polished little website managed by Viola himself, setup with the express purpose of providing journalists and lawmakers with evidence of Viola’s innocence by exposing the flagrant prosecutorial misconduct he has endured. Several local and national journalists have quietly taken an interest in his case, but have either been intimidated by the possibility of litigation, too busy to thoroughly vet Viola’s claims, or stymied by editors and publishers. Visit to read the full story.


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70. Getting to know BLM Cleveland

My interview with LaTonya Goldsby and Kareem Henton, President and Vice President of Black Lives Matter Cleveland. We discuss this local organization's history, and the important work they are doing in Cleveland and the surrounding areas to help the Black community, demand for justice for victims of police violence, and push for major reforms policing in our area. A major topic of discussion is the potential impact of the passage of Issue 24, which would establish meaningful citizen oversight of the Cleveland police through an amendment to the city charter. ** Links to follow and support BLM Cleveland ** ** More about Issue 24 ** The Amendment: Citizens for a Safer Cleveland:


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69. The Killing of Vincent Belmonte (Video Podcast)

I have been approved to utilize the Video Podcast feature on, so to test it out I'm posting my full report on Vincent Belmonte's killing by East Cleveland Police officer Larry McDonald. If your podcast app doesn't support video, you can watch the report on YouTube here: On January 5th, 2021, Vincent Belmonte was killed by East Cleveland police officer Larry McDonald. McDonald was pursuing Belmonte on foot and claims that Belmonte turned, pointed his gun, and threatened to shoot McDonald. We can only take McDonald’s word on this, because he shut off his bodycam moments before this alleged threat from Belmonte occurred. Based on information currently available to the public, the case hinges entirely on believing McDonald and ignoring the physical evidence. Based on McDonald’s and the East Cleveland Police Department’s reputations, there is no reason to give him the benefit of the doubt.


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68. Monday with Mariah: Chasing Justice in East Cleveland

Mariah Crenshaw of Chasing Justice, LLC has been tracking officer training closely for nearly 3 years now. Prior to that, Crenshaw assisted the Department of Justice in their administration of the federal consent decree that was imposed on the city of Cleveland. For the first “Monday with Mariah”, she joined me in my home to go over some details about Larry McDonald and the East Cleveland police that didn’t make it into my report. That conversation organically moves into a discussion about the investigation and legal actions Chasing Justice is engaged in regarding officer training.


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67. Believe in Ghost!

Taking the podcast back to its musical roots today with NYC-based alternative band, Believe in Ghost! On today's show we talk about their new EP, "BOO!", their musical origins, how they navigated the pandemic, and the beef behind their new song "Keep in Touch" BandcampSpotifySoundcloud


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66. Debunking Shontel Brown's Stump Speech with Dr Richard Montgomery

I covered a Shontel Brown campaign event this weekend, and captured her having a "Please Clap" moment all her own. (This audio is from the YouTube report, which provides more detail, but functions perfectly as a podcast. Joining me is Dr. Richard Montgomery, who shares his reactions to Shontel Brown's stump speech. Dr. Montgomery former mayoral candidate for the city of Euclid, as well as an activist who follows Cuyahoga county politics very closely. I was first referred to Dr. Montgomery while working on the documentary series State of Injustice, about the systemic abuses of the Euclid Police Department, and the failures of that city’s mayor and city council to hold them accountable. +++ SUPPORT MY WORK +++ Patreon: Substack: PayPal: ### FOOTNOTES ### "What Cuyahoga County Residents Need to Know about Shontel Brown and her Campaign for Congress" by Keith Wilson "Shontel Brown outraises, outspends the field in Cuyahoga Council District 9 Democratic primary" by Andrew J. Tobias, "Former Cuyahoa County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora Convicted of Racketeering" - "Marcia Fudge issued Hatch Act warning over political remarks at White House" by Sabrina Eaton, "Fudge reprises Friends for Fun at Frederick’s" by R. T. Andrews, “Former deputy of Cuyahoga County auditor sentenced to prison for bribing Frank Russo and Jimmy Dimora” By James F. McCarty, The Plain Dealer “Shontel Brown must resign as Cuyahoga County Democratic Party chair” by Editorial Board, and The Plain Dealer “Shontel Brown Approved Major Contract, Then Contractor Backed Her Campaign” by Matthew Cunningham-Cook, Sam Allard for The Intercept “Nina Turner Opponent Shontel Brown Is Low-Key Pleading for Super PAC Support” by Ryan Grim, The Intercept Armond Budhish on Racism Shontel Brown YouTube Channel Secretary Marcia Fudge Visits Lock 3 Peanut Butter Jelly Time on Green Screen


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65. Talking Activism and Ableism with Tim Collingwood

Tim Collingwood is a local actor, playwright, stage manager, arts advocate, and activist. On this episode, we discuss his experiences and perspectives in activism as a person on the autistic spectrum.


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64. State of Injustice - A Belated Announcement!

Please enjoy this unscripted, unedited, emergency episode announcing the release of my new documentary series State of Injustice! Our Indiegogo Campaign to fund the pilot season ends on Wednesday 3/24. For the last day, I'll be co-hosting an all day stream-a-thon from BLM Cleveland. You can catch that stream via one of the links below. We're going to have some pretty incredible guests and discussion throughout the day, so please pop by and say hi! I never hear from you lovely listeners enough. Stream-a-Thon Links State of Injustice YouTube LiveState of Injustice Facebook Live The stream will also be running concurrently on BLM Cleveland and BZ Listening pages, but I'd really rather drive up likes and subscribes on the doc's channels.


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63. Talking Impeachment with John Bonifaz, President of Free Speech for People

My guest today is John Bonifaz, the Co-Founder and President of Free Speech For People. He previously served as the Executive Director and then General Counsel of the National Voting Rights Institute, an organization he founded in 1994, and also served as the Legal Director of Voter Action, a national election integrity organization. John joins me to have a discussion about the hot topic of impeachment. We go through the arguments in the book Bonifaz co-wrote with Ron Fein and Ben Clements, THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS IT: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump. Follow John and FSFP: John BonifazFree Speech for PeopleThe Impeachment ProjectImpeach Donald Trump Now


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62. Special Report on the Cleveland Warriors Semi-Pro Football Team

Today’s episode is taken from a video report I posted on Wednesday. It’s the story of the Cleveland Warriors, a semi-professional football team in the National Public Safety Football League, and how their management snuck Tamir Rice’s killer, Timothy Loehmann, onto the team. When black players found out and complained, they were pushed out themselves. I am very happy to report that this morning I awoke to learn that the president and vice president of the Warriors have both resigned in the wake of this scandal. State of Injustice This documentary series will examine Ohio city by city, in order to expose all of the ways that the state's law enforcement departments and judicial systems are failing its citizens. The series will begin in Euclid, Ohio, with the death of Luke Stewart. Official SiteTwitterInstagram Support BZ's Work PatreonSubstack


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61. Discussing the Capitol Hill Fascist Insurrection

BZ & DZ sit down with local activist Devorah Phillips to talk about the fascist riots at the Capitol on 1/6.


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60. Talking ADHD with Dr. Joel Schwartz

Watch this episode on YouTube My guest today is Dr. Joel Schwartz, a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with adults with childhood trauma, neurologically diverse children and adults, and is a strong proponent of the neurodiversity paradigm. I share a bit about my experience living as an ADHD'r, and learn about how understanding has evolved in the 30ish year since I was diagnosed. Articles: Ten Minutes of ADHD-ing or What a 1930s Anti-War Novel Has to do With NeurodiversityReframing ADHD Links: Total Spectrum CounselingTwitter