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Stories and interviews by teens, for teens








50 Years Later: TInker vs. Des Moines

In December of 1965, a handful of students in Iowa wore black arm bands to school to mourn those lost in the early stages of the Vietnam War. They were suspended by administration, and that led to a First Amendment case that made its way to the Supreme Court, and a 1969 decision that supported student expression. John Tinker was one of those Iowa students, and he visits with reporter Sophia Vaughn about the case named after him and his sister, Mary Beth, and how that decision lives on five...


Sleepless Teens

Teenagers love late nights, but are definitely not crazy about early morning school bells. Anna Daniel digs into the sleep issue in our first story as she visits a local sleep clinic to see how they help people who are sleep-deprived. Then our new segment, "The First 30," focuses on past HTVers as we celebrate our 30th year of broadcasting at Hillcrest High School. Up first, Carolyn Eastman, an award-winning staff member from the class of 2003 who has stayed "in the business" since leaving...


Tracking, and Remembering

Tracked: Our summer show this time begins with a look at young people who are being followed by their parents, thanks to apps that let them track their movements and more. Anna Daniel talks to three teens and a parent about the issues involved. Living History: Then Sophia Vaughn visits with a 96-year-old veteran of World War II, Kenneth Gaines, Jr., an Army Air Corp pilot who saw Nagasaki just 60 days after the atomic bomb was dropped in August of 1945. His memories of the war provide...


What Does This Mean For Us Now?

A sign is torn down, igniting a conflict between straight and LGBTQ students at a Springfield high school. Reporter Sophia Vaughn talked to two senior girls, one straight, one gay, who were part of the events that made local news, and sparked a spirited debate among teenagers who walked the same hallways every day, but at times seemed miles apart.


Real Books, and a Real MVP

Books are in the spotlight as we look at the future of real books, the kind you can hold, and the stores that sell them. Our first segment features a couple of Seattle bookstores reporter Anna Daniel visited during a recent broadcast trip to the northwest. People who make their living selling books were happy to discuss their confidence in the future of printed books, despite the online sales and electronic readers that have dominated the market in recent years. Then we have an in-depth...


Facing the Future

Are teenagers concerned enough about the future to actually do something about it? On this edition of Bay 11, we talk to current high school students who have done a little, or a lot, to prepare for the next chapter of their lives. The decisions are many...go to college or go to work? Stay close to home or move away? Pursue a profession or a trade, or even go into business? Decisions, decisions. 0:31 - 6:38 Looking Ahead Reporter: Brenden Weaver 6:55 - 13:49 A Different Path Reporter:...


She's On Your Side

KY3 consumer reporter Ashley Reynolds gets hundreds of tips each month from her loyal viewers. The tips often lead her to scam artists, shady deals, and services promised, but not provided. Bay 11 reporter Anna Daniel traces Ashley's journalism career, which began in high school when she was just 15, and led her to become one of the Ozarks' most-recognized reporters. In the interview, you can hear how dedicated Reynolds is to her viewers, and why she feels it is important for her to remain...


Special Edition: Trafficking

Human trafficking is a crime that continues to grow across the globe, and that includes the Ozarks. In this special edition of Bay 11, we focus sharply on trafficking...what it is, how mostly women are victimized, and how some people are offering hope and assistance to those who can escape before it is too late. Our program is made up of three in-depth segments: 0:00 - 2:24 Intro/Open 2:24 - 13:40 Dr. Rachael Harrington 13:47 - 20:56 Sheila and Brandon Cox 21:20 - 31:32 Kris Wade Our...


Like a Moth to a Flame

Teens are all over social media, and that is not always a good thing. Reporter Sara Collins talked to a variety of young people about what they see on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other online hangouts. It can be a crude, and sometimes dangerous place, as you will hear in our lead story. Then Anna Daniels interviews former HTVer and current Los Angeles resident Jessica Larson, who left town after college, hoping to break into the entertainment industry. She's hoping to write and...



A woman was charged with first-degree murder two nights before Thanksgiving, and just like that, a Hillcrest sophomore and her siblings lost their beloved "Hammaw." Hayden Pyle has an in-depth look at the bizarre, unspeakable crime, and how it has altered the lives of a Springfield family forever. Then in "Traveling Man," reporter Brenden Weaver visits with a Hillcrest social studies teacher who has shown the world to teenagers for almost 20 years through his ambitious trips abroad.


A Teen's Battle: Depression

A Hillcrest student talks about her ongoing fight with depression, and how she sought help once she began to understand what was happening to her. Reporter Anna Daniel has her story, and also gets perspective from a therapist who says she has seen a rise in depression among young people in the last 10 years. The new "Dig or Diss" segment features perspectives on a controversial NFL player, the new film, "Bohemian Rhapsody," a certain popular, but overplayed Mariah Carey Christmas song, and...


The Amazing Stan Lee

Stan Lee passed away at the age of 95 this week. No one was more associated with Marvel Comics. And to mark his career, and his passing, we found an expert. Jim Fadler grew up in Columbia, Missouri. He started reading his brother and sister’s comic books when he was five years old. Batman and Superboy were his favorites. His first exposure to Marvel was Fantastic Four and Spiderman comics, and he immediately recognized they were different, especially the art work and the dynamic story...


Halloween Special

The building that houses the Reed Academy has been standing since 1921, and those who know it best, the custodians, share some of the creepy things they have heard and experienced while on the job. Then check out our first effort at some original drama, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as we present, "The Test." Expect some humor, some horror, and some angry animals. Finally, Halloween of course means candy, and "candy corn" is the sole topic of our crew's heated debate in the latest...


21 Pilots: Stay Alive

The band "21 Pilots" has impacted young people with their music and their lyrics as they address some of life's biggest challenges. Their positive messages have hit home with teens like Bay 11 reporter Sophia Vaughn, who explains what the band means to her, and to loyal fans everywhere. Then Hayden Pyle delves into the controversy stirred up by Nike and its new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. He visits with a student at one of the country's most conservative colleges, where they...


Losing Weight, Losing Control

What started as a story about fad diets led reporter Anna Daniel to a recent HHS graduate, who shared how her constant dieting began threatening her health and well-being. Then Brenden Weaver brings us the colorful history of Doling Park in Springfield, which has been around since the late 19th century, providing warm memories for many Ozarkers. Digs and Disses this time includes high hopes for a horror movie sequel, "The Good Place," Cardi D's recent behavior, and a favorite book series...


Live PD: In Our Backyard

A national broadcast on the A & E network has made us famous here in Greene County, MO. Every Friday and Saturday night, it's cops and robbers on TV, giving viewers a peek into the life of law enforcement officers. Reporter Sophia Vaughn visits with fans, and with one of Greene County's finest, Corporal James Craigmyle. We also debut a new pop culture segment we call "Dig or Diss." Our four podcasters sound off on the latest pop culture topics to catch their eye, or ear. It's a short,...



"Vacay" is all about two vacation trips taken by Bay 11 staffers. In part one, Sophia Vaughn shares her excitement (or is that dread?) as her family heads to Colorado, which includes that long, flat, boring trek across Kansas. In fact, that is the main part of her report--getting past the Sunflower State. In part two, Anna Daniel and her family spent a week in Seattle, then drove home to Missouri. Anna gives us a day-by-day account of their adventures as they work their way back to...


A Bunch of North Side Kids

Rowdy, but relentless. The 1988 Hillcrest Hornets found a way to win, usually with their booming bats, or with an ace who threw heat and turned heads. Whatever the method, it worked, and they brought home the school's last state championship on the diamond 30 years ago. Throughout that magical season, one special teammate provided inspiration even though he never took the field. Reporter Brenden Weaver talked to two of the '88 champs, who say they were really just a "bunch of north side...



We weren't even born the year Columbine happened. Thirteen people killed during a normal school day. It was a tragic wake-up call, but it wasn't the last one. Fast forward to the present, to another tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida--the sounds of terror on our TV's once again--on Valentine's Day. On this edition of Bay 11, reporter Sophia Vaughn talks to two Stoneman Douglas students who took refuge in a closet with classmates, survived the shooting, and have now gone on to...


The Peacocks

Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt etched their names in Springfield history in July of 1865. They faced off in the town square over a gambling debt, this one involving a pocket watch. These two young "peacocks" of the wild west were not about to back down, as reporter Sophia Vaughn explains, with the assistance of special guest John Sellars. He is the director of the Springfield History Museum, which happens to be located on the square where this story unfolded over 150 years ago. The story...