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A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.

A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.


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A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.




Bearly Furcasting S2E26 - Short One, Engineers, Jokes

Moobarkfluff! This week is a short episode as Bearly and Taebyn get ready to embark on a journey to BLFC. Why are engineers so practical? Does it really all come back to 9? These questions and many more will be answered on this weeks episode. So tune in and laugh along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E25 - Special Guest Ian Madison Keller, This or That, Trivia, Math

Moobarkfluff! We are joined today by furry and fantasy novelist Ian Madison Keller. He chats with us about his processes and all his novels and stories. Bearly is now part of Capital Pride in Salem Oregon (go Bearly). Why are we obsessed with Wallabys this week? Ziggy calls in for Five Minute Furs and the Ghosts mess with our audio feed! There actually is some furries in the News this week! We play This or That and Trivia. Taebyn talks about a mathematical conjecture. So come set with us a...


Bearly Furcasting S2E24 - Transfurmation Station, Frog and Toad Story

Moobarkfluff! Bearly is back from his last ever trip to Tennessee. Our own Regdeh is featured on the Furry Music Anthology 3: We tell some really, really, REALLY bad jokes, and generally have much fluufffy fun. Lux's Lab has gone interstellar! So grab your favorite beverage and set a spell with Bearly and Taebyn! Moobarkfluff! Support the show...


Bearly Furcasting S2E23 - Guest Co-host BuckTown Tiger, Trivia, Five Minute Furs, Way too many jokes!

Bearly is out of town helping his parents move to Oregon, so Bucktown Tiger sits in as co-host. Oh the shenanigans that ensue! Rayne Raccoon sits in to keep the Pup and Tiger in line! So tune in, turn on and have a super fluff time. Here is the link for the article Taebyn referenced: Brain Implant Entrepreneur Says His Inbox is Filled With Furries. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E22 - Remiss, Math, Jokes and Puns, Rose City Comicon

Moobarkfluff! Taebyn and Bearly are back again with another fun filled episode. We discuss the new iPhone, Math, TV, Movies and Rayne Raccoon joins us for a recap of Rose City Comicon. We spend a LOT of time talking about past episodes too. So join in the fun! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E21 - Words, Old folks, Transfurmation Station, Puns and a Poem

Without any warning Bearly and Taebyn seem to have just one long joke this entire episode! Bearly recites his original poem, Taebyn is transformed, we learn if a toad wears a swimsuit, what is Bearly's favorite joke? What is the physics of Aluminum foil? We have a wonderful time this week so tune in and bark along! Moobarkfluff! BFFT Merch: Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E20 - Taebyn is back! Lots of puns and jokes, Math

Taebyn returns to the show after being missing for a week. Do 'second level' puns really work? Why are banana's a thing this week? Can Gnus make the News?We learn about sphere packing and how the penguins do it! Tune in and bark along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E19 - Guest Co-host Lemnius Gryphs, This or That, Grimms Fairy Tale, Trivia

Lemnius Gryphs sits in for Taebyn this week. We tell a few jokes, talk about SpokAnthro, Spam and generally have a good time. So join us for an hour of ridiculousness and jocularity. Tune in and bark along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E18 - Manick Nux, PC Story Conclusion, Transfurmation Station, Really Bad Jokes

Bearly and Taebyn welcome Manick Nux as our guest. We put Rayne and Lux on trial, visit the Transfurmation lab, tell a lot of really bad jokes, and what is a Twinkle Dart? What are two facts about Taebyn? Lux Operon gives us a report about Frolic. We hear the exciting conclusion to the Snow White Story and like always there are so many questions left unanswered! So Tune In and Bark along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E17 - Proto Toby, PC Story, This or That, Trivia

Bearly and Taebyn welcome Proto Toby as our guest. We play This or That, Taebyn starts the PC version of Snow White. Bad Jokes throughout, and a little bit of trivia! So Tune In and Bark along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting Pirate Edition S2E16 - What happened?

Bearly and Taebyn get hijacked. Rayne and Lux grab the show during recording and do their take on what Bearly and Taebyn do. Hijinks ensue! So Tune In and Bark along! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E15 - Pooka (goat), Story, Jokes, Five Minute Furs, Challenge Submissions, This or That

Pooka (goat) joins us from Columbus Ohio, Theo the Beagle calls in from England on Five Minute Furs, we chat about toast (again) read a poem from Edward Gorey, listen to furs trying to say their names backwards, and what's all this about socks? Why won't Instacart advertise on our show? So Tune In and Bark along! Moobarkfluff! Want BFFT Merch? Go to Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E14 - TransFURmation Station, Japanese Maples, News, Math, and Fun

We pay another visit to Lux's Transfurmation Station to turn Taebyn into something very useful. Did any Fur go to the Beach this week? Can puns be leveled? Is the Australian Mint something to eat? What are the probabilities that Taebyn will choose a queen? All these questions, and more, will be answered on this weeks episode! So Tune In and Bark along! Moobarkfluff! Want BFFT Merch? Go to: Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E13 - Beeton Nukicoon, Flungledingle, Entropy Rock Rap, Story

Beeton Nukicoon joins us this week to discuss his life in the fandom, his YouTube channel and things in general. Taebyn raps math, we talk about paper, are socks the new easter eggs? And what of the Oregon State Fair? Are numbers non-exclusive? How much paper is thrown at people during a ticker tape parade? All in all we have a suuuuper great time with an episode fraught with puns. Can things get any crazier? Will you have a flungledingle? How Mu is it? E! You will only know if you listen!...


Bearly Furcasting S2E12 - The Past, Transfurmation Station, Jokes and Math

This week we have no guest so Bearly and Taebyn have lots of fun. We visit Lux's new Transfurmation Station Lab, hear more about Japanese Maples, learn more math and tell some horrible jokes. So a typical podcast for Taebyn and Bearly. Join us for a puptacular time! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E11 - Grubbs Grizzly, Media, Five Minute Furs, Grimm Fairy Tale, This or That

Grubbs Gizzly joins us to discuss his website; Ask Papa Bear, his involvement in the Fandom, and just have a great chat with Bearly and Taebyn. Do you put mustard on your bologna sandwhiches? How about pickles on a PB&J? Taebyn and Bearly re-enact a joke from several months ago. What do you call a fur artist? Taebyn tries to teach Bearly a thing and does not succeed. We hear a Grimm Fairy Tale, and ask a few This or That questions, so join us for a rip roaring time of jocularity!...


Bearly Furcasting S2E10 - Renegade Roo, Media, Transfurmation Station, Storytime, Trivia

Renegade Roo returns to the show to visit with Bearly and Taebyn and talk about things that have happened since his last appearance. Taebyn rehashs things from Season 1. Taebyn gives us names for groups of animals. Are there bell shaped turtles? Lux brings the Transfurmation Station to the studio and transforms Taebyn into a fork! Can you put rap to math? We will find out. Taebyn's Story is PC this week! The porcinistas will have you chuckling with delight over the banana plantation. So...


Bearly Furcasting S2E9 - Bearly Sings, 5 Minute Furs, A Tennessee Visit, Math, Really Bad Jokes

Bearly is back from his trip and joins Taebyn for another fun filled episode. We explore another Taebyn Word and Bearly sings a song. We hear from Bixby during 5 Minute Furs, and Bearly's mom sits down with Bearly for a visit about furs. We chat about fractals, and tell some really bad jokes. So tune in and join us for a spell. Bless yur heart! Moobarkfluff! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E8 - Strongbob Fox, Guest Host Lux Operon, Storytime, Really Bad Jokes, and more

Bearly is gone this week, but Lux Operon fills in. Special guest Strongbob Fox joins Taebyn and Bearly on a pre-recorded interview. Taebyn explains Scrutinatinty. What does Cilantro taste like? Did this Episode stay on the tracks or was it off the rails? Why was Bearly the subject of so many bad jokes? Do Theraminists get angry? This episode is stranger than most, so tune in and give us a listen! You won't be disappointed. (we hope) Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting S2E7 - Thae, Classic Comedy, Math and Trivia

Special guest Thae joins us this week and talks with us about their life in the fandom, parkour, cutting cheese with a Katana, and other things. We talk a bit about Mork and Mindy, have a laugh over a Monty Python Sketch, Hear about many numbers in math, and Taebyn proves once again the things he should know. How do YOU pronounce crayons? Join us for an uproariously good time! Link to the Article about the Scientist:...