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A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.

A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.


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A weekly discussion with Taebyn on current events, Furry Culture, Interviews with notable Furs, and random stuff.




Live from FC2021 Welcome to Hollywoof!

If you were not able to attend FC2021VR con: Welcome to Hollywoof! Taebyn and I hosted a live recording of our podcast. We had a great time and it was awesome seeing so many wonderful furs. As usual, our podcast may have gone off the rails, but we had a super time! This special episode was recorded live at Further Confusion 2021. It contains all the goofs and unedited flubbs! We hope you enjoy. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #38 - Shadow Raccoon and Theadore Rabbit, Math, and Trivia

Yay Bears! YouTubers Shadow Raccoon and Theadore Rabbit join us from their home in the UK! We chat with Taebyn's husband Tatsu about a book series he is reading. We answer the questions: Can doughnuts be sewn together? Is Tarot Fun? Just who is Alfonzo Roberto? And, How many colors does it take to color a map? Join us for a delicious and fun time as we answer these questions and create more on the BFFT show. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #37 - Timber Puppers, Jabberwocky, Really Bad Jokes

Voice Actor and all around fun pup Timber Puppers joins us this week on the Pod. We talk about how to break into the voice acting business as well as Timber's successes in this field. Taebyn cold reads Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky Poem. Is Romania Hungry? What is a C.O.P.? Can you whip a chain? Why do we ask if we 'can't' do things? Join us and all our habitual listeners as we explore these things and more! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #36 - Captain Boones, General Mayhem, Math, Really Bad Jokes

Captain Boones talks with us this week about his life as a Lion, smelling ants, and throwing sharp things. Taebyn gives us a rendition of What Does the Pup Say?. We explain the big words we used last week, talk about new shows we are watching, and generally go to random things. Does Netflix still send disks? Did Taebyn have any New Years Resolutions? Was Mr. Spock a fish? Can a story be short if it takes 5 full minutes to set it up? These questions and many more will be answered on this...


Bearly Furcasting #35 - Atty-Boyyo, Classic Comedy Bits, PC Storytime, Really Bad Jokes

Atty-Boyyo joins us this week to discus their involvement in the fandom and the things they do! Taeby reads us a very interesting story. Is zeal laudable? What is an Otariigon? Can colors be patterns? Can a strumpet have a slumgullion? Does a carcinogenic overweight louse provide sinister swag? All these questions, and many more, are answered on this week's episode fraught with so many big words. So join Bearly and Taebyn for some post Christmas fun! Propane! Support the show...


A Bearly Furcasting Staff Christmas!

The staff of BFFT get together for a holiday gathering and chat about Christmas traditions. Taebyn reads a couple of Christmas stories and Regdeh sings a holiday classic. We even make a phone call to the North Pole and Chat with the main Polar Bear himself: Santa Paws! So grab a cup of eggnog, or your favorite holiday beverage and join the party! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #34 - Path Hyena, 5 Minute Furs, Math, Really Bad Jokes

This week we chat with Path Hyena about Furry Cons, what it is like being a con chairman, and how it feels to finish being chairman. We chat with a fur during Five Minute Furs for Fun. Taebyn tells way to many jokes Are math millennium problems the same as millennial problems? Can a Shovel Jerk be a Black Happy? This week we break the record for length of our podcast, but we know you will enjoy our time together. Bearly and Taebyn are waiting for you to login and listen! Support the show...


Bearly Furcasting #33 - Yuubae, 5 Minute Furs, Storytime

Yuubae from Sittin Kitten studios joins us this week. We talk about her experiences with Fursuit making and the fandom. What is the difference between Filipino and Philipino? How many diamonds can you get in Hearthstone? Are Anglos angry and is it possible to workout on an egg timer? All these, and many more, are discussed in this weeks episode. Spend some time with Bearly and Taebyn. It is time you will enjoy! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #32 - Quoise Raccoon, Too Much Cheese, Math

Quoise Raccoon joins us this week to discuss many things in an orderly but random manner! We have way too much fun with cheese puns, talk a bit about VR for cons and hugs, do some fast food follow-up, and just what IS Onomatopoeia? Bearly and Taebyn look forward to your joining them. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #31 - Fluke the Husky, Black Friday, Qdoba v Chipotle

Fluke the Husky joins us today talking about his dancing, his service in the USAF, and the pesky crown. Can a census taker figure out ages? Is Taebyn an apologist? Are stories better than Math? Tune in and spend some time with Bearly and Taebyn. It is a calming respite from a crazy week! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #30 - Haven T. Fusky, Furry Speak, Big Words

Haven T. Fusky joins us this week to chat about his life in the Fandom and how he founded a con. Lemnius Gryphs hangs out with us for the episode too. Taebyn brings up a couple of huge words. Is it CompliCOW or CompliPUP. Come join us for a great time and maybe learn where coffee comes from! One thing is certain, after this episode, you will have listened to an episode! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #29 - Rahne Kallon, Mad Libs, Barnyard Hijinks, and WikiFur

Rahne Kallon joins us this week to talk about his dancing and dancing crew Furocity. We chat a a bit about chess, paradox, and barnyard animals. Does trivia take a toll? Just how many bad jokes are in the world? Plenty for Bearly and Taebyn to use. Join us for a great time! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #28 - Kazul, 5 Minute Fur, Mobius Madness and Math

This week our featured fur is famed monster maker Kazul Graves, they tell us all about the process and how the monsters come to life. We hear about a crocodile dilemma, hear some math limericks, play trivia and of course, trade really bad jokes. Join us for a great time! You won't be disappointed! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #27 - Lux Operon, Listener Mail, Random WikiFur Page, Halloween Stories

This week we chat with Lux Operon and learn about bioluminescence. Listener Mail includes some packages and Halloween takes over the podcast. Come waste time with Bearly and Taebyn. You might have fun! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #26 - Furscience, Listener Mail, Five Minute Furs, Math

This week we chat with Dr. Sharon Roberts from Furscience. What wonderful things will she tell us about the Furs? A Florida fur gets online with us during Five Minute Furs and did you know there are infinite levels of Infinity? Tune in and listen for awhile or an Aleph Naught.ℵ0 Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #25 - Bucktown Tiger, Taurs, Storytime, and Really Bad Jokes

This week we welcome musician and Jeopardy champion; Bucktown Tiger! We talk with a fur about Taurs, Taebyn reads a story and we trade really, really bad jokes. Spend an hour (give or take) with Taebyn and Bearly. We always have fun and you will too! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #24 - Fibre Kitty and Dusk Panda, Mad Llibs, Jokes and Trivia

This week we welcome Fibre Kitty and Dusk Panda to the show. Do you know what a PawPet is? How about the Monty Hall Problem? Come find out! Bearly and Taebyn have a super fun time with bad puns, stupid jokes, and a trivial amount of trivia. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #23 - Matrices, Mad Libs, StoryTime, This or That

This week we chat with fursuit maker Matrices, do a Mad Libs, hear a great story about a bunny, and generally have a good time. Spend an hour with Taebyn and Bearly. Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #22 - Guest: Strobes, Taebyn's Newest Song, Pascal's Triangle and More!

This week we sit down with Strobes (is he smelly?) and chat about being a dance champion! We hear Taebyn's latest song creation, chat with a fur during Five Minute Furs For Fun, and learn about Pascal's Triangle. Of course always a healthy (is it?) dose of bad jokes and awful puns. Come spend an hour with Taebyn and Bearly, it will be an hour you will never get back! Support the show (


Bearly Furcasting #21 - Guest: EZ Wolf, Words in Sentences, Bamboo, Math and MadLibs

This week we chat with EZ Wolf from The Netherlands. Taebyn tells us what Bamboo is, we do a MadLibs. This week debuts our new theme music from Regdeh with Damian Tanuki, and of course we trade bad jokes and puns. Join us for an hour of fun to take your mind off the current world issues! Support the show (