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We share the biggest stories from the biggest names in the beauty industry for everyone to learn from.



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Josie Rushing: Brazilian Lymphatic Massage to the World

Josie joined us on Beauty Care Pod to talk about Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and how it's going to become the next big thing after Brazilian Waxing. She shared the story of how she moved from Brazil to U.S.A. and the value of this massage technique. She also explained how she has been able to help her clients realize that this technique will detox their body and system. About Josie Josie Rushing, founder of Brazilicious Beauty Spa, is the name behind the luxurious, highly sought-after...


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Tahwah Garba: From Skincare Advocate to Esthetics School

It was so much fun hosting Tahwah on Beauty Care Pod where she shared with us her experience treating her own acne through personal research and helping close members of her family. She has since then become a skincare advocate taking time to research various products in skincare and giving tips on her research on her social media channel. She has now started esthetics school due to her passion for skincare and her wish to become a licensed professional so she can help even more people in...


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Chris Gibson: The Making of a YouTube Sensation

Chris joined on the show giving us a brief history of his childhood, how he told us about his journey to esthetics and holistic health coaching. He shared his story of how he was able to clear his very difficult acne as well as how he has since been maintaining a health young looking skin as well as how he was able to sell lots of his book and grow his YouTube audience all with being consistent. About Chris Chris Gibson is a sought-after skincare expert and holistic health...


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Dr. Victoria Veytsman: Oral Health and Beauty

Cosmetic Dentist, Victoria Veytsman, discusses discovering dentistry: the perfect blend of art and medicine while building clients’ confidence. She shares what it took for her to build a business that treats everyone like a celebrity. Victoria explains that building this type of business is achievable. Still, it requires perseverance, working on interpersonal relationships, and providing quality services. From full mouth reconstructions to porcelain veneers for pro-aging, Vic gives insight...


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Crystal Ochemba-Powell: Marketing For Solo Estheticians

Crystal is a one-woman-show esthetician based in Atlanta, Georgia. She shares her unusual career journey, which allowed her to pick up skills in marketing and advertising until she eventually rekindled her love for the business of beauty. She is currently a beauty coach who helps people grow their businesses. Crystal shares information about her early years as she hovered undecidedly between career choices from law to engineering to marketing and advertising, which she did for 10yrs until...


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Carina Brooks-King: Skincare, Lashes, and Tattoos

Carina Brooks is trained in skin care, lashes, and tattoos. She discusses her journey from modeling and, as a college student, rendering home services to starting her beauty business which includes tattooing. Carina keeps building her knowledge to deliver the best to her clients. She shares how she did nails in people’s houses at the beginning but eventually built herself working under some of the most experienced Estheticians. She explains the importance of upcoming Estheticians in...


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Cherie Callahan: Helping Businesses and Brands Operate at an Higher Level

People buy value; they don’t buy things. Cherie Callahan is a trained esthetician and coach who makes as high as $52,000 a month as an esthetician with a single bed. She explains how she delivers value to her clients and trains others to operate at a higher level by doing the same. Cherie explains the importance of building relationships to feel connected to clients. She shares how she gave out free samples of products just so that she could build long-lasting relationships with her clients...


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Renee Harris: The Making of Hard Lotion

Less is more. Three ingredients are all it takes for Renee Harris to make her quintessential hard lotion. Growing up in California, Renee shares how she experienced skin dryness due to the harsh summers. After growing up and having children, she noticed that her palms were getting cracked and split due to continuous hand washing after changing so many diapers. She decided to learn to make a lotion bar with three simple ingredients, and she was amazed at the results. She shares how she...


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Hanieh Sigari: The Making of Personalized Skincare

Iranian-born Hanieh Sigari moved to America when she was seven. There, she made unusual friends for her age and had to deal with loss early in life. This experience as a girl inspired her to dedicate herself to figuring out the “fountain of youth.” Hanieh shares how she evolved as a passionate businesswoman by starting a nursing home health care business that boomed to building Qyral, a personalized skincare anti-aging brand. After a long run at her nursing home health care business, Hanieh...


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Stacey Levine: Game-Changing Teeth Whitening for Professional and Personal Oral Care

Our guest on the show today is Stacey Levine. She is an oral care specialist and co-founder of GLO Science and GLO Good Foundation. On the podcast today, Stacy shares her childhood experiences in Brooklyn, being introduced to entrepreneurship at an early age, and the motivation behind starting her company and going into the teeth whitening business. Furthermore, she discusses how she developed her brand, GLO Science, with her husband and the hurdles she had to cross. Besides, Stacey...


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Pamela Springer: Chemical Peels for Skin of Color

Today, the skincare legend, Pamela Springer, joins us for a second time and takes us on a deep dive into chemical peels for skin of color. In today’s episode, Pamela discusses how different skin colors and types react to chemical peels and why an esthetician must investigate each skin to take care of it properly. She emphasizes that, in caring for a client, an esthetician shouldn’t make assumptions by relying only on skin color but should dig deeper into the client’s genealogy to develop...


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Holly Brown: Running a Non-Profit in the Professional Beauty Industry

In this episode of Beauty Care Pod, we have Holly Brown, founder of Look, Feel, Fab which happens to be the very first non-profit in the professional skincare industry. She shares with us her journey on how she has been able to run a fully not-for-profit organization in the skincare industry even when everyone thought it was a very bad idea. Links


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Jessica Doolin: From Fast Food Shops to Celebrity Makeup Artist

Jessica has a surprising story from a humble beginning and into becoming a Celebrity Makeup Artist. She was able to, in the space of three months, become one of the most sought after makeup artists, drawing the interest of celebrity photographers who loved her work and wanted to collaborate with her. She now helps people who want to be able to attract celebrity clients how they can achieve this. About Jessica Jessica Doolin graduated from Make up school at age 27; Three years later, she...


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Jacqueline Segal: Australia's No 1 Professional Skincare Line Now in North America

Jacqueline is a Licensed Esthetician, Naturopath and Reiki Master. She brought Australia's leading skincare brand with her to North America after trying various products in Canada that could work with her skin the way she was used to but couldn't get. Jacqueline also shared with us some stories from her background, including that her mother brought her and her sibling up alone, mostly as a divorcee, and that she finds herself lucky to be able to still be friends with her friends from before...


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Joni Leahy: Servicing Clients with Cutting-Edge Treatments

Joni has been an Esthetician for 29 years and practices Minimalist Makeup. She started with no direction. She worked multiple jobs and was even an Aerobics instructor in Boston and got involved in Esthetics when she started to assist an Esty at the gym where she worked. She then took time to go to Esthetics school and fell in love with it from day 1. Since going to Esthetics school up until now, we can see that Joni has been very passionate from the chat she had with us. About Joni Joni...


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Diedre Mikkelson: Giving Clients an Experience They Love

Diedre shares with us how she goes about the process of selecting products and devices that she uses in running her business as a licensed esthetician. She also explains how she’s been able to create reliable pricing scales for services rendered. Her amazing story on her Esthetics journey between 1984 and 2022 is one of the highlights of this episode. She believes school is just to get you licensed, while real education starts right after getting your license. One of the many tactics she’s...


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Christina Fernandez: Raising a New Crop of Passionate Makeup Artists

Christina Fernandez believes so much in empowering future estheticians with adequate information that they would need to thrive in the industry that she updates them with the latest styles of makeup artistry immediately after she learns them. After getting fired from her old job while on maternity leave, Christina’s makeup side business, All in One Beauti, became her full-time business. She shares how she built her business from the ground up by dedicating herself to taking more training,...


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Pamela Springer: Working on Skin based on its Ethnicity

When it comes to skincare, a one size fits all approach doesn’t apply to all skin types, and today, beauty industry legend, Pamela Springer, is on the show to shed more light on this. Pamela, founder of Global Skin Solutions for professionals and author of Don’t Be Left in the Dark, joins us today to discuss the importance of understanding the nuances of ethnic skin in the beauty industry. She walks us through her early career, becoming the first plus-sized model for Essence Magazine,...


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Gabriela Hernandez: The History of Cosmetics

Gabriela Hernandez, the author of Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup and the founder of Besame Cosmetics, is today’s guest. Her childhood fascination with beauty rituals at an early age and knowledge gained from studying vintage cosmetics led her into the makeup industry. Gabriela discusses her book on today's show and highlights makeup use in different periods. She also talks about her company, products, her journey in the cosmetics industry, notable personalities she has worked with,...


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Jenn Michelle: The Journey to Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist

The path to practicing your passion isn’t always straightforward or carefully planned out. Jenn Michelle, the notable celebrity and media hair and makeup artist with many laurels, is on the show today. She shares her reasons for choosing a career in makeup and how her self-confident answer to a stranger led her to become an assistant at New York Fashion week, resulting in her switch from nursing school to makeup, her first passion. Jenn isn’t a stranger to setbacks, but her grit has...