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Behind the Beauty is a weekly podcast series hosted by Serein Wu. Each week, we take a behind the scenes look inside the world of beauty and fashion, by talking directly to the brands and industry professionals.

Behind the Beauty is a weekly podcast series hosted by Serein Wu. Each week, we take a behind the scenes look inside the world of beauty and fashion, by talking directly to the brands and industry professionals.
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Behind the Beauty is a weekly podcast series hosted by Serein Wu. Each week, we take a behind the scenes look inside the world of beauty and fashion, by talking directly to the brands and industry professionals.




52: Skincare basics and Q&A with PCA Skincare's VP of business development and licensed esthetician Danae Markland.

With so many skincare methods out there it can be easy to forget the basics. Danae Markland from PCA skincare, calls in to talk about some of the most effective methods of skincare and how PCA, fits into skincare routines. Danae, is also kind enough to take some skincare questions from listeners. Also, if you havent had a chance to visit our new store, please take a second and go to...


51: The worlds most expensive makeup brushes and the importance of mentors in business

Do you own a makeup brush? Like most women you probable own more then one. Chances are those makeup and beauty brushes come from Anisa Telwar Kaicker. Anisa, is the truest representation of the phrase #girlboss. Anisa, started her company after working for and learning from her mother who also ran her own successful company. Anisa, has an intense passion for the makeup and beauty industry and she shares her story with Serein, in this episode. Also, if you havent had a chance to visit our...


50: Green Beauty, and women of color entrepreneurs with Tianna Bell

With the recent green beauty popularity surge and all the new natural beauty product lines being released these days—as well as celebrities like Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow publicly praising green beauty, it's hard to imagine that you haven't heard of or don't know what green beauty is. What you probably don't know is just how hard it is for independent green beauty brands to start and compete. There are any number of challenges that green beauty brands must over come...


49: Beauty Secrets from around the world.

BEAUTY! What does beauty mean? What do other countries use for their beauty care products? In this weeks episode we chat with global beauty curator, Nyakio Grieco, about beauty secrets from Asia and Africa and around the world. EPISODE SPONSOR - (Use the code BEAUTY for 25% off) Also, if you havent had a chance to visit our new store, please take a second and go to...


48: Behind the Beauty Best of featuring Fast Fashion, Self Defense, Celebrity Makeup Artists and Much More

This weeks episode is a best of compilation from our last four episodes. We have tips on how to become a celebrity makeup artist, the dangers of fast fashion, self defense for you and your family and how to start a beauty related company. If you guys like the clips, please check out the full length episodes. EPISODE SPONSOR - (Use the code BEAUTY for 25% off) EPISODE SPONSOR - (First 2 Weeks Free!) Also, if you havent had a chance...


47: Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Clothing with Boody

We all love fast fashion! Going to H&M for a cute new outfit is fun and doesn't break the bank. However, fast fashion comes at a different cost. In this episode we chat about sustainable clothing with Boody, brand manager Erin Orbach. Boody, isn't fast fashion. Boody, is an eco friendly clothing line that looks and feels amazing. You're going to be amazed at what happens to fast fashion and the harm it's causing the environment. EPISODE SPONSOR - (First 2...


46: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self defense and anti bullying with Chris Ledford

If you've ever walked through a parking garage alone late at night then you've probably felt at least a little worried about someone attacking you. Knowing self defense, specifically through Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a way to regain confidence and know that you are capable of defending yourself if God, forbid something were to happen. Brazilian jiu jitsu, is a grappling based martial art that creates an equal playing field between the aggressor and the person being attacked. It is universally...


45: Through tragedy a company and charity is formed. The story of Nikki Huebner and Endure Lash

Tragedy can befall anyone at any time, but most would agree that there is no greater tragedy then losing a child. Nikki Huebner, shares her story of loss and ultimately finding purpose in the charities she works with and the brand that is built in her daughters memory. This is a powerful episode and I admire Nikki, beyond words. EPISODE SPONSOR - (First Two Weeks Free) Also, if you havent had a chance to visit our new store, please take a second and go...


44: How to become a celebrity makeup artist WITH celebrity makeup artist Janice Kinjo

Almost all celebrities from Kim Kardashian to the cast of Celebrity Big Brother and even Justin Timberlake at the halftime show, will all agree that it's the celebrity make up artist that makes them look their best on camera. Being a make up artist that works on celebrities is an incredibly amazing profession. Imagine getting to go to work every day on movie sets like The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson?! What could be better then doing makeup for celebrities like Justin Timberlake? In...


43: How to improv your health by detoxing your home and avoiding EMF in 2018

Today we talk about having a healthy body and healthy home by avoiding EMF, and detoxing your surroundings with Sophia Gushee. In October 2015, Sophia published her first book A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures. It has been critically-acclaimed by experts (including professors, physicians, and researchers) and conscious consumers. It's essential for those who want to detox your home, and strive for toxin free living. Sophia is sought after for her...


42: Uma Thurman, Quentin Tarantino, Rose McGowan and the #metoo movement with "The Dick Clique," author Holly Caplan

Holly Caplan has been in the medical device industry since 1997. She learned soon into her career that prospering in the industry required adopting group values of the “dick clique” and membership in that clique would come with a battle – a battle to preserve personal and professional identity. She writes about her experiences and shares it with women who are just entering their careers or are in the throes of their success. This book will shock, entertain, and inform. EPISODE...


41: Jenny Ly, from "The Daily Jenny"

Jenny Ly, from the popular blog and Instagram account "The Daily Jenny," joins Serein, in the studio to talk about all things social media, food, and new makeup. _____________________ EPISODE SPONSORS: _____________________ BEHIND THE BEAUTY NEWSLETTER WEBSITE: FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM GUEST: Jenny...


40: Behind the Beauty Podcast Year End Review

In this episode, Serein, recaps our 2017 season 2 of Behind the Beauty. We revisit what was learned this year and reflect on our favorite moments. _____________________ EPISODE SPONSORS: ($20 off your subscription) _____________________ BEHIND THE BEAUTY NEWSLETTER WEBSITE: FOLLOW ON...


39: Powerful Women in Beauty with Erno Laszlo

Beauty marketing Guru, Christie Watson, shares her story and gives us a peek into what her day is like. The beauty industry is super competitive and marketing a product takes creativity, planning with lots of work. Christie, walks us through how she got into the beauty industry and then went on to become the chief marketing officer for Erno Laszlo. _____________________ EPISODE SPONSORS: (Unlock special pricing for 5 or more cards AND get free shipping on...


38: Juice Served Here, Alternative Apparel, M/F People, founder Greg Alterman.

Juice Served Here, Alternative Apparel, and M/F People, founder Greg Alterman joins us in the studio. Greg Alterman is launching his fourth business. With m/f people, he’s betting that many consumers feel exactly the way he does about the current lackluster UX (user experience) of personal care products at home. Alterman has had success in the apparel industry as founder of Alternative Apparel and recently as co-founder of Juice Served Here. Now, he’s going further into the lifestyle...


37: Milk Makeup on Behind the Beauty

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Milk Makeup was founded by Milk cofounder Mazdack Rassi, beauty and fashion editor and E! News correspondent Zanna Roberts Rassi, seasoned Milk Girl and creative director Georgie Greville, and product developer and COO Dianna Ruth. All aspects of the line are developed in-house at there downtown NYC home, Milk Studios. EPISODE SPONSOR: BEHIND THE BEAUTY NEWSLETTER...


36: SEX! Sex is often a topic of conversation that can feel very NOT Sexy. Let's talk about it with sex and relationship specialist Ev'Yan Whitney.

SEX! Sex is often a topic of conversation that can feel very NOT Sexy. In this episode we talk about all things sex and what it means to be a sexually liberated woman in the #metoo era with sex and relationship specialist Ev'Yan Whitney. Ev'Yan Whitney, is the host of the Sex, Love and Liberation podcast. Ev'Yan, educates, and empowers women who are longing to blossom into sexually free and body-conscious beings. Ev'Yan's, story really spoke to me as a woman and she is so open and honest...


35: Korean Beauty Secrets with E Nature

More brings you this episode about Korean Beauty secrets and the innovative company that stands out among its peers. E Nature Cosmetics is a naturalism brand that makes healthy products from gentle, natural ingredients by utilizing smart technology. EPISODE SPONSOR: BEHIND THE BEAUTY NEWSLETTER WEBSITE: FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM...


34: Traditional Asian Skin Care with Purlisse

Former #powerranger Jennifer Yen, shares how heavy stage make up and long hours on set caused massive acne and wrecked her skin. Being the badass #girlboss she is, she decided to fight back against acne. Inspired by her grandmothers traditional Asian remedies she created Purlisse. In this episode Jennifer, discusses why traditional Asian skin care is so effective and why Purlisse, was the one thing that helped her skin finally clear up. BEHIND THE BEAUTY NEWSLETTER...


33: Cancer survivor and Skincare Visionary, INDIE LEE

Cancer survivor and eco-chic skincare visionary, Indie Lee, calls into the podcast studio. Indie, talks about conquering a life threatening brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins as the culprit and how it inspired her to create a skincare collection comprised of the finest ingredients from around the world. Indie Lee, the line is designed to enhance the face and body with gratifying green glamour so you can indulge while protecting the Earth – and your body. BEHIND THE BEAUTY...