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Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.

Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.
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Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.






S2 Ep. 36: The Skull and the Teddy Bear: The Impact of Investing In Formerly Incarcerated Men

On this episode, Dr. Alex Gee has a reunion with formerly incarcerated men that were part of a mentorship group that he started. This group of men reflect on the early meetings together, how they developed as leaders, and are now investing back into the community. These men now stand up for formerly incarcerated people in their work. Anthony Cooper Sr is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Reentry Services at Nehemiah. Aaron Hicks is the Assistant Director for Reentry Services...


S2 Ep. 35: When People Think My White Assistant is Dr. Alex Gee...

On this episode, Dr. Alex Gee and his assistant relate his experiences being wrongly identified in various settings. The crew of Black Like Me join Dr. Gee to discuss why these situations happen to African Americans. Learn more at


S2 Ep. 34: Ask Me Anything - Guests Aaron Hicks and Jerome Dillard Interview Me

The table gets turned on Dr. Alex Gee as his friends, Aaron Hicks and Jerome Dillard, join him in the studio to ask him whatever they want. Nothing is off limits. The interview covers a range of topics from the hilarious to the insightful. Learn more about Dr. Gee's career and his legacy. And of course there are still Black Ice Breakers. Don't miss it!


S2 Ep. 33: Fades and Blood Pressure Checks: Bringing Medical Services to Black Barbershops with Aaron Perry

Dr. Alex Gee talks with Aaron Perry, recently honored by Time Magazine as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Health Care of 2018. Aaron shares his own story of health improvement that led him to open a health center in his barbershop. Find out more about Aaron Perry and his work:


S2 Ep. 32: The Cost of Being A White Ally with Rev. Rob Lee IV: The Great Great Nephew of General Robert E. Lee Wants to Tear Down The Confederate Statues

Dr. Alex Gee has a powerful conversation with the great great nephew of General Robert E. Lee about how he has become a White Alley of the African American community. Reverend Rob Lee IV is a public theologian, lecturer, and author that has taken a public stand against systems of oppression and speaks honestly about his family heritage in American history. Find out more about Reverend Rob Lee: Twitter: @roblee4 Books: A Sin by Any Other Name: Reckoning with Racism and the...


S2 Ep. 31: When White People Say Racism is Over, Being Tender-Headed, and How Older Generations Have Failed Millenials with My Guests from the Wild Wild World Podcast

On this fun episode, Dr. Alex Gee gets the Millennial perspective on some recent issues as he talks with fellow podcasters from Chicago, Kellen Reeves and Will Horne. And of course, Dr. Gee gets to ask some White and Black Ice Breakers. Check out The Wild Wild World Podcast for more of Will and Kellen: Website Itunes


A Reflection: Tree of Life Synagogue and Black Solidarity

Dr. Alex Gee reflects on the recent tragic event at the Tree of Life Synagogue and offers his solidarity with the Jewish community. Gee recently spoke at a local vigil among the faith community.


S2 Ep. 30: Missing Voices: The Voting Rights of the Formerly Incarcerated

Dr. Alex Gee speaks with Aaron Hicks about approaching his first time being able to vote after being incarcerated. Jerome Dillard joins their conversation to shed light on the amount of missing votes because of the voting restrictions on the formerly incarcerated in many states, including Wisconsin. Join them for this balanced perspective on voter rights and voter suppression. Aaron Hicks is the Assistant Director for Reentry Services at Nehemiah. Jerome Dillard is the State Director of...


S2 Ep. 29: Sage Wisdom: 12 Things I Learned from My Grandmother

Dr. Alex Gee honors his grandmother on what would have been her 99th birthday by sharing her wisdom. His grandmother's twelve points of sage wisdom are gained from generations of lived experience that you do not want to miss. Visit for more info.


Geenealogy Series Preview with Dr. Gee's Cousin John Harkins

Get an early preview of the upcoming [Gee]nealogy Series that explores Dr. Alex Gee's heritage and the journey that he has gone on in the last couple years. You will not want to miss the discoveries Dr. Gee made through his research and the people he meets, including his cousin John Harkins. In this episode they sit down together for a conversation. Don't miss the whole story in the upcoming series.


S2 Ep. 28: Black Millennials on Dear White People, Interracial Relationships, Black Space, and Racial Violence

Dr. Alex Gee discusses Season 1 of Netflix's Dear White People through episode 7 with his daughter, Lexi Gee, and niece, Alexandra Gee. They cover various topics the show brings up from interracial relationships, Black vs White spaces, and calling White people on their race relations mistakes. The show does an excellent job of exploring the contemporary African American experience and with a little humor. Visit for more episodes and info.


S2 Ep. 27: Thinking Out Loud - When a Racist Cop Gets Hired In My City

Dr. Alex Gee returns with a rant about making sure our city and community is a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone to live in. Dr. Gee explores why hiring individuals with expressed racist views into positions of trust and power is not acceptable. If we are to make our city a community where everyone thrives we must speak up to make our community better.


Season 2 Preview

Thanks for listening to the conversation in Season 1! Dr. Alex Gee previews what is coming up for Season 2 of Black Like Me. You won't want to miss the upcoming Genealogy Series where Dr. Gee will talk about the shocking revelations he discovered in his own family history. Catch up on Dear White People and Atlanta so that you can join the conversation when Dr. Gee returns for Season 2 in September.


Ep. 26: Dear White People, Frickin' A, and Wondering If White People Are Welcome In A Black Church

On this fun and honest episode, Dr. Alex Gee teases his upcoming full discussion of the Netflix series Dear White People by sharing his thoughts on the first episode. Dr. Gee is joined by some of his podcast crew to get a White perspective on the topic of White people entering Black spaces, such as Black churches. Plus, hear the group struggle to understand the use of the phrase "Frickin' A." You don't hear open discussions on race like this anywhere else.


Ep. 25: "Racism Is A White People Problem:" Short Stack Eatery Owners Share On The Intersection of Community Justice, Business, and Becoming A 'Would-Be' White Ally

Dr. Alex Gee talks with the owners of Short Stack Eatery in Madison, WI about how they are committed to using their business to better the community. Alex Lindenmeyer and Sinead McHugh share how they started their restaurant business and sought out the African American history class to grow their vision. Don't miss hearing these two innovative female entrepreneurs speak honestly about the work being done to bridge the gap between White and Black communities. They share practical ideas about...


Ep. 24: Former NFL Player Rev. Dr. Terrell Fletcher Discusses Life Transitions and Reclaiming Identity

Dr. Alex Gee welcomes his friend Terrell Fletcher to reflect on his journey from playing in the NFL to being an inspirational leader in the the community. Terrell speaks to the need to lean into transitional moments in our lives and be willing to redefine our identity. He is now an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, provocative thinker, and author. Dr. Gee and Terrell discuss family life as a team and finding a team in any aspect of life to encourage greatness. Working together as a...


Ep. 23: Indigenous Leadership and the Forgotten Unity of Black and Korean Communities: A Conversation with My Good Friend Peter Ahn

Dr. Alex Gee talks with Pastor Peter Ahn about community development locally and internationally. Peter reinforces the need for empowering a multicultural leadership approach in local communities. He has demonstrated raising up local leaders and resourcing them to make change on their own in the Engelwood community of New Jersey. Dr. Gee and Peter discuss the power and beauty of the African American and Korean communities coming together for change. Article that Dr. Gee and Pete Ahn wrote...


Ep. 22: Black Voters & The Power To Shift An Election with Supervisor Shelia Stubbs

Dr. Alex Gee sits down with County Supervisor Shelia Stubbs to her story of community leadership and how she sees the power of Black voters changing politics. Shelia is currently running for State Assembly in a historic race, with the primary on August 14. Hear how she plans to be the first person of color to be elected to the Wisconsin State Capitol. Shelia will inspire you to be involved in your community and be civically engaged in order to make a difference locally. Dr. Gee and Shelia...


Ep. 21: Lisa Sharon Harper & The "Little" White Lie That Has Divided Our Country

Dr. Alex Gee welcomes Lisa Sharon Harper to the show to talk about her genealogy research and her commitment to speak truth into American history. You don't want to miss Ms. Harper's passionate insight into our current political and religious landscape. A prolific speaker, writer and activist, Ms. Harper is the founder and president of, a consulting group dedicated to shrinking the narrative gap in our nation by convening forums and experiences that bring common...


Ep. 20: Fathering Fatherless Fathers with Guest Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks returns to the show to ask Dr. Alex Gee questions as a father and mentor to him. The discussion covers the importance of surrogate fathers for the fatherless. Aaron and Dr. Gee model the support and vulnerability needed between men to have a healthy family. The two men share how you turn your mess of a childhood trauma into a message that can be passed on to others. Aaron explores how the prison system and re-entry process limits the ability to maintain family commitments and...