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A fully blind journalist & cool stuff enthusiast. A sighted customer rep & casual artist/author. Together: a couple w/ a podcast about life & laughs. Come for the blindness but stay for the fun!




A fully blind journalist & cool stuff enthusiast. A sighted customer rep & casual artist/author. Together: a couple w/ a podcast about life & laughs. Come for the blindness but stay for the fun!




37. The Unintended Consequences Of Blindness

It's Labour Day and The Blindnamic Duo are finally back to end the summer in style! Looking on the bright side of life, Marc and Jan are reminiscing on how The Blind Avenger's vision-loss has created some unintended mishaps. It's a podisode featuring ferris wheels, foot stomps and air hockey, so come have a laugh and listen in! Don't be a dingleberry: Make your earholes happy by subscribing for free and listening to our latest podisodes as soon as they're released. You can also search...


36. Being Married On ODSP Just Sucks

In a tale of love and marriage, The Blindnamic Duo are sharing how they make things work on this week's podisode! After a slight delay, Marc and Jan are back to discuss what it's like to be married while relying on social assistance. How does being on ODSP put a strain on those in a benefit unit? What financial hardships did it cause for the two? How do they work through these issues? What actually makes The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess luckier than other married couples? It's...


35. You Say You Want A Disability Revolution

The Blindnamic Duo are back and have plenty of ground to cover! How is Marc preparing for a revolution and what is Jan doing to help paint a picture for him? We're reviewing Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, talking Instagram photos and making a big announcement. Be sure to listen if you're on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and looking for a way to share your story! Don't be a dingleberry: Make your earholes happy by subscribing for free and listening to our latest...


34. The Fine Art Of Streaming For Marc

The Blindnamic Duo are back and row row rowing their boat gently down the stream! Okay, so it isn't THAT kind of stream but Marc and Jan still have plenty to talk about. Find out what they thought of streaming a concert on their latest Quarendate, how the Guiding Goddess is readjusting to work and what almost left The Blind Avenger in a "crappy" situation. We've got all this and a bag of potato chips in our latest podisode, so come join the fun! Don't be a dingleberry: Make your...


33. The Blindey Hitter's Club

The Blindnamic Duo are taking flight once again! Leaving the serious content for their website, Marc and Jan decided to keep things light with this week's podisode. Going in with no particular topic, the two ended up having a lengthy discussion on the portrayal of diabetics in TV & film. Aside from that, hear about the Guiding Goddess trying to steal her husband's cane and why you shouldn't mess with The Blind Avenger! Don't be a dingleberry: Make your earholes happy by subscribing for...


32. Do Blind People Dream Of Visually-Impaired Sheep?

You're not dreaming, The Blindnamic Duo are back with another dose of podcasting fun! On this edition of the Blind Luminations podcast, Marc and Jan are having a slumber party! Get on your PJs, grab your pillows and freeze someone's underpants! (Okay, maybe don't do that last one...) The two are talking about blindness, sleep and dreams so don't nod off. If that wasn't enough, the masked husband and wife team are also covering what they've been up to in the past couple of weeks. What...


31. The Blindnamic Duo Returns!

The Blindnamic Duo is back and better than ever! What have Marc and Jan been up to since the world got turned upside down in March? In their first podisode of the pandemic era and second season, the two focus on how their lives have been indirectly changed by Covid-19. From financial fears to impaired interactions, the Guiding Goddess and Blind Avenger have a lot to catch-up on! The two also detail some changes that will alter the very fabric of this show. Oh yeah, Marc shares what he...


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30. The Podisode About Moving In With A Blind Person

They aren't the Jeffersons, but this week The Blindnamic Duo are moving on up! Jumping back almost seven years, Marc and Jan discuss what it was like to move out three weeks before their wedding. What makes an apartment more enticing for someone who is blind? Which aspects does moving have in common with the disability? Why isn't it always a good idea to whistle while you work? How did The Guiding Goddess adjust to living with a blind man and what things do they both need to be aware...


29. The Podisode About Assorted Blind Randomness

While moving day has been moved, The Blindnamic Duo are making this podcast fast an furious! Due to complications surrounding her midnight shifts, Jan and Marc decided to push back the podisode about moving in together. As a result, the two discuss what they've been up to instead. From watching the most amazing film with a blind protagonist ever (spoiler: it's Blind Fury) to getting fat for religious reasons, there's still a lot to cover in this short podisode. Along the way, the...


28. The Podisode About Marc And Jan's Blind Wedding

They may be late for Valentine's, but The Blindnamic Duo still thinks it's a great day for a blind wedding. On this week's podisode, Marc and Jan talk all about what went into planning their big jump into holy matrimony. What extra steps were required to make the big day accessible for someone who is blind? You might be surprised at the answers. Covering almost everything from the proposal to the first kiss and beyond (Get your minds out of the gutters, sickos,) this podisode is stuffed...


27. The Podisode About Blind Job Hunting And Social Assistance

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Good thing The Blindnamic Duo are back and ready to get serious! This week, Marc and Jan are getting into the nitty gritty of finding a job when you're disabled. sharing some personal experiences, the two also cover why certain solutions don't always work and how things tie into social assistance. At the end of the day there ain't no party like a blind job party so get ready for an in depth discussion about employment. Disabled workplaces...


26. The Podisode About A Blindingly Brilliant Holiday Season

The Blindnamic Duo are back and ready to rock the 2020 premiere of the podcast! After a short hiatus, Marc and Jan have returned with an action packed podisode filled with stories from their holiday season: How does a blind man participate in axe throwing? What happened during an apartment-wide power outage along with the consequences? How did The Blind Avenger's audio descriptions help the Guiding Goddess' movie going experience? (It's a story of Marc taking the lead for once!) We...


25. The Podisode About How Marc Got Into College

The Blindnamic Duo are celebrating their 25th episode in style and it's... educational? Covering how Marc got into college, he and Jan lay out how The Blind Avenger earned his degree at the school of hard knocks. Why did the former head of journalism refuse to talk with the beacon of blindness? How did the future journalist still slide into the program? What extra obstacles did he face due to his disability and why couldn't his skills speak for themselves? If you take anything away...


24. The Podisode About Managing Diabetes Blind

What fun is a relationship if there isn't a little bit of stabbing once in awhile? While it may sound sadistic, The Blindnamic Duo is actually covering how Jan and Marc manage the latter's diabetes. Find out how The Blind Avenger checks his blood sugar, gives himself insulin and listen to an audio demonstration of both! It's the perfect solution for those who have always wanted to hear a blind man get stabbed and bleed while being too queasy to watch! Beyond this immersive experience,...


23. The Podisode About Depictions Of The Blind In TV & Film

In a podisode that pits fact against fiction, The Blindnamic Duo explores the reality of blindness when compared to its portrayal in entertainment. Learning more about their unique thoughts, Marc and Jan pick each other's brains about perceptions of the blind in pop culture and beyond! What characters did The Blind Avenger find empowering and which depictions were not so great? How did the Guiding Goddess view the visually-impaired in different forms of media before and after she met...


22. The Podisode About Disney+

This week The Blindnamic Duo are exiting the blind shrine and taking a trip to the mouse house! That's right, almost two weeks after its launch, Marc and Jan are ready to give their initial thoughts on Disney+! What accessibility issues is Marc having, how has Jan benefited from some of the accessibility features (despite being fully-sighted) and what content have they enjoyed the most? Both The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess break down what Disney got right and what they still need...


21. The Podisode About Christmas Shopping And Surprises

We're boarding the polar express and getting into the holiday spirit on this week's podisode! It's time for The Blindnamic Duo to talk all about the trials and tribulations of Christmas shopping! Hear the extra steps Marc has to take when buying for his sighted wife as a blind man. On the flip side, hear how easy it can be for Jan to buy something for him without his knowledge whatsoever! While both things require craftiness, they create very different situations as well. From going...


20. The Podisode About Accessible Technology

Where does Marc get all of his wonderful toys? Find out as The Blindnamic Duo explore the fantastical world of accessible technology! From computers to phones and smart speakers to talking pen thingies, there's a lot available to help the blind with everyday tasks. Hear all about some of the things Marc uses to make his life a bit easier and what Jan thought of some of his accessible tech when she first met him. What are some of the ways the blind read money? How can they get information...


19. The Podisode About Being A Blind Journalist

Stop the presses, The Blindnamic Duo are back to break a story that will change things forever! Okay so maybe there's a bit of fake news in there, but we are definitely back with some audio fun for your earholes. Join Marc and Jan as they get into the former's career as a journalist while being blind. Why did he choose this field? How has Jan helped along the way and what payment has she received? Also, what opportunities has Marc missed out on due to his disability? We cover lots of...