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Bookworms Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D'costa chat with India's best contemporary writers like Manu Pillai, Lisa Ray, Avni Doshi and more. If you've always wanted to know about your favourite writers' routines, where they get their ideas from, how they deal with rejection and more, then this podcast is for you. Listen to some of India's most talented minds reveal their creative secrets!

Bookworms Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D'costa chat with India's best contemporary writers like Manu Pillai, Lisa Ray, Avni Doshi and more. If you've always wanted to know about your favourite writers' routines, where they get their ideas from, how they deal with rejection and more, then this podcast is for you. Listen to some of India's most talented minds reveal their creative secrets!




Bookworms Tara Khandelwal and Michelle D'costa chat with India's best contemporary writers like Manu Pillai, Lisa Ray, Avni Doshi and more. If you've always wanted to know about your favourite writers' routines, where they get their ideas from, how they deal with rejection and more, then this podcast is for you. Listen to some of India's most talented minds reveal their creative secrets!




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4.24 Tara & Michelle: Does Winning A Prize Make A Book Successful?

Find out where they stand on this long pertaining question about the correlation between winning literary prizes and getting more visibility and sales! Tara and Michelle talk about the literary prizes that they follow religiously and whether these prizes affect the books they end up reading. What kind of books generally get selected for these prizes? How can a writer send their books for these prizes? How do you truly define the “success” of a book? Tune in to find out! Tara Khandelwal is...


4.23 Ritu Singh: On Tracing The Vast History Of Indian Advertising!

Discover the fascinating world of advertising as she takes us through a nostalgia-filled ride! Tara and Michelle chat with Ritu Singh on what makes her book “A History of Indian Advertising in Ten-and-a-Half Chapters” such an insightful and entertaining read. What went behind writing some of India’s most memorable ads? What were the ads that left an impression on Tara and Michelle while growing up? Why was Ritu told on the first day of her job that anyone who has made it big in the...


4.22 Hemali Sodhi: If You Have Dogs, Write About Them!

Find out how she compiled 45 personalised essays by prominent writers, animal welfare activists and individuals with unique voices. Tara chats with Hemali Sodhi on what makes her book “The Book of Dog” such a wholesome and emotional read. Hemali Sodhi talks about how being a dog parent transformed her into looking at the world differently and motivated her to produce this anthology. How did she find the right proportion of essays to be put up by writers and by activists? What makes every...


4.21 Shrabani Basu: Uncovering Arthur Conan Doyle’s Solitary Case As A Detective!

Find out how she writes about the famous detective writer helping an Indian Parsee man who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Tara and Michelle chat with Shrabani Basu on how she attempts to give a complete perspective to the George Edalji case in her latest book “The Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer”. Shrabani Basu talks about how an auction of a series of letters exchanged between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Chief of Police of Staffordshire led her to start this book. What was so special...


4.20 Anjana Menon: Writing About Your Backyard Through The Lens Of A Tourist

Find out what makes Kerala unique as a travel destination AND a state. Tara and Michelle chat with Anjana Menon about how she uses humour to talk about the larger problems of Kerala in her latest book "Onam in a Nightie: Stories from a Kerala Quarantine". How did she manage to find humour in the mundane, especially during the lockdown? Why does Tara think it’s different from a conventional travel book? How did a Facebook blog turn into a full blown novel? Tune in to find more about Kerala’s...


4.19 Shrayana Bhattacharya: Studying The Economic Reality Of Young Indian Women

Find out how she dissects the desires and realities of young women in India through 'Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh' Tara has a new co-host for this episode: Aishwarya Javalgekar, the producer of this podcast and the Head of Content and Podcasts at Bound. Tara loves economics. Aishwarya loves Shah Rukh Khan. These 2 minds come together to dive into the crux of her research and writing process. How does she break down love in economic terms? Why does she want men to read this book? How did...


4.18 Tara & Michelle: Books Vs. Movies - The Ultimate Adaptation Debate

Find out where they stand on this ongoing debate that has haunted bookworms and storytellers for years! Tara and Michelle name their most and least favourite adaptations and dive into their preferred genres and formats. Michelle thinks literary fiction can definitely lead to fantastic adaptations! Tara likes to lose herself in historical stories. What makes an adaptation good or bad? How do stories change in written vs audio vs video formats? How can writers try out all of them? Tune in to...


4.17 Amitava Kumar: Decoding The Lives Of Writers

Find out how he dives into the lives and minds of writers through his hyper-real books. Tara and Michelle chat with Amitava about his latest books ‘A Blue Book’ and ‘A Time Outside This Time’. Amitava shares how one book became the material for another. Michelle loves that his characters are mostly writers (and migrants). How did writing help him survive the pandemic? How much of his writing is based on real life experiences? What does he think about writing residencies? Tune in to find...


4.16 Anupama Chopra: Writing Unbiased Critiques Of The Biggest Blockbusters

Find out how she covers and critiques films from different eras in her book. Anupama Chopra of Film Companion takes Tara and Michelle through the sets of some of the biggest blockbusters in film history as they chat about her latest book ‘A Place In My Heart’. How did she get into films? How is she able to review films without biases? What tips and techniques can writers learn from cinema? Tune in to find out! Anupama Chopra is a film critic, journalist and National Award-winning author....


4.15 Tony Joseph: Uncovering The Lives Of Early Indians

Find out the secrets behind researching and writing prehistoric narratives. Tony shares why he decided to write this book and where he found pre-historic sources during his research. Tara is a huge prehistory buff! Michelle loves how he combines history with genetics, and other fields like archaeology, linguistics, and philology. What era would Tony like to go to? What does migration have to do with our ancestry? What does it really mean to be “Indian”? Tune in to find out! Tony Joseph,...


4.14 Taran N. Khan: An Unconventional Travel Story In Kabul

Find out how she walked through Kabul for 8 years for her part-memoir and part-travel guide. Taran shares how she picked the angle of being a flaneur - someone who explores a place on foot - for her book, Shadow City. And how she navigated the streets as an Indian woman. Tara loves women's travel accounts! Michelle loves how the book covers interesting details about Persian culture, music and poetry. Did she face restrictions as a woman traveller? How different is Kabul from an Indian city?...


4.13 Tara & Michelle: Rise Of The Villains

Find out why we love stories of serial killers and con artists. Check out the video version on YOUTUBE: Tara and Michelle finally meet in person to dissect why villains and antagonists have grown in popularity across fiction, nonfiction, books, movies and podcasts. Michelle wants to understand the motivations of serial killers. Tara is inspired by con men and women! Who are their favourite villains? How has the representation changed over time? Why are they so...


4.12 Chandrima Das: Horror Stories Set In Indian College Campuses

Find out how she reimagines the urban legends from India’s college campuses in her short story collection. Chandrima tells Tara and Michelle why she loves the genre of horror and how she is influenced by folklore and Stephen King. She shares her journey from self-publishing to being commissioned to write a horror short story collection. What makes a good horror story? How did she research and unpack these urban legends? What is her deepest darkest fear? Tune in for some great horror writing...


4.11 Mira Sethi: Exploring Young Urban Pakistan

Find out how she covers contemporary Pakistan in her debut short story collection. Mira shares why she is fascinated by identity and how regular people live their lives in Pakistan. Tara and Michelle love how she moved from one character to another with finesse. Michelle’s favourite character is Marianne, the American diplomat who lives a secret life in Pakistan. Did Mira write 30 drafts to get this character right? How did Mohsin Hamid blurb the book? What is she working on next? Tune in...


4.10 Krish Ashok: Deconstructing The Science Of Indian Food

Find out how he decodes Indian cooking habits and recipes with food science. Krish shares how he spoke to different people from food scientists to grandmothers for his book, Masala Lab. He busts the most popular myths around food and nutrition. What is the science behind our oldest food recipes? Why are pressure cookers scary? Do we really need to avoid microwaves? Is healthy eating a lie? Tune in to find out! Krish Ashok is not a chef but cooks daily. He is not a scientist, but he can...


4.9 Sudha Murty: On Being A Grandmother And Writing For Children

Find out how she turns herself into a 5 year old to write children's books. Sudha Murty talks about her writing journey and why she has opened so many libraries throughout India.Why is it important for children to develop a reading habit? Have her grandchildren inspired her books? Will she go digital? Catch Tara and Michelle relive their childhoods and get lots of tips on writing for children. Includes fan questions as well! Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She...


4.8 Tara And Michelle: What Are Migration Stories And Do They Need To Change?

Tara and Michelle discuss what migration means to them and what kind of stories are missing from the migration narrative. From partition to season migrants, from traveling abroad for higher education to migrating to the Gulf, the typical migration story focuses on moving to another place for a better life and how difficult it is to make it there. Does every migration story focus on struggle? What are the stories and experiences left unrepresented? Who are the best people to tell these...


4.7 Riva Razdan: Dissecting The Feminist Romance Genre

Find out what it means to write a ‘feminist romance’ and what differentiates it from a typical romance novel. Tara and Michelle chat with Riva about why she set her debut novel ‘Arzu’ in the 90s liberalization era and explored the socio-economic backgrounds of her characters. Riva explains why she wanted to explore the mind of a ‘working woman’ and what kind of research was required to get the nuances of the story. Why does she call her book a feminist romance? How did she come up with the...


4.6 Aastha Atray Banan: What It Means To Be A Love Guru

Find out how she became an expert of romance and relationships through her romance books and podcast. Tara and Michelle chat with Aastha about why India and Bollywood are obsessed with love! Aastha shares her experience of creating the Love Aaj Kal podcast and why she decided to write a dating guide, ‘The L-word’. Has the dating scene changed drastically since the 90s? How did she finish writing the book in a month? What were the reactions of love birds on reading her book? Tune in to find...


4.5 Tanushree Podder: Representing Women In The Army Through Fiction

Find out how she presents the experiences and rigorous training that women go through in her latest army book. In this Editor Special episode, Tara chats with Tanushree about her experiences as an ‘army wife’ and how she developed the characters of Billi, Lakme, Shiny and Nutty. Tanushree shares why discipline is such an important part of training in the army. Tara shares her thoughts while editing Tanushree’s book and they discuss the dynamics of the writer-editor relationship. Soon to be...