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Books in Three Bytes 34: JP O'Donnell

Today's cafe interview takes us from books to movies, and how author JP O'Donnell has forayed into both mediums. In our first byte, we'll talk with JP about the inception of Gallagher--a tough Boston detective and the protagonist of Fatal Gamble and Deadly Codes. Byte two takes us to the movies; JP will tell us how his book made it to the big screen. Byte three forages further into the idea of optioning your book to the big screen and what that entails.


Books in Three Bytes 33: Robert Kuttner

This episodes' guest is author and economic journalist Robert Kuttner. Bob is also the cofounder and coeditor of "The American Prospect." A scholar and teacher, he currently holds an endowed chair at Brandeis University. In this episode, Bob discusses his latest book, CAN DEMOCRACY SURVIVE GLOBAL CAPITALISM? During the first byte, he provides a clear definition of global capitalism. Next, Bob explains why the resurgence of predatory capitalism was not inevitable. Finally, he describes how...


Books in Three Bytes 30: Brad Meltzer

Today, Books in Three Bytes is pleased to have with us New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer. He’s penned landmark titles such as THE TENTH JUSTICE and THE BOOK OF FATE. His latest thriller, THE ESCAPE ARTIST, marks the 20th anniversary of his first published novel. Our first byte examines the plot of THE ESCAPE ARTIST and how it connects to Harry Houdini, as well as magicians in the government. In the second byte, Brads takes us on an inside look at Dover Airforce Base, hallowed...


Books in Three Bytes 29: Sebastian Rotella

True crime is the focus of this podcast, and what better guest to guide us through than author Sebastian Rotella. Sebastian is a successful journalist with more than twenty years of experience, writing for newspapers like the LA Times where he reports on true crime stories here and around the globe. His latest thriller is RIP CREW, and we’ll delve into the book’s intriguing plotline in our first byte. In our second byte, Sebastian offers a career sketch, explaining why his experience as a...


Books in Three Bytes 28: Chris Bohjalian

AuthorBytes Café is pleased to have New York Times bestselling author Chris Bohjalian with us. He’s taking time out from his busy schedule to give us an inside tour of his latest novel, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Bohjalian has penned 20 books, and his always-in-demand novels include MIDWIVES (an Oprah’s Book Club selection), THE SANDCASTLE GIRLS, and THE GUEST ROOM. Listen in as Chris reveals the unusual plot of his new book and gives us insight into his complex and fascinating central...


Books in Three Bytes 27: Martha Ackmann - Mercury 13

If you think Sally Ride was the first American woman in space (1983), listen up; more hidden figures in the space program are about to emerge. In her book, “THE MERCURY 13,” journalist, author, and editor Martha Ackmann details the true story of a group of women who were secretly trained for spaceflight in the 1960s. But they never left earth, due to politics and cultural arguments. The tale of how these talented women who performed as well, or better than, their male counterparts, is...


Books in Three Bytes 26: Martha Ackmann

Up to bat in this episode is America's favorite pastime, courtesy of noted journalist, author, and editor Martha Ackmann. Martha writes about little-known women who have changed America. One such woman is the subject of Martha’s book, “CURVEBALL: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, the First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the Negro League.” Martha provides fascinating details about Toni Stone’s rise to fame in the league, and explains how she digs through forgotten history to bring...


Books in Three Bytes 24: Chevy Stevens

An element of suspense visits the AuthorBytes Café with award-winning thriller novelist Chevy Stevens. In our first byte, Chevy chats with host Jordan Rich about the writing process and how concepts turn into novels. In our second byte, she discusses character development and the reasons she relates to her characters personally. Lastly, find out about Chevy’s ever-changing interests and how she stays true to her writing style.


Books in Three Bytes 23: Lydia Denworth

In this episode, journalist and author Lydia Denworth explains how there’s nothing more fascinating for her than combining science and storytelling. Lydia describes the stories behind her first book, TOXIC TRUTH: A SCIENTIST, A DOCTOR, AND THE BATTLE OVER LEAD, and her subsequent book, I CAN HEAR YOU WHISPER, a personal account about deafness that involves her own child. In the final segment, Lydia gives us a sneak peek into her next book, which looks at the science of friendship.


Books in Three Bytes 22: Jennifer McMahon

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer McMahon talks with host Jordan Rich about her latest thriller, BURNTOWN, as well as her previous titles. Jennifer begins by delving into how the past influences the present in both her novels and her life. Next, Jennifer and Jordan discuss how there’s more to this world than meets the eyes. Finally, our guest rounds out the conversation by considering her quirky female characters, who are often misfits and outsiders, and discusses why we can learn...


Books in Three Bytes 21: John Griffith

In this episode, John Griffith talks about raising three daughters as a single father. His new book, A DAD'S FUN GUIDE TO RAISING HAPPY DAUGHTERS: Imagination Activities Against Body-Snatching Zombie Naysayers and Other Foes of Happiness, is a unique entry in the parenting book market. In his first byte, John describes his unique perspective and approach, and in byte two, he talks about some of the challenges young girls face today. In the third byte, John offers his take on raising "happy...


Books in Three Bytes 18: Len Rosen

Writer Len Rosen, author of ALL CRY CHAOS, THE TENTH WITNESS, and the forthcoming KORTELISY ESCAPE, talks with host Jordan Rich about magic and escape. Len talks about why magic universally appeals to people, why we’re delighted to suspend disbelief for a “jaw dropping” moment, and how the experience of awe defines us as human beings. Listen up to learn how the “eyes can lie” and why “radical amazement” is so deeply satisfying.


Books in Three Bytes 17: Shira Boss

This episode reaches for the sky! Shira Boss discusses her new illustrated children's book, UP IN THE LEAVES, with host Jordan Rich. UP IN THE LEAVES is the true story of a young boy who built treehouses in New York's Central Park, his refuge from the hectic life of the City. The outcome of an eight year cat-and-mouse game with the city officials is truly surprising. The story is charming and captivating and should inspire children and parents alike. Get ready to be uplifted!


Books in Three Bytes 16: Lucinda Franks

Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Lucinda Franks stops by the AuthorBytes Cafe to talk with host Jordan Rich about her book, TIMELESS: LOVE, MORGENTHAU, AND ME. Franks chats about her unconventional marriage to Robert Morgenthau, the legendary former DA of New York City, and how journalism and the intrigue of detective work drew them together. Lucinda talks about the "other plans" she had for her life and the apprehension of marrying someone twice her age and from a...


Books in Three Bytes 15: Nancy Werlin

Books in Three Bytes welcomes guest Nancy Werlin, the New York Times bestselling fantasy author and Edgar award-winning suspense writer for young adults. Nancy talks with host Jordan Rich about the suspense plot of her newest YA book, AND THEN THERE WERE FOUR, why the twists and turns of a complex plot challenge us to think about the unexpected, and the hope for justice that mysteries and suspense provide readers today.


Books in Three Bytes 14: Jennifer Scott

Guest Jennifer Scott is the New York Times bestselling author of the MADAME CHIC collection, which consists of three successful books about the fine art of French living. Jennifer and host Jordan Rich discuss the French mystique and why it's so intriguing to us, Jennifer's "Ten Item Wardrobe" discovery, and the French axiom that every day is special--life is to be celebrated!


Books in Three Bytes 13: Barbara Delinsky

In today’s podcast, Jordan Rich talks with Barbara Delinsky, author of more than 22 New York Times bestsellers, including SWEET SALT AIR, BLUEPRINTS, and ESCAPE. In this very personal podcast, Barbara focuses on three themes in her books that mirror her life and how her protagonists’ stories are often her own.


Books in Three Bytes 12: Debra Borden

AuthorBytes Cafe gets into the holiday spirit with Three Bytes featuring food therapist and novelist Debra Borden. Host Jordan Rich chats with Debra about her humor-filled books and why cooking therapy is an effective process for improving your life. Debra also fills us in about her forthcoming book, COOK YOUR MARRIAGE HAPPY, while offering suggestions for a happier and easier Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for some delicious listening!


Books in Three Bytes 11: Paul Vidich

Thriller writer Paul Vidich talks with Jordan Rich about why he writes literary cold war espionage novels. The author of the two critically acclaimed books, Paul begins by describing how a family tragedy compelled him to pen his debut novel, AN HONORABLE MAN. He and Jordan then discuss the central characters in spy novels and the moral decisions they face, and why the cold war period has brought us the most engaging of espionage fiction works. Paul is also the author of THE GOOD ASSASSIN.


Books in Three Bytes 10: Leslie Carroll

Bestselling author Leslie Carroll has long entertained readers in several genres, including historical fiction and nonfiction. Her focus on strong female characters in such books as ROYAL AFFAIRS, NOTORIOUS ROYAL ROMANCES, ROYAL PAINS, and CONFESSIONS OF MARIES ANTOINETTE bring the historical times and the women to life for contemporary readers. Leslie explains what draws her to writing about the women in her books, how and why her approach has caught on so well with readers, and the...