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Inspiring Women Over 50




SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #04 | Tracy Secombe With Jaynie Morris

Jaynie Morris with Tracy Secombe Author of - From people pleaser to soul pleaser Born in a country town in Australia, Tracy discovered at a young age that if she was 'people pleasing' then she would get the acknowledgement and acceptance that she craved. A high achiever, she has created several successes throughout her life however along the way was uncovering that 'people pleasing' wasn't actually what life was about and at the age of 47 her 'burnout' as a result along with the passing of...


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #04 | Melody Horrill With Jaynie Morris

At the age of 8, Melody Horrill and her family migrated to Australia seeking a 'fresh start'. The following years found this young girl trying to find her way and navigate through Domestic Abuse which ultimately lead her to finding trust and unconditional friendship through an unlikely friend. Journalist, Television Presenter, Media Commentator, Speaker and Author - Melody's book 'A Dolphin called Jock' is a story she didn't think she would tell...until she realised that in doing so there...


SheroesUnlimited Podcast Series 7 – Di Gillett - Partenaire with Jaynie Morris

SheroesUnlimited, SheroesUnlimited Podcast, Podcast For Women, Online Dating, Online Dating Podcast, Dating, Dating For Women Over 50, Podcast, Podcast Interview, Partenairre, Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women Over 50, Inspiring Women Podcast, Podcast Show, Podcast Life, Spotify Podcast, iTunes Podcast, Subscribe, In our latest episode of SheroesUnlimited Podcast we are talking to Di Gillett - CoFounder and Director of Partenaire Introductions, a Member Only based Introductory Agency for...


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #04 | Pamela Segneri With Jaynie Morris

In this episode of SheroesUnlimited - BehindTheBook Podcast Jaynie Morris is joined by Author Pamela Segneri discussing her 1st book - The Seed of Faith. Pamela is the co-founder of Integrity Restoration Ministries and the CoFounder & Host of FirestartersTV all of which have lead her to finally put pen to paper and write about her passion of helping others. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, Pamela's love of books started when she was a Book Store Owner in South Australia....


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #04 | Kathy Lette With Jaynie Morris

In this episode of SheroesUnlimited - BehindTheBook, Jaynie Morris catches up with our all time favourite - Internationally Best Selling Author Kathy Lette! Having already written over 15 best selling books as well as her great achievements as a sitcom writer, Ambassador for amazing organisations including Plan International and The National Autistic Society, Kathy's 1st book which she wrote at the age of 17 - Puberty Blues - was turned into a major film and TV series seen around the...


SheroesUnlimited - Business of the Week - Episode 1 Irusia Armattoe - Husli Real Estate

Irusia Armattoe is Principal for Husli Real Estate and in this episode she talks with Jaynie Morris about how she started her business, what her industry is like at the moment and some great tips for people wanting to Buy or Sell in Real Estate! PLUS - Irusia is giving away a FREE copy of her Book on How to Sell Your Property and a FREE Desktop Price Prediction on your home. Simply contact her on 0414 640 115 and mention you saw her on our Business of the Week episode or...


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #03 | Fiona McIntosh With Jaynie Morris

In this ‘BehindTheBook’ Podcast, Jaynie Morris interviews Internationally bestselling author Fiona McIntosh who returns with The Spy’s Wife, her most thrilling and passionate adventure story yet. Evie, the strong-willed and fearless stationmaster’s daughter, is captivated by a handsome, enigmatic man who she knows only as The Southerner. When they finally speak they’re instantly enthralled by each other and, after the loss of her husband, Evie feels she may, for the first time, have another...


‘SheroesUnlimited’ – Podcast Series 6 – Episode 2 Ruth McGowan and Licia Heath – WFEA with Jaynie Morris

What do you get when 2 women who have experienced life in politics continue to have a burning desire to get more women into politics? An absolute POWERHOUSE of a team! Ruth McGowan and Licia Heath are on a mission! A mission to correct the political landscape by ensuring that women are informed and empowered to ‘take a seat’ at the decision making table in Parliament! Real, long term critical change will only occur when this happens. Join Jaynie Morris as she interviews these 2 dynamic...


‘SheroesUnlimited’ – Podcast Series 6 – Episode 2 Ruth McGowan and Licia Heath – WFEA with Jaynie Morris

What do you get when 2 women who have experienced life in politics continue to have a burning desire to get more women into politics? The post ‘SheroesUnlimited’ – Podcast Series 6 – Episode 2 Ruth McGowan and Licia Heath – WFEA with Jaynie Morris appeared first on SheroesUnlimited.


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #03 | Jenny Schmal With Jaynie Morris

Jenny Schmal is a perfect example of creating the life that we deserve ... not matter what age we are! Her home is in Johannesburg, South Africa, and her story is one of life well-lived with challenges and triumphs of a woman who experienced her own personal transformation each time life threw her the curved ball!


‘SheroesUnlimited’ – Podcast Series 6 – Episode 1 Donna Sharam with Jaynie Morris

We featured Donna Sharam in a recent issue of our SheroesUnlimited Magazine because when we saw her incredible artwork in Author Mel Dee Dzelde's new book - AZZURRA


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Kathleen Shapona With Jaynie Morris

It's everyone's dream to find the 'perfect person', fall in love, and live happily ever after. However in Author Kathleen Shapona's latest book - 'Finding My Balloon - A not so perfect love story'


SheroesUnlimited Podcast | Lisa Edwards with Jaynie Morris

In this episode of SheroesUnlimited, Jaynie is joined by the extraordinary Australian Singer - Lisa Edwards. Originally from Adelaide, South Australia, Lisa took a #LeapOfFaith early in her life moving to Melbourne to follow her passion and soul for music.

SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Mel Dee Dzelde – Azzurra – With Jaynie Morris

When is a children's book not a children's book? When it is filled with hidden 'life lessons' for everyone to enjoy!


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Kate Ellis With Jaynie Morris

Elected as the youngest woman to become a Member of the Australian Parliament in 2004, Kate Ellis' 15-year career as a politician gave her the opportunity to not only contribute to the Australian Community


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Anna George With Jaynie Morris

In this episode of SheroesUnlimited - 'BehindTheBook' Series 2 podcast, Jaynie talks with Author Anna George about her latest book - 'Tipping'.


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Monica McInerney With Jaynie Morris

Internationally Bestselling Author Monica McInerney grew up in a family of seven children in the Clare Valley of South Australia and has been living between Australia and Ireland for more than twenty years.


SheroesUnlimited Behind The Book Series #02 | Jacqueline Kent With Jaynie Morris

Award-Winning Author, Journalist and Commentator - Jacqueline Kent - shares the 'behind the book' discoveries she made during her research for her latest Biography - VIDA A Woman For Our Time.


SheroesUnlimited Podcast | Lynda Stoner with Jaynie Morris

From the 'Young Doctors' - 'Prisoner' - 'Cop Shop' and a wonderful catalogues of acting roles to the CEO role for Animal Liberation NSW, our very special guest Lynda Stoner.

SheroesUnlimited Podcast | Evelyn Lundström with Jaynie Morris

Fashion and style were ignited at an early age in Evelyn Lundström when she was shopping with her Grandmother.