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A Ninja Turtles podcast that focuses on episodic breakdowns of the 2012 Nickelodeon series and also features news and reviews of TMNT comic books, movies, and toys.

A Ninja Turtles podcast that focuses on episodic breakdowns of the 2012 Nickelodeon series and also features news and reviews of TMNT comic books, movies, and toys.
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A Ninja Turtles podcast that focuses on episodic breakdowns of the 2012 Nickelodeon series and also features news and reviews of TMNT comic books, movies, and toys.






Ep. 013 – Batman/TMNT & Super7 Turtles

What’s up, Ninja Turtles Fans? You ready to listen to MORE talk about MORE Turtles toys? Hope so ‘cos that’s what’s happening in the latest episode of BooyakaShow! A TMNT Podcast. Zach got his hands on the Batman/TMNT figures and had to record some thoughts about them. They may be the Turtles figures of the...


Ep. 012 – Turtles Talk Vol. 3

What’s good, Turtles Fans? It’s time for another RANDOM TURTLES TALK episode of BooyakaShow! That’s right! This weekend I sat down with my brother and two good friends and we discussed various things revolving around four mutant brothers who know martial arts and enjoy pizza. Gotta give y’all a disclaimer, though : this episode is...


Ep. 011 – TMNT : Road to 100 Panel

Are you ready for more SDCC panel goodness, Turtles Fans? Cause that’s exactly what we’re bringing in the latest episode of BooyakaShow! I was lucky enough to attend IDW Publishing’s big Turtles panel titled “TMNT : Road to 100” and it was great! The panel featured Kevin Eastman (story and covers), Tom Waltz (story and...


Ep. 010 – 35 Years of TMNT Panel

What’s up, Turtles Fans? Y’all ready to hear something special? I hope so, ‘cos BooyakaShow! is delivering a little piece of San Diego Comic-Con right to your ears! That’s right, Zach went to Comic-Con 2019 and checked out a couple TMNT panels and we have the first one ready for your listening pleasure. “To Shell...


Ep. 009 – Turtle Toys at SDCC 2019

What’s new, Turtles Fans? Actually, I’ll tell you what’s new : Turtles toys releasing at or around San Diego Comic-Con! It’s the 50th year of SDCC and the 35th year of TMNT, and it’s a BIG celebration on both fronts! There’s been a slew of TMNT exclusives revealed for this year’s con, and even more...


Ep. 008 – “I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman”

Whaddup Turtles Fans? Welcome back to another new episode of BooyakaShow! a TMNT Podcast. In season one, episode five titled “I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman” the Turtles get grounded, Donnie invents a powerful music player, and they bump heads with a new science-powered enemy. Our latest episode is a recap and breakdown of...


Ep. 007 – “New Friend, Old Enemy” & NECA Turtles

What’s the word, Turtles Fans? Welcome back to another episode of BooyakaShow! In our latest episode, Zach breaks down season one, episode four titled “New Friend, Old Enemy.” He also talks about his adventures and misadventures trying to purchase NECA Toys’ “Capture of Splinter” SDCC exclusive. It was a harrowing adventure that you’ll have to...


Ep. 006 – “Turtle Temper”

What’s good, TMNT Fans? Thanks for checking out another episode of BooyakaShow! A TMNT Podcast. This time around we breakdown the episode “Turtle Temper”, a solid episode with some great character development for two of my favorite characters – Raphael and Splinter. In “Turtle Temper” the boys get into trouble when some of their nightly...


Ep. 005 – Random Turtles Talk, Vol. 2

What’s up Turtle Fans? Welcome back to another episode of BooyakaShow! Today’s episode finds Zach sitting down with another friend/guest for a new edition of Random Turtles Talk. This edition isn’t as random as the last though, as Zach and his guest, TJ Shevlin, discuss their love for IDW’s TMNT comic series. First, Zach intros...


Ep. 004 – “Rise of the Turtles, Pt. 2”

BooyakaShow! is back again with episode four, a breakdown/recap of “Rise of the Turtles, Pt.2!” Zach shook some of the rust off from the first episode to finish up the two part arc with style. Before jumping into the breakdown, Zach talks about some recent Turtles toys he picked up then it’s off to the...


Ep. 003 – “Rise of the Turtles, Pt. 1”

BooyakaShow! is back with our third episode since our recent reboot, and this episode is our first breakdown/recap! We start things off the same way the 2012 show did – with “Rise of the Turtles, Pt. 1.” Join Zach as he discusses the first episode of TMNT since the big Nickelodeon takeover of the property....


Ep. 002 – Random Turtles Talk, Vol. 1

The second episode of BooyakaShow! tries out a new different format and features the show’s first guests! In what will probably be a randomly recurring series, “Random Turtles Talk”, Zach sits down with guests to talk any and all things Turtles. In the first installment he sits down with two old friends, Jesse and Robert,...


Ep. 001 – Comeback Episode!

What’s up Turtle Fans? BooyakaShow! is back! And I’m excited to be back! The comeback episode is aptly named and self explanatory, but there’s also more to it than that. In this episode I talked about a couple subjects near and dear to my heart. I share the story of my trip to North Carolina...