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Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design co-host a podcast for the floral industry, where you can hear floral industry friends sharing their stories and discussing anything and everything related to the flower business.

Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design co-host a podcast for the floral industry, where you can hear floral industry friends sharing their stories and discussing anything and everything related to the flower business.
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Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha and Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design co-host a podcast for the floral industry, where you can hear floral industry friends sharing their stories and discussing anything and everything related to the flower business.




Episode 23: Max Gill is Keeping It Real

Amy and Maria caught up with Max Gill from his studio in Berkeley, California. Max talked about his background in theatre and how this has contributed to his approach to floral design and events. He discusses his work at Chez Panisse, his beautiful home garden, his support for locally sourced flowers and his long-standing relationships with vendors. He also talks about the challenges of being artistic and living up to public perceptions.


Episode 22: Morgan Anderson— Promoting Floral Design as Art

Dr. Morgan Anderson received her Ph.D. in Horticulture from Texas A&M University after researching floral design as an art form. In this interview she talks about how she has made it her mission to see floral design taught in art schools of colleges and universities. Morgan is currently teaching at Arizona State University while running her own floral design studio, The Flori.Culture.


Episode 21: Kelly Marie Thompson Feels Dedicated to Her Community

Kelly Marie Thompson opened Fleur Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago in 2002. In this episode she shares how her company has grown and expanded over the past sixteen years, but still remained committed to her community. In addition to her retail flower shop and lifestyle boutique, Kelly runs an active event design studio. She talks about the challenges of working in the city and the logistics of juggling all aspects of her growing company. Kelly has found balance and joy in the midst of...


Episode 20: Heather Siu — Creating Timeless Events

This week you'll love hearing from Heather Siu of Myrtle et Olive Floral and Lark & Ives in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the episode, Heather discusses branding, destination weddings, floral education, and a myriad of other topics. She is not only a talented designer and floral artist, but a delightful person.


Episode 19: Emily Avenson — Flower Love in the Belgian Countryside

Emily Avenson is an American farmer florist living in Belgium. She is well-known for founding the International "Lonely Bouquet Day", creating plant-dyed ribbon, and the stunning still life photography of the flowers she grows. Her company Fleuropean has recently begun hosting workshops in the beautiful Belgian countryside. Emily's joy was contagious during the interview.


Episode 18: Jennie Love is Taking Farmer Florist to the Next Level

Jennie Love of Love' n Fresh Flowers joined us from her urban flower farm and studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss her unique business model. She talks about her roots in farming and how she has built a thriving business growing flowers for her custom weddings and a successful CSA. She discusses the challenges of building a sustainable business and her dedication to mentoring new flower growers both locally and through her involvement in the Association of Specialty Cut Flower...


Episode 17: Christin Geall is Cultivating the Art of Flowers

Christin Geall of Cultivated joined Maria and Amy from her design studio and urban flower farm in Victoria, British Columbia. Christin has extensive experience as a writer and adjunct professor. In the interview she discusses the various aspects of her professional life as a floral artist, writer, and teacher. Christin has continued to learn and grow by not only studying with some outstanding floral design instructors, but also learning about art history, photography, and color theory.


Episode 16: Nick Priestly Would Never Own a Coffee Shop

Nick Priestly is the owner of Mood Flowers in Glasgow, Scotland as well as Flower School Glasgow and Mud Urban Flowers. In this episode Nick talks about how he ended up in the flower business and what life might have been had he chosen another type of business to pursue. He also discusses how he discovered the benefits in collaborating with other designers around the world and how those relationships have enriched his business.


Episode 15: Maggie & Mick Bailey — Accidental Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Maria and Amy were joined in the BB Bungalow by Maggie and Mick Bailey of Bramble & Bee in Tomball, Texas. The conversation was wide ranging and included lots of laughs and great stories. Maggie shared her journey from working in retail to owning and operating a successful floral studio and retail florist. Mick shared how he has supported Bramble & Bee from the start and discussed their decision for him to join the business full-time.


Episode 14: Marco Groot Loves Elvis and Flowers

Today we’re sitting down with Marco Groot, CEO of Hilverda De Boer USA and we're asking him to share his wealth of knowledge with us - everything from insights into the logistics of shipping flowers to what he looks for in a great salesperson when hiring to how he ended up in the US after growing up in Holland to his feelings about The King (Elvis). If you're interested in an overview of the wholesale flower industry and the Dutch Flower Auction, Marco's explanation will be helpful.


Episode 13: Laetitia Mayor May be the MacGyver of the Flower World

Laetitia Mayor joined us from her Floresie studio in the beautiful French countryside to talk about her flower journey. In the episode, Laetitia talks about how her engineering background helped her earn the nickname "MacGyver" from her staff. She also discusses the importance of continued learning and how she incorporates elements of her garden into her designs.


Episode 12: Fiona Pickles — Naturally Wild

Fiona Pickles of Firenza Floral Design joined us from her home in West Yorkshire in the UK to talk about her flower journey. She shares how she has used social media engagement as a way to build her distinctive brand. Fiona is know for her natural, wild designs and she talks about how she is inspired by her garden and has learned to embrace the design style that comes so naturally to her.


Episode 11: Maxine Owens Knows How to Slow Down, Step Back, and Refuel

We kick off Season Two with designer Maxine Owens of The Southern Table in Dallas, Texas who joined Amy and Maria to discuss her transition from the medical field and high end retail to floral event design. Maxine has quickly earned a reputation for creating impeccably styled events. In the episode, she discusses freelancing and how she values both hiring freelancers herself and working with other designers. She also shares her secret for success: learning how to slow down and take time to...


Episode 10: Francoise Weeks Has a Mantra You Can Live By

Francoise Weeks joined us from her studio in Portland, Oregon to tell us about her flower journey from Europe to the Pacific Northwest. She explains how she drew on her childhood memories to develop her distinctive woodland design style and how she overcame her fears to become a much sought after teacher.She also shares her amazing mantra that keeps her moving and growing.


Episode 9: Nancy Teasley — Designer, Farmer, Romantic

Nancy Teasley of Oak and the Owl and Ella Rose Farm in Fallbrook, California joined us for this great discussion of her career as an event florist and rose farmer. Nancy shares how she balances the demands of her work and is still inspired by the romance of working with brides.


Episode 8: Holly Chapple Loves Her Flower Friends

Holly Chapple joined us from her studio in Leesburg, Virginia for a wide-ranging discussion about her flower journey and some important issues in the industry. Holly is the owner of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Hope Flower Farm. She also founded the Chapel Designers, an international collective of wedding and event floral designers. Holly talks about her career as a floral designer, educator, blogger, and mentor. Most of all, she expresses how much she loves all of the people that have...


Episode 7: Denise Fasanello — Flowering in the City

Amy and Maria talked with Denise Fasanello from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. She discussed the challenges of doing events in the big city, the influence that art has on her life as a designer, and the nitty-gritty details of consultations and contracts. She also gave them the priceless business advice she got from a New York City cab driver on the way home from a job.


Episode 6: Jennifer Ederer — Always Building Magic

This week we visit with Jennifer Ederer of Modern Day Events and Floral in Grand Rapids, Michigan as she tells us about the unconventional career path that ultimately led her to open a floral and event design business; how her time as lead singer for a soul funk band gave her an insider's perspective of the entertainment and event industry. Jennifer discusses what her Modern Day team means to her and how she fosters an atmosphere of grace and loyalty among team members.


Episode 5: Gretchen O'Neil is Full of Ideas

Gretchen O'Neil, founder of floral event company Petals, ink. and Grassdale flower farm discusses how she finally recognized the constant pull of the floral industry on her career path choices. Gretchen describes how she started her design business and jumped at the opportunity to buy a flower farm. She also talks about the impending launch of her flower truck in Austin, Texas.


Episode 4: Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Believes Flowers Should Make You Happy

In this episode you'll have the privilege of meeting Kiana Underwood, the artistic and inspirational owner of Tulipina. Kiana reminisces about falling in love with flowers during her childhood in Iran, discusses how travel has shaped her perspective, and reveals where she finds the inspiration to create her unique floral designs. She also talks about her supportive husband and business partner Nathan Underwood.