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Because everyone has a story. A podcast focused on music, culture, beer, beards, faith and doubt.

Because everyone has a story. A podcast focused on music, culture, beer, beards, faith and doubt.
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Because everyone has a story. A podcast focused on music, culture, beer, beards, faith and doubt.






Ep. 22: Doug Bennett and Chunjay discuss human trafficking, getting clean and sober, and the many uses of avocado (with Chunjay’s mom, Kathy)

Doug Bennett and Chunjay discuss human trafficking, getting clean and sober, and the many uses of avocado (with Chunjay’s mom, Kathy) The many uses of avocado. 17 year meth addiction. On how adultery led Doug to Jesus. On drunkenness. “Wine is from God, but the drunkard is from the devil.” - Increase Mather On heroin. “Using with a prostitute in a hotel in the red light district That’s something I don’t want to ever forget. (14:30) On Mormonism. On being molested. “I Love You...


Ep. 21: Mara Henderson and Chunjay discuss Health, Faith, Nerdiness, and Father Hunger

Pennsylvania. Colorado. Teaching preschool. On being 4’ 8”. Food. Health. GAPS Diet. Healing from arthritis. Journey through veganism. Sauerkraut. Probiotics. “A good sauerkraut should take three months.” Mara’s music. Her siblings. Singing in church. Orthodox Christian Chants (facebook page). “Take the Leap” by Royal Ruckus from World’s Okayest Rapper EP. Nerddom. On drifting away from her dad. On reconnecting with her parents. Hagia Sophia Coffee. “Lost Boys” by Royal Ruckus...


Ep. 20: David Bunker Chats with Chunjay about Sexual Abuse, Recovery Groups, Postmodernism, Whiskey and Wine

David and Chunjay discuss where they are and what they are doing for the weekend. David discusses the ups and downs of therapy. On the collapse of silence. What is lacking? Sometimes it’s not stuff. On living within the evangelical subculture. Discussing whiskey. On Jamey and David’s friendship, and the wisdom David imparted to him. On sharing stories. David is working on a project called Postmodern Hymns. On Christianity and Art. On the narrative of faith giving way to the narrative of...


Ep. 19: Flatline and Chunjay return to discuss two decades in the music business, approaches to music production, drinking coffee, and facing difficulties in life.

In this third episode featuring Flatline aka Michael Walker aka MPWalker, Flatline and Chunjay talk about their lives and music after Flicker Records, living in record deal purgatory, and then finding their way forward without a label. They talk a little bit about a children’s project that they worked on, and how they ultimately stuck it out after a little bit of career disappointment. At the same time, the guys talk about how short-sightedness can affect an artist’s career. Due to...


Ep. 17: Knowdaverbs Chats with Chunjay: A conversation on hip-hop, belief in God, and perfecting your art.

Brews, Beards, Shipwrecks Podcast. //This is a first! Two new episodes in one day! Enjoy this Monday two-fer.// Michael Boyer, aka Knowdaverbs, sits down with Chunjay to compare notes. How we met. How he got the idea to leave Phoenix and move to Nashville. Clips from “The Latte, Latte Show” from Royal Ruckus’s Self-Titled album. Rooming with Coffee and Bonafide of GRITS. DJ Form. 1996-2004, roommates, label mates, and tour mates. Soup the Chemist album listening party—“The James...


Ep. 12: Porn, Guinness, and Authentic Friendship: A Conversation with Author and Speaker Nate Larkin (and Tra Jones)

Nate Larkin interview Pornography, Guinness, and Authentic Friendship Introduction. Taking walks with friends. 60 minute walk daily. Real talks and seeking clarity on life’s issues. How Chunjay met Nate. Public speaking class. On coffee. On beer. On mystery taps. “Gentlemen, what we are witnessing here is kidney success and bladder failure.” Nate shares his story, which includes hardcore pornography and prostitutes, while serving as a pastor. “I quit a hundred times.” “I was doing...


Ep. 10: Tacos, Adult Graffiti Artists, and Changing Careers - A Conversation with Graffiti Artist Peas of DCV

What are we drinking? Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale Avocado farm in Hawaii. We met at church. Urn of FSU. “Within two minutes. You guys didn’t even wait. It was like a hit-up. I got tag-banged at church by two white guys.” What is a tagging crew? The sociology and psychology of graffiti. The many kinds of graffiti artists. Nerds, skaters, ghetto dudes, preps, goths. “It’s an insecurity. You’re doing something. You’re saying, ‘I’m here.’” How Peas got into higher-level...


Ep. 9: Demons, Women, Jesus, and Silence, Pt. 2: The Four Temptations of Steve the Builder in the Wilderness

If you heard the first part, you’ll be really excited about this episode. Because this is the fun stuff. Listen to this one. Because, seriously this is the good stuff. Closing song: “Time for Us” by Royal Ruckus (featuring Maddy Montes and Bonafide of GRITS) from The Summer of the Cicadas double LP.


Ep. 8: Special Edition: Hurricane Irma and the #EvacuationTour: Chunjay Discusses His Experiences Evacuating Florida and Raising Money for Disaster Relief

Special Episode: Hurricane Irma Chunjay was planning on staying in South Florida. The decision to leave. #EvacuationTour. Coming home to Florida. Fence down. Lost food. Paleo stuff. Seven Lakes, NC: Shout out to Matt and Patty Bianco. House show. IOCC Disaster Relief. 92 cents on the dollar goes to the people they are serving. Washington, DC. Shout to Peter and Jess Dimmick, and Kyle and Nik Pool. Drinking moonshine and IPAs. Offer: make a donation to a charity for disaster...


Ep. 7: Demons, Women, Jesus, and Silence, Pt. 1: The Four Temptations of Steve the Builder in the Wilderness

Introduction. How we met. Monasticism. Demonic attacks in a monastery. “Logosmoi” and the ego. “Fuck it if it didn’t happen again.” “Jerusalem Syndrome” Steve plays Jesus. Olivia Chug makes herself known. “Shipwreck” by Cookbook & Uno.Mas from The Roberson Bullies EP Steve has an affair. “It was at that point that I knew that my own sense of who I am and my own sense of my spiritual life and my own sense of how to be a Christian is never to be tru [...]


Ep. 6 - Divorce, Dope Underground Hip-Hop, and Orthodoxy: A Conversation with DJ Trey-Qel from Future Shock

Divorce, Dope Christian Hip-Hop, and Orthodoxy DJ Trey-Qel from Future Shock Intro How we know each other The name DJ Trey-Qel-Drama comes from Star Wars! Liner notes! How Future Shock started from three different rap groups. One crew, a family. “I started stealing records from my parents and scratching them, ruining our turntables, trying to make the scratch sound.” How Future Shock came together with the Tunnel Rats with the help of Pigeon John. “A Place Called Hip-Hop” by LPG,...


Ep. 5: Star Wars, LA Symphony Rap Crew, & (Losing/Not Losing?) Faith - A Raw Conversation with Rapper Cookbook of L.A. Symphony

Not safe for work, ya turkey. Hanging out at Peter Winsky’s house. Game of Thrones references we don’t understand. The guys take a shot of Jameson together. They’re also drinking water. Other drinks: Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewery. Popfuji by Brouwerij West in San Pedro. On beards. On growing hair with Flynn Adam. Star Wars. Lots of Star Wars. More Star Wars. “As far as me and my house, we will serve the Force.” The political side of Star Wars. Rogue One. Ewoks. Oh my. About...