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Do you dream of one day writing your own book? Do you already a write, edit, or publish? Maybe just a reader who wants to know more about how the writing gets done or just like books in general? Come take a ride with me through the world of writing. I will share my advice, tips and tricks, insight, funny stories, and interviews with people in the business. -Bryan the Writer

Do you dream of one day writing your own book? Do you already a write, edit, or publish? Maybe just a reader who wants to know more about how the writing gets done or just like books in general? Come take a ride with me through the world of writing. I will share my advice, tips and tricks, insight, funny stories, and interviews with people in the business. -Bryan the Writer


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Do you dream of one day writing your own book? Do you already a write, edit, or publish? Maybe just a reader who wants to know more about how the writing gets done or just like books in general? Come take a ride with me through the world of writing. I will share my advice, tips and tricks, insight, funny stories, and interviews with people in the business. -Bryan the Writer






Chatting with Cozy Author Amy E. Lilly

Last show was all about mysteries. We talked about different types of mysteries, stuff I have read, stuff I loved to read and some of you will remember I made an admission that day. I admitted to liking a good cozy mystery from time to time. Which brings me to something amazing that happened. I am so happy to announce my next guest, someone who wrote a book I loved, called “Death is Long Overdue.” So yes, I am talking about the wonderful Amy E. Lilly. In this episode we talk about all...


What exactly is a mystery?

Welcome to the show! So, what the heck is a mystery? I would love to claim to have come up with all of this stuff myself, but I didn't. Valerie Peterson wrote a wonderful article on the topic. So good, in fact that I would have a hard time improving on it. So, instead of doing that, I am going to follow her outline closely and add my own commentary. But You Can Read The Article Here I think we can all agree that ultimately when we write or read a Mystery the most important element of that...


A Sneak Peak at My Vampire Novel, The App

As a reminder, if there is any topic you want me to cover on the show, I am more than happy to entertain requests. Just drop me a line at The show, thanks to you all, is going to smash, or will nearly smash a thousand downloads in the month of February or get really close. Most of you are listening to me on iheart radio. Love iheart radio, and no they did not pay me to say that. I actually do listen to iheart radio as well as SyriusXM when I listen to tunes or...


Talking ISBN and How the Heck It Ever Came Into Being

Hey everyone and welcome to this, our fourth show of the season. I want to thank all of you for joining me today. Welcome to a cold and snowy day out here in Northern Virginia (at least when I recorded this). On this episode I give you a quick update on what is going on in the life of Bryan the Writer and then I launch into a discussion about ISBN. Not necessarily what it is, but where did it come from in the first place. You know the company as R.R. Bowker. But do you know who R.R....


Talking Copyright: Its History and Today. Do you need it, do you want it, do you have it already?

I know copyright doesn't sound like and interesting topic for a podcast. But there is more than meets the eye in terms of history where copyright is concerned. Plus you get to hear me do my best British accent. For more info about copyright and its implications, check out these resources. Wikipedia has, at least as of this recording, a pretty good page on the issue. The U.S. Copyright office has an excellent page dedicated to the history...


Book dissection: "The World of the Orb" by Michael Thompson

I want to give a big shout out to the listeners in San Jose California who are listening the heck out of the show. I greatly appreciate it, you guys are the best. As a reminder, if you like anything you here please remember to hit that like button. But enough of that, now onto her show. At the beginning I read a quote and that quote comes from a book written by a good friend of the show, Michael Thompson. World of the orb fits into what could rightly be considered the midgrade and young...


A Re-Introduction and Planning Out Your Writing Year

Welcome to 2021! My plan this year is to do 35 shows in 2021. This first show really is a kind of reintroduction to me. However, that doesn't take very long so I am going to spend more time discussing how to plan out your writing year. Well, if you are new to the show, I would encourage you to go back and listen to the shows I did last year. There are some amazing shows, with some great interviews. But, in the meantime, let me re-introduce myself. I am Bryan Nowak. I am the author of the...


Merry Christmas! A reading and a few fun facts about "Twas The Night Before Christmas".

Welcome and Merry Christmas! As you undoubtedly know by now, this is my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations, the lights, I love the stories. I know I mentioned my love of A Christmas story, but what you may not know is that I have a favorite Christmas poem. I love it so much in fact that this week I am dedicating a whole show to it. Not only is it an amazing poem, but it is also one of the oldest and most popular Christmas poems ever written. The poem, originally titled, “A...


An interview with Author Sammi Parish

Welcome to another special holiday edition of All Things Writing. This week I have another special guest with me to spread the joy of the season. I have invited Samantha Parish, the author of Inglorious Ink to join me to talk about the book and anything else she is working on. We are going to talk about: Vocal - Instagram - TikTok - And you know me, we...


My favorite holiday stories and why I love them!

What would be the holidays without our favorite holiday movies? These movies hold a special place in my heart, and they still pretty much make up a cornerstone of my Christmas traditions, and some of the traditions that I’ve imparted to my children. It’s a Wonderful Life came on television seemingly on every station at least once a day. At any given moment, you could easily find a station that was running that movie. To me it still represents one of the great holiday movies of all...


A Special Holiday Edition with Children's Author Erin Mackey

I am super excited about this time of year. I have to tell you that the holidays are easily my favorite time of the year. Ever since I was a kid I loved all of it. The smells, the sights, my grandparents spoiling us kids to death. It was a great time. I know what you are going to say and you would be right, 2020 is not that kind of year, but I say bully to you and am going to try and get back some of that holiday spirit with holiday themed shows until the end of the year because … well I...


Writing to Different Generations

The show this week has to do with an experience I had recently which, while not intending to be writing focused, has profound implications for me and my fellow writers. So, sit back and enjoy the show. This one is going to be deep. Never before have we faced a situation where four generations simultaneously have access to social media networks that allow them to reach across the world instantaneously. While this sounds like it would be a good thing, it poses some very interesting problems...


Michael Thompson and I Talk Writing!

Michael Thompson and I have been friends for a few years now. He is a multi talented author whose work I instantly took a liking to. So, this week, on All Things Writing, I sit down with him and we talk about tons of things! There may even be a couple of exclusive revelations in this weeks show. So, sit back and enjoy as we talk about, 1) What got you started in writing? 2) You are a huge fan of the whimsical. What pushed you toward that? 3) What you think is the next great adventure for...


Happy Halloween from Bryan the Writer and Edgar Allen Poe

Welcome to this week’s show and welcome to Halloween in a year that has been definitely one of the annals of human history. This year I thought maybe it might be kind of fun to inject a little Poe back into everyone’s life. So instead of doing something about writing, I thought it could be fun to recite a couple of my favorite works by Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe, or Poe as we call him, was born on January 18th 1809 in Boston. In 1811, the family moved to Richmond, Virginia and...


The Attraction of Horror! What I Love About the Genre and A Few Examples

Why do we like horror? One of my earliest memories I had was watching King Kong on the big screen at a local theater. I remember being scared. This is probably the first time I remember being scared while watching something fictional. I was very young, but later on it would lead me to wonder why it was that something that didn’t really exist could scare me. Consider fear. It’s a natural reaction which hinges on self-preservation. But when you’re watching a movie, it should be clear to your...


The Etiquette of Being A Writer and A Review of Stoker and Barker's "Dracul"

Welcome to the podcast. I am Bryan Nowak, the author of The Dramatic Dead mystery series, the horror novels, Riapoke and Crimson Tassels. I also wrote the book The Bagorian Chronicles, a wonderful little SciFi novel, and I wrote the Dean Cordaine novellas. Thank you so much for joining me. If you like the podcast, please remember to hit the subscribe button so when new ones come out you can get them delivered. Also, it is not required, but please consider giving me a thumbs up and making a...


Interview with Author, C.J. Ellisson

One of the best parts about this program is being able to hang out with friends in the writing world. Today, I have the greatest honor of welcoming New York Times, and USA Today best selling author C.J. Ellisson. On this episode we are going to talk about all kinds of things including; Wanna know more? Check her out at C.J. Ellisson on Facebook Remember, if you like the show, please hit "Like" and follow the show. You can also buy me a cup of coffee to help support my...


Finding time and Space to Sit Down and Write

Some of you are at home right now, listening to his podcast, making spaghetti sauce, trying to keep your three year old from terrorizing the dog, while trying to keep the dog from stealing the ingredients you have gathered to make the sauce. So, when are you going find time and space to write? Remember that creativity, to an artist, is as essential as air or water. Find a spot in your house where you can focus. For me it’s essential that it’s not anywhere near a television. Currently, I...


An Interview with Author Liam Bradley

Welcome to Podcast #26! On this weeks podcast, we are going to be talking about a bunch of different topics ranging from the attraction of anthologies, the attraction, essence, and nature of horror. Join me and my friend Liam Bradley where we delve into these and lots of other topics on this week's episode of "All Things Writing". I want you to take a moment and check him out on Amazon. You will also find a link to the book, Bizarre, which we worked on together along with tons of other...


Podcast #25: The Essence of Storytelling

Start with a strong character. The true essence of a good story line is a strong central character. That character begins in your mind. Before you ever put pen to paper, you really need to think about how it is that that character is going to live in whatever world you’re going to create. What I mean is that who is that character as a person? For reference you may want to check out my podcast dealing with character sheets. Remember that it has to be believable. There’s a little bit of...