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Camano Voice is the BEST way to stay up to date on things around Camano Island, hear about old and new businesses, and learn a little history about the island. New episodes every Tuesday! Brandon Ericson will be your guide to the Easy Island an hour north of Seattle!


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Camano Voice is the BEST way to stay up to date on things around Camano Island, hear about old and new businesses, and learn a little history about the island. New episodes every Tuesday! Brandon Ericson will be your guide to the Easy Island an hour north of Seattle!




From Watercolors to Gouache: Bill Koger's Artistic Journey

Episode Summary: In our latest episode of the Camano Voice, we are thrilled to spotlight Bill Koger, the distinguished featured artist for October 2023. Bill stands out in the art community as our first guest to specialize in gouache painting, a medium that marries the luminosity of watercolors with the opacity of acrylics. Delve into the captivating reasons behind Bill's affinity for watercolors and discover the pivotal moment he was introduced to the world of gouache. But that's not all! Bill also sheds light on the significant events orchestrated by the Stanwood Camano Arts Guild. Whether you're an art aficionado or just beginning to dip your toes into the realm of painting, this episode promises a rich palette of insights and inspirations. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


RAIN Catalysts: Building Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with CEO Caroline Cummings

Episode Summary: In today's episode, we're joined by the inspiring Caroline Cummings, CEO of RAIN Catalysts. Tracing a career that's woven through startups, bustling corporate halls, and now to the passionate realm of nonprofits, Caroline brings a unique lens to the entrepreneurial journey. But what truly sets this conversation apart is our deep dive into "work-life integration" - a concept Caroline passionately advocates for. Beyond just that, RAIN Catalysts is on a commendable mission: leveling the entrepreneurial playing field by building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in rural areas. By bringing the tools, resources, and education often reserved for startup hubs to these often overlooked communities, they're fueling dreams and ambitions miles away from the metropolitan hustle. Tune in to discover how Caroline and RAIN Catalysts are changing the entrepreneurial narrative, one rural community at a time. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: website: IG: @raincatalysts fb: Youtube: IEDC Program: FailCon: Portland Seed Fund: The Danger of a Single Story: Ernesto Sarali Ted Talk: We Should All be Feminists: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


The Stylistic Chameleon: A Deep Dive with Shogo Ota

Episode Summary: On today's episode, we're joined by the incredibly talented Shogo Ota, the creative genius behind Tireman Studios. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with iconic brands like Starbucks, Fjallraven, the Krakens, the Sounders, and even our local Camano Commons Marketplace, Shogo's artistic journey is nothing short of captivating. Ever wondered how Shogo earned the intriguing title of 'stylistic chameleon'? We delve into the origins of that nickname and much more. From sharing the stories behind some of his most mesmerizing projects to reflecting on career milestones, this conversation with Shogo offers a deep dive into the world of art and design. Whether you're an art enthusiast or just curious about the creative process, this episode promises a blend of inspiration, storytelling, and artistic flair. Don't miss it! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Website: IG: @Shogodzilla FB: Twitter: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree (


My life is a Piece of Art - Jaz Xu

Episode Summary: In this episode, we sit down with the incredibly talented Camano Island artist, Jaz Xu. Her artistry boasts a distinct style that tells a story of her roots and her perspective of the world. Growing up on a remote island in China, Jaz was surrounded by natural beauty and found inspiration in the everyday. From an early age, she honed her skills, drawing anything and everything, which laid the foundation for her self-taught style. After moving to the mainland post high-school, her passion for art only deepened. Dive into our conversation and discover the journey of an artist whose love for creation knows no bounds, and how her unique upbringing influenced her unmistakable style. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Website: Facebook: IG: Jaz Xu Book: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( ) Tickets for Camano Ciderfest:


From Graft to Glass: Crafting Unique Ciders with Dave Klawer

Episode Summary: In today's podcast episode, we sit down with Dave Klawer, the founder of Alma Cider and Bitters & Sharps Orchard. As the first certified pommelier in Skagit County, Dave's passion for cider is unmatched. He takes us through the journey of cultivating diverse cider apple varieties, resulting in unique and delicious ciders that reflect the essence of Skagit County. Beyond his orchard, Dave is also assisting us in the inaugural Camano Ciderfest, promising a celebration of all things cider. Join us as we explore Dave's cider-making expertise and his role in shaping the cider scene in Skagit County. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: website: IG: @Almaciderco FB: Cider Class that Dave is Teaching: Where to buy Alma Cider: Get tickets for Camano Ciderfest - Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Jellyfish Creations Unveiled: The Art and Business of Julie Rozell

Episode Summary: In this month's podcast episode, we shine a spotlight on Julie Rozell, the featured artist for September 2023 at The Loft and the creative force behind Jellyfish Creations. With a background rooted in the retail industry from her upbringing, Julie's fusion of business acumen and artistic flair is evident in her mesmerizing glasswork. We delve into the captivating realm of glass blowing, exploring the intricate techniques, creative processes, and challenges that define her artistry. Julie's journey unfolds as she shares how her childhood experiences have contributed to her entrepreneurial approach, and allowing her to enter into a new business with her eyes wide open. Julie's story offers a compelling insight into art and business. Whether you're an art enthusiast, aspiring entrepreneur, or simply curious about the magic of glass blowing, this episode offers a glimpse into the world where creativity and commerce converge. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Get your tickets for Camano Ciderfest - Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


The Road to The Track Raceway360: Genni Koester's Startup Story

Episode Summary: In today's episode, I chat with Genni Koester, co-owner of The Track Raceway360, a new indoor go-kart venue in the Skagit Valley area. Genni shares the inspiration and steps that led them to establish their own business. From initial ideas to taking tangible first steps, her journey provides valuable insights. For those considering starting their own venture, Genni's story offers both inspiration and practical advice. Join us as we explore the world of entrepreneurship and the exciting realm of indoor racing. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: The Track's FB - The Track's IG - Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


From World Tours to Local Gigs: Johnny Hinchman's Musical Journey

Episode Summary: In this musically-charged episode, we sit down with Johnny Hinchman, a key member of the Late for Sky Jackson Browne Tribute Band, and a beloved figure in the global music scene. Johnny shares captivating stories from his rich musical past, including an unforgettable tour during Desert Storm where he and his brother delivered uplifting performances to troops stationed across the world. His love for music remains as fervent as ever. Now a resident of Camano Island, Johnny continues to stir souls and evoke emotions through his remarkable talent, making waves in the local music community. Tune into this episode for a deep dive into Johnny's musical journey, from the grandeur of worldwide performances to the intimate charm of local gigs. It's a melodious journey filled with personal growth, brotherhood, and the transformative power of music. This conversation is a must-listen for music enthusiasts and fans of intimate artist journeys. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( Camano Ciderfest:


From Google to WEEKDAYS: Shauna Causey's Business Journey

Episode Summary: On this friendly and insightful episode, we're catching up with Shauna Causey, the powerhouse CEO of WEEKDAYS. Her journey is as colorful as it is insightful, spanning roles at startup ventures to major industry players like Google, Warner Bros, and the Mariners! Our conversation delves into her wealth of experience, drawing lessons from both her startup and corporate adventures. It's a unique chance to see what it's like behind the scenes of both these worlds, and the valuable takeaways each can offer. One of the episode highlights is her discussion about WEEKDAYS. Shauna opens up about how this venture started, its evolution, and the exciting directions it's moving towards. Whether you're curious about startups, interested in big corporation dynamics, or simply keen to gain practical business know-how, this is the episode for you. Join us for this engaging chat with Shauna Causey – it’s business wisdom wrapped up in a small package! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Drawing Distortions: Barbara Noonan's Innovative Approach to Art

Episode Summary: Hey there, art lovers! Get ready for a delightful dive into the life and art of Barbara Noonan, our Featured Artist for August 2023 at the Loft. After spinning the globe in the tourism industry, with amazing adventures in Alaska, Tahiti, and beyond, Barbara traded her travel gear for art supplies and stepped into the vibrant world of art. And guess what? She brings her love for adventure into her art in the most exciting way! Barbara adores using technology to warp her reference images, providing a fresh, unexpected twist to her drawings. Her innovative approach adds a splash of the extraordinary, turning everyday sights into captivating works of art. Join us in this episode as we chat about her journey from a tourist to a creative artist, and explore her unique, tech-twisted art. Barbara's story is a testament to the fact that it's never too late to chase your passion. So, tune in and get inspired! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: OceanGate Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Palette of Possibilities: Diving into the Artistic World of Richard Reed

Episode Summary: In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Richard Reed, an incredibly talented artist who has been chosen as the Featured Artist of the Month for July 2023 in the Loft. Richard’s primary canvas is the ethereal world of watercolors, but his insatiable curiosity lead him to embrace and experiment with a plethora (what a word) of mediums. Throughout our conversation, Richard takes us on an artistic journey, detailing the intricate techniques and innovative approaches he employs to craft his masterpieces. His unwavering dedication to realizing his vision through art is nothing short of mesmerizing. Whether you're an art enthusiast, an aspiring artist, or someone who appreciates the dedication it takes to hone a craft, this episode is bound to captivate your imagination. Dive into the mind of a maestro and explore the boundless landscape of art with Richard Reed. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Mastering the Sweet Symphony: A Conversation with Karen Neugebauer, America's Only Female Master Chocolatier

Episode Summary: In this episode, I get to speak with Karen Neugebauer, the founder of Forte Chocolates and a renowned Master Chocolatier – one of only ten in the world! What's even more astounding is that she is the only female and the sole representative from America to hold that title. Her chocolates, as you can imagine, are a testament to her incredible talent and mastery. What sets Karen apart is not just her expertise in chocolates but also a remarkable ability known as synesthesia, which enables her to experience tastes as music. The amalgamation of taste and sound guides her in crafting her exquisite chocolates. Moreover, Karen’s journey to becoming a Master Chocolatier is nothing short of inspirational. She opens up about her struggles with various forms of dyslexia during her childhood and how she turned those challenges into strengths. Through her perseverance and determination, Karen demonstrates that barriers can be overcome and dreams can be realized by harnessing one’s unique abilities. Tune in to this awe-inspiring episode to uncover the multifaceted world of a Master Chocolatier, the artistry behind delectable chocolates, and the sheer determination that can turn adversity into triumph. This conversation is bound to touch your heart and tantalize your tastebuds! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


The Artistry of Pasta: From Kitchen Experiments to Wildly Beloved Foods with Aurora Echo

Episode Summary: In this delightful episode, we sit down with Aurora Echo, the passionate founder of Wildly Beloved Foods, a unique pasta company located on Whidbey Island. We journey with Aurora, tracing her path from crafting homemade spinach pasta in her own kitchen to the remarkable leap of starting her own pasta business. This conversation dives deep into the tantalizing world of pasta, exploring its diverse textures, flavors, and the artistry behind it. If you're listening on an empty stomach, prepare to be swept away into a delectable exploration of all things pasta - an experience that will surely leave you craving for more! Don't miss this delicious conversation, it's a culinary adventure you won't forget! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


From Power Outages to Earthquakes: Mastering Disaster Preparedness with Rhonda Paulson of Camano Preparedness Group

Episode Summary: In this episode, we sit down with Rhonda Paulson, the President and a founding member of the Camano Preparedness Group. This dynamic community organization is dedicated to educating the residents of Camano Island on the crucial topic of disaster readiness, both for minor incidents and major catastrophes. Rhonda brings a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to our discussion. We delve into the tangible actions one can take to enhance personal and household preparedness for smaller-scale events, including power outages, minor earthquakes, and extreme weather conditions. But we don't stop there. Rhonda also provides valuable insights into how to prepare for larger-scale disasters. Whether it's a severe earthquake, a devastating flood, or a prolonged power outage, Rhonda shares actionable steps that every resident of Camano Island, and indeed anyone interested in disaster preparedness, can take. This episode serves as a compelling reminder of the importance of being prepared. So tune in, take notes, and discover how you can better safeguard your household from potential disasters. Whether you're a resident of Camano Island or simply someone looking to enhance their readiness for unexpected events, this episode is a must-listen. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Nathan Lillegard: Bridging Entrepreneurs and Funding Opportunities

Episode Summary: In this engaging episode, we're joined by Nathan Lillegard, Capital Access Director of RAIN Catalysts, a renowned platform that specializes in fostering entrepreneurial success. Nathan not only plays an integral role in guiding entrepreneurs about funding, but also expertly connects them with the most suitable funding sources. In addition to his pivotal role at RAIN Catalysts, Nathan also imparts knowledge and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs at the University of Oregon, where he serves as a faculty member in the business division. In our conversation, Nathan shares about his journey, including the milestones and the challenges that have shaped his career. We explore his dedication to empowering upcoming entrepreneurs and aiding existing businesses to reach new heights. His passion and commitment to entrepreneurial success resonate through the conversation, making this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of entrepreneurship, funding, and business growth strategies. Tune in for invaluable insights and advice from a leading figure in the entrepreneurial education landscape. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


From Woodcarving to Murals: An Artistic Journey with Rob Zelk, our May 2023 Artist of the Month

Episode Summary: In this episode, I get to spotlight our Artist of the Month for May 2023, Rob Zelk. Known for his exceptional skills in wood carving, Rob's artistic journey extends beyond this primary medium to explore other forms of art, revealing a remarkable diversity in his creative repertoire. Rob shares his journey from working in remodels and construction to expressing his creativity through art, a passion he's always cherished. He delves into his family's artistic lineage, recounting how his great-great-grandfather, a painter by trade and a member of the Odd Fellows in Stanwood, left a lasting legacy by painting the four large murals that adorn the upper level of the Floyd Nygaard Center. Join us as Rob Zelk offers insights into his creative process, the influence of his family's artistic heritage, and his journey in the world of art. Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the dedication behind the creative process, this episode promises to intrigue and inspire. Don't miss out – listen now! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Crafting Engaging Stories: Finlay Beach on Writing and the Camano Writers Group

Episode Summary: In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Finlay Beach, also known as Dr. Ray Pope, a talented author and member of the Camano Writers Group. Finlay shares his experiences publishing two books in the Managed Paranoia Series and the fascinating journey behind the creation of his main character, Hank Gunn. We explore Finlay's writing process, delving into how he develops compelling storylines and brings his characters to life. He also discusses the role the Camano Writers Group has played in his growth as an author, and learning more about others writing processes. Tune in to this engaging conversation with Finlay Beach as he offers insights into the world of writing and the benefits of being part of a writers group. Whether you're an aspiring author or a fan of captivating stories, this episode is sure to inspire and intrigue. Don't miss out – listen now! Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Reimagining Community Support: Bonnie Eckley and the Camano Center

Episode Summary: In this episode, we are joined by Bonnie Eckley, Executive Director of the Camano Center and a talented artist. Bonnie shares her unique journey through the challenging times of COVID-19 and how she successfully turned around the financial situation at the Camano Center. Bonnie delves into the impact of the pandemic on the Camano Center and the local community, shedding light on the importance of resilience and adaptability. She explains how the Center has pivoted its focus towards the senior and older adult population in the Stanwood Camano area, as they work to recover and rebuild post-COVID. Listen in to learn about the innovative programs and services that the Camano Center is now offering to cater to the needs of the older community members, and how they are fostering a supportive environment for seniors in these unprecedented times. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Bonnie Eckley, as she shares her passion for community-building and offers valuable insights on how organizations like the Camano Center can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of older adults. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Mentioned in the beginning of the podcast: Courtney's New Business Location - Courtney's Podcast Interview - Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


Pastel Perfection: Exploring the Art of Jamie Wick, April 2023's Featured Loft Artist

Episode Summary: In this captivating episode, we are delighted to showcase the incredible talent of Jamie Wick, a pastel artist and our Featured Artist of the Loft for April 2023. As the first pastel artist to be featured on our podcast, Jamie shares her passion for landscapes with reflections, and how she skillfully captures their essence in her artwork. Join us as we delve into the world of pastels, learn about Jamie's creative process, and celebrate her unique contributions to the art community. Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by a remarkable artist and her captivating creations. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: Check out the Camano Voice Link Tree ( )


A Journey Through Architecture: From Italy to Camano Commons with Dan Nelson

Episode Summary: In this inspiring episode, we dive into the world of architecture with Dan Nelson, the owner of Designs NW Architects, who has also worked closely with Jeff Ericson in designing the Camano Commons. Our conversation explores the breathtaking architecture of Italy and Egypt, as well as the unique experience of bringing Camano Commons to life. Dan's passion for his craft is truly contagious and serves as a reminder of the importance of finding fulfillment in our own work, regardless of the field. Join us for an enlightening conversation that will undoubtedly leave you inspired and more appreciative of the architectural wonders around us. Links to Things Mentioned in this Episode: