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A podcast about our planet… inspired by Captain Planet

A podcast about our planet… inspired by Captain Planet


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A podcast about our planet… inspired by Captain Planet






Episode 5: Nuclear Waste & The Invisible Menace

Nuclear waste and proliferation is the topic for us this week on Captain Podcast. We recap the latest episode of Captain Planet, and then we dig into the real danger behind radiation. We look at the history of nuclear power and how it is disposed, then share some terrifying stories about real life nuclear disasters. We bring you our newest Planeteer of the Week and leave you with how we can combat this issue.


Episode 4: Water Pollution & The Scummy Brew

This week we tackle water pollution and the threat facing our water supply. As always, we recap the latest episode of Captain Planet, then we talk about the science behind what is happening to our drinking water. We share some real-life stories about people dealing with pollution, and we leave you with our amazing Planeteer of the Week!


Episode 3: Strip Mining & The Toxic Wave Of Death

Today we have a look a strip mining and the terrible effects that it's having on this planet. We talk about the science behind strip mining, we recap episode 3 of Captain Planet, and we bring you the terrifying, real life story of the Toxic Wave of Death. As always, we leave you with an uplifting story of our Planeteer of the Week!


Episode 2: Acid Rain- Beware The Mist

This week we use Episode 2 of Captain Planet as our guide to look at the devastating effects of acid rain. We talk about an Eco Emergency in Germany's forests, and recount the terrifying story of The Great Smog of London. We end the show with an uplifting story about a badass Greenpeace activist who risked her life protecting our planet.


Episode 1: Oil Spills & Leaks That Kill

We explore the pilot episode of Captain Planet and it’s focus on oil spills. After recapping the episode, we talk about the science behind the issue, share environmental disaster stories involving oil spills, and recognize our very first Planeteer of the Week.