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A Creator's Podcast I talk with content creators of all types in learning their story and how they came to be where they are today.

A Creator's Podcast I talk with content creators of all types in learning their story and how they came to be where they are today.
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A Creator's Podcast I talk with content creators of all types in learning their story and how they came to be where they are today.






Episode 12 - Ninja614

Ninja614 sits and talks about the streaming life and why he chose to do it! This was a great chat and I'm honored to share the stage with him. He's a family man, a hardcore gamer, and an entertainer. I hope you enjoy my talk with a superb human being! Join his discord and be apart of an amazing community!


Episode 11 - Matt Lefferts (V1 Interactive)

Matt Lefferts is the former Lead Animator for Runic Games. Now, he spends his days working for V1 Interactive on a project that has yet to be named. We discuss the gaming industry in its current state, his draw to animation and the gaming industry, and much more! Intro and Outtro music by Matt Uelmen (Torchlight 2 and Hob OST)


Episode 10 - MrPecktacular (Twitch)

MrPecktacular is an amazing individual that livestreams on Twitch and gives his audience a safe space to those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. He is someone who deals with his own mental health on a daily basis. We discuss video games, the apocalypse, tide pods, and many more topics in this episode! Twitch Twitter For those in need, the suicide prevention hotline is just a few numbers away. Help yourself or those you love by calling the number below. People...


Episode 9 - Chris Bourassa (Darkest Dungeon)

Chris Bourassa is the Co-Founder of Red Hook, Creative Director, Artist, and Narrative on Darkest Dungeon! It was an honor to talk to such an amazing artist about video games and his experience in the industry. Darkest Dungeon 2 has been announced! We hope to continue the conversation when that game finally ships! Darkest Dungeon 2 Teaser Twitter Instagram


Episode 8 - Neurofourier

Neuro is an amazing human being working with, and as a part of our government, to keep deadly disease away from the population on a global scale! He's very smart, funny, and a nerd like myself. We talked about vaccines, Game of Thrones, Comics, and movies!


Episode 7 - Mike Wilson (Little Red Barn Brewers)

Mike Wilson is a good friend who has been in the business of making beer in the recent past and is working with Little Red Bard Brewers in getting their location open and full of amazing beer. We talk politics, family, and beer in almost 2 hours of fun! Enjoy Little Red Barn Brewers (Facebook) Little Red Barn Brewers (Instagram)


Episode 6 - RezRyder

RezRyder is a great friend of mine from my days live streaming on Twitch. He has continued to be the longest running Elder Scrolls Online streamer. He's interactive, he's funny, and just a genuine human being. We talk about his journey in life, his journey on Twitch and now on Mixer and what he has in store for himself in the future! Twitter Facebook


Episode 5 - Shawn Marquis (Vanna)

My good friend Shawn Marquis played bass in the Boston Hardcore band, Vanna, for 12 years and I was able to talk with him about his life as an artist. We delved into what it means to be art, an artist, some political discussion, and time on the road. Enjoy the episode and follow Shawn on instagram. Send letters to


Episode 4 – DennyVonDoom

DennyVonDoom is a content creator from He’s a community organizer and a founder of The Cookout. This week I had an amazing conversation with him about all the things he’s doing to help people of color find a space and a voice in streaming. The Cookout website offers people the ability to join the … Continue reading Episode 4 – DennyVonDoom →


Episode 3 – VoodooVal

If you guys haven’t heard of this amazing artist and twitch streamer than you have been sleeping a rock and I’ve taken it upon myself to remove the rock and given you a chance to learn a thing or two about her. This episode was amazing and so much fun to record. Give a listen … Continue reading Episode 3 – VoodooVal →


Episode 2 – Travis Alexander

Travis was kind enough to sit down with me and talk all things dad, writer, and musician. He’s truly an inspiring individual with such a good head on his shoulders. I’m humbled he shared a couple hours with me as we talked both on and off the record! Keep an eye out for his book … Continue reading Episode 2 – Travis Alexander →


Episode 1 – BasedLaRock

Hello everyone! I’m pleased to bring you the very first episode of my Podcast, Casual Creatives. BasedLaRock is my first guest and we discuss many topics from Twitter, Twitch, and Pro Wrestling. Jump into the episode below and learn more about the man behind the slander. Twitter: @basedlarock @fatkiddeals @WCProWrestling Twitch: