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Podcast by Whitstable Biennale

Podcast by Whitstable Biennale
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Podcast by Whitstable Biennale






Siobhan Davies: All This Can Happen: Q&A - 8 June 2016

Created by Siobhan Davies and filmmaker David Hinton in 2012, All This Can Happen is a film constructed entirely from archive photographs and footage from the earliest days of cinema. Based on Robert Walser’s novella ‘The Walk’ (1917), the film follows the footsteps of the protagonist as series of small adventures and chance encounters take the walker from idiosyncratic observations of ordinary events towards a deeper pondering on the comedy, heartbreak and ceaseless variety of life. A...


Dave Kane, Alex Neilson, Chris Sharkey & Alex Ward: Contra Pop, 4 August 2018

On the afternoon of 4 August 2018, Dave Kane (double bass, Leeds), Alex Neilson (drums, Glasgow), Chris Sharkey (electric guitar, Leeds) and Alex Ward (clarinet/electric guitar, London) performed as an improvisational quartet for the first time. Their 45-minute set took place in a marquee on Ramsgate beach in front of a captivated audience of around 250 people. Recorded by Adam Ellis and Dynamic Production Solutions. Post Production for this recording was by Adam Coney for Contra Pop and...


Creaking Breeze Trio in conversation with Keira Greene, 27 February 2019

This is a conversation between Keira Greene and the Creaking Breeze Trio. The recording took place at Café OTO project space, London, 27th February, 2019. The Creaking Breeze Trio is Ute Kanngeisser, Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright. The trio is a part of the larger Creaking Breeze Ensemble project (which in addition to the trio includes Evie Ward and Billy Steiger). As a part of Whitstable Biennale 2018, on 10 June, between 4:17pm and 5:17pm The Creaking Breeze Trio performed their new...


Prose Brut: Jude Crilly in conversation with Keira Greene

Commissioned for Whitstable Biennale 2018, Prose Brut is a performance work by artist Jude Crilly made for Whitstable Harbour. It was composed of interwoven choreographies, a seagull swarm, and a site-specific sculpture in collaboration with artist Morgan Courtois. The performance is made up of both human and bird choreographies, each happening on its own time register but creating a unified image. The performance used the multiple perspectives inherent to the Harbour’s quays, with its...