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Citywide Blackout is the home for artists of all kinds, from filmmakers to musicians to authors and everything in between. The show also covers comic-cons, book expos, and film festivals.

Citywide Blackout is the home for artists of all kinds, from filmmakers to musicians to authors and everything in between. The show also covers comic-cons, book expos, and film festivals.
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Citywide Blackout is the home for artists of all kinds, from filmmakers to musicians to authors and everything in between. The show also covers comic-cons, book expos, and film festivals.








Being a BALR and just what's under The Platform

On this week's show, Austin Arroco and Julie Diorio and I talk about the music scene of Boston and the need for more representation for its artists. This ties in with the great show coming up later in June called BALRFest 2019, showcasing Boston's BadAss Ladies of Rock. Austin helped book this show and gives us the lineup, all female-fronted bands of different genres. ShellzdaGod joins me to talk about his newest releases and the great global response they've received. He's had the chance...


Cool concept albums and epic sci-fi adventures

Comic creator Jim Zub opens the show with a detailed look at the new title, Stone Star. Jim introduces us to the team he's working with to bring this great sci-fi title to life, the story covered in the five-part series, and plans for more down the road. You can get this title exclusively on Comixology Originals. After the break, I'm joined by singer-songwriter Lissa Schneckenburger. Her new album, available May 17, is called “Thunder In My Arms.” It's a concept album that looks at her...


Pax East, Part 1

In Part 1 of our coverage of Pax East, Convention Correspondent Ben Chou chats with Daniel Beardo, co-founder of the Pax East Unofficial Community group, and the official Beachball Guy, Ted Morang.


From Florida to Boston and back again

On this week's show, I chat with ALX, a member of the Berklee College of Music's Popular Music Institute, where they get the chance to hit the stage for summer festivals, and learn from other students about song development, marketing, and promotion. ALX nerd out a bit on anime, something that has found its way into his music, and talk about his plans once college is completed. Next up it's Tampa-based singer-songwriter Frankie Raye. She's got a new album out called “Brave” and shares some...


Certified clairvoyants and life coaching

Author Michelle DesPres is up first, and she has a great story to share. A certified clairvoyant, she talks about how one tells the real deal from the fakes. She's got a new book out called In "Intuitively You," and in this she breaks down the stereotypes that only certain people are gifted with intuition and teaches how intuition can be utilized in every situation. Kayce Stevens Hughlett lived her life in a successful career before one day deciding to give that up to pursue a new career as...


Divertier Publishing's 10-year anniversary, new game Heroes and Treasure, and author Kate Kaufmann's latest book

Ken Tupper of Divertir Publishing opens the show with a look back at the company's 10 years in business, if Ken ever thought he'd reach this milestone. He walks us through the process of book selection and how much time he gives to the hundreds of submissions he receives each year. Next up, a gem from our Boskone visit, Matt Zappa and I talk to Jason Davis, creator of the family-friendly board game Heroes and Treasure. Jason talks about how he came up with the idea, the game's mechanics,...


Nicki Kris's new album and Lady V on her radio show

For this week's episode, singer-songwriter Nicki Kris talks about her new album “Heartbeat” and some of the very personal stories behind her music. She's a Grammy-ballotted artist and she shares her experiences with the award process. She's also had the chance to have her work featured in movies and television. Boston's own Lady V is up next and she's got a lot to talk about, from the origin of her program The V Line and some of the artists she's interviewed. She's a recent entry into...


April 2, 2019: Kitty Game/Amrit Ghatore/Naomi Westwater

Opening this week's podcast, I talk to the husband and wife comic-creating team of Comfort and Adam. I interviewed them a couple months ago for their comic “Rainbow in the Dark,” and this time, we look at their cat-inspired title “Kitty Game.” Based in part on their cat Obi-Wan, this comic follows and adventures of Marty the cat as he traverses lands of science fiction, fantasy, and action. London-based musician Amrit Ghatore has a new music video out for his song, “It's OK.” This video...


Citywide Blackout, March 23, 2019: Fabien Nicieza and Reilly Brown

Comic legends Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown join me to talk about their highly popular comic “Outrage,” available exclusively through WEBTOON. A virus is attacking people who abuse others on the internet. Comedic ass-kickings are occurring across the country by a sentient entity that appears through the personal devices of people everywhere. We talk about the origin of the character, how the story developed, and how the current social climate plays a role. We also delve into the many, many...


March 20, 2019: Boskone Podcast 2 with Brenda Clough and Morgan Duran

In the second episode of my Boskone podcast series, author Brenda Clough and I chat about time travel and how it works in her science fiction series. She also talks about the inherent challenges that come with writing a novel and the methods she uses to ensure she's able to complete a book once it's started. Morgan Duran has both music and books to talk about, and we open with “The Chilling Zone,” a sci-fi tale with political intrigue and dark secrets. She shares her work in music, the...


Citywide Blackout, March 16, 2019: Kathleen Valenti/Avanti Nagral

On this week's podcast, I open with author Kathleen Valenti, who has a new book in her Maggie O'Malley seires, “As Directed.” She talks about the Maggie's development, going from recent college grad to solving one murder after another. Kathleen also delves into her marketing background and how this has helped her to spread the word about her work. Following this I play a new single from Mike Allen, “Set in Stone.” Mike began playing professionally at 16, working for the Little Walter Price...


Citywide Blackout, March 12, 2019: Boskone Part 1 with S.L. Huang/Eugene Doucette

Welcome to the first in my series of Boskone interviews. Boskone is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention that takes place in Boston. I've covered it for the past few years, and it's always been a great time. First up, author S.L. Huang and I talk about the times she's been set on fire (seriously) while working as a stunt person and how this and martial arts training come into play in her work. We chat about villains and how they sometimes imitates life, particularly in this...


Citywide Blackout, March 10, 2019: Mikel Wisler/The Adventures of June Bug

On this week's show, I welcome back author and filmmaker Mikel Wisler to talk about his new book, “Sleepwalker,” a thrilling tale involving the bleeding edge of robotics and nanotechnology. We talk about the real vs. the fiction and how our own world mirrors the one he created. Next up, we're talking radio dramas! Writer Jim Newman of the podcast The Adventures of June Bug shares the origin story of this new series, how it was casted and the process of bringing these characters to life....


Citywide Blackout, March 3, 2019: Richard Starkings/Matt Warren

Comic legend and creator of the Elephantmen series Richard Starkings opens the show. We talk about the concept behind his new series “Ask for Mercy” –available exclusively on ComiXology Originals—a tale of Nazi demons and the group of supernatural warriors tasked with stopping them. We also talk the “graying” of the world of comics and how it's impacted the characters of this and other titles. We spend some time on our favorite characters, the notion of hope and it's reflected in certain...


Citywide Blackout, Feb. 23, 2019: Christine Lajewski/Dust Prophet

Opening this week's podcast is horror author and haunt actress Christine Lajewski. We talk about the monster in her book, “Bonebelly” and her time working at haunted houses and how it's become a part of her book. We've even got a cool giveaway, so be sure to listen for the question. After that, industrial metal artist Otto Kinzel is back on the show with Some old friends have returned to lend their talents to this new foursome and the result is some amazing metal....


Boskone Preview, Part 2: Fonda Lee/Christopher Golden

In this episode of Citywide Blackout, we continue our pre-Boskone coverage. Boskone is an annual fantasy and science fiction book festival that I've attended for years and always have a blast at. It's happening this weekend, Feb. 15-17, and you can learn more at First up, I talk to Portland, Oregon-based writer Fonda Lee about audiobooks and how to get the voices just write, her joy at writing fight scenes, and how to best prep for a convention like Boskone. Next up, it's...


Citywide Blackout, Feb. 10, 2019: Clea Simon/Gerald Coleman

Welcome to our podcast preview of the annual Boskone book festival. First up is author Clea Simon—a newcomer to the Boskone family. She and I talk about the Boston music scene, which is the setting for her book “World Enough,” our favorite clubs, and how the it's changed over the years. She shares the story behind her new mystery novels, most of which have animals as the main characters. Fellow writer Gerald Coleman's resume is far too long to list, but we cover a lot of ground in this...


Citywide Blackout, Feb. 3, 2019: Rainbow in the Dark

In this week's podcast, I sit down with Comfort and Adam, creators of one of my favorite comics, “Rainbow in the Dark,” now available on the Webtoon app. We talk about the wide array of characters and what each brings to the table, fan reaction to the story and how its changed their lives, and how these two made a career in the world of comics. Big thanks go to Kim Estlund for arranging the interview. Stick around, because I've also got some new music to share. First, it's “Imaginary Me,”...


Citywide Blackout, Jan. 27, 2019: 19 Miles Per Hour/Sonya Jevette/Ultrafeedy

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Citywide Blackout, your podcast home for the best in music, movies, and more. This week, it's all about the movies, as I chat with the New Hampshire-based foursome 19 Miles Per Hour. They recently released a new album and have had a great 2018 of shows, with more planned for the new year. Next we traipse down to Texas to speak with singer-songwriter Sonya Jevette. She too has had a lot happen, and we speak on her production company, how you get...


Citywide Blackout, Jan. 19, 2019: Fact Pattern/Avi Wisnia

On this week's episode of Citywide Blackout, I sit down with Raanan Bozzio, drummer of the band This LA-based band is now in its third year and recently released a new single, “A Form To Be.” We talk movies, music, how the band first formed and their plans for 2019. Later, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Avi Wisnia and I hang out at The Twisted Tail to talk about his plans in the new year, and also how he came to Philly and his grandfather's influence on...