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Considering Some Things is a podcast by award winning author, teacher, and entrepreneur Mark Storer. Join Mark as he explores in-depth topics on creativity including art, music, business, and the point at which they all intersect in society.


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Considering Some Things is a podcast by award winning author, teacher, and entrepreneur Mark Storer. Join Mark as he explores in-depth topics on creativity including art, music, business, and the point at which they all intersect in society.




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Episode 51: Adieu…for now.

CST started when we were all in the, “I’m going to use this time to make bread, home-cooked meals, concentrate on what I can do to make my and my family’s life better…” phase. And here it is nearly a year later. This is not to say we are deterred and saddened. Rather, this is […]


Episode 50:Cameron Clapp

Cameron Clapp has taken tragedy and turned it into triumph. An accident that left him a triple amputee when he was in high school left him wounded and wondering. But as became enmeshed in his own hero’s journey, Cameron met mentors and began to take what had happened to him and use it as a […]


Episode 49: Can we Reboot 2021?

One hopes that as you read this it has been a peaceful and grand day, free of any silliness, sadness and absurdity as a new president is sworn in. But what lies in wait in 2021 has us all still just a bit off-center. Keith and Mark tackle the everyday issues that come round during […]


Episode 48: Mr. Executive Producer, Sir.

We welcome to CST our own Executive producer and co-creator of the podcast, Jason Abrahamson. He’s not here to tell us how to do it better, nor to critique us. In fact, he probably should do those things–but Jason is a pretty skilled “pit boss” and bbq/smoked meats master in his own right and in […]


Episode 47: A Trivial Happy New Year

With 2020 now in the rear-view mirror, CST looks ahead to well…..we’re not sure what we’ll be looking at, but it feels disconcerting. And since none of us are quite aware of what 2021 will be, we pause to deal in a bit of trivia, CST style and talk about the year that was, the […]


Episode 46: New Year’s Revolutions!

The CST duo welcomes our old friend, the mysterious “G” man himself, Scott Wolfe. Usually, Scott brings common sense to the shows with sober reflection and interesting ideas. Well—not this time. A New Year’s Eve eve collection of absurd posturing and a horribly off-the-rails conversation between three friends figuring out where to go from here. […]


Episode 45: CST goes to the movies!

Mark and Keith go through their favorite movies and make a fateful decision of their Top 5 movies of all time….until they change their minds. At the Holiday Season, under a California-style lockdown, perhaps a few movies might help pass the time, heal the mind, bring some peace and share a little love. Happy Holidays […]


Episode 44: The 80’s.

While attempting to define the 80’s generation, the years during which Mark and Keith came of age as members of Generation X, the conversation veers off course several times in comparing those days with the current state of lockdowns in the state of California. Our opinions get expressed as we decry the absurd political posturing […]


Episode 43: Gary Burk

Gary Burk is the quintessential winemaker. Farmer, businessman, winemaker, musician, dreamer-he and his family’s Costa de Oro Winery located right off the 101 Freeway in Santa Maria, Calif. have been producing award-winning Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other varietals and blends. Keith and Mark talk to Gary about everything from his writing children’s music to the […]


Episode 42: Things that go bump in the night…

As skeptics about the idea of ghosts and the paranormal, Keith and Mark dive into the culture that exists on the other side of consciousness. Part history, part research and part ham-fisted attempts to comprehend the fleeting para-scientific explanations from those who’ve felt the eerie moments of large, dark and empty places-CST asks the questions. […]


Episode 41: Final Girl Wines

The unique combination of Keith’s passion for horror movies and Mark’s passion for wine (though Keith rather shares that one, too…) comes together at a boutique winery in Santa Barbara County called Final Girl Wines. Horror fans will note the namesake which refers to the last surviving girl in most horror films, a nod to […]


Episode 40: Musica!

Keith and Mark explore a….well…..a stream of consciousness dialogue about some of the music that impacted–and continues to impact their lives. What both of them realized after their discussions is just how little they had covered and how much more there was to say. Below is a partial list with links of bands and musicians […]


Episode 39: Vroom!

All the wheels, all the engines and a lot of hot gas went into this discussion about Keith’s passion for motorcycles, the future of combustion engines, the joy of the ride and a whole lot more about moving about–in style, speed and comfort on this special episode of CST. As we emerge–or at least, try […]


Episode 38: Sean Wiggins

Sean Wiggins has music history that astounds. Having been on stages all across the U.S. and recorded music that is heard regularly on shows like Universal’s “Little” and the show Mr. Mercedes, she’s also shared those stages with the likes of Blues Traveler, Cyndi Lauper and the Bodeans. Her voice is a siren call and […]


Episode 37: A wee Dram…

Far from escapism, drunkenness or coping, Mark and Keith talk about both of their fascination with wine and spirits. From Mark’s certification as an entry-level sommelier (a level no longer even offered by the Guild of Master Sommeliers because it was a little too easy…) to Keith’s life living in the heart of wine country […]


Episode 36: Leaving California

From Joe Rogan to Elon Musk, to now thousands of businesses and countless individuals, fed up with high taxes and burdensome regulations, outrageous housing costs, lower standards of living, unreasonable limitations on personal freedom and a decline in the general quality of life, are leaving the once Golden State. Mark Storer is one of them. […]


Episode 35: Mel D.

Mel Desembrana joins Keith and Mark to talk music, it’s impact and the nourishment it provides in this absurd and strange time. Mel is a guitarist and has played with several bands and plays with Keith’s Different Strings regularly. A native of Los Angeles and now living on the Central Coast, Mel’s well-worn Fender Stratocaster […]


Episode 34: Education

Mark and Keith explore education as Mark finishes up his 30th year as a teacher. Keith’s own work as a safety educator comes into play and, the discussion includes the COVID situation and how distance learning isn’t optimal for all.


Episode 33: Cyrus Nowrasteh

Cyrus Nowrasteh is a ground-breaking film-maker whose films have been consciousness raising, beautiful stories of depth and power. His latest film, Infidel is no different and is winning accolades everywhere it’s been allowed to open. Cyrus and Mark have known each other for many years as his sons attended the high school where Mark teaches […]