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Celebrating the rebels, mavericks and weirdos of the publishing world, and encouraging you to disrupt in your own way.

Celebrating the rebels, mavericks and weirdos of the publishing world, and encouraging you to disrupt in your own way.


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Celebrating the rebels, mavericks and weirdos of the publishing world, and encouraging you to disrupt in your own way.






Episode 15 – Gabriela Pereira Has Some Ideas About Writing Instruction

In this episode of DISRUPTOR, Gabriela Pereira of DIY MFA talks about her plan to give every writer the opportunity to benefit from the kind of knowledge shared in MFA programs. She also discusses her current quest - to help writers dealing with depression and other emotional concerns succeed in their literary journeys.


Episode 13 – Joanna Penn Doesn’t Think She’s a Disruptor (Spoiler: She Is.)

Meet an author who has taken her career entirely into her own hands -- and is teaching other writers how to follow in her footsteps.


Episode 11 – Ricardo Fayet of Reedsy on the Self-Publishing Revolution

Discover the inspiration for the site that's bringing professional self-publishing to the masses.


Episode 10 – Ashleigh Gardner on Unleashing Wattpad’s Publishing Power

Ashleigh Gardner is the driving force behind Wattpad's new publishing arm. Learn how this remarkable service has changed the literary landscape, and what comes next.


Episode 9 – Brian O’Leary Knows What’s Coming

Join Brian O'Leary, executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, for a look at what comes next for the publishing industry.


Episode 8 – Jane Friedman on the Future of Digital Publishing

A tireless proponent of publishing innovation, Jane Friedman has helped countless authors move boldly into the digital future. Now she's ready to tackle what comes next.


Cracking the Amazon Code: How One Man Tamed the Giant

Using publicly available data, Alex Newton has developed algorithms that predict which books will sell on Amazon -- and which won't. Find out how a mild mannered numbers guy has become the "Amazon psychic" and is helping writers and publishers succeed in the world's largest bookstore. Links: K-Lytics - http://k-lytics.com/


How to Change the Publishing Industry – From Within.

There's a growing movement afoot to change the publishing industry from the inside out. Find out more in this thought-provoking episode of DISRUPTOR.


How a Traditional Author Became a Master of Digital Publishing – and How You Can Too.

Mark Leslie was an unlikely candidate to become a digital evangelist. A successful traditional print author and bookseller, he changed course to fully embrace new technologies -- and his career exploded. Learn the mindset needed to make the shift, and get direct advice from a man at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution. LINKS: Mark Leslie Home Page - http://markleslie.ca/ Mark's Amazon Author Page - https://www.amazon.com/Mark-Leslie/e/B004DAC862


Andrea Woolf on the Courage to Disrupt (w/free eBook!)

We all want to make the world a better place. So why don't we take action? In this special edition of DISRUPTOR, renowned coach & author Andrea Woolf unpacks the issues that hold us back from being our true selves. She offers tips on how to handle criticism, haters, self-doubt, naysayers and perfectionism, and gives you the courage to move forward in your power. This is an exciting and empowering session that will leave you ready to go out and kick some serious butt! LINKS: Free copy of...


How the Audio Publishing Explosion is Changing the Way We Tell Stories

In the age of the eBook and app, it's an "ancient" technology that the hottest of all. Discover why audio publishing has exploded, and how one company has put audio creation within the reach of any publisher. Meet Kelly Lytle, author, audio evangelist and key force at Findaway Voices. Links: Findaway Voices - https://findawayvoices.com/ Kelly's Book To Dad From Kelly - https://www.amazon.com/Dad-Kelly-Lytle/dp/0692250387 Bio of Kelly's Father - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Lytle Bio of...


One Simple Idea. A Massive Explosion of Reading.

When Todd Bol built a small schoolhouse-shaped box to allow his mom to share books with neighbors, he didn't have global disruption in mind. Now, more than 77,000 Little Free Libraries later, his simple idea is bringing the joy of reading to millions of people around the globe. Learn how he took his invention global, and get his advice for creating a massive disruption without a giant budget or large team. Update: We were stunned and saddened to learn that Todd Bol passed away October 18,...


A Punk Takes on Publishing. Meet Johnny Temple of Akashic Books

In the premiere episode of DISRUPTOR, Jon talks to Johnny Temple -- acclaimed punk musician and founder of the cutting-edge publisher Akashic Books. Listen in as Johnny talks about his plan to "reverse gentrify" the publishing world and give voice to the underrepresented. If you're looking to do some disrupting of your own, Johnny is a true inspiration. Every week, DISRUPTOR celebrates the rebels, mavericks and weirdos of the publishing world, and encourages you to disrupt in your own way....