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Journalist and father of 3, Bob Diggles, has spent a year getting to know the drug landscape in the UK. On this podcast Bob meets scientists, criminologists, festival organisers, musicians, politicians, bereaved parents and many more people with fascinating narcotic insight. He then discusses those interviews with his teenage son in an open, honest and definitely not cringingly embarrassing hip-dad way.


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Journalist and father of 3, Bob Diggles, has spent a year getting to know the drug landscape in the UK. On this podcast Bob meets scientists, criminologists, festival organisers, musicians, politicians, bereaved parents and many more people with fascinating narcotic insight. He then discusses those interviews with his teenage son in an open, honest and definitely not cringingly embarrassing hip-dad way.




Episode 11c: Bob Graham Zooms

We’re living in a weird locked down world, a long way from the training and BGR anticipation of 12 months ago. Here are some reflections, memories and lessons from last year, a Zoom quiz about Kilian and some much missed Lake District sounds to savour. This mini bonus episode features music from Kris Drever, Eddie […]


Episode 11b: Actions Of A Team

The waiting is over. After a fitful midsummer night’s eve spent failing to fall asleep, Mark & Bob meet at the Moot Hall in Keswick’s Market Square and set off on their BGR attempt. These are their Bob Graham Sounds. With music from Kris Drever, Wild Beasts, Public Service Broadcasting, Stone Roses, The War On […]


Episode 11a: Prelude To A Dream

The first movement in a modest three part podcast finale, BGR: Bob Graham Requiem. Five years in the making, Mark and Bob’s attempt is now just days away. But there’s still time for injuries, treatment, travel and bromance before the Grand Depart at midnight on Midsummer Night 2019. With music from Walter Murphy, Kris Drever, […]


Episode 10: Feet In The Clouds

A romping good chat with THE author of THE book about THE round, Richard Askwith, with just a fortnight to go before THE attempt for Mark & Bob. Bob takes a wet & windy recce along Leg 3 & then… back along Leg 3 in the other direction. And Mark receives an unusual offer in […]


Episode 9c: Ricky Lightfoot

On a recce weekend with Mark, Beany & Matt, Bob meets elite Cumbrian fell runner Ricky Lightfoot to try and glean some of his local knowledge & experience of the Bob Graham. There are big questions for Bob to ponder after the weekend, the answer is definitely not cycling, but it might be vinegar. With […]


Episode 9b: Nicky Spinks Revisited

UK ultra-running leading-lady Nicky Spinks gives an honest debrief on her history-making double Paddy Buckley Round and her debut in The Barkley Marathons, plus some indispensable 7-weeks-to-go BGR advice. And the team celebrate Easter with runs in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Race, along the South West Coast Path and the South Downs Way and up […]


Episode 9a: Rickey Gates Revisited

Spring has sprung and training proper has begun. The clock is ticking with just over 3 months to go until Mark and hopefully Bob make their BGR attempt, so everyone in the team steps up a gear. None more so that Mark’s older brother Mike, a talismanic figure, whose words – as you’ll discover – […]


Episode 8: Triumph & Disaster

As Rudyard Kipling famously wrote and Bob less famously paraphrased and had tattooed on himself, you need to be able to face both outcomes when attempting a Bob Graham. So in this episode Bob exposes the dark days of his training calendar, when running isn’t fun and the goal seems a long long way off. […]


Episode 7: Rise Of The Ultra Runners

A new year dawns, dark and cold. It’s 2019 and Bob and Mark are gearing up for 6 months of consistent training, ahead of their attempt at the BGR on June 21st, when the longest day will dawn much earlier, warmer and hopefully dry & wind free. Bob continues to recover from injury, Mark recces […]


Episode 6: For The Love

[Sung]Snow is falling, all around us…We’re fell-running, having fun. It’s nearly Christmas and for Bob that means a long journey to meet three wise men; a hilly trinity of writers with endurance expertise to interview them for the podcast. First up is author, broadcaster and ultra runner Vassos Alexander. With music from Kris Drever, […]


Episode 5: Running Forever

Bob takes an eventful road trip t’North at the end of November 2018, sadly there is no running involved but there are two good male-bonding hikes in the Yorkshire Dales, one with his son and one with his oldest mate Beany. There’s also a visit to a church Christmas fair in Giggleswick and a Sports Direct in Huddersfield, […]


Episode 4: What’s Important Now?

Are running and cycling happy bedfellows? Not in Bob’s body it turns out, so he cuts his bike mileage and RADICALLY changes his bike set up. But the wisdom learnt from ultra-endurance cycling by this episode’s guest, Dom Irvine, is indispensable. So whether you’re a runner or a rider, a lover or a fighter – […]


Episode 3: Run Forrest Run

In October 2018 Mark is building a great endurance base, while Bob is still struggling for fitness as he recovers from a long term Achilles injury. Inspiration is not hard to come by however, in the form of a lovely long transatlantic conversation with Rickey Gates, about his successful (just) BGR, running every single street […]


Episode 2: Moving Bones

After supporting a successful BGR attempt in 2018, Mark & Bob commit to have a go themselves in June 2019. For Mark that means maintaining his excellent fitness, beard and collection of expensive waterproofs. For Bob it will require being able to run more than a mile without crippling Achilles pain. To help with this […]


Episode 1: The First Attempt

Meet the team as they try to get their youngest and fittest members around the BGR. A deeper understanding is reached by everyone about how much work an attempt entails. And a commitment, of sorts, is reached to try and get more of the team round next year. Featuring music I love by… Kris Drever, Bon Iver, Lenny […]


Episode 18: I Feel A Bit Funny…

With comedian Jacob Hawley. He’s made a brilliant podcast for the BBC, called Jacob Hawley – On Drugs – it’s one of the most successful on the BBC Sounds app. I met him to talk drugs, podcasting and what he hopes will come out of his public honesty around the subject. Please rate on your […]


Episode 17: The Compassionate Copper

With T/Detective Chief Inspector Jason Kew, Heroin & Crack Action Area Coordinator for the South East of England. In this episode you’ll find out… What the T stands for in Jason’s rank. What a Heroin & Crack Action Area Coordinator actually does. What Jason’s learnt from his two careers as a navy diver and a […]


Episode 16: Performance & Image Enhancing Drugs

With Dr Ian Hendy – two times World Bodybuilding Champion for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. He’s stacked… but not jacked – Ian doesn’t take any steroids or illegal supplements – he works out HARD and eats a lot of chicken! If you’ve ever wondered about the pros and cons of steroids this is the […]


Episode 15: Drug Users Read This…

Michael Linnell has been writing and illustrating drug information leaflets, posters, flyers and comics for nearly 40 years – and he’s a great podcast guest. His characters Peanut Pete, Dr Nuke, Tough Shit Thomas, Fanny & Dick and Grandpa Smack Head Jones were conveying harm reduction messages before the internet became an easy source of […]


Episode 14 : Bonus Brian!

Brian Reed is a volunteer chemist for drug testing charity The Loop and a speaker for drug reform charity Anyone’s Child. Why? He calls it Lydia’s Legacy, his daughter died when she was 26, in 2016 of a heroin overdose. He’s felt compelled to learn more about drugs and to communicate a harm reduction message […]