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Your designers are here! Anita, Yvonne and Kelly sharing decorating tips and tricks. Get our advice, secrets and have some laughs along the way. Listen in, you’ll be inspired to create a beautiful home and LOL a lot! Seriously great decorators having some serious fun. Join us!

Your designers are here! Anita, Yvonne and Kelly sharing decorating tips and tricks. Get our advice, secrets and have some laughs along the way. Listen in, you’ll be inspired to create a beautiful home and LOL a lot! Seriously great decorators having some serious fun. Join us!
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Your designers are here! Anita, Yvonne and Kelly sharing decorating tips and tricks. Get our advice, secrets and have some laughs along the way. Listen in, you’ll be inspired to create a beautiful home and LOL a lot! Seriously great decorators having some serious fun. Join us!




Episode 298: Celebrate and Create

Today is our BIRTHDAY celebration episode ! ( and we have a gift for you!! ) Did you know Anita & were both born on January 17th ...? Coincidence or fate, you decide. Besides the gift, today we have a special show for you. We decide to dive into this topic because we have received so many emails asking about it and because we are very passionate about the subject. It really is all about you, so get a cup of something, or better yet to celebrate a flute of champagne, and let's talk! To enter...


Episode 297: High End Appliances - Worth It?

High end appliances are HOT. There are a RANGE of choices and we cover it all today ...and toss in a few more puns along the way! High end appliances are gorgeous powerful machines, but are they for you, your house & budget? We cover the pros & cons, as well as give you some outstanding options to explore to get the look & even the performance for much less. Not just pretty, high end stoves pack a whollop of BTU's to taking your cooking to the next level. Listen in to learn more ... In the...


Episode 296: Decor Trends 2019 - Our Analysis

Get excited because today we're talking all about the Decorating trends for 2019. We're discussing the trends we're seeing, what's in, what's out, and our take on the whole thing. For example, floral wallpaper and fabric is coming in along with patterned back-splashes. Vessel sinks will stay in. Dark painted kitchen cabinets are hot now, along with 4 poster beds. Kelly is excited that she got a subscription to Master Class as a Christmas gift. CLICK HERE. (contains affiliate links) Anita's...


Episode 295: Wireless is a Lie

Wires & the technology that the wires support are part of our lives. The concept of wireless is fantasy. Even the "wireless" phones, gadgets and more that claim to be wireless are not. Even 'wireless' things need to be charged. So rather than giving in and putting up with the wireless lie we have solutions for you! Thanks to Darcy H for her question which inspired this episode. I wireless high 5 to Darcy !! Thanks for this great epiosde idea. We hope our thoughts help you & anyone else who...


Episode 294: Freshen Up Post Holidays

It's time to take out the Christmas decor, or at least start thinking about taking it down. Some people are sad and feel their homes look bare now, while others love the clean slate, and the bare look of their homes. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, we're talking about things you can do to transition to a winter look. What should go and what should stay? That's what we're talking about today. Of course, greenery, and pine cones, all of the natural touches can stay. The red...


Episode 293: Favorite Kitchen Tools

It is New Years Eve! Exciting!! Anita and I both prefer a cozy New Year's Eve at home. And since I have the Rose Bowl Parade literally yards from my house, leaving my area tonight is not an option. So making a lovely dinner at home is the call. If you don't finish your champagne ( call me ;) ) well first try the spoon in the bottle trick. Today we share our favorite kitchen tools to make doing that for a special occasion or any night easier and more fun. Anita can't do without her cast...


Episode 292: Your Bedroom Gets Bigger When...

We have so many tips for you on how to create the sense of additional space in your bedroom. You'll need to listen in for all the details, but here are a few suggestions to start you off... PURGE!! ; A big, light colored rug; Remove furniture - at least give it a try; Get rid of your bed's footboard; Sconces instead of table lamps; Horizontal planking; Reflective surfaces; So many more ideas to create the feeling of space...tune in! If you are adding a piece to your bedroom consider...


Episode 291: Creating Cozy

We love cozy and what better day to talk about getting cozy than Christmas Eve? We hope you are having a very cozy day with your friends and family. We are picturing you gathered around your fireplace enjoying a cozy mug of hot chocolate and cookies while Christmas music is playing in the background. Well that's our hope at least. We've included a few affiliate links for products that we mentioned in the episode. Furry pillows CLICK HERE and HERE. Lambswool rug CLICK HERE. See our favorite...


Episode 290: It's A Wrap - Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas

Brown paper packages wrapped up with string. These are a few of my favorite things. We both agree simplier is better for wrapping gifts. We suggest using kraft paper or plain white wrapping paper with bakers twine or a simple ribbon bow. If you want more color, go with a simple two color paper, or go with tone on tone. Then match your ribbon to your wrapping paper color. Check out our affiliate links to products below. CLICK HERE for kraft paper. CLICK HERE for bakers' twine. CLICK HERE...


Episode 289: We're Having A Party

Tis the season for hosting parties, but ours tips apply no matter the time of year. The over arching tip is ~ keep it simple, stay relaxed and enjoy! If you do those 3 things your guests will have a wonderful time no matter what. We have plenty of other specific tips from what to serve, the decor & a fun game. Have a easy to prepare signature cocktail or mocktail on a tray at the door for guest to pick up as they enter. If it is mingling party create a huge WOW centerpiece. Have a look at...


Episode 288: Best Holiday Gifts

Our best holiday gift ideas are here today! These are affiliate links. The hair dryer/round brush CLICK HERE. Pet portraits for your pets. CLICK HERE. Here is the email address Yoga pants with the phone pocket CLICK HERE. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press CLICK HERE. French Duralex containers (very practical gift!) CLICK HERE. Honey spoons CLICK HERE. Rescue Me book by Fifi O'Neill CLICK HERE Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories book CLICK HERE. Crossbody...


Episode 287: The Making of a Romantic Home

In this episode we pull back the lace curtain if you will and reveal what really gives a home a romantic vibe. Hint, it has little to do with pink, cabbage roses & cherubs. Listen in to get our thoughts on how to get romance right in your decor. Touches of Florentine add romance. Learn about Florentine from Kelly HERE ( Tosseled not coiffed - listen to hear what we mean by that... The French do romance really well - but...


Episode 286: How To Create A Stunning Christmas Tree

Today we are revealing how to create a stunning tree. We've got loads of ideas and tips. First, we want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah! If you have a faux tree, and your tree is old, you might want to consider buying a new tree. These show notes contain affiliate links. The new prelit hinged trees are super easy to set up. CLICK HERE to see a hinged tree. We love to use a base of silver ornaments on our tree. The silver goes with almost any color. Use silver ornaments on your tree, and...


Episode 285: Hot Mantle Ideas

Today we are heating it up with hot mantle decorating ideas. Lots of ideas and inspiration on how you can create tasteful, beautiful mantle decor all year long without much effort at all. A listener question you'll all love and more. We cover: ~ the rule of threes ~ layering ~ Breathing room at a critical spot ~ one glorious thing ~careful editing ~ overall composition You can see Kelly's mantle in this video tour. Click HERE ( See how Anita deals with a tv over...


Episode 284: Color Trends 2019

Want to know what colors are hot for 2019? We're talking about them today. Benjamin Moore has announced their color of the year, but not only the color for the year, but an entire palette of colors. CLICK HERE. Their Color of the year is Metropolitan, which is a nice putty gray. Check out the other colors in the link above. Want to know how to mix in other colors? Check out the color rules by listening to our episode on how to use the color rules. CLICK HERE Want to see Anita's red plates,...


Episode 283: Alternative Christmas Colors

Today we explore all the possibilities for your Christmas/holiday color palette. Anita also shares the history behind red & green. Very interesting... Whether you are a traditionalist or pushing the envelope of your holiday decor, you'll get some new ideas & a fresh take on the classics. We also answer one of your questions. It is good one, that many people struggle with in their decorating. Drop the garland and listen in or better yet, keep decorating & listen! Try some plaid ribbon this...


Episode 282: Holiday Lite, Do Less - Enjoy More

Are you feeling stressed about the holidays? We're talking today about how to do a 'light' version of Christmas decorating and entertaining. Let's talk about ways to do less and enjoy the holidays more. We're not worrying about what other people think. We're doing what we want and skipping the rest. Talk to your family about your plans and put some thought into your 'must haves' for the season. There might be some things you've always done that nobody actually enjoys. Don't feel pressure...


Episode 281: How To Use The Color Rule

Often we say "Rule - Schmule" ~ well, something like that. We generally like to pave our own decorating road and encourage you to do the same. That being said, there are some tried & true rules which when followed make decorating easier and the look better. Today we go over one of these rules, so you know it, understand how to apply it and you know when to hold 'em & when to fold 'em with respect to it. Listen in for the rule, a terrific listener question and a coming together to help...


Episode 280: Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage

What is the difference between collectibles, vintage and antiques? Today we're talking about what constitutes an antique or a vintage item, and how you can learn about how old the item is and if it is priced too high or too low. We love enjoying vintage and antique things in our homes, and we enjoy keeping these things in good condition so they are safe for the next generation. These items are a piece of the past and the workmanship is often unparalleled. Check out the vintage items in our...


Episode 279: How The French Live Without Decorating

Oh the French ~ they make it all look so divinely effortless. But seemingly effortless style & decor is not only in the realm of the French. Anyone can achieve this look ~ it is more of an approach than a style. But that approach packs a lot of style. Listen in ... The French apprpoach to decor: ~ embraces imperfection ~ shuns the matchy matchy ~ seeks items with character ~ prizes functionality ~ let's life happen Listen in to hear how all that comes together in the nonchalant, yet oh so...