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The Dialectic Peoples Podcast is a long format discussion program that focuses on social issues in an intercultural context. We want to facilitate productive debates with the aim of finding truth through dialogue. | https://dialecticpeoples.com/




The Dialectic Peoples Podcast is a long format discussion program that focuses on social issues in an intercultural context. We want to facilitate productive debates with the aim of finding truth through dialogue. | https://dialecticpeoples.com/




Episode 15: Family Feud

Back in the day, it seemed like folks could disagree on a lot of things, but still find ways to coexist. Things have changed. In today's polarized society, it can feel nearly impossible to find common ground with folks who don't share our views, especially when those folks are the people closest to us. For many families, political beliefs, racism, gender discrimination, and other hot button topics can cause personal rifts that can tear a family apart. In this episode, we discuss how to have healthy disagreements with family members when diverging views on big issues make basic conversations extremely difficult. Hosts: Eja Klai, Kuku Agami, and Brandon Lewis Music by Boef 1


Dialectic Peoples Presents: Bits of Truth 1 - September 11th

This is the first of a series of monologues we have entitled Bits of Truth. The concept is simple. One of the hosts of our show will take time to reflect on a specific piece of truth we have learned in the course of our lives. The first monologue is by Brandon Lewis, and it is about September 11th. Vocals by Brandon Lewis Music by Boef 1


Episode 14: Motherhood

Mother's Day was just here a few days ago, and we had the honor and pleasure of welcoming our first distinguished guest to the show - Roxanne Lewis, mother of Brandon Lewis to the show. She's a wonderful, calm and open person, and we had a splendid conversation with her about being a mom, a grandmother, and keeping family close despite great physical distances. Enjoy this very special episode of Dialectic Peoples


Episode 13: Integrity

In this pod, we discuss integrity the practice of being consistently honest in our actions, trustworthy, and an uncompromising/ firm adherence to strong ethical and moral principles, and values. What does this look like when we base our actions on values and principles rather than personal gain and why is looking to major corporations for moral guidance a dangerous thing to do.


Dialectic Peoples Presents: Fatherhood, Part 1

In this 12th episode we're starting a brand new series about fatherhood. Kuku and Brandon talk about the role of being a father to their own children and also what being a father in the modern world is all about. This episode is just the beginning, so check it out and stay tuned for more!


Episode 11: Represent, Represent!

In this episode, we try to define and understand the meaning of Representation and Misrepresentation. We also discuss the lack of Representation, especially within the entertainment industry, and chime in on the debate in Denmark about the Disney/Pixar movie Soul where the main character a POC is voiced by a White Danish actor.


Episode 11 Q&A

In this Q&A session, we responded to questions from listeners about the episode topic, namely, Representation, and Misrepresentation. Thank you to all our listeners who submitted questions!


Episode 10: Beyond COVID

Covid-19 has shut down or imposed restrictions on society and our way of life as we know it.But these same measures taken to save lives may also be endangering lives, and may lead to unforeseen or predicted consequences. Inequality is on a rise, there has been an increase in mental health issues, and school closures, leading to an even greater gap between the haves and the have nots. And last but not least we discuss the short term effects and long term consequences of social distancing both as individuals and society as a whole.


Episode 10 Q&A Session

In our first Q&A session, we responded to questions from listeners about the episode topic, namely, the effects of COVID-19 on society. Thank you to all our listeners who submitted questions!


Episode 9: White Christmas

In this episode we talk about Christmas, how we celebrate it, the positive feelings of connectivity, of sharing and community but also how it has been commercialized, weaponized, and suffers from a severe lack of diversity. Has Danish society been too slow to embrace and fully understand the concept of representation and if so what are the consequences of this exclusion on different groups in society?


Episode 8: Back To Reality

In our eighth episode, we discuss the results of the American Presidential election, and the post election antics of the current administration. While the votes have been counted and the results are clear, the current President has not accepted the reality of his loss, let alone admitted any of his administration's glaring failures. However, reality is sinking in for the rest of the world, which begs the question: what happens next?


Episode 7: Electoral Hopes

Episode 7 of the Dialectic Peoples podcast is all about the American presidential election, and the consciousness of the voters in 2020. We delve into Trumpism, and try to understand how American politics have become so polarized, and furthermore, how polarization is spreading into European democracies.


Episode 6: Language and Power

In this episode, we discuss the definition, importance of language, and the power it holds over our lives. We also take a look at some of the direct effects of negative, and discriminatory language policies within the Danish educational sector, and the consequences of said laws on ethnic minorities in Danish society. Correction: One of the criteria for a residential area to be classified as a Ghetto and included on the "ghettolist" is that over 50% (not 30% as mentioned on the episode) of the residents are of non western nationality or heritage. The category, non-western heritage, includes descendants of immigrants, which means you can be a Danish citizen, and still be included in the statistics as one of non-western heritage. Note: Non-western is a very problematic category/term, which is discriminative in itself and used for discriminatory purposes.


Episode 5: Follow The Money

In Episode 5, we talk about the motives, intentions and economic incentives in so-called "antiracism" and activism in the rapidly evolving debate on racial justice. So many people are desperate to know what they can do to not be racist. Brands and organizations have gone out of their way to appear as positive actors in a precarious racial discourse. It has become morally hazardous to be perceived as racist in any way, and while widespread intolerance of racism important, that cannot be the only driving factor for trying to be antiracist. Actually fighting against racism through productive dialogue and responsible behavior is vastly more important that just appearing to do so.


Episode 4: Words Matter

Words can inspire great deeds, heroic actions, and confidence in us all as individuals but also as groups within society, and within society itself. They can motivate us to do the right thing in the face of massive resistance, and help us find the strength needed to overcome any challenges. We can choose to use words inclusively, to build bridges, and influence the lives of our fellow human beings in a positive manner, create understanding, and common ground where it may have been extinguished or absent. The opposite is also true!


Episode 3: The "N" Word

In Episode 3 of the Dialectic Peoples podcast, we discuss a word that is perhaps the most contraversial word in the English language - the "N" word. Usage, translation, history, context - all the ways in which this powerful word has plagued and empowered the people who have used it and those whom it has been used against. Disclaimer: There is use of language in this episode that some may find offensive. We encourage listeners to use their discretion. Notice: We experienced some technical difficulties at the beginning of the recording, so there are some elements of noise in the first 5 minutes that will affect sound quality. Thank you for your patience.


Episode 2: Statues

In our second episode, we discuss the revolutionary moment happening in 2020 where statues are being removed around the world in protest against racism. Are we erasing or history, or are removing misinformation from the historical record? This question and others is at the center of our discussion about statues Hosts: Kuku Agami, Eja Klai and Brandon Lewis Music by Boef1 DialecticPeoples.com Episode Links (in Danish): https://sn.dk/Nordsjaelland/Journalist-vil-have-aendret-racistisk-vejnavn-borgmester-afviser/artikel/1297518https://politiken.dk/debat/klummer/art7814874/Black-lives-matter-vel-ogs%C3%A5-i-Holte-s%C3%A5-hvorfor-opkalde-en-vej-efter-en-slavehandlerhttps://www.dr.dk/historie/danmarkshistorien/12-bygninger-i-danmark-der-traekker-spor-til-vores-tid-som-slavenation-0https://www.iamqueenmary.com/


Episode 1: People need to understand...

In our debut episode of this podcast, we attempt to get at the central truth about protest and systemic racism, both from the American perspective and also in the context of Denmark and the local iteration of BlackLivesMatterDK. Intro music produced by BOEF 1