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The Gateway to South Louisiana

The Gateway to South Louisiana
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The Gateway to South Louisiana








Emily Istre – Setting the Stage for the Success of Local Musicians

Emily Istre has experienced an artistic life blessed with adventure, travel, and now, the opportunity to encourage and inspire the region's music community. In this episode of Discover Lafayette, Emily shares her journey of moving from Crowley to Las Vegas and her touching realization that success wasn't truly meaningful if not shared with family in her beloved South Louisiana. She now takes her passionate drive for performing and promotes local songwriters by providing them a quiet and...


Ron and Brad Gaubert – Father/Son Real Estate Team Who Believe Lafayette is the King of Opportunities

Our guests on this Discover Lafayette podcast are Ron and Brad Gaubert, a father-son realtor team who joined forces with Keaty Real Estate in June 2019. Before that, Ron had operated his own realty firm, Ron Gaubert Realtors, since February 1978; he has always believed in the power of investing in real estate as a wealth-building tool and has practiced what he preaches, having personally invested in real estate throughout his career. Both Ron and Brad are lifelong Lafayette residents who...


Holly Howat of Beacon Community Connections

Dr. Holly Howat, Executive Director of Beacon Community Connections, is on a mission to improve community health and well-being by reaching out to those most in need to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and incarcerations for people in crisis. Since January 2018, Beacon's trained"navigators" have been helping people improve social functioning by providing compassionate, non-clinical case management which keeps their clients stable and healthy. In this episode of Discover Lafayette, Holly...


Kohlie Frantzen – Advocate for Sustainable Hydroponic Farming

Imagine farming without needing hundreds of acres or having to get your hands dirty in the soil. How about saving up to 90% of the water needed in conventional agriculture to successfully produce a high-yield, high-margin crop, and possibly serving as a catalyst for our next generation to explore a career in sustainable farming? Our guest on this episode of Discover Lafayette, Kohlie Frantzen, founder and managing partner of Helical Outposts, discusses all of this, and much more. Kohlie...


Moon Griffon – Providing a Voice for the Everyday Middle-Class Guy (and Gal!)

Moon Griffon, conservative radio talk show host, is our guest. Since August 23, 1993 when he launched the Moon Griffon Show in Monroe at KMLB 540 AM, the program has steadily grown and Moon's audience includes listeners in Lafayette, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Monroe, Natchitoches, Shreveport, Slidell, Thibodaux, and Winnfield, as well as Natchez, Mississippi. He has broadcast his show from KPEL 96.5 in Lafayette since 2014. A native of Plaquemine, Moon graduated from...


Games of Acadiana Celebrates 19th Year

Miles Perret Cancer Services' Executive Director, Richard Stegall, and Sherry Hernandez, Community Liaison, spoke with Jan Swift of Discover Lafayette about the 19th Annual Games of Acadiana which will be held on August 17, 2019. This annual fun and family-friendly event was created in the aftermath of the tragic loss of Hank and Debbie Perret's son, Miles Perret, to glioblastoma. Their vision then and now was to help others in Acadiana fight, survive and live with cancer with dignity and to...


Mike Dozier of Lafayette General Health: How IT is Transforming Health Care

Mike Dozier, Lafayette General Health’s Chief Information Officer, is our guest on this edition of Discover Lafayette. Under Mike's leadership since 2014, Lafayette General has become a leader in healthcare technology in Louisiana and has enacted innovative strategies and organizational alignment through the use of IT. We focus on "telemedicine" in this interview and discuss all the ways it enhances treatment to guarantee patients the best health outcomes while saving both the consumer and...


Dr. Holly Boffy – BESE Board District 7 Member, Representing Southwest Louisiana

Dr. Holly Boffy, Vice President and District 7 Member of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education ("BESE") sat down with Jan Swift, host of Discover Lafayette, to talk about the state of education in Louisiana. The most important message Holly wants to share with parents: read to your children, talk to your children, love your children, and get your children ready by engaging their minds! Holly's choice to be an educator was profoundly influenced by her paternal grandparents...


Mayor Ken Ritter – Leading Youngsville into a Sustainable Future

Ken Ritter, Mayor of Youngsville, sat down with Jan Swift of Discover Lafayette to share his thoughts on the progress his city has experienced and the quality of life Youngsville offers its residents. As a new resident of Youngsville in 2006, Ken quickly got involved in his homeowner's association, was elected to the City Council in 2011, and ran a successful campaign for mayor in 2014 when the sitting Mayor, Wilson Viator, announced he would not seek re-election. Ken serves as an ideal and...


Katie Hebert, CEO of University Hospital & Clinics: Nurturing a Culture of Service

Katie Hebert, CEO of University Hospital & Clinics, sat down with Jan Swift of Discover Lafayette to share her mission of providing top-quality healthcare to all in need. Katie believes UHC is the best-kept secret in healthcare options in the region and her passion for serving as CEO at this teaching hospital is a testament to the compassionate care delivered to our most vulnerable neighbors. Katie Hebert's father, Dr. Bernard deMahy, was a third-generation physician who served as a family...


Catherine Comeaux – Taking a Stand to Prevent Waste and Pollution

Catherine Schoeffler Comeaux is passionate about reducing and eventually eliminating the never-ending piles of trash generated both locally and globally. In this episode of Discover Lafayette, she speaks with Jan Swift in a humorous and non-preachy style, yet it is abundantly clear that she walks the walk in her efforts to bring about a zero waste society. Catherine was a founding member of No Waste Louisiana along with Amanda Waddle and both women were instrumental in getting the Lafayette...


Anita Begnaud: CEO of Downtown Development Authority – Lafayette

In the eight months she has been on the job since beginning in October 2018, Anita Begnaud has proven herself to be an inspirational catalyst for getting things done. As CEO of Downtown Development Authority, her role is to facilitate the development of downtown Lafayette by attracting new amenities, buildings, developments, jobs, and residents. Anita's high energy, ability to connect with people and attention to detail have proven to be a winning combination as downtown is poised for...


David Joseph: U. S. Attorney for the Western District of LA

David Joseph is a dedicated public servant who is passionate about breaking the cycle of violence in Louisiana as well as protecting people from the growing number of scams taking advantage of innocent victims. In this episode of Discover Lafayette, you have the opportunity to understand the role of the U. S. Attorney in combatting federal crimes and the man leading the office. Joseph serves as U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, which encompasses 42 of Louisiana's 64...


Popie Billeaud – JB Mouton, Builders Since 1915

Robert Billeaud, who has always been known as "Popie", is our guest. He serves as President of JB Mouton, the construction company established by his great-grandfather, John Berchman Mouton, in 1915. This interview gives the listener an opportunity to hear Popie speak of his love of building and the satisfaction the team at JB Mouton derives from creating structures built to withstand the test of time. As Popie tells clients, "You can pay for the building but it will always be ours!" One of...


David Callecod, CEO of Lafayette General Health, Building a Strong and Innovative Healthcare Network Throughout South Louisiana

David Callecod hit the ground running when he was hired by Lafayette General Hospital ("LGH") in July 2008 as its President and CEO. Under the capable leadership of Lafayette General's board of directors and its vision of creating a strong regional healthcare network, Callecod oversaw the partnership with St. Martin Hospital in Breaux Bridge within a few months of his arrival. He has also risen through the ranks of leadership with his peers and serves as the current chair of the Louisiana...


Frances McIntosh: Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator Striving to Become a U. S. Citizen

Frances McIntosh is caught between two worlds. A native of Scotland, she moved to Lafayette in 2002 with her three children when her husband was offered a job in the oil industry. On this Discover Lafayette podcast with Jan Swift, she shared the story of what many immigrants go through when they apply for permanent residency in the U. S. When her marriage ended in 2009, that divorce decree triggered the need for Frances to obtain an independent Visa to be able to stay in the U. S. legally...


Dr. Natalie Harder, Chancellor of SLCC, Working to Raise Educational Attainment Rate in Louisiana

Dr. Natalie Harder has dedicated her professional career to making education available to everyone. Whether you have achieved a third grade education or a doctorate in philosophy, the open access policy at South Louisiana Community College ("SLCC") provides the opportunity to pursue the education you desire at an affordable price. Adult education is now a key focus for SLCC. Harder believes that the low educational attainment rate in Louisiana is holding our state back. Backed by statistics...


Gus Rezende of Social Entertainment Talks About Entrepreneurship, Life in the U. S.

Gus Rezende's life has been shaped by chance meetings with people who compliment his talents and bring about successful outcomes. A partner in Social Entertainment, Gus is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and came to the United States in 1999 on a tennis scholarship at Georgia Southwestern State University. While teaching at a summer tennis camp in New York, Gus struck up a friendship with Chad Hebert, a Lafayette native. Chad encouraged him to travel to Lafayette to teach tennis in 2002 which...


Second Annual South Louisiana Songwriters Festival Brings Music Professionals from Around the World to Lafayette

Our guest is Mark Falgout, owner of Blue Moon Saloon, one of America's premier venues for roots music from around the world. He also owns Warehouse 535, a popular venue for special events and live performances. Mark and his wife, Nicole, were instrumental in creating the South Louisiana Songwriters Festival and Workshop, known as SOLO, which was successfully launched in 2018 in partnership with the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. The second annual SOLO Festival will take place May 21...


Lost Bayou Ramblers’ Andre and Louis Michot Share The Story of Their 20 Year Partnership

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Lost Bayou Ramblers by Andre and Louis Michot. In this episode of Discover Lafayette, the brothers had just come back from a five-month touring hiatus and visited with Jan Swift about their journey to becoming an established international presence on the music scene. Worklight Pictures created the “rockumentary,” On Va Continuer, capturing the personal and professional story behind the band, whose members also include Johnny Campos...