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The dogs you love, and the humans behind them.

The dogs you love, and the humans behind them.
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The dogs you love, and the humans behind them.




Brutus (@littleboybru)

What a story we have today on Doggie Club. Brutus is a triple gunshot survivor rescued from the Atlanta area. This story, told by Ellie, is one that we never like to hear but an important one to tell. Ellie's heart for this dog and his rehabilitation is an absolute inspiration. Please check out Second Chance Rescue at @nycscr.


Knight & Aston (@knight_thepit)

On this episode of Doggie Club we head out to Las Vegas, City of Lights, and talk with Rina about her beautiful duo Knight and Aston (Daba). We discuss how they came into her life, how different their personalities are, and the amazing connections these two pups have brought to Rina through social media. Be sure to check out @urbsub, @meganwargula, @hanathecockerspaniel, @snickersandtootsie, and @bella_sandiego


Lucky (@lucky.the.pitbull)

Some people rescue dogs. Then there's Gina Rudman, and she RESCUES dogs. Her current pack consists of eight rescue pitbulls, and on this episode We talk about the incredible story of Lucky. We also discuss a time before her love for pitties, and what she and her husband are now doing to take down animals abusers. Check out Animal Justice League of America, Unleashed Pet Rescue and also Midwest Animal Rescue.


Bix & Pinny (@bix_the_cattle_dog)

Bix and Pinny. What an amazing conversation. Laurel has some beautiful stories of these two, and it is a must listen. From Bix's agility training to Pinny's rescue story, it seems like we cover anything and everything. This mega-episode clocks in as our longest yet, and we hope you enjoy this longer form! Huge shoutouts to The Howdershell Animal Clinic and Dog Sports at Kims.


Arnold (@arnold_staffy)

All the way from Finland, welcome Arnold. I talk with Mette on this episode, and it was an absolute blast. We go into how much of a total wonderland Finland is, how the staffy breed is seen in her country, and Arnold sharing Mette with a new addition to the family, Demi. Remember to subscribe on Apple Podcasts to stay up to date with every episode, and leave us a rating or review to help others find the podcast!


Max & Mia (@citypitties)

If you are looking for a true ambassador of the bully breed, look no further than Jules and City Pitties. With an unmatched heart for these animals, she's collaborating with the likes of the ASPCA to help spread awareness. We also get into a little 'Gator talk, and discuss how Max taught Mia how to live her best life. Also check out Jules recommendations: @bully.baloo @lexy_the_elderbull @tuff_sausage and @aspca


Addy (@the.adorabulls)

Where even do I start? The epitome of cuteness, I'm proud to present Admiral, aka Addy, aka "Stealer of hearts, dealer of farts." On this episode I talk with Kaila about how things are different yet the same in Australia for bully breeds, camping on the beach, and Flo, a little sister that's just joined the family. Checkout @arnoldstaffzenegger as well, you know... for maximum cuteness. Enjoy!


Mable (@mae.the.irishsetter)

On this episode, I speak with Camylla about her spectacular beauty of a dog named Mable. We cover everything from her love of dog shows, to her incredible photography skills. This is not an episode you want to miss!


Orbit and Mia (@orbitandmia)

Orbit and Mia come to us courtesy of their amazing rescuer Bruna Dunn. We discuss how different their personalities really are, and exactly how she gets such great photos for their feed. Remember to rate, review and subscribe to get all the latest episodes as soon as they are available. Enjoy!


Velma (@velma_thepocketpit)

Surprise! It’s a Doggie Club-sneak-attack Thursday episode. In this interview I talk with Gabby about her pocket-sized Pittie rescue Velma. We discuss living so close to the beach (jealous), and how far Velma has come since her early days. This is not an episode you want to miss!


Lilly (@theadventuresoflillythepitbull)

Join us this week as we talk to Hannah about Lilly Bug, a rescued Pittie from Texas. Not too much is known of her early days, but we learn quickly from our interview that this pup walked into the right family's life the day she was found. Hannah and her husband Chris took on the responsibility of being Lilly's caregivers, as a pair of newlyweds, with no immediate plans of growing their family. This decision however, turned into something amazing that is best seen on their Instagram page, or...


Pumpkin (@pumpkinthepetworthpitbull)

Just in time for Halloween its... Pumpkin!!! To round up our episode-packed first week ever, its Pumpkin the Petworth Pitbull. I chat with Alicia Mathis about Pumpkin's incredible story, starting out literally in the alleys of D.C., to her life now, on a small island up north. Safe to say she's seen more in her first year on Earth than anyone would ever hope for. Luckily she found Alicia early on, and now that she is healthy, things are looking up for this little Pittie.


Ponyboy (@the.prancing.ponyboy)

It's episode two of our opening-week-EXTRAVAGANZA! Ruchi Vikas joins me to talk about her "Tribeca Bullboxatahoula," The Prancing Ponyboy. We discuss yoga on the beach, Pony coming into her life at an incredibly important time, and how hopefully, eventually, we can all just be seen as normal people, with normal dogs, living normal lives.


Handsome Zeus (@handsome_zeus_)

On the inaugural episode of Doggie Club, I talk to one of my oldest Insta-dog friends, Katrina Fennema. She's the human cohort to the very accurately named Handsome Zeus. We find out about the humble, internet-based beginnings of Zeus, and talk about adoption.