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The risk reduction and benefit enhancement podcast reducing shame and stigma to save lives and end the drug war.

The risk reduction and benefit enhancement podcast reducing shame and stigma to save lives and end the drug war.
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The risk reduction and benefit enhancement podcast reducing shame and stigma to save lives and end the drug war.






DPP #13: Kill the Drug Warrior Inside Yourself

Last week Melania Trump spoke on the opioid crisis at Liberty University, the right wing Christian college founded by Jerry Falwell, the late fundamentalist evangelist. While claiming to be removing the stigma surrounding addiction, she and the other panelists couldn't conceal their moral judgment against drug users. In this episode we dissect the event, revealing the unconscious processes of scapegoating. And we interview the father of Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, Dr. Andrew...


DPP #12: Drug War Capitalism

35,000 people a year are murdered in Mexico in what the government refers to as drug war violence, but the militarization of the country also serves the interests of transnational corporations—in particular the resource extraction industries—who have developed a symbiotic relationship with the country's paramilitary organizations. In this Thanksgiving Day episode, we interview Dawn Paley, author of Drug War Capitalism, who reminds us of the elephant in the living room when it comes to...


DPP #11: DanceSafe, Ketamine and Counterfeit Cocaine

This episode follows our journey to Florida to volunteer with DanceSafe at the annual Hulaween festival. You'll hear interviews with volunteers from DanceSafe Florida and Georgia, listen to audio of live pill testing, discussions at the booth, and Kyle on ketamine. It's psychedelic fun in the sun on a different sort of episode of Drug Positive.


DPP #10: How to 3D-Print Your Drugs at Home

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed the world's first 3D molecular printer. Able to build complex molecules by attaching together atoms, it is only a matter of time before we all have the ability to print our own drugs from home. Yet technology in widespread use today may already provide the same benefits. We speak with investigative journalist, Mike Power, about drugs and the dark web, and how cryptocurrencies and anonymous online marketplaces have revolutionized...


DPP #9: Test it Before You Ingest It

Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz would rather you were dead than use drugs. This is the take-away message from her recent article critical of fentanyl testing strips, the only tool we have that can detect fentanyl in heroin, cocaine and other drugs before they are consumed. Dr. McCance-Katz heads the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an agency of the federal Department of Health and Human Services, and is supposed to be helping lead us out of the current opioid...


Drug Nonsense Teaser - Octopuses and MDMA

This is a teaser for episode three of our Patreon.com subscriber podcast, Drug Nonsense. In the full episode we cover not only the MDMA octopus study, but crack pipe vending machines, Trump at the UN, expensive trip sitters, Australia wanting to ban music festivals, and more. To listen to the full episode and get instant access to all the others, head over to Patreon!


DPP #8: Is the Military Trying to Weaponize MDMA?

Do psychedelics have any generalizable effects on the political consciousness of people who use them? Studies show that people who use psychedelics generally score higher in the personality trait of openness, which is correlated with greater tolerance and liberal cultural values. But is there a causal effect happening? And is the US Army secretly testing MDMA on active duty soldiers in order to create more effective killers? We spend an hour with David Nickles, underground researcher and...


Special Episode: Elon Musk and Drug Nonsense

Elon Musk did not actually smoke weed on the Joe Rogan podcast, despite the entire media claiming otherwise. The video makes it perfectly clear. This is a special, free episode of our Patreon subscriber podcast, Drug Nonsense, where we expose the falsehoods and sheer idiocy of the mainstream media's reporting about drugs.


DPP #7: The New Psychedelic Advocate

On June 17th, 1971, Richard Nixon launched the so-called "War on Drugs." Now, 47 years later a new generation of psychedelic users are taking the lead to end it. Working in solidarity with the communities most affected, today's new psychedelic advocates bring the lessons of the past four decades of reform activism to bear in calling for rational drug policies that protect both civil and human rights. Ashley Booth In this episode we speak to Ashley Booth, founder of the Aware Project:...


DPP #6: This Episode Promotes Drug Use

In this special, live episode of Drug Positive, we hang out in the lobby of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater after watching the world premiere of comedian Shane Mauss's documentary, Psychonautics. We interview Shane as well as a number of movie-goers and ask them about the most memorable psychedelic experiences. Warning: This episode promotes drug use.


DPP #5: Meet the First Person in the World to Take MDMA (that we know of).

How was MDMA invented? Who came up with the idea to add a methyl group to MDA, the "hug drug" of the 1960s? Forget the irrelevant Merck patent of 1913. We found the person who "thought up" MDMA as a recreational drug. In 1975, on a hunch, Carl R. suggested to Sasha Shulgin that they methylate MDA. Later that Summer, they made a batch of MDMA together in a UC Berkeley laboratory, and Carl and his girlfriend were the first people on the planet (that we know of) to try it. This is part 2 of...


DPP #4: Rolling With Noriega

You may think you know the history of MDMA, but in this conversation with historian Dr. Torsten Passie, we discover it's weirder than we thought. From the Rajneesh cult in Oregon to the hills of Tennessee to the home of Panama's former dictator, Manuel Noriega, the history of MDMA is full of surprises, as well as mystery and intrigue. This is part one of a two-part series on the secret history of MDMA. Hold on to your baggies, because you're in for a wild ride! Edited by Emanuel...


DPP #3: First They Poisoned the Drug Users

We do not have an overdose crisis. We have a poisoned drug supply. Fentanyl and its analogs are killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. Alarmingly and with ominous future implications, fentanyl-laced cocaine fatalities in Ohio are now outstripping fentanyl-laced herion fatalities. This trend began in 2016 but the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), who operates the three state crime labs that first learned about it, never made the data public. In this episode we speak...


DPP #2: MDMA and the Science of Re-creational Psychedelics

Every week, millions of people around the world re-create themselves with MDMA. They might take the drug and go out dancing, or they might stay at home and have intimate conversations with their spouse, or with a small group of friends. But either way, everyone who uses MDMA makes a determination that the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks. Are they right? In this episode we spend an hour discussing the benefits of MDMA with Dr. Ben Sessa, child and adolescent psychiatrist...


DPP #1: Love vs the DEA

In our first episode we speak with Amy Povah, founder of the nonprofit CANDO (Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders). Amy was sentenced to 24 years in prison under the conspiracy law for refusing to cooperate with federal prosecutors when her former husband was charged with MDMA manufacturing and distribution. After a long campaign to free her, and after serving nine of those years, she was finally granted Clemency by Bill Clinton in 2003. Since then she has devoted her life to...


The Drug User Manifesto

Our preview episode. We introduce ourselves and describe what the podcast is all about. We present the Drug User Manifesto, a call to action to all drug users and their families to demand an end to the drug war and the poisoned, criminal drug markets that are killing us. We call for the decriminalization of all drugs and for drug policies based on science and public health. Edited by Emanuel Sferios Sound design by Sam Buonavolonta Opening music track by Frankum, creative commons.