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Hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi and featuring interviews with actors, artists, comedians, journalists, photographers, poets, public speakers and writers discussing their current and upcoming projects. All Erratic Dispatches podcast episodes are the copyright of Outre Tomes, Inc., a division of Brooklyn Digital Media, Inc. Support this podcast:

Hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi and featuring interviews with actors, artists, comedians, journalists, photographers, poets, public speakers and writers discussing their current and upcoming projects. All Erratic Dispatches podcast episodes are the copyright of Outre Tomes, Inc., a division of Brooklyn Digital Media, Inc. Support this podcast:


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Hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi and featuring interviews with actors, artists, comedians, journalists, photographers, poets, public speakers and writers discussing their current and upcoming projects. All Erratic Dispatches podcast episodes are the copyright of Outre Tomes, Inc., a division of Brooklyn Digital Media, Inc. Support this podcast:




Interview with J.R. McNair: Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Startup Expert

J.R. McNair is based on Atlanta, where he has been starting successful and financially sustainable businesses since age 10. He founded both The Velocity Accelerator and the Georgia Crowdfund, Inc. J.R. is not only an entrepreneur, but has coached thousands of businesses through conventions, seminars and workshops. During this podcast episode, J.R. not only shares his business ventures, but history of being involved in the sports and the music industries. His mastery of communication and of...


Interview with Erez Agam: Author of Berlin's Immigration Secrets

Erez Agam moved to Berlin in 2016 after having grown up in Israel. He has documented the challenges and triumphs of the immigration process in his book, Berlin's Immigration Secrets. During this podcast episode, Erez discusses the advantages of moving to a progressive city in Germany and the freedom it entails. His book is a must read for anybody considering moving to a country that is very welcoming to immigrants from all across the globe. Check out Erez's Facebook Page for Berlin...


Interview with David Bossert: Animator, Author and Disney Historian

David Bossert has had a very fortunate and amazing career working in such roles as an animator, author, Disney historian, effects animator and special effects animator. He started working at Walt Disney Animation Studios during the 1980s and ended up contributing his animation skills on classics like The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lion King. In addition, David is the author of many educational and historical...


Interview with Debra S. Yates: Author of Woman of Many Names

Debra S. Yates has written a beautiful portrait of her seventh-great-grandmother and a key figure in the history of the Cherokee Nation. Woman of Many Names chronicles Nancy Ward aka Nanyehi, whose immortalization in books, historical sites and stage productions continues to this very day. Debra's book should be mandatory reading in all history classrooms across the United States and every child should be more familiar with the strength and majesty of Nancy Ward. During this podcast episode,...


Interview with Kristen Schalk: Actor, Choreographer, Dancer and Singer

Kristen Schalk is a Los Angeles-based actor, choreographer, dancer and singer. She has appeared in many music videos and live performances showcasing her work. Kristen is very passionate about the artform of dance and loves to teach others with her classes. Her multi-talents are always growing and will be interesting to see flourish in the future. Check out Kristen's official website: Watch Kristen's Tik Tok: Be...


Interview with Helen Zuman, Author of Mating in Captivity

Helen Zuman is a Harvard graduate who spent a period in her twenties at Zendik Farm, a community that she found out later on was a cult. Her book, Mating in Captivity, chronicles her time spent at Zendik Farm, associating with other like-minded individuals who didn't want to be a part of mainstream society and the control that was put on them by the hierarchy on the farm. Helen has written a fascinating and vivid account of alternate living, youth idealism, sexual awakening and maturing from...


Interview with Natalie Duque: Folk Singer and Songwriter

Natalie Duque is a Los Angeles-based folk singer and songwriter who has several EPs and singles out now on all major music streaming platforms. Her latest single, Gemini, features the song Know Me Better, which has a beautiful music video. Natalie is a true independent music artist who writes very haunting and emotional songs which have featured in films. During this podcast episode, Natalie discusses her background, songcraft, working with producers and upcoming live dates. Check out...


Interview with John Baltisberger: Splatterpunk Author, Kaiju Poet and Publisher of Jewish Horror and Bizarro Fiction

Austin, Texas-based John Baltisberger is the founder of Madness Heart Press. He is a very prolific author and poet of many short stories and books dealing with extreme horror and fantasy. He incorporates many elements of mysticism, splatter and Jewish elements in his ever-growing collection of published works. During this podcast episode, John discusses his literary inspirations, passion for incorporating Jewish myths and folklore, and what it's like being a speculative independent...


Interview with Zach Beach: Yogi, Author, Poet and Love Coach

Zach Beach has been a devoted practitioner and instructor of yoga in California's Bay Area for over a decade. He is also a published poet and author of two books, 108 Savasana Poems and The Seven Lessons of Love. Zach coaches people from all over the world about the value of love. His Learn to Love podcast showcases his gift and passion for engaging in enlightening conversations with writers, doctors and spiritual leaders on the importance and value of intimacy, love, relationships and sex....


Interview with Frankie Raye: Singer and Songwriter

Frankie Raye is a Florida-based singer and songwriter who is currently working on a new album. Her prolific career as a live performer has generated an international fanbase and concerts at such venues as the House of Blues. Frankie writes songs that are very heartfelt and touch on topical issues. She has a great love and appreciation for the singer songwriters she grew up listening to as a child and teenager. Both of her albums, Brave and A Thing or Two About a Dream are widely available to...


Interview with Mercedes Killeen: Blogger, Poet and Mental Health Advocate

Mercedes Killeen has published two books of her poetry through Grey Borders Books, and is an accomplished blogger and writer who has advocated for the importance of mental health through both the creative and financial sector. Her poetry books, Tulips and Using a spoon as a knife, are very harrowing and vivid accounts of surviving mental illness. Mercedes has also written articles about financial wellness, and advice for freelancers and self-publishers. Check out Mercedes' official...


Interview with R. Scott Edwards: Author, Founder of the Laughs Unlimited Comedy Clubs, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur

R. Scott Edwards founded the Sacramento-based Laughs Unlimited comedy clubs in 1980 which spawned three separate locations featuring upcoming and veterans of standup comedy. He has been starting businesses in California and Hawaii since he was seventeen years old. During this podcast episode, Scott shares hilarious stories of interacting with famous personalities from the comedy world and his passion for being a seasoned entrepreneur in many industries. In addition, Scott discusses the books...


Interview with Kym Jackson, author of The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors and Founder of The Secret Actor Society

Kym Jackson is a professional thespian and acting coach who written an invaluable textbook for anybody navigating through the waters of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. She also offers essential education to actors with her online videos and workshops. Kym was kind enough to offer a special 2 months free discount code for - it's Brooklyn60. In addition, she is offering two free copies of her book to listeners to the Erratic Dispatches podcast. Be sure...


Interview with Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley, author of Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star

Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley is a professional and versatile bassist who performs with some of the classiest and famous legends of the music industry. He has recently published his very down-to-earth and entertaining memoir, Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star. During this podcast episode, Ivan discusses his beginnings as a musician, and working as a session player and music director for many of the top singers and bands. His memoir is full of antidotes about what it's like to...


Interview with Kira Leigh: Author of Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory

Kira Leigh is both an amazing visual artist and author of queer science fiction based in Providence, Rhode Island. They have a new book out called Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory, which is the first part of a trilogy. During this podcast episode, Kira discusses the inspirations for writing the trilogy and creating vivid LGBTQ+ characters. Buy Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory on Amazon: Check out...


Follow-up Interview with Scott Milne, discussing updates on how businesses can effectively prevent COVID-19

Scott Milne, Founder of the Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group, previously appeared as a guest on the Erratic Dispatches podcast in October 2020. He has generously returned to give updates on how businesses in many industries should invest in the right technology so that their customers and clients will feel safer. Scott is the author of an essential book on implementing crucial measures to fight off COVID-19 in homes and businesses titled Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for...


Interview with Tamara Sellman: author of the poetry collection, Intention Tremor

Tamara Sellman has a very impressive career as both a writer of journalism, creative writing and poetry; and working in sleep health. Her collection of poetry out now through MoonPath Press, details what it's like living with MS. During this special podcast episode for National Poetry Month, Tamara discusses a wide range of fascinating subjects covering her education, publication history, deep interest in health and maintaining a productive schedule while coping with MS. Intention Tremor...


Interview with Composer, Podcaster, Producer, Songwriter and Performer: Santiago Ramones

Santiago Ramones is an Oklahoma-based composer, podcaster, producer, songwriter and performer who has mastered music composition and is equally passionate about discussing his craft and inspirations. He hosts a podcast called Bit Depth in which he probes deeply with fellow musicians and artists to discuss topics including spirituality and musical techniques. Santiago's debut album, Bloom, is available now on all major streaming services and he is currently working on its follow up. Check...


Interview with David Paris: Author, Dancer, Educator and Survivor of COVID-19

David Paris has a very impressive background in academia, dance and having written many books for middle school students For this podcast episode, David discusses his professions, experience being treated for COVID-19 in 2020 and what it's like being a survivor. His harrowing book, A COVID Story, is available now and is recommended reading for everyone! Purchase A COVID Story through the link below: Check...


Interview with Comedian, Podcaster and Video Artist: David Feinberg

Philadelphia-based David Feinberg does Stand Up comedy, co-hosts the So Tell Us podcast and creates unique video projects with the Feinberg Experimental Light Project. During this podcast episode he discusses creative inspirations, his hopes for the arts post-COVID, and the many facets of working within multimedia and live performance. David has been doing comedy since his teens and loves to explore the distinct elements of the craft either through improvisation and/or solo work. Check...