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Dissecting the cross roads of arts, culture, technology and commerce through a variety of podcasts with diverse points of view.

Dissecting the cross roads of arts, culture, technology and commerce through a variety of podcasts with diverse points of view.


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Dissecting the cross roads of arts, culture, technology and commerce through a variety of podcasts with diverse points of view.






PSA Show- Jax Film Festival

An interview co-creator, Tim Driscoll did for the Jacksonville Film Festival. He was joined by local filmmaker, Franklin Ritch who was there to promote his debut feature film, Teardrop Goodbye with Mandatory Directorial Commentary from Remy Von Trout. The festival runs November 15th-17th with special presentations on the 18th-20th. Franklin's film is one of those special presentations on November 18th. Tickets to all events can be purchased at the door at the San Marco Theater.


WHAT'S YOUR EXTRAORDINARY - ep10 - Fearless Girl Incarnate

Before announcing her candidacy for Jacksonville Mayor, Anna Lopez Brosche sat down with our Toni Hernandez to talk about what makes up her E-code. Anne delves into how her children have taught her to be present, her desire to become a 'Fearless' girl who will make an impact and how and why service sets her soul on fire.


THE Y FACTOR - ep3 - Live A Curated Life (and appreciate a good stripe)

Herbalist, yogi, doula, and owner/operator of Wild Taproot, LIBBY JENNISON joins Rachel in this episode of The Y Factor. Libby finds her creative flow by starting the day with self talk, or as she says, 'balancing the books' which includes affirmations about herself. She's most creative when shes' feeling grateful and recognizes that failures and set backs are part of the creative process. And she finds inspiration in curating the mundane (i.e. selecting her outfit in the morning).


HOW TO NOW - ep10 - Make Your Space

Rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, and activist Geexella stops by the studio to talk about her EP, Geethings. Geexella is the creator of Duval Folks, a dance party and safe space for people of color and lqbtq bodies. Or as she said, "In the words of Pharrell, 'the other'." She dishes on her early 90s hip-hop influences, how to elevate Pride in Jacksonville and the intimate inspirations of her music. You can find follow Geexella on Soundcloud - or on IG and Twitter...


JUST MAKE IT - ep4 - Adam Groff

"It was the most amazing play I've seen in a long time" "I thought it was really refreshing, imaginative and creative" "I think the writer very cleverly depicted how the survivors suffered" These are the reactions from the opening night of Phase 8 Theater Company's production of MASS, written by Adam Groff. MASS has two remaining shows - Saturday 12.22 at 1p and Thursday, 12.27 at 7p at MOCA Theatre. ECPN Producer, Tim Driscoll sits down with Adam to discuss his latest play, Mass, a story...


WHAT'S YOUR EXTRAORDINARY - ep9 - Dr. Querido By Many

This episode was recorded on location at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Neuroscientist and surgeon, Dr. Q (Quinones-Hinojosa)took time out of his very busy schedule to sit with Toni to discuss his strategy to change the world. Quick tips, it doesn't come from deep financial pockets, or expert know-how. Dr. Q challenges us to change the world through a will and desire to do good for others. Dr. Q goes on to explain his philosophy of using hope to overcome fear and in turn to use that...


PURPLE CRAYON - Ep10 - 9 Year Old Art Advocates

In today's special episode Allison invites nine year olds, Joaquin and Rylah into the studio to talk about their experience with art. Joaquin focuses on how sometimes making the wrong fold, cut or mark can lead to more interesting art while Rylah takes time to talk about the haters and how their hate is their problem. They both love to express themselves through dance and hate when the PE gets scheduled over art/dance classes. All of that and some much more in this episode of Purple Crayon....


HOW TO NOW - ep9 - Fashion Designer Whitney Kerney

Fashion designer Whitney Kerney sits with Dustin and dishes on her fashion inspirations, love for 60s style rompers and how Cardi B is motivating her.


THE Y FACTOR - ep2 - A Renaissance Man & The Art of Code Switching

The multi-hyphenate Josue A. Cruz joins The Y Factor to discuss early memories, identifying talent and how being caught between two places shaped his identity and groomed him to become an expert code switcher.


WHAT'S YOUR EXTRAORDINARY - Ep8 - Curator Of Connection

In 2017, Deana Haggag became President and CEO of United States Artists in Chicago, which provides $50,000 "fellowships to artists working in architecture and design, crafts, dance, literature, media, music, theater and performance, traditional arts, and visual arts." Toni and Deanna discuss the importance of collaboration over competition, how to use art to bridge communities, artists, prejudice and fear and her role as CEO of United States Artists. Deana Haggag, curator of connection.


PURPLE CRAYON - ep9 - Ayanna Hudson, director of Arts Education at NEA

Host, Allison Galloway-Gonzales profiles the director of Arts Education at National Endowment of the Arts, Ayanna Hudson.


STUDIO PERSPECTIVE - ep9 - Discovering Your History

Visual artist Curtis Santiago covers his transition from full time musician to full time visual artist, balancing the duality of escapism and resistance within his work, the bad advice of misguided teachers, and the needed boldness to make your own way.


The Y Factor - Ep1 - Creature of Change

In her inaugural episode, host Rachel Roberts sits with acclaimed photographer and abstract painter, Tiffany Manning, to discuss her philosophy of creating from a place of joy and how a firing changed her art career.



Toni sits with Renaissance woman, Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams to discuss Yvette's history as a corporate executive and her transformation to inspirational storyteller. Yvette challenges the audience to write a 'shitty' draft and to tell your truth story.


HOW TO NOW - ep8 - Altering Your Life

Fashion designer and owner and operator of Momni Boutique, Joy Lee, talks with Dustin about starting the company with her mother, leaving her teaching career and always preparing herself for the next opportunity.


PURPLE CRAYON - ep8 - Shawn Pfaffman

Shawn talks with Allison about the reduction of arts funding in Duval county despite the positive evidence that art education has on students. He argues arts should be on the priority scale with STEM.


STUDIO PERSPECTIVE - Ep8 - Fail Publicly

A self described 'dopey formalist', visual artist, Mark Creegan sits with Madeleine Peck Wagner to discuss his return to painting, the importance of failing publicly, his draw toward art that repels him and how not worrying about the end product is a relief to both the artist and the audience.


SHAWANA'S SALON - ep8 - Renaissance with Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams

Joining us in the Salon today is Renaissance woman and all around inspiration, Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams. She challenges the audience to find identity within your name, to tell your truth story and embrace all the aspects that make up who you are. It's a powerful conversation.


WHAT'S YOUR EXTRAORDINARY - ep6 - Breaking The Blue Ceiling

Michelle Cook has served in law enforcement for over 25 years. She started with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in 1992 and retired from JSO in 2017 in order to become the Police Chief for Atlantic Beach, FL. She's the parent of four adopted foster children and she's never let anyone dictate what kind of person she would become. There are badasses, and then there is Michelle Cook.


HOW TO NOW - ep7 - Jamal Bell & Corey Bell

Dustin Harewood sits down with brothers, Jamal and Corey Bell