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When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."

When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."
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When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."




Vacation Time: Reminding Myself Not to Be an Asshole on the Giant Ship

I like people but only on my terms, and I believe that makes me an asshole. I hate being an asshole, but it seems that my challenges are ingrained in my personality. Unself-Aware people are my Lex Luther, my Joker, and overall they are my nemesis. Cruise ships and Unself-aware people go together like peanut butter & jelly. Pray for me.


I'll Admit Money Can't Buy You Happiness if You Stop Using Your Kids as an Excuse

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can make finding your stimulation and passion easier in some situations. But I am 100% sure making excuses to stop yourself from seeking your happiness is the worst thing anyone can do, and in my world, most people I know that give up on finding their joy and stimulation blame it on their kids and family. That breaks my heart. I know there is an excellent middle place in happiness journeys that money or excuses don't have to live. Let's find that place...


Why I Loath Going to the Grocery Store: Mad Rambling of a Middle Aged Food Shopper

I hate going to the grocery store, and I believe I have facts to back up why it is a horrible place. I recognize that most of my points aren't facts but stories I tell myself. Grocery stores bring unwanted anxiety that drives me crazy as I wander around a food store listening to shitty overhead music avoiding as much eye contact as I can.


Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

It's a scenario everyone has thought of, "if I could talk to the younger version of me what, would I tell me?" It's a great exercise to think about your self-awareness enough to want to give your younger version life advice but are we missing something right in front of our face when we imagine talking to our younger version? Are we taking our own advice now? If you think that's deep, wait until you listen to today's episode. The article referenced in today's episode: "52 Things I Wish I...


Secrets About Men Most Women Don’t Know

Being a man can be tough. Don't get me wrong, being a man is fantastic but some things come with being a man that sucks, especially when it comes to relationships with women. On today's episode, I hope to bridge the gap between men and women by spilling secrets about men that women probably don't know. Not deep into in like discussing masculinism, but just simple things men secretly wish women would understand about the gender with a penis. The articles referenced in today's podcast...


We Believed a lot of the Bullsh*t Our Parents Told Us; I Still Believe Some to this Day

You have to wait 30 minutes before you back to swimming after eating, sugar before bed would keep you up, eating your carrots would make you see better, all examples of lies told to children kids by parents. Those falsehoods shaped many of us, and I don't think many parents knew they were telling bullshit to their kids because it was the same bullshit their parents would lay on them. Let's talk about more of the fun lies we were told as kids. Articles used in today's episode: "SIX THINGS...


Is Rachel Hollis, the Author of the Popular Self Help Book "Girl, Wash Your Face" Full of Sh*t?

Interesting article about author Rachel Hollis, author of the trendy self-help book "Girl, Wash Your Face" has me deep thinking again about the people in my Facebook feed portraying bullshit lives for whatever reason. Men and women both are guilty of this destructive power of marketing themselves falsely online. Why do they do it? Do I do it at some level? Do we all? The article referenced in today's podcast episode: "Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message"...


Middle School is One of the Most Awkward Times of Anyone's Life

Fun conversation with Lauren, a 13-year-old girl that has been in my life since she was born. Lauren and I talk about the future, popularity, sports, and advice she would give her parents. Plus I teach Lauren one fundamental fact about all middle school kids.


This Fat Acceptance Movement is Getting a Little Dodgy in My Opinion

I've been overweight most of my life. Struggling with being fat has just always been in my life. Always worried about others judging me for my size is a constant, even today with all the weight loss I've had recently. Over 400lbs has been my top weight, and to think I wasn't miserable as hell at that size would be a bald-faced lie. But when we are miserable and we accept that misery, we are literally killing ourselves. The article referenced in today's episode: "An Imperfect Human's Guide...


Absolutely No Two People Are the Same So Why Do we Keep Putting People into Boxes?

This morning started with me not wanting to record an episode of the podcast, but it quickly turned into the longest solo episode in the history of the show. My passion for creative vs. data type people came out today. This topic sent me down a road of explaining how every single person is different. Labeling and putting people in different metaphoric camps is ridiculous. No two people are the same, but a lot of society is still slapping labels on people that don't deserve them.


Nothing More Sexy or Attractive than a Big Man Sweating Through his Shirt For No Reason

I've always sweated a lot. When I work out, there is usually a puddle under me but its when I sweat when I'm not working out that haunts me. Sweating is my true tell/tell sign, and massive anxiety has taken over my body. I can stop it, and trust me I've tried. Sweat pours out of me, and that gives me even more anxiety which makes me sweat more.


My Heart Goes Out to the Patrick Boys. My Brothers Lost their Mother Yesterday.

I think we grow a lot when someone close to us dies. We either grow, or we die a little ourselves depending on how we cope with the tragedy. MY best bud called me last night to tell me his mother died yesterday. I immediately wanted to step in and start fixing things but recognized I should focus more on providing empathy and also give feedback that I am here to do anything he needs to help with any arrangements. Attempting to work it all out on today's episode and remind myself that it is...


Do I have the Drive and Discipline to Do Two Projects at the Same Time?

Sometimes I need a reminder of all the excellent advice and best practices I have received from books, videos, and regular conversation from friends and family to help me on my life journey. Putting all that info into a book will be the perfect tool for me and give me the opportunity to share with others. I also need to send significant kudos to four Southwest Airlines' flight attendants that are merely beautiful, friendly people.


It's Time to Reinvent Myself Again. This Time for a Better Life and Not Just to Fit In

Every 5 or 7 years I tend to reinvent myself, but my reasons for changing in the past was probably for people to accept me more. Had to be someone I thought people wanted me to be. At least the people I thought meant something to me or I desired their friendship and acceptance. Now at 44 years old its time to reinvent again but now for my self-happiness and personal quality of life entirely. Link to the book Megan mentions in the episode: "Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into...


Let's Learn About Micro-Adventures, Difference between a Shower & a Rinse,

Megan and I are talking about micro-adventures poolside in San Diego. Does your location have anything to do with your adventure level? Can an adventure just be going to the park to eat lunch outside or does there need to be more to it? Plus we get into Megan'isms in the episode today discussing the difference between showers verses rinses, and snacks verses meals. Wikipedia's definition of micro-adventure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microadventure


Andrew Zimmern has a Rule for Life we should All Follow, "Try Anything & Everything at Least Twice"

My travels have me broadcasting the podcast from Corona, CA this morning reflexing on all the places and experiences I've had since last Friday. Cleveland, Buffalo, Boston, and now southern California. The amazing advice I've tried to live my life on came from Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef, business owner and widely known from his television show "Bizzare Foods". I caught his wonderful words, "I try everything twice" and it amazingly changed my life.


Social Media Makes it Easy for People to Pretend to Give a Damn, but Most Don't

Great dinner and conversation with my friend Sara in the North End of Boston. Sara is a motivating person with an inspiring story of moving from the middle east to Boston when she was just 18 years old with no job lined up, no place to live, and couldn't speak English. Our last night dinner conversation was wonderful as we spoke of challenges and successes in our lives, along with how social media has made it easy to appear like one cares but truly does not. Book referred to in the episode:...


Should Have Done this in 2004, 2007, and 2013. It is my Duty & Obligation to Be Happy.

Great episode today as I take the podcast with me as we venture to downtown Boston for the Red Sox World Series parade. Talked to two Bostonians about 15 years old straight winning, and I make a promise to myself.


Halloween Rules from a Cynical Man & Can We Stop Calling Women Whores Please?

Halloween is an exciting holiday. I love it, but you couldn't tell from today's episode. I think things a lot of things, activities, holidays are fantastic but a minority of people f*ck them up & make them unenjoyable for the rest of us. Halloween is one of those holidays/activities that has been f*cked up for me because of dumb uncreative people. And on a serious note, can we stop calling women "whores"?! The article referred to in today's episode: "Critic's Notebook: 'Frontline' Doc 'The...


I'm 44 Today and Reflecting on How I want to be Remembered. Midlife Crisis has Officially Started

Today I turn 44 years old. When I was 20 years old, 44 sounded like an old man. Now I am that "old man," but I feel wonderful. Today is also another special "megs & Bacon" episode where Megan joins me on the podcast before she flys back to North Carolina, and I continue my adventure onto Boston where I will experience the Red Sox World Series Championship parade!