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When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."

When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."
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When a former 2000's cliché shock jock rock radio morning show host leaves the entertainment game for ten years the idea of solo hosting a podcast is either genius or the dumbest thing ever. But if listening to the random rantings of a middle-aged white man talking to himself in a dark room at 5:30 in the morning, then you just hit the jackpot by finding this podcast that is "Truly About Nothing."




Why Myself a lot of other Men Hate Nickelback, but I Respect Them Tremendously

Months ago I promised to address why a lot of people, mostly men, hate Nickelback. I never got around to explaining, but I received a message from Florida cussing me out for never revealing the reason for the massive dislike of Nickelback. Today's episode is the day to put it all out there about Nickelback. Also addressed in today's podcast episode the unfair dislike by many towards Guy Fieri. That guy is getting a bad rap, but I love that he doesn't seem to give a shit.


Top 5 Regrets of the Dying: It is your Absolute Duty and Obligation to Find Your Happiness

Finding personal happiness is extremely hard, especially if we keep listening to the bullshit stories we tell ourselves. I came across a blog today from 2012 that a nurse named Bronnie Ware. For many years Bronnie worked in palliative care. Her patients were those who had gone home to die. She was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives and asked them the hard question, "What do you regret?" Here is Bronnie Ware's original blog post from 2012: "REGRETS OF THE DYING"...


Let's Take the "Are These Things Actually Rude?" Quiz Together to Avoid Something Else

Something has been wrong in my brain for the past week and instead of talking about it on today's episode let's take a Buzzfeed quiz instead. I'm sure I'll address this weirdness happening with me soon, but I'll instead take the "Are These Things Actually Rude?" quiz and avoid it, at least for now.


Paul Harvey and the Lunchtime Fruit Cup Taps; My Fear and Comfort at the Same Time

There's a man named Ron who has always been in my life, and he is like an uncle to me. When I worked with Ron at my family's construction company back in my teenage years Ron's repetitive nature and personality used to scare me. I didn't want to become repetitive in my own life. I wanted every day in my life as an adult to be different and exciting. I'm 44 years old now, and half of my life is adventurous and exciting, the other half of my life is reclusive and repetitive with zero...


Great Things Happening in the World and How to Avoid Holiday Stress & Anxiety is Simple

It's hard to look back in 2018 and recognize the fantastic & positive things that have happened because we live in a 24-hour news cycle where negative stories monopolize the headlines. There were so many amazing things that happened, and I point them out in today's podcast episode; Not all the news was about President Trump. Also in today's episode, I give my simple tip on how you can keep the holidays from stressing you out. It comes down to one word/action: Communication. The article used...


Can Creating and Executing a Bucket List be a Path to Finding Happiness in Life?

Adventure and learning new things is fuel for my soul personally. I always want to try new things and visit many different locations. I've never had a written bucket list but maybe its time to put on together. The act, of putting together a bucket list might also give the opportunity to meet new friends. I found a website online that allows you to network with others while creating and executing a bucket list and I'd for you to join me. Website to create and network with your bucket list...


Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment & 19 Things You Know If You're An Asshole

Doctor Emoto's experiment on water can teach us a lot about ourselves. Know it continually reminds me to not be so hard on myself but its hard to stop. I've always claimed to be an asshole, and that thinking is probably affecting me negatively. We're also checking out "19 Things You Know if You're an Asshole" to help me determine if I am genuinely an asshole or at least what percentage of my personality is. The articles used in today's episode: "Emoto’s Water Experiment: The Power of...


I have a Thirst for Learning the Passions, Loves, & Challenges of People

Learning new things every day excites and fuels me, this includes learning the stories of others. Part of my job is interviewing employees at my company for an internal podcast to learn about them. I look forward to sitting down with people with a microphone or video camera recording our conversation. I need more of this in my personal life; broadcasting the loves, passions, and challenges of people in this world. Link to the "Your Story" videos I did 10 years ago:...


Why it's Bittersweet Achieving Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Level

Recording the podcast in Irvine, California this morning at my office in southern California. My Southwest flight that got me here yesterday gave me enough points to receive Companion Pass status. That means I can pick someone to fly with me for free for a year with Southwest. That sounds amazing, but it is entirely bittersweet.


Do You Want to Be Happy or Happier? 15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

The first question to ask yourself is if you want to be happier or are you sabotaging your happiness? The second question is, do you accept that being happy is your duty and obligation? If you're ready to be happy then let us discuss "15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People": https://www.sparringmind.com/be-happy/?fbclid=IwAR3i2PKj1-eZjoi4_BWgjjyigYpbY51Nxrr5AVmazVt01qY8DLMcPlu6wf4


Drinks with my Brothers & Church with My Mother; a Weekend Full of Joy in my Hometown

Despite the reason that took me to my hometown over the weekend, my heart was full of joy. I spent Saturday evening with the three guys I consider my brothers having drinks, telling stories, and just loving the fact we were all together living the moment. The joy in my heart continued into Sunday morning when I met my mother at her church. As a non-Christian, this is out of my comfort zone, but I know it brings happiness to her when I join her. Overall, my weekend had a lot of joy and love.


Feeling like I Need Everyone to Like or Love Me has Made My World a Lonely Life

Warning, here comes the vulnerability again. When people close to me or if public figures die I always take a look at my mortality. In this case, the question of "Who will my Mom contact to be pallbearers at my funeral if I died today" has been on my mind following the death of my friends Mike & Bill's mother and the news of former President Bush passing away last night. I honestly don't know, out of maybe three people who my mom would call on to carry me to the afterlife. My brain is...


By Surprisingly Popular Demand - Part Two of the Grown Ass Man Holiday Gift Guide

The thought of my opinion on gifts for grown ass men would be so popular with listeners of the podcast is mindblowing. Thank you lady listeners for reaching out and telling me that my gift guide episode for grown ass men is helping and encouraging me to record a part two & part three soon so shopping can start. Thus, by popular demand, here is part two assisting confused women everywhere with shopping for the grown ass man in their lives. Link to the Everyone Needs a Little Grown Ass Man...


Holiday Gifts Ideas for the Grown Ass Man in your Life: Part One

Middle-aged men have been receiving shitty gifts ever since the time of Jesus and the birth of Santa Claus. Today's episode is part of a three-part series to help you put a real smile on the grown ass man in your life's face. It's time to get to know your man and do him a solid this holiday. The article/list referred to in today's episode: "70 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men" www.countryliving.com/shopping/gifts/tips/g1528/gift-ideas-for-men/


"Nas Daily" is One of the Most Inspiring Pages on Facebook and so is the Story Behind It

Every day I get a Facebook alert that Nas Daily has posted a new video, and every day I love watching that video. The videos that Nas Daily put out daily are inspirational, motivational, full of adventure & positivity. The group of friends that travel the world recording and producing these videos seems to be the type of people all of us need in our lives. Check out & Like the Nas Daily Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/nasdaily/ More about Nuseir Yassin:...


Netflix Pics & Fake News Spreading on Social Media is Making People Dumber

Rake, from Australia, is an excellent series on Netflix currently and in this episode I mention a few more I enjoy. Also in this episode, I address the multitude of opinion journalism articles being spread throughout social media by leftist and right leaning people. It doesn't seem like it's about spreading news anymore, it's about spreading whatever you want to believe and fits one's narrative. Fake news on the internet is an epidemic. Everyone wants to be right, and no one wants to learn...


Adam Ruins Everything & "Fun" Wichita, Kansas Facts You've Lived Without Knowing All These Years

Stuck in North Carolina for 24 hours as I wait for the Kansas City airport to reopen. While in tar heel country I'm reminded of Adam Ruins Everything for absolutely no reason. Plus Megan is heading to Wichita for her first time. Business travel, because why else would someone go to Wichita? The articles referred to in today's episode: "12 Things I Learned On "Adam Ruins Everything" That Made Me Want To Punch A Wall"...


The #1 Thing I have Learned About Myself While on Vacation; A Self-Awareness Breakthrough

The moment I completed accepted that I have been a selfie asshole for the majority of my life has truly metaphorically punched me right in the face this week. A punch so hard that I am going to change that horrible personality trait now, no waiting. I'm tired of being a selfish prick.


Starting to become Clear that I may be the Asshole and Not Everyone Else like I Assumed

Before leaving for vacation I was nervous that I would have to deal with thousands of non-self-aware people getting in my way and being a huge annoyance to me, but now five days into this trip it's becoming aware to me that I'm the asshole. I haven't got in anyone's way but I have stereotyped 3000 people on this cruise ship unfairly. The majority of people on this vacation with us are pretty enjoyable. It's time for me to check myself and become more self-aware instead of worrying about...


I Absolutely Hate Knowing That I've Disappointed my Mother. It Makes Me Sick to my Stomach

In a recent episode, I talked about why I'm ok not spending Thanksgiving with my family. I hate that my mother thinks I was talking about her, which isn't true. True or not the fact that I have hurt & disappointed my mother makes me incredibly sad. Even though I don't show it, and I probably should more, my mother means the world to me. I need to show her more love and appreciation. I also need to show that love and appreciation to other family members as well, but mom comes first. I never...