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Inspired by the international bestselling young adult / science-fiction novel Excelsior, this weekly interview show puts the spotlight on both up-and-coming and established creative talents who share their journey to success.

Inspired by the international bestselling young adult / science-fiction novel Excelsior, this weekly interview show puts the spotlight on both up-and-coming and established creative talents who share their journey to success.


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Inspired by the international bestselling young adult / science-fiction novel Excelsior, this weekly interview show puts the spotlight on both up-and-coming and established creative talents who share their journey to success.






Voice Actor Elle Michelle McCray is Right at Home in the House of Creativity

This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with a voiceover artist, a saxophonist, a vocalist, a speaking coach, an actress, and a radio personality. And they're all the same person: Elle Michelle McCray. With everything that she's done, and everything she's currently doing, it was only natural that once she established herself on the Clubhouse app, she fit right in with Delano Johnson and Monique Lisa's House of Creativity. Elle Michelle and George talk about her initial creative...


Author & Poet Tamara Sellman Has an Intention Tremor to Share

The arts have always been a wonderful coping mechanism to get us through our hardest times, and author & poet Tamara Sellman's collection of works "Intention Tremor" is another example of how amazingly helpful they can be. This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with Tamara to hear her story of how her MS diagnosis inspired her to apply her creativity to something beneficial to others as well as herself, what ignited the drive to write in the first place, and much more. Purchase...


Writer, Director, Actor, Producer Bobby Del Rio Brings His Skills to The Market

To say Bobby Del Rio keeps himself busy would be an understatement. This writer, director, actor, and producer has been named one of the top playwrights in Canada, he is the writer & director of the feature film The Market now available for viewing on Amazon Prime, he has been interviewed over 350 times, he curates some of the biggest rooms on Clubhouse that involve entertainment, and - somehow - he takes some time to sleep. This week, Bobby sat down with host & producer George Sirois to...


Writer and Producer Joel Eisenberg Will Have You Writing for Your Life on Clubhouse

This week on Excelsior Journeys, author, screenwriter, producer, and now Clubhouse host Joel Eisenberg returns to conclude the Clubhouse miniseries. He has a lot to tell about his incredibly popular group Writing for Your Life, including how he was introduced to the social media app, his first Q&A sessions, the positives and negatives he encountered along the way, and more! To learn more about Joel, and to read his articles on Medium, please click here: https://joeleisenberg.medium.com/ To...


Jacqueline Yeung Has a Map for You to Navigate Clubhouse

It's Part 3 of our Clubhouse miniseries, and like all social media apps, Clubhouse has its share of positives and negatives. Fortunately, author Jacqueline Yeung is here to sit down with host & producer George Sirois about her new book The Clubhouse Phenomenon. In addition to helping you identify various pitfalls and possibilities, this book is for entrepreneurs who want to understand more about behavioral marketing, and for those who want to maximize the benefits without sacrificing your...


Podcaster and Clubpod Rep Melissa Bright Wants to Celebrate Your Wins on Clubhouse

It's Part 2 of the Excelsior Journeys Clubhouse miniseries, and this week host & producer George Sirois sits down with fellow podcaster Melissa Bright. Melissa tells her story of how she got into podcasting with her show "The Bright Side of Life," how Clubhouse opened the door to being a representative for ClubPod - the best podcast-related group on the app - and much more. UPDATE: Clubhouse is now available to Android users! So if you would like an invite, please send a screenshot of your...


Voice Actors Ellie Rodz and Aly Del Vee Have Opened Their Clubhouse to You!

It is Part 1 of the Clubhouse mini-series for Excelsior Journeys, and to celebrate this audio-based app - and get the Android users acquainted with it - host & producer George Sirois welcomes voice actors Ellie Rodz and Aly Del Vee. The two share their experiences with getting into VO, discovering Clubhouse and quickly falling in love with it, collaborating on their own club within the app, the 529 Voice Over Competition (where Ellie, Aly, and George made the Top 16 semi-finals after over a...


Jessica Marie Baumgartner Writes Up Some Chicken Soup for Your Soul!

Jessica Marie Baumgartner's writing can be seen all over your bookstore: in the children's section, in speculative fiction, even non-fiction in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book! And now, with her participation in the All Things Weird and Strange anthology coming out May 4, she sits down with Excelsior Journeys host & producer George Sirois to discuss her history in this wonderful world of writing. Pre-order the All Things Weird and Strange Anthology before May 4:...


Dr Melissa Hurt is Ready to Take On Imposter Syndrome

More often than not, creative people deal with the crippling self-doubt and self-defeating voices that make up Imposter Syndrome, the belief that you are a fraud and you don't deserve your success. This week's episode of Excelsior Journeys introduces the latest adversary to Imposter Syndrome: author/teacher/communications coach Dr. Melissa Hurt. This week, host & producer George Sirois sits down with Melissa, an old friend from their Godwin High School days, and hears her story of how she...


Jeffrey Deskovic Fought to Overturn His Own Conviction and is Now Fighting for Others

Arrested at 16 and wrongfully convicted at 17, Jeffrey Deskovic spent 16 years in a men's maximum security prison fighting to prove his innocence. After a re-run of DNA overturned his conviction, Jeffrey went back to school to get his Bachelor's degree, then his Masters, then his law degree while founding the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice. This week, host & producer George Sirois has the privilege to sit down with Jeffrey and hear his complete story. Donate to the Jeffrey Deskovic...


Britney Spears Guitarist Zach Comtois Has Some Non-Toxic Stories to Tell

More than twenty years after meeting him, host & producer George Sirois sits down with acclaimed musician Zach Comtois, who has lots of stories to tell about working with blues legend Keb' Mo', rapper Bryce Vine, and - for the full run of her Las Vegas residency - Britney Spears! Check out Zach's Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/zachcomtois/?hl=en See Zach in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upBJSHX-_FI If you enjoy the show and want to show your support, you can...


Actress Jen Eldridge and Emmy Award Winner Carl Hansen are Right at Home in Hollywood!

For the latest episode of Excelsior Journeys, host & producer George Sirois speaks with actress Jen Eldridge - his high school Drama I, II, and III classmate from 1991-1994 - and her husband, writer / producer / director / Emmy Award-winner Carl Hansen. This creative duo have been in the film & television industry for more than 20 years now, and they have lots of inspiring stories to share about how they made their opportunities happen rather than just let them come, how they collaborated on...


Host and Producer George Sirois Has an Excelsior Journey to Share

In February of 2021, host & producer George Sirois sat down with bestselling author (and previous guest) Amy Hale on her YouTube show Creative As Hale (Best. Title. Ever.) to discuss his own journey as an international bestselling author, voice actor, audiobook narrator, and podcaster. To celebrate Episode 80, here is the complete audio from that conversation, which included a Q&A from YouTube Live viewers (George's mother and aunt were among the viewers). Creative As Hale is part of The...


Actress Catia Ojeda and Writer/Director Alex Goldberg Gave Us Closure

With several film festival official selections and awards given to the dark comedy Closure, it's safe to say that actress Catia Ojeda and writer/director Alex Goldberg make a terrific team, both professionally and personally. And this week, they both sat down with host & producer George Sirois to discuss their respective Excelsior Journeys in both theatre and film. Enjoy their award-winning film Closure for free here: Amazon Prime: http://bit.ly/ClosureMovie Roku: https://bit.ly/ClosureRoku...


Shevolution Writer/Producer/Actress Minerva Vier Wants You to Trust Yourself!

After being accepted into more than fifteen international film festivals and winning five different awards (and counting), Minerva Vier - the writer, producer, and star of the short film "Shevolution" - sits down with host & producer George Sirois to discuss her own Excelsior Journey and tell you the first step you should take to reach your own creative success. Find out more about Minerva Vier and Shevolution by going here: http://www.minervavier.com/


Producer/Director Julia Marchese Goes from Out of Print to Adapting Stephen King

In 2001, Julia Marchese moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with the hopes of being an actress. Over a decade later, working at the New Beverly Theater revival house - as well as the phasing out of 35mm prints of films - inspired her to produce and direct the acclaimed documentary Out of Print, and she has since gone on to pursue other passion projects, such as hosting two podcasts and adapting one of Stephen King's short stories as one of his "Dollar Babies." So much was discussed during...


Author/Poet/Publisher Tonii Langhorne Turns Ideas Into Galaxies!

Through his publishing company iiPublishing, and his Poetix University, Tonii Langhorne has a very simple mission: to turn ideas into galaxies. From taking part in open mics to running his own to starting his publishing company, Tonii has dedicated himself to sharing the platform he created with other storytellers. He joins host & producer George Sirois to tell his own story of creative success, including how he was first approached by an author to get her works out into the world, how the...


Want to Be a Filmmaker? Be Like Director B. Anthony Gibson and Start Making Films!

With today's technology, the path to becoming a filmmaker has never been this smooth. All you have to do is take the phone out of your pocket, use it to shoot your movie, then edit it and upload it for all the world to see. Once upon a time, in the 1990's to be exact - it was nowhere near this easy. Join me and my guest - director / screenwriter / producer B. Anthony Gibson - as we talk about how his love of filmmaking started the instant he picked up a video camera, the beginning of his...


Black Authors Collaborative Founder Dara Kalima Wants to Help You Succeed!

Dara Kalima is not just a rising voice in the New York City writing community; she is also a member of the New York Urban League of Urban Professionals, the Vice President of Poetix University, the co-founder of The Art of Breathing & Writing, and the founder of the Black Authors Collaborative. She has multiple tools at her disposal that she wants to use to help you succeed, so let her get you started on your own journey as a writer! For More Information: Dara Kalima:...


Publish Me II: Beyond the Writing Seminar for Aspiring Authors

Thank you to iiPublishing and the Black Authors Collaborative for bringing me back for another Publish Me seminar. You can see the whole seminar on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyB8Yg96foM Publish Me II: Beyond the Writing is an online panel discussion that continues the discussion about how to navigate the writing industry for current and future writers, authors, and editors alike. Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or do you want to start a career as an editor? Or...