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Episode 31: Apparently this Podcast is About the Kentucky Derby Now

It's our second episode of the month which means we have a new swear of the month to talk about, most recent Google searches to share, signal boosts to shout out, and a homework assignment! Then we round the whole thing out with some chatter about the Kentucky Derby. Thanks to our new Patrons: Mary Beth A., Lisa B., Keli J., and Anasatasia S.! Swear of the Month: Arshgeige Signal Boost Amber: Stitched by JessaLu Erin: Libby Emily: Unladylike Podcast and Unladylike Book Non Knitting...


Episode 30: GWA-AH-JAY

For our big topic this month we talk about gauge. Oh fuck it... Learn about as much as we know. News Nurtured SweaterTincture HatFree Your FadeNightshift ShawlHoney Study HatRebel PurlBritty Rae KnitsA Needle Runs Through ItSarabedara88Designing KnitsEdgewise FO: Bowie Socks Sparkle and FluffEdgewise 1/2Team Beans Emily's WIP: Scrap Blanket Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Erin's Slyther-InKrampus is ComingComfort Fade Cardi New Kitties are Cute Ziggy Stardust Stash Enhancement Hawari Bazaar


Episode 29: Gadzooks and Darn It!

It's the second episode of March, which means this is our new format episode! We have a new Swear of the Month, Gadzooks. We talk about our most recent Google search and give a signal boost. We chat about our Non Knitting WIPs. Then we discuss our homework for the month, darning! So grab some holey socks and darn with us! Also, we may or may get off topic and discuss some video games at the end bit. Swear of the Month: Gadzooks Signal Boost Critical Role KickstarterLouisville Tea Co.Try...


Episode 28: Needle Cults - Which One Are You In?

For our big topic this month we dived into the world of needles. Listen to us reminisce about our firsts, bicker about our favorites, pros and cons of particular brands, and which ones we like for different projects. Its also Erin's birthday this month so please go bug her as much as possible. She can be found on Ravelry and Instagram. News Rebel PurlBrittyRaeKnitsA Needle Runs Through ItGood For EweSarabedara88 FO: Braid HillsWeekender WIP: Scrap Blanket Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Erin's...


Episode 27: Now You Have To Listen To Us Twice A Month

That's right, we'll be in your headphones twice a month from now on! Thanks to all of our Patrons who made this happen! We're going to have a different format for these episodes to mix it up a little! Swear of the Month: Bollocks Signal Boost Pet TreaterSucre Sucre Miniatures Knitting The Card GameA Needle Runs Through It Non Knitting WIPs Black Magic Non Knitting FOs Needle Felted Gnome Homework for this month - Single crochet dishcloth Homework Giveaway - 2 mini balls of yarn, a...


Episode 26: Warm Up Your Knits

We recorded this fresh out of the Polar Vortex so our topic this month is, Warm Up Your Knits! We discuss different ways to make your knitting projects warmer via stitch options, fiber content, and garment types. Also big news: We're going to release TWO EPISODES this month! We hit our goal on Patreon for the month of February so that means you get to hear from us twice. (we did have a few people lower their donations after we hit that goal though so now we're back down, tell your friends...


Episode 25: Random Numberator

Another year, another episode. Listen to the rest of our interviews and explore the wonder that is: Betina, Natalia of Malojos Jewelry, Giovannia Fregni, and Kalyssa of Yeti Yarns. Don't forget we have a 15% off coupon code for StevenBe’s website! It’s good through 1/31/19 and the code is: FTHISKNIT News: Rebel PurlBritty Rae Knits Emilys newest designs: BEEEEEESSSSPlaid Is Rad FOs: Emily's Wise Words Weasley SweaterChai Tea and Tai Chi Vampire QueenBer's Plaid WIP: Scrap Blanket...


Episode 24: Party at StevenBe's!

You finally get to hear some of the interviews we took during the StevenBe Vogue Knitting Live Launch Party! We interview Steven Berg, Talitha Koumi, our fan Heather, Aetherfang, and Nathan Taylor. We interviewed so many people that we can't fit them all in this episode so you'll get more next month! Don't forget we have a 15% off coupon code for StevenBe’s website! It’s good through 1/31/19 and the code is: FTHISKNIT News Ravelry threadPrym Double Pointed Ergonomic Needle Set GiveawayDo...


Episode 23: Finishing (not the podcast, don't freak)

This month we talk about finishing! We cover weaving in ends, blocking, buttons, and all of those final details to make your projects perfect. News BIG GIVEAWAY Patreon.com/fuckthisknit https://teespring.com/stores/fuck-this-knit FO Ber's Puff PrideMoana Sunset Highway WIPS Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did't Weasley SweaterBraid Hills Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018 Sparkle SocksMarna SweaterMegladon Emily's Wise WordsErin's Slyther-In Cast On Color AfflictionAdventure Texture Time!Emily is...


Episode 22: Sweater Weather

It's October which means it's officially Fall, so it's time for... SWEATER WEATHER! News https://teespring.com/stores/fuck-this-knit FO Arthur Weasley Socks Black MagicGaladriel Socks WIPS Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did't Sunset Highway Weasley SweaterBraid Hills Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018 Sparkle SocksMarna SweaterMoanaMegladon Cast On Ber's Puff PrideErin's Slyther-In Emily's Wise Words Stash Enhancement Behind Door Number One


Episode 21: Consistently Inconsistent

We have big news this month, we've launched our very own Patreon! There are all sorts of fun rewards for becoming our Patron, you can get buttons, bonus content, a virtual knit night with us, and even play DnD with us! After we talk about the big news, we talk about competing at the State Fair. News Michelle BernardGeodesic HatStrongholdBrenda and Heather YarnsPatreon.com/fuckthisknit FOs Quay Que Key Woodland OwlGeodesic Hat WIPS Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did't Sunset Highway Weasley...


Episode 20: Babies, Sprogs, Spawn, Offspring, Etc.

 It's an exciting month, with a new giveaway and Knit Along to announce! Also we discuss some of our favorite baby patterns and our favorite fibers to use for baby knits. News Michelle BernardBrenda and HeatherAmplificationWampa Stompkmcnelly FO MagratheaVeritaserum Hippogriff Three French Hens Hallowitchy Spun Merino Bamboo Yarn Rainbow BabbyFade SocksMuskoka Cowl WIP Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did'tBraid Hills Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Galadriel SocksMarna SweaterQuay Que Key Sunset Highway...


Episode 19: Wampa Stomp Farm

We went on a field trip this month, to Wampa Stomp Farm! We had lots of fun visiting with Ila and all of her adorable alpacas! News TorrendiellaAmbrosianGiveaway for Wampa Stomp Farm Alpaca yarn FO Natural Corriedale yarn Art yarn Toxic Oreo Geodesic Cowl Marauders Map socks Blue Sword yarn Marvel yarnWoven Scarfs WIP Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did't More Erin Socks Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Galadriel Socks Marceline the Vampire Queen Rainbow BabbyFade SocksMagrathea New Projects Veritaserum...


Episode 18: Goat Yoga and a Pile of Yarn

News FO Molly Weasley Antler Baby SweaterErin's What the FadeSizzlePopExorcist socks Pink Shit WIP Scrap Blanket Granny Done Did't More Erin Socks Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Galadriel Socks Marceline the Vampire Queen Rainbow Babby New Projects Fade Socks Toxic Oreo Geodesic Cowl Marauders Map socksMagrathea Stash Enhancement Valkyrie Fibers KY SHEEP AND WOOL MOTHERFUCKERS Emily's haul Bumblebee Acres FarmShepherds WoodworkingPawley StudiosThe Fiber QueenYoughiogheny YarnsDreaming...


Episode 17: Variety Swear Pack

In our 17th episode we discuss the questions you asked us!! News FO's Emily's What the Fade Amortenia Socks Tiny Bees WIP Scrap BlanketBraid Hills Sweater Granny Done Did't More Erin SocksErin's What the Fade Antler Baby Sweater Madtosh MKAL shawl 2018Exorcist socksGaladriel Socks Marceline the Vampire QueenSizzlePop New Projects Molly Weasley Rainbow Babby Stash Enhancement Nomadic YarnsVoolenvine YarnsThe Lemonade Shop


Episode 16: Spring Cleaning

Full show notes coming soon! Amber is on vacation but she'll get the show notes up once she's back from exploring Hogwarts.


Episode 14: Socks Socks Socks

It's time to talk about... socks! We go over everything from our first socks, favorite socks, tools, yarns, methods, the whole shebang!


Episode 13: Goals and Stuff

In our first episode of 2018 we talk about the knitting goals we made last year and set new ones for this year! Full show notes to come!


Episode 12: All Things Giftmas

Our topic for this month is Giftmas! Regular content is here like Finished Objects, WIPs, Cast Ons, Stash Enhancements, and the winner for The UnFuck It Along. So grab the holiday beverage of your choice, snuggle with that homespun blanket, and listen along. FO's Finally done with those bagsInsta-gratificationEmily's TabooScarf OneScarf Two WIP's Ber's Tosh Shawl Em's Tosh Shawl Erin's Tosh Shawl Scrap BlanketBer's Geodesic Cowl Malabrigo MittensBraid Hills SweaterVanilla SocksErin's...