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Reinventing the other side of 40 with sass, crass, and kicking ass

Reinventing the other side of 40 with sass, crass, and kicking ass


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Reinventing the other side of 40 with sass, crass, and kicking ass






Making the Most of a Weird Holiday Season: FH063

Once we get past the fact that holidays don't HAVE to look exactly as they have in the past, we can move on and create a season that's as different (or bizarre) as our hearts desire. We toss around ideas from outside sources, and chit-chat about how 2020 is putting its weird-ass thumbprint on our own holiday traditions. Also featured on this episode: Susie has a spooky Thanksgiving and Angie celebrates the life of pie.


Unconventional Gratitude: FH062

Toilet paper, squirrels, opposable thumbs, and farts are just a few of the goodies we sometimes take for granted, yet for which we have huge gratitude. Join us as we compare notes on the not oft recognized sources of joy that surround us every day. Also featured on this episode: Susie's pumped about turkey day, and Angie's not excited about coming clean.


Advice We’d Give Our Younger Selves: FH061

Stop being so guy crazy. Study harder in school. Learn to manage money. Don't put the wooden spoon between that boy's butt cheeks. Those are just some samples of the oodles of advice we'd give our younger selves. What advice would you give little you? Also featured on this episode: Susie's feeling constipated and Angie's gets dirty.


Let’s Talk About Unconventional Self Care: FH060

Do you think cleaning out your purse is self care? You bet it is. We share our favorite out-of-the-box self care practices -- you may already be doing some of them! Also on this episode: Susie wants to know what you'd do if you knew you wouldn't fail, and Angie's reading a book about Hollywood Squares.


Fashion Mistakes That Age You? Really?: FH059

We reflect on another oh-so-confusing article that tries to tell us women the items not to wear/things not to do -- this time, because they age us. Most of them are questionable, but we both agree nude pantyhose with reinforced toes are probably a no-go. Also featured on this episode: Susie's husband steals her candle and leaves town, and Angie's had some heartache.


Halloween Hijinx: FH058

Do you like carving pumpkins? Come on, be honest. It's that spooky season again, and we celebrate by sharing our favorite scary movies (scary is relative, of course), candy, costumes, and traditions we secretly can't stand. Also in this episode: Susie's tech challenges are all Mercury's fault and Angie gets glam.


Let’s Talk About Swearing: FH057

There's science that says people who swear like sailors lie less often and have more integrity than the non-potty mouthed ones. We discuss this very important topic, and share our favorite swear words. Also featured on this episode: Susie strings us along in more ways than one, and Angie flirts with yet another deadline.


Facts About Women’s Bodies Men Probably Don’t Know: FH056

Women's bodies are complicated, but men (and some women) may be surprised at some of the wild and wonderful things it can do. Also featured on this episode: Susie celebrates 27 years of wedded bliss, and Angie's obsessed with a hidey-hole.


Are You Brand Loyal?: FH055

Do the quality of zips matter on your storage bags? Do you split hairs over hair care products? This week, we spill the products to which we're brand loyal ... and speaking of spills, don't even come at us with anything other than a select-a-size paper towel. Also featured on this episode: Susie admires the trek from Poo-Poo Point to Pee-Pee Creek (naturally), and Angie's broken the seal on her favorite seasonal munchie.


A Few of Our Favorite Things: FH054

Are you obsessed with anything lately? There are a few things totally blowing our skirts up, and we want to tell you all about them. Listen in to hear our current preoccupations in music, sandwiches, drinks, magical personal care products and more. Also featured in this episode: Susie lives next door to spider condos and Angie gets the "short-legged dog" report every morning.


Things That Sound Better Than They Actually Are: FH053

Fancy sports cars and shower sex are just a couple of ideas that seem fun, but really, where do you put your groceries in that tiny car? How do you keep from slipping in the shower and injuring yourself? Also featured on this episode: Susie's getting daily KISS alarms, and Angie's recovering from movin' on up.


Are You a Fashion Plate?: FH052

How would you describe your style? Do you track the latest fashion trends, or do you have no time for those bollocks? This week, we share our opinions on this year's fashion passions, and put our own labels on each other's looks. Also featured in this episode: Susie waxes poetic over candles, and Angie's added a new slang word to her vocabulary.


How to Get a Husband (According to 1958): FH051

"Get a sunburn." Yep, that's one of the "129 Ways to Get a Husband" as detailed in a 1958 issue of McCall's magazine. Seriously, some of these are real doozies, and we share our favorites from the retro article. Also featured on this week's episode: Susie's styled herself into a new job and Angie's found another garbage TV show.


How’s Your Mental Health These Days?: FH050

After nearly six months of social distancing and isolation, we look toward the winter months and wonder, "How the hell are we gonna to do this?," especially those of us who live in colder climates. This week we reveal how our mental health has been affected by the pandemic, and share our plans for making the indoor-ness of winter tolerable. Also featured on this episode: Susie's a glorious birthday girl, and Angie kicks some fruit fly ass.


Want Some Wine With Those Cheesy Movies? FH049

There are good movies, there are bad movies, and there are ALSO good-bad movies. We share our favorite terrible-but-can't-look-away films, and each review the cheesy movie that was assigned by the other one. Yeah, there are some doozies, folks. Also featured in this episode: Susie shares her full moon, and Angie makes an exciting purchase that's bigger than a bread box.


How Much is Too Much TMI?: FH048

Are you comfortable with others sharing info with you about their injuries? Their sex lives? Their money situations? How do YOU feel about sharing your own personal information? This week we reveal the topics we think are TMI -- yes, we do have boundaries! Also featured in this episode: Susie drops a bomb on her husband's meditation, and Angie's finding mysteries from across the pond.


Asking for What You Want (What-cho-want?): FH047

It's a special Wednesday episode! Sometimes it's hard to ask for what you want. Whether it's about money, friendship issues, or even bedroom-related requests, we're making ourselves totally vulnerable when we ask. But guess what? The answer is always no unless you DO ask! This week, we share experiences and ideas around this very subject. It's also perfect timing because we're kicking off a brand new Patreon fun-a-palooza, and you can become a patron for as little as $3 a month! We're asking...


Back to the Desert Island: FH046

While we're preparing a special Wednesday episode, we invite you to return to one of our very favorite ones: Desert Island Wish Lists, which originally aired on February 24, 2020. Would you bring Champagne as your only drink on a desert island? One of us would. How about a fancy adjustable bed? Yep -- one of us definitely would. This week we reveal our desert island wish lists, and Angie is a cheater. Also featured in this episode: Susie finds she underestimated a classic horror film, and...


Diggin’ the Gig Economy: FH045

What the heck is the gig economy, and have the changing times driven more people in that direction? We get giggy wit' it on this week's show as we share our own ups and downs working non-traditional jobs. Also featured on this episode: Susie is psyched for the release of her 2021 Badass Planner, and Angie's 2021 Texts from Mittens daily calendar is here, too!


Cosmetics – Making It Up As We Go Along: FH044

One of us can fit all her cosmetics into a wee bag, and the other is a self-professed makeup junkie. We reminisce about the pastel makeup palettes and Bonne Belle glosses of our youth, and share current makeup habits and go-to product faves. Also featured on this episode: We review the movies we assigned to one another, and both agree that Walter Mercado is our favorite superhero.