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The Fictitious podcast, hosted by Adron Buske, delves into the craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.

The Fictitious podcast, hosted by Adron Buske, delves into the craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.
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The Fictitious podcast, hosted by Adron Buske, delves into the craft of Science Fiction and Fantasy storytelling through interviews with authors and other professional writers. These conversations examine the writing process, techniques, and work habits of passionate creators and explore their most recent, and most popular, works.







K. A. Doore is author of THE PERFECT ASSASSIN, a suspense-driven fantasy adventure set in a sand-strewn city of platforms rising above the desert wastes. A young historian takes his first rooftop leaps into the life of an assassin, a noble family tradition with definitive rules of conduct and contracts. But when he discovers the body of a prominent city leader, it falls on his shoulders to solve the crime before conspiratorial intrigue and angry spirits tear his world apart. THE PERFECT...


Evan Winter, THE RAGE OF DRAGONS author

Evan Winter is the author of the epic fantasy debut, THE RAGE OF DRAGONS (Orbit Books). In a caste-driven society that has known only war for generations, a low-born commoner name Tau's life is destroyed by the very people he was born to serve. Though his path is blocked by ruthless nobles, magic-enraged warriors, and the Gifted who call down the fire of dragons, Tau dedicates his life to a singular ambition — do anything necessary to have his revenge on the men who took away all that he...


Mary E. Pearson, VOW OF THIEVES author

Mary E. Pearson is the New York Times bestselling author of the REMNANT CHRONICLES young adult fantasy series. Last year she released DANCE OF THIEVES, which is set in the REMNANT universe. And now, she’s following up with its sequel, VOW OF THIEVES. Sparks fly in this new series when a reformed thief turned Queen’s guard becomes reluctant allies with the leader of an outlaw family on the edge of the kingdom. A turbulent romance tests their individual loyalties even as a greater, insidious...


Fonda Lee, JADE WAR author

Fonda Lee is the author of JADE WAR (Orbit Books). Her early works were the acclaimed young adult science fiction novels Zeroboxer, Exo, and Crossfire. Her first adult fantasy novel, JADE CITY, kicked off the Green Bone Saga. JADE CITY won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel, and was nominated for both the Nebula and the Locus award. The sequel, JADE WAR, continues to explore her mafia-meets-fantasy world, where magic, martial arts, and explosive action combine with the complex drama of...


J. Michael Straczynski, Becoming Superman author

J. Michael Straczynski is well known in science fiction fandom for creating the seminal TV series BABYLON 5, and recently SENSE8 with the Wachowskis for Netflix. His body of work includes the films Changeling and Marvel’s Thor, and acclaimed comic book runs on the Amazing Spider-Man, Rising Stars, and Midnight Nation. His latest work is a memoir called BECOMING SUPERMAN. For writers, it is a prime illustration of how the craft is more than a hobby or career pursuit – it is an opportunity to...


Season 3 Wrap-Up

This is the wrap-up episode for Season 3 of Fictitious. I'll be taking a short summer break to catch up on some reading, do some traveling, and work on a few projects, including updates to the show's website. Fictitious will return on Monday, July 22nd with celebrated science fiction screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski.


Megan E. O'Keefe, Velocity Weapon author

Megan E. O’Keefe is the author of the new space opera novel, VELOCITY WEAPON (Orbit Books). Gunnery Sergeant Sanda Greeve awakens aboard an unmanned enemy ship to discover she has lost a leg, lost her entire planet, and lost 230 years in stasis. Her only companion is Bero, the ship’s advanced AI, who is eager to help, but is perhaps not entirely trustworthy. Sanda’s deep space plight runs parallel with her brother Biran’s political career on their home planet, as he struggles to retrieve her...


Keith R.A. DeCandido, "A Furnace Sealed" author

Keith R.A. DeCandido is a prolific author known for his work with media tie-ins, including Alien, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and Dungeons & Dragons. His new urban fantasy novel, A Furnace Sealed, follows his character Bram Gold, a Bronx-based freelancer tasked with investigating and containing supernatural mishaps and malefactions. When his latest job wrangling a rogue unicorn cascades into a wave of dead immortals, Bram and his compatriots must find the murderer -...


Caitlin Starling, "The Luminous Dead" author

Caitlin Starling is the author of The Luminous Dead. It's a paranoia-drenched sci-fi tale that follows a young woman named Gyre on a solo expedition into an enigmatic cave system on a far-off planet. Her only companion is Em, a mysterious and often untrustworthy benefactor who guides her from afar via a high tech caving suit. Em's motives, Gyre's history, and the terrifying secrets of the cave tangle in this claustrophobic and emotional decent into discovery and delirium. The Luminous Dead...


Story Unlimited: Using Non-Traditional Methods and Media to Tell Your Story

Do you have a story to tell, but struggle writing that traditional novel, comic, or screenplay? Modern media presents you with extraordinary new options to tell your tale and win an audience. Whether it's a podcast, video series, webcomic, RPG, chat & text story, indie game, serialized mobile fiction, mystery box subscription, or something completely new, your potential fans are waiting! Fictitious host Adron Buske moderates this panel of writers about the evolving world of multimedia...


Dan Stout, "Titanshade" author

Dan Stout is author of the debut novel Titanshade. It's a hard-boiled cop drama set in a 1970’s-esque fantasy world, where the titular corruption-infected city is kept warm by the heat of a tortured infernal god, some of the detectives have face mandibles, and the best squad cars come with 8-track players. Titanshade is available now from DAW Books.


Kat Howard, "A Cathedral of Myth and Bone" author

Kat Howard is the award-winning author of the novels Roses and Rot, and An Unkindness of Magicians. Her latest book is a collection of short fiction called A Cathedral of Myth and Bone. These stories explore mythology, fantasy, and horror as they twist through the lives of women and saints, where the seeds of ancient revels and dread spring up anew in the modern age. A Cathedral of Myth and Bone is available now from Saga Press.


Shaun Barger, "Mage Against the Machine" Author

Mage Against The Machine, the debut novel from author Shaun Barger, is an explosive and emotional collision between fantasy and science fiction. It intertwines the stories of a young Magi soldier from an isolated world of government controlled magic, and a cybernetically enhanced resistance fighter struggling against a planet-conquering artificial intelligence. Mage Against The Machine is available now from Saga Press.


Gwenda Bond, "Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds" Author

Gwenda Bond's work includes a trilogy of Lois Lane YA novels, and the "Cirque American" book series, as well as the audio drama podcast "Dead Air". Her latest novel, "Suspicious Minds", is the first official "Stranger Things" tie-in and works as a prequel to the hit Netflix series. "Suspicious Minds" is available now from Del Rey books.


Gareth Hanrahan, "The Gutter Prayer" Author

Gareth Hanrahan is an author and role playing game writer/designer. His new novel, The Gutter Prayer, is a brilliant mash-up of fantasy, alchemical steampunk, and Lovecraftian horror. It follows three unlikely companions – a thief, a Stoneman and a ghoul – as they are pulled headlong into their ancient city’s hidden magical war. The Gutter Prayer is available now in stores everywhere from Orbit Books.


Jordanna Max Brodsky, "The Wolf in the Whale" Author

Jordanna Max Brodsky's previous series, the Olympus Bound trilogy, found the ancient gods of Greece living in modern Manhattan. Her passion for history and mythology is on display again with her latest novel, The Wolf in the Whale – which follows the quest of a young Inuit shaman to defend her people, and her own identity, from the wars of men and their gods. The Wolf in the Whale arrives in stores on January 29, 2019, from Red Hook Books.


S.A. Chakraborty, "The Kingdom of Copper" Author

S.A. Chakraborty is the author of The Daevabad trilogy, which includes her acclaimed debut novel The City of Brass, and its sequel, The Kingdom of Copper, which is available January 22nd, 2019 from Harper Voyager. It’s a lushly written, emotionally complex fantasy series with a fascinating, middle east-inspired mythology.


Book Review: "The Test" by Sylvain Neuvel

Fleeting and unsubtle, Sylvain Neuvel's The Test is, appropriately, all about choices. What decisions will a person make when their future is on the line? How do those choices change under pressure, when the lives of others depend on them? And who are we to judge if those actions make someone good, make them worthy?


Roshani Chokshi, "The Gilded Wolves" Author

Roshani Chokshi is the New York Times bestselling author of The Star-Touched Queen and A Crown of Wishes. Her latest novel, the young adult fantasy The Gilded Wolves, arrives in stores on January 15th from Wednesday Books. It’s a fast-paced heist adventure set in a darkly glamorous version of Paris in 1889, featuring a magic system forged from a twist of biblical mythology, and a highly quotable cast of dysfunctional yet fiercely competent young thieves.


Book Review: Vigilance by Robert Jackson Bennett

Fictitious Bonus Book Review: Bleak, propulsive, and frighteningly plausible, Robert Jackson Bennett’s concise novella Vigilance examines an America which has embraced gun violence as inevitable and marketable. Yet the greatest weapons wielded in this warning tale are the tools of media manipulation, used to keep a diminishing populace paranoid yet eager for more corporate-sponsored bloodshed.