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Two Star Wars-obsessed Chicagoans discuss everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away in this bi-weekly happy hour podcast. From the films to the novels and everything in between, hosts Alyce and Laura get you up to date on the latest Star Wars news, complete with some minor wine-induced garbling. Grab your favorite beverage and get toasted with Alyce and Laura. Email us at

Two Star Wars-obsessed Chicagoans discuss everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away in this bi-weekly happy hour podcast. From the films to the novels and everything in between, hosts Alyce and Laura get you up to date on the latest Star Wars news, complete with some minor wine-induced garbling. Grab your favorite beverage and get toasted with Alyce and Laura. Email us at
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Two Star Wars-obsessed Chicagoans discuss everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away in this bi-weekly happy hour podcast. From the films to the novels and everything in between, hosts Alyce and Laura get you up to date on the latest Star Wars news, complete with some minor wine-induced garbling. Grab your favorite beverage and get toasted with Alyce and Laura. Email us at




Double Shot Bonus: Maul in Rebels with Blue Bantha Milk Co.

Q: What’s better than one bonus? A: A second bonus! Too bad we’re not talking about money. Just Force Toast content for your eager ears. In this Double Shot Bonus episode, hosts Alyce and Laura sit down with Mat from the Blue Bantha Milk Co. YouTube channel to discuss* the series, The Road to IX! Then we’ve got an audio version of the video we did with Blue Bantha Milk Co. in Summer 2019 when we discussed Maul’s character arch in Star Wars Rebels. If you’d rather skip over our mad...


Double Shot Bonus: A Ship Ton of Trailer Fun with Jammed Transmissions

OK FIRST THING: We use the planet names Parnassus and Passanna interchangeably in this episode. Not because it’s right, but because we’re dumb. And by we, of course we mean Alyce and Laura. Pete and Josh are smart. Sorry about that. As far as we know, Parnassus isn't in this movie. Anyway What an adventure it will be to go back and listen to this after “The Rise of Skywalker” comes out, right? If you’re listening to this in the future, remind us to come back and re-listen to this. We hope...


Ep 22: Battle of the Buzzers

Shimmy on down, Skywalkers! We’re cutting the bullsh!t because we have A LOT to get to this week! You may have heard us preparing for a trivia competition called [insert Kristian Harloff voice here] The Movie Trivia Schmoedown! If you haven’t watched it yet, GET OUT! Seriously! GTFO because hosts Alyce and Laura are going to spoil* it all in your earholes right now! We can’t give you timestamps to avoid because there’s really no avoiding it in this episode. Go watch the match HERE before...


Ep 21: Pump Pump Done

Ew, what’s this? A Star Wars podcast? Um, actually we just got back from Los Angeles so this is a podcast about acai bowls now. In Episode 21, hosts Alyce and Laura get everyone up to speed* on what happened in LA without actually saying anything about what happened in LA. Then it’s back to the regularly scheduled program of what’s new with The Rise of Skywalker (no spoilers), Admiral Ackbar’s son 1) exists and 2) appeared in a comic, Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo is living his best life on...


Ep 20: All You Need is Log

We pledge allegiance to the Toast! We are 20 episodes old! That’s crazy. We honestly thought all of us would be dead by now. But since we’re all still here, hosts Alyce and Laura get one last word* in before they go all Hollywood on your asses. There’s a fashion show. Alyce’s birthday shows that Star Wars Twitter™ is Good Sometimes. Disney finally decides to start telling people know there’s a Star Wars movie coming out in December. Before there was Triple Force Friday, there was a...


Ep 19: Balls to the Wall with Weird

Force Toast: your source for important topics like, What Cats: The Musical and Kylo Ren Have in Common, and Is Star Wars Actually Catholic As F-ck? Both of those are real things discussed in this episode. We hope you grabbed some holy water on your way in. In Episode 19, hosts Alyce and Laura talk* about comics for once. First up is the Age of Resistance Snoke comic, which is really a Kylo Ren comic is disguise. You’re not fooling anyone, Marvel. Then it’s on to the preview of...


Ep 18: May the Spires Bleep You

Bright Suns, nerds! Hosts Alyce and Laura have to correct* literally everything they said in Episode 17, but then it’s onward and up the Spire to what’s in the news and what we’re reading! First up, some final thoughts on the D23 coverage of The Rise of Skywalker, what Coca-cola and sporks have in common, and what we learned from Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of The Mandalorian. Galaxy's Edge: A Crash of Fate is making Alyce feel a little squirmy, but that might be because she’s old...


Ep 17: Mrs Kenobi If You're Nasty

Ask and you shall receive! After weeks of nothing new (besides books), D23 certainly delivered. Hosts Alyce and Laura are diving into* the Kenobi series announcement, The Mandalorian trailer, the timeline revealed at D23 and The Rise of Skywalker footage(1) that we didn’t actually see until after we recorded. Obviously the Obi-Wan Disney+ series announcement has consumed every living fiber of Alyce’s being since Friday night. So naturally we have to break that down to a degree that’s going...


Ep 16: The Trooper Tuck

O’DOYLE RULES! Have you heard? Force Toast is re-branding. This is now a Billy Madison/Cats on Broadway podcast. And we’re renaming our show “And Others: A ‘Just Search Star Wars’ Podcast.” None of that is true. Except that last part. It’s still under consideration. Anyway, O’Doyle rules! There’s still not a ton of Star Wars news but as they say in Cats, the show must go on! Fortunately a lack of news and never stopped hosts Alyce and Laura from talking* at you for an hour+. Episode 16...


Ep 15: Alphabet Squadron: Baby Got Björk

It’s “Top Gun” in Space! There’s even a thirsty beach volleyball scene for all of you Tom Cruise stans. Not really. Tom Cruise isn’t in this book. But you know what? That shouldn’t stop you from removing your shirt and reenacting the “Top Gun” volleyball scene anytime you want. It’s summer. You do you. In Episode 15, which was recorded on June 22, hosts Alyce and Laura are talking* all things Alphabet Squadron. You all have done your assigned reading, right? Because this episode is...


Ep 14: From a Slurtain Point of View

It's a Force Toast Sleepover! Put on your big girl panties, slap a Korean moisturizing mask on your face and try not to suck at Battlefront II. This is Episode 14 and hosts Alyce and Laura are here* to get you caught up on Star Wars news, rumors and what they're reading while we all patiently wait for Thrawn: Treason. What's in the news? Not much, so let's talk rumors (nothing spoilery). What can the Sith troopers tell us about what's to come in TROS? What in the actual f!ck is Project...


Ep 13: Star Wars Heart On

Everything is back asswards because this is Episode 13 and recording sessions have been out of order and now the future is in the past and what is even happening? Confused? Try being wine drunk and having to figure this sh*t out. In Episode 13, hosts Alyce and Laura catch up* on the latest in The Rise of Skywalker news and rumor debunking, the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order comic, how Laura is totally unprepared for San Diego Comic Con, the relentless rumors of an ALLEGED Obi-Wan...


Ep 12: Ice Balls and Joysticks

Planet Earth. Only a small speck in a vast galaxy, but one that is home to a vast array of climates, landscapes and habitats for a seemingly endless multitude of creatures. None of whom are as bold or resplendent at the common Chicago pigeon. In this Star Wars podcast turned nature documentary, hosts Alyce and Laura investigate* the mysteries that lie deep within the mind of this magnificent, silver-plumaged derp bird. Not really. But Alyce watches bird porn now and you need to know that...


Ep 11: A Sporkful of Dooku

Not sure who asked Lucasfilm for all of this prequel-adjacent storytelling but we are HERE FOR IT. Hosts Alyce and Laura discuss* the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, meet the characters that put the 'Squad' in "Alphabet Squadron" and dive deep af into the audio drama "Dooku: Jedi Lost" by Cavin Scott. If you've been keeping up with all the new prequel(ish)-era media, you may have recently graced your earholes with the sounds of Dooku: Jedi Lost. We listened too, and we're...


Ep 10: Palps & Prophecies and Master & Apprentice

Win, lose, draw, draw, draw, draw, and around and around we go! Hosts Alyce and Laura catch up* on what’s to come in The Journey To The Rise of Skywalker, how they’re both allegedly dead now since they’re over age 30, and discuss the novel “Master & Apprentice” by Claudia Gray. If you’re into the Prequel Trilogy or if you just like Weird Force Stuff, you’ll probably enjoy Claudia Gray’s Master & Apprentice, which was released on April 26, 2019. So if you’ve finished reading M&A OR if you’re...


Ep 9: From No News to Listener Qs

It's an ode to our listeners! Slow news week be damned! This week hosts Alyce and Laura took* YOUR listener emails, tweets, DMs and voicemails and turned them into an entire podcast episode. We asked for your thoughts on the teaser for The Rise of Skywalker and what you want to see in the next trailer -- and you delivered! From the Gorax to the Knights of Ren, Force Toast listeners covered all the bases. Alyce and Laura breakdown a voicemail from listener Maria about the final chapter in...


Double Shot Bonus: Ep 9 Teaser with BB8 Radio

It's an extra happy Happy Hour in the Force Toast cantina when hosts Alyce and Laura are joined* by Tiffany and Sarah, hosts of the new Star Wars podcast, BB8 Radio. We go deep AF into the teaser for The Rise of Skywalker and do a shot-by-shot breakdown of what we see, hear, feel, smell (lol what?) and think about the long awaited, albeit brief, teaser trailer of Episode 9. Is Rey vs. the TIE-thingy a training session or for real? Is You-Know-Who (not Voldemort) back? Is D-O BB-8's puppy?...


Ep 8: Boop Boop and The Dead Fish - A SWCC Recap

Missing Chicago? Come back! We miss you! No? Fine. Anyway, ditch those Post-Celebration Blues and join hosts Alyce and Laura to relive* the highlights of our dearly departed Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Not gonna lie, we don't remember a lot of our evenings (pretty sure we had fun), but as far as daytime activities go, we had a blast! We caught Episode 9, the Schmoedown's Battle of the Trivia Masters, The Mandalorian, Rebels Remembered, The Clone Wars season 6, The Phantom Menace 20th...


Ep 7: Say Yes to the Snoke Dress

Doth thine ears deceive you? Nope, that's just the sound of ice clinking throughout basically the entire episode. Not sorry. Hosts Alyce and Laura discuss* what's in the pipeline for Star Wars publishing including Black Spire, Dooku: Jedi Lost, and a sprinkle of Alphabet Squadron. Alyce, who's basically done a full 180 on Star Wars Resistance, rounds out season 1 with one of her signature recaps of the finale episode, No Escape: Part 2. Laura takes on Force Toast listeners' trivia questions...


Half Shot Minisode: McCormick Place

Baby's first minisode! Laura spent part of this past weekend scoping out the West Building at McCormick Place (home to Star Wars Celebration Chicago April 11-15), and has some insights to share! Hosts Alyce and Laura break down* the area surrounding McCormick Place, public transit, which hotels/buildings connect to McCormick West and other logistics that SWCC attendees may find helpful (like coat check, wifi, other shit that sounds boring but is actually useful OKAY SO STOP CRITICIZING but...