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Our game-changing “ENVISION” podcast series, designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential.

Our game-changing “ENVISION” podcast series, designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential.


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Our game-changing “ENVISION” podcast series, designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential.






3 Things to Make You a TOP Achiever This Week

Hello friends! In this episode, we are opening to you three elements you need to implement and maintain this week to make you most effective and productive. Thus, this Friday you will be like 'Wow, I didn't know I could do that much'


Create Balance in Stressful Times with Conscious Heart Connection

Ilene combines more than 50 years in nursing and 25 years in vibration healing to create a holistic approach to clearing energy blocks and promoting healing. She helps an international clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with fear,self-sabotaging negative thoughts or behaviors, and self-worth issues to experience inner peace self-confidence, empowerment, and clarity about their soul's purpose. Key Points: All of us have challenges, and how we perceive them...


The Sound of Music: Part 3

In This Episode, Darlene discusses the beauty and history of dance and how it impacts us. The wish to move can alter our mood within a few moments. Key Takeaways: Dance has been around for thousands of years. There are many kinds of dances. You dance free form or formally. The popularity of dance shows is an example of people’s interest in dance. Dancing not only can change your mood, but it can help you connect to others as well as deep within you. Dancing can tap into the very essence of...


One Voice, One Journey

International recording artist and recent New Thought Walden Awards honoree Jesse Campbell shares his story of making it on the hit TV show The Voice and his passion for music. Since being on the show, Jesse has traveled to more than two dozen countries, performing, ministering, and giving motivational speeches, and he is working on a YouTube channel for kids.


Traits of Great Business Leaders #7 – Courage

Great business leaders require a certain set of character traits to unleash the potential of the enterprises they lead. In this series of seven posts, I articulate my view of the seven character traits essential for great business leaders. In this post, I describe the trait that energizes and ignites all the others – courage.


Leaders with Heart Start with Caring for Themselves

In this episode, Heather speaks with Mario Harding, Associate Chief Operating Officer at Denver Health, about the origins of his leadership style, leading him to success as a humble leader. Mario relays a story when he was not present for his team during a time when they needed him. He sheds light on important qualities of a leader: vulnerability, being present, taking care of yourself first, balance, putting yourself out there for your team, giving yourself grace, and a strong support...


How to Navigate Your Life Transitions

Taina Jara is Life Transition Coach and her life’s mission is to expand the human consciousness on the planet and help people around the world discover and express their life’s purpose so that they can make the impact they desire and create the life they love. Her guiding values are truthfulness, faith, and courage. Taina works with visionaries, influencers, and leaders in business, social, spiritual, and artistic areas to help them transition to the next inspiring vision in their life or...


Trust Your Gut

Have you ever made a choice that wasn’t good for you? Laura shares a brief honest story of a not good choice she made and ideas to pattern interrupt the part of you that tends to override your body cues that say, “Flag on the Play!” Listen in as you can create an intersection of trusting yourself and using discernment to free yourself of future regrettable decisions and Laura shares how. Laura Staley shares key themes from the book Live Inspired available from online retailers worldwide.


Traits of Great Business Leaders #6 – Humility

In this sixth of a series on the character traits of great business leaders, I identify one that might be surprising, yet is incredibly powerful – humility. Humility is often misunderstood. In this podcast, I describe it and show how it is a powerful leadership trait.


The Sound of Music: Part 2

In This Episode, Darlene discusses: How music taps into the power of you. How music is essential and offers a variety from which we can select. She talks about Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and other musicians who changed the culture. Key Takeaways: No matter their flaws, iconic figures leave their mark. Music continues to offer something for everyone. People leave this earth, but their gifts remain eternally. They have left us with these gifts, which will last us through eternity. DON'T...


Where Can You Go From Here?

When I take my daily walk, I tend to either walk in silence or listen to a podcast. I find that by doing either, I can briefly put aside those things on which I might otherwise be ruminating – or I can gain insight into them. On this particular day, I was listening to Greg McKeown's exceptional "Essentialism" podcast, and his guest literally said something that made me stop and hit the 15-second reverse button. Twice. His guest, Ben Bergeron, trains high-octane athletes for the high-octane...


Three Men Six Lives

Dr. Bernie Siegel broke new ground with his monumental book Love, Medicine, and Miracles. Today Bernie continues to impart wisdom about the true nature of love, life, and past lives in his entertaining and enlightening debut fiction novel Three Men, Six Lives. A grand adventure born of Bernie’s experience of his current and past lives awaits you! Tune in as Bernie shares the inspiration for his three engaging characters Jon Hokmak, George Dingfelder, and Carmine Birsamatto, and find out why...


The Sound of Music: Part 1

In This Episode, Darlene discusses: How music taps into the power of you. How music is important and comes in many forms. She talks about Rock, Opera, Classical, and the Blues. Key Takeaways: Music can change the way we feel and think. Melissa Hughes' article discusses this: The Best Music to Boost the Brain: What's Your Favorite? Music can enhance and be therapeutic. “The older I get, the more I embrace many forms of music.”


Crappy to Happy

Have you ever noticed that good answers and good choices rarely occur when we are stressed out or in crisis mode? You cannot focus. You cannot find clarity of thought. You cannot rationally weigh the pros and cons. It is like trying to hold back the ocean during high tide. You are simply reacting to a situation you cannot change, alter, or win. Our cluttered mind then tells us we have lost or we failed. At this point, our lives are “CRAPPY.” So how do we go from CRAPPY back to HAPPY? My...


Rediscover Humanity

Dennis Pitocco is Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of BizCatalyst 360°, an Award-Winning life, culture, and biz new media digest, serving as not just another website, but rather as a hub of creative expression and personal growth designed with and for our writers and our community. With an emphasis on action, their 700+ global contributors empower people to transition from knowing what to do to actually doing it —all complemented by syndication relationships with a choice group of...


Recovery from Financial ‘Bitchuation’ Using Simple Success Principles

Filomena Day is a best-selling author offering simple strategies and time-tested tips and techniques to show clients better ways to improve their relationships with money and others. She hosts and produces The M Power Hour, a television series empowering viewers to improve their WHOLE life through episodes covering Wealth, Health, Organization, Lifestyle/Love-life, and Entertainment. Her business reflects her “wholeness success” philosophy and is the culmination of a 40+ year career...


Everything Matters – Nothing Matters

Amid the chaos we are facing, a number of people are using this time to look inwardly in the hope of finding a sense of calm and peace and meaning. These people have said to me “Do I even want to return to my old normal, my old job, my old habits, with all the stress and anxiety? I want to be alive with a capital A.” There has to be a better way. Maybe this is the opportunity to change.” But how do we change? What do we change? And the real question - Do we really want to change? Listen to...


Traits of Great Business Leaders #5 – Integrity

Great business leaders exhibit many of the same character traits. Here’s number five in the series describing the top character traits of great business leaders – integrity. It is both good morals as well as good business. See how you measure up.


Are You Listening?

Executive coach and author of Are You Listening or Just Waiting to Speak, Jane Adshead-Grant is the guest on today’s show. She shares deep insights about listening with host Kevin Monroe, including why she discourages note-taking during conversations. Don’t Take Notes Kevin often creates some questions to ask podcast guests as a springboard to their conversation. While they are speaking, he jots down notes so that he remembers important points or ideas he wants to revisit. Jane discourages...


Going North: In Search of More With Less

Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves. ~Dennis J. Pitocco Today’s featured bestselling author is global solopreneur, constructive disruptor, and Founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of BIZCATALYST 360° and Founder & CEO of GOODWORKS 360°, Dennis J. Pitocco. Dennis and I talk about his pilgrimage down the Camino de Santiago and the power of having a “Disconnect Bucket List”. Key Takeaways: A strong “why” that’s not about you can push you further forward. A long,...