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Our game-changing “ENVISION” podcast series, designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential.


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Our game-changing “ENVISION” podcast series, designed to help you maximize your influence and unleash your potential.






Overcoming Yourself To Show Up Powerfully

Abby El-Asmar is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the digital entrepreneurship and marketing space – including serving as a marketing consultant to local & online businesses. Tune in to hear more about: Overcoming his own fears and insecurities to show up powerfully Validating that You are who you think you are Taking Risk: Freeing up to yourself as a second career Redefining expertise and professional experience What really matters in business is your belief in yourself....


Live Inspired

Leading social scientists tell us that growing up we are a product of our environment. How we were treated and spoke to by our parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, etc. formed our personality and often our sense of self-value or lack of self-value. Laura Staley has faced those struggles for many years before discovering she could take control and live life on her terms. Listen to this intriguing story.


Create Balance in Stressful Times with Conscious Heart Connection

Ilene combines more than 50 years in nursing and 25 years in vibration healing to create a holistic approach to clearing energy blocks and promoting healing. She helps an international clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with fear,self-sabotaging negative thoughts or behaviors, and self-worth issues to experience inner peace self-confidence, empowerment, and clarity about their soul's purpose. Key Points: All of us have challenges, and how we perceive them...


Fostering a Civil Workplace

The Dan Smolen Podcast is the best at covering the future of work and meaningful work topics and trends. On the podcast, Dan Smolen provides interesting guests and actionable career insight to help you “real-time reimagine” a future of work doing meaningful work. As organizations reintroduce their people to the workplace, they must also reckon with social responsibility. It is one thing for management to express a desire for positive social change. It is quite another to “walk the talk” to...


The “Accessory to Magic” with Kathrin Hutson

Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your magical personal growth journey. Today’s returning award-winning international bestselling author is mom & fiction ghostwriter, Kathrin Hutson. Kathrin and I have another fun on a bun conversation about her personal growth journey as a writer, what authors should invest in as they publish their work, and more!!! Key Thing’s You’ll Learn: The 2 skills that Kat has been learning during the pandemic. Why she decided to try her hand at an urban...


Homecoming from Homer to the Wizard of Oz

Award-winning writer, filmmaker, travel guide, and storyteller Phil Cousineau talks about the joys and challenges of homecoming — the oldest tale in the world, repeated from The Odyssey to The Wizard of Oz. Phil’s fascination with other cultures has taken him from Michigan to Marrakesh, from Iceland to the Amazon. He’s written more than 35 books, including The Hero’s Journey, Stoking the Creative Fires, The Art of Pilgrimage, and The Book of Roads. He’s also the host of Global Spirit, the...


The Importance of Income in Retirement

Sara Finkelstein is a Registered Social Security Analyst and in this Wiser Women in the Spotlight Interview Series, Sarah answers two very important questions. Questions that people are often confused about, hence make decisions that may not serve them well - When is the best time to collect your Social Security? Where will your income come from in retirement?


Turn Off the Alarm Bells – How to Prioritize Civility in a Divisive World

At the heart of civility is respect. Respect and dignity are essential for psychological safety, especially when others have diverse experiences and viewpoints. Civility is not about complacency or placating. It’s not about denying or pushing away strong feelings that can emerge when conflict emerges. It’s about temporarily suspending our alarm bells for a period of time so we can do the hard work of “climbing the empathy wall” to better understand the deep stories behind those we see as...


Being Present in the Moment

When you turn your face to the past, you same turning your back to the future. When you are too much into the future, always unsatisfied, you are losing what you have. You have a lot, acknowledge that.


How to Foster Civility in Our Kids

Podcast Host Emily Melious believes that every child is perfectly capable, but sadly, the world doesn’t always see it that way. As an Accredited Youth Specialist, Emily works with families to discover and harness their kids’ superpowers. Join her as she leads weekly conversations about how to advocate for your child in a one-size-fits-all world. Learn more about Mothers of Misfits and visit Emily's Website. I was honored to be her guest recently, as we discussed a number of important topics....


Change is an Inside Job

After striving for all of the outside, material successes that parents, education, and society signpost in the West such as a big house, money, powerful job role, holidays, etc and only at the age of 39 did I achieve all of that and sit in my apartment feeling hollow empty. At that point I got curious and I have spent the past 5 years learning how to model being free to be which has included acknowledging my adolescent bullying aged 12/13, self-harming, failed first marriage, burning myself...


3 Things to Make You a TOP Achiever This Week

Hello friends! In this episode, we are opening to you three elements you need to implement and maintain this week to make you most effective and productive. Thus, this Friday you will be like 'Wow, I didn't know I could do that much'


The Sound of Music: Part 3

In This Episode, Darlene discusses the beauty and history of dance and how it impacts us. The wish to move can alter our mood within a few moments. Key Takeaways: Dance has been around for thousands of years. There are many kinds of dances. You dance free form or formally. The popularity of dance shows is an example of people’s interest in dance. Dancing not only can change your mood, but it can help you connect to others as well as deep within you. Dancing can tap into the very essence of...


One Voice, One Journey

International recording artist and recent New Thought Walden Awards honoree Jesse Campbell shares his story of making it on the hit TV show The Voice and his passion for music. Since being on the show, Jesse has traveled to more than two dozen countries, performing, ministering, and giving motivational speeches, and he is working on a YouTube channel for kids.


Traits of Great Business Leaders #7 – Courage

Great business leaders require a certain set of character traits to unleash the potential of the enterprises they lead. In this series of seven posts, I articulate my view of the seven character traits essential for great business leaders. In this post, I describe the trait that energizes and ignites all the others – courage.


Leaders with Heart Start with Caring for Themselves

In this episode, Heather speaks with Mario Harding, Associate Chief Operating Officer at Denver Health, about the origins of his leadership style, leading him to success as a humble leader. Mario relays a story when he was not present for his team during a time when they needed him. He sheds light on important qualities of a leader: vulnerability, being present, taking care of yourself first, balance, putting yourself out there for your team, giving yourself grace, and a strong support...


How to Navigate Your Life Transitions

Taina Jara is Life Transition Coach and her life’s mission is to expand the human consciousness on the planet and help people around the world discover and express their life’s purpose so that they can make the impact they desire and create the life they love. Her guiding values are truthfulness, faith, and courage. Taina works with visionaries, influencers, and leaders in business, social, spiritual, and artistic areas to help them transition to the next inspiring vision in their life or...


Trust Your Gut

Have you ever made a choice that wasn’t good for you? Laura shares a brief honest story of a not good choice she made and ideas to pattern interrupt the part of you that tends to override your body cues that say, “Flag on the Play!” Listen in as you can create an intersection of trusting yourself and using discernment to free yourself of future regrettable decisions and Laura shares how. Laura Staley shares key themes from the book Live Inspired available from online retailers worldwide.


Traits of Great Business Leaders #6 – Humility

In this sixth of a series on the character traits of great business leaders, I identify one that might be surprising, yet is incredibly powerful – humility. Humility is often misunderstood. In this podcast, I describe it and show how it is a powerful leadership trait.


The Sound of Music: Part 2

In This Episode, Darlene discusses: How music taps into the power of you. How music is essential and offers a variety from which we can select. She talks about Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and other musicians who changed the culture. Key Takeaways: No matter their flaws, iconic figures leave their mark. Music continues to offer something for everyone. People leave this earth, but their gifts remain eternally. They have left us with these gifts, which will last us through eternity. DON'T...