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Episode 242 – General Geekdom (Salute)

In this episode Steve gets into his thoughts on that Avengers: Endgame teaser that was released out of the blue. From there he does some toy talk, some Spider-Man talk, some Bumblebee talk, and he makes a confession about learning to spell. Then he bids farewell to Stan Lee. It’s a classic feel to a podcast classic. It’s your safe […]


Episode 241 – Relegislating Transformers?

Steve got a hair and fired up the mixlr late at night and started yammering on about four trailers that have been in the geek news lately. Before he gets there though he jumps into the mailbag and fields your e-mails. While doing that, he notices a comment in the chat that leads him to extol the virtues of one […]


Episode 240 – ComiCon Wrap Up

Steve is joined by Erich Schoeneweiss to talk about all of their favorite news to come out of San Diego this year. The guys discuss everything from Aquaman and Shazam to Godzilla. Favorite guest Ethan also dips in to discuss the DC movie trailers that dropped. It’s geeking out over the possibilities of what is to come on your safe […]


Episode 239 – MU Read Through – The Death of Jean DeWolff

Scott Ryfun has tricked Steve into podcasting with him. The result? The guys pick a story arc from across Marvel Comics’ vast library and break it down and discuss it. This episode it’s the death of Jean DeWolff from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man issues 107 – 110. The guys discuss why this story had impact, various cameos in the […]


Episode 238 – GOLO: A Geek Out Loud Story

Steve made a friend in real life!!! His name is Lucas and he stops by (in person) to talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story with Steve. The guys discuss how they met, what they get up to when the mics aren’t on, and of course they talk Solo. Given Steve’s take on The Last Jedi, you may be surprised […]


Episode 237 – Infinity War

Thanos demands you listen! Erich joins Steve to discuss the culmination of ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The guys gush over Avengers: Infinity War, and as a bonus discuss the new Celine Dion song that was written and performed for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack. It’s a fun episode full of Marvel movies and comics goodness. In Steve’s mind […]


Episode 236 – Black Panther and YOUR CALLS!`

Steve was feeling froggy late one night so he fired up mixlr, fired up the recorder, took some calls and talked Black Panther a little bit. Also included are your e-mails, some singing, a Patreon update/apology, and the general fun we all have in our safe place to geek out! This is the Geek Out Loud Podcast!


Episode 235 – Super Hero Movies Through The Ages

Steve sits down to do something that’s been on his mind for a while and ends up droning on and on about it. It’s the “How did we get here?” of superhero movies. From the 1920’s Zorro to The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve reads a list and examines how we got to where we are now with the state of […]


Episode 234 – Pass The Corn and The Finale!

It’s a supersized dose of GOL mashed up with the Big Honkin Show as the CURE marathon comes to a close. First up, Steve and Erich Pass the Corn and look ahead to the movies of 2018. Then, GOL welcomes back Dave Jones as he and Steve discuss The X-Files and then roll into a Big Honkin Show to close […]


Episode 233 – GOL Returns!

Shazbazzar is in on the marathon as he and Steve take part in the first discussion of The Last Jedi on Geek Out Loud. The guys are very honest about what they like and dislike about the movie and have some fun as they talk The Wars. The point to take away is we still have a ways to go […]


The 2018 Marathon Kickoff Show

With all of the technical difficulties of recent weeks, the marathon took a real hit this year. The Big Honkin Show is still down so we are posting this episode on the Geek Out Loud feed. You can donate to CURE between now and January 31 by going to Help us meet our goal by the end of the […]


Episode 232 – Geeking Out With Adam Bray

Author Adam Bray stops by to talk all things geek from toy collecting to Star Wars to Marvel and everything in between. Cat breaks and good times abound on your safe place to geek out and don’t forget to check out STORMTROOPERS: BEYOND THE ARMOR co-written by Adam Bray and Ryder Windham.


Episode 231 – Superfriends 2017

Steve has seen Justice League and his response may surprise you. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer has debuted and Steve’s response may not surprise you at all. Buy some cheese, collect some cards, and click on the links all while you listen to e-mails and enjoy your safe place to geek out.


Episode 230 – Pass The Corn – Ragnarok

Erich joins Steve to discuss the movies of November. The guys blow through them pretty quickly and then move on to discuss Thor: Ragnarok. Also, a quick look at the latest geek entertainment news and a little Stranger Things 2 discussion. Don’t forget to listen to hear how you can win a free Fandango gift card.


Episode 229 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 8 – The Upside Down

Steve can’t go into the Upside Down alone so he recruits Shazbazzar to sit in on the final episode of the Stranger Things rewatch. After a last minute ad read Steve fills time by sharing the recommended videos on YouTube after watching a video of an 80’s song. The strangest thing about this episode may be what Steve has been […]


Episode 228 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 7 – The Bath

Steve braves illness to bring the commentary on a pivotal episode of the show in the most lethargic way possible. You may want to skip this one, but then you’d miss what Steve really thinks of Nancy and Steve. Also, the mystery of jumbo wings and tenders is further explored.


Episode 227 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 6 – The Monster

Steve braves vocal issues to talk about Stranger Things while you watch. Before we get going Steve looks back in the archives and brings up an old bit from almost 10 years ago. During the rewatch Steve recounts stories of fights with friends, great 80’s movies, and other nonsense. Then…when the show seems to be over…just listen…it’s the audio version […]


Episode 226 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 5 – The Acrobat and The Flea

Steve is joined by Shazbazzar from Techno Retro Dads to watch and discuss the fifth chapter of Stranger Things. Before getting into the episode, Steve makes Shaz talk about The Thor: Ragnarok original score. Then, as they watch we find out which of the kids is really most like Steve. Also, tales of the last days of Maw Maw, what […]


Episode 225 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 4 – The Body

Steve is joined by Christy Morris from The 602 Club podcast to watch Stranger Things Chapter 4 – The Body. This is a pivotal episode in the season so of course Steve has to spend most of the time debating the merits of Nancy and expressing his love of Hopper. It’s a fun one. So fire up the show while […]


Episode 224 – Stranger Things Rewatch – Chapter 3 – Holly, Jolly

Joyce strings up some Christmas lights, Eleven helps the boys find Will, and Steve hates Nancy more than he knew…Steve the host of the show…not the boy with the weird hair. It’s Stranger Things Chapter 3 on your safe place to geek out.