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A Bi-Weekly Podcast About The Latest Movies and Shows

A Bi-Weekly Podcast About The Latest Movies and Shows


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A Bi-Weekly Podcast About The Latest Movies and Shows




Episode 10: Coronavirus Hoe

As we dive into shows like "Love Is Blind," "Cherish The Day," and talk about movies such as "I Still Believe," it is only right for this episode's "Getting In Depth With It" topic to deal with dating. Which, with him using the apps, led to Amari encountering a sex worker. But, outside of that, we also talk about things going on within New Jersey, a separation between your work life and personal life, and Shonda gives you a few stories to help you understand more where she is coming from....


Episode 9 - Catch Me While You Can

Alongside recapping some of your favorite shows, like "The Good Doctor" and talking about the latest to premiere, like OWN's "Cherish The Day" and ABC's "For Life," Shonda talks about her first time getting on stage and doing stand up! Which you can see a clip of, at her website: Also, we talk about "The Photograph," "Parasite," "To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You," and we catch up, as usual.


Episode 8: You Got Me Feeling Emotions

With it being a while since we talked, we have to catch up on more than the usual things. Such as feelings on the coronavirus and a recent therapy session. However, from there we talk about The Good Doctor, movies like Troop Zero, Jezebel, and of course Bad Boys For Life and Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace. But then, in "Getting In-Depth With It," things get deep as we talk about self-love. Which is the bulk of the episode, so we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!


Episode 7: Hey Big Head

Back from the holidays, Shonda and Amari are back at it and are talking about Netflix's The Circle, You: Season 2 and Messiah. Also, AJ makes an appearance and Amari shows he needs to work on relating and breaking things down for children. Alongside that, we have our usual "Getting In Depth With It" segments ranging from respectability politics, changes we're focusing on in this new year, new decade, and just being thankful for you kind folks.


Episode 6: Surviving The Holidays

In our psuedo-holiday episode, we talk about the mess which is Ready To Love, celebrate the wig being lost on Family Reunion, the short Hair Love and Shonda hair journey, how Shonda deals with Christmas and so much more - including the illustrious AJ joining us for a segment.


Episode 5: The Episode From The Ghetto

In this episode, Shonda and Amari talk about their takes on The Good Doctor, Ready To Love, Queen & Slim, and 21 Bridges. With, of course, going off-topic and talking about correct terms when addressing Trans people, among other things. Also, "Getting In-Depth With It" becomes an official segment with this episode's topic being friendship and the hosts retracing how their friendship came to be.


Episode 4: Getting In Depth With It

Shonda Nicole and Amari Allah are back at it and alongside talking about their favorite show and movies, Shonda drops some gems in the form of her parenting techniques.


Episode 3: I Just Got Questions

For the first time, we go into our mutual love of The Good Doctor, and Shonda talks about formerly working for a family with someone who has autism. Also, we speak on David Makes Man season 1, Greenleaf, Ready To Love and Dolemite Is My Name!


Episode 2: Don't Judge Me

In this episode, we talk about the films Joker and Abominable, the OWN network's David Makes Man, Greenleaf, and Ready To Love, Netflix's Rhythm + Flow, alongside the Netflix comedy specials Nikki Glaser: Bangin', Mo Gilligan: Momentum, and Deon Cole: Cole Hearted.


Episode 1: I'm Just Saying.

On the premiere episode of "Getting Ignorant With It," we talk about the films Don't Let Go, Hustlers, Black and Blue and the original First Wives Club, alongside the programs Greenleaf, David Makes Man, Queen Sugar, as well as BET+'s new series Bigger and First Wives Club.