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A podcast focused on learning from top experts of various industries to help listeners become better designers, creatives and giant thinkers.

A podcast focused on learning from top experts of various industries to help listeners become better designers, creatives and giant thinkers.
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A podcast focused on learning from top experts of various industries to help listeners become better designers, creatives and giant thinkers.




Chris Zumwalt, CEO of BridgeClimb Sydney, on being a Servant Leader

Giants, this is episode #73! Today we have the CEO of BridgeClimb Sydney, which is the #1 ranked experience in Australia. To date, over 4 million people from more than 140 countries have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge since 1998, including Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman and Jamie Oliver. Previously, our guest was the CEO of Scenic World Blue Mountains where he served a 10-year tenure. His formal studies include a Bachelor's degree in Business, Management and Marketing – plus a...


Stephanie Rice, 3 x Olympic Gold Medalist and 5 x World Record Holder unpacks the champion’s mindset

Welcome to episode #72! Today’s guest is a household name. She’s a 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist and 5 time World Record Holder. She’s even been inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. When she was a full-time competitor, her rigorous training involved over 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, swimming 3,000 km a year – so we have front row seats to hearing from an elite athlete about physical fitness and mental toughness. Now as a retired athlete, she dedicates her time in...


Reynold Poernomo, former top 4 MasterChef Australia contestant and Chef on running a creative food empire

Today, we have someone super special. He’s been a top 4 contestant on MasterChef Australia’s Season 7 (in 2015 – where at the time he was only 20 years old) and he’s the Co-Founder of multiple family-run restaurants – including KOI Dessert Bar & Dining and Monkey’s Corner. He’s often been referred to as Sydney’s "dessert king" but his abilities span well beyond sweets and into the savoury. He’s been featured multiple times in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Good Food, and...


Jacob Cass, Founder of JUST Creative on his design process, income through blogging and travelling the world for 3 years

Giants, this is episode #70! Today I’m joined by one of the world’s top Graphic Designers; specialising in branding and logo design. Our guest has had over 15 years design experience, has spoken at TEDx, been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and has been awarded LinkedIn’s exclusive “Best of 2017” for graphic design. With over 50 million views across his popular design blog, JUST Creative – which doubles as his award-winning graphic design and branding firm. Our guest has also worked across...


Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice on building one of the biggest juice bar businesses in the world

Giants, this is episode #69! Our guest is the Founder of Boost Juice & Retail Zoo – the parent company of Boost Juice, as well as Salsa’s Fresh Mex, CIBO Espresso and Betty’s Burgers. She’s also an Australian Shark Tank Investor, Author and mother of four children. It all started with her vision of getting more fruit and veggies in people’s diet and – loving life along the way – which is now a reality, with over 2 million smoothies and juices sold every month. Boost Juice has more...


Kevin O’Leary, aka Money Expert Mr. Wonderful and Shark Tank USA Investor on succeeding as an entrepreneur

Giants, Ram Castillo here. This is episode #68! Today’s guest is a Canadian businessman, author and TV personality from Shark Tank USA. He co-founded the technology firm SoftKey – which was later acquired for more than $4 billion dollars. He has since launched O’Leary Funds (an investment fund company), O’Leary Fine Wines – and a best-selling book series on financial literacy which covers everything you need to know about making, saving, and growing money. He’s even stepped his foot into the...


Cesar Santos, Cuban-American portrait painter on making a living as an artist

Giants, this is episode #67! Today’s guest is a contemporary Cuban-American artist and portrait painter, best known for his ‘Syncretism’, a term he coined in 2011 to describe paintings where he presents two or more art tendencies in aesthetic balance. His work harmonises both classical and modern interpretations juxtaposed within each painting. When he moved to America with his family aged 12, he got the real taste for the American Dream: “The worst thing that could happen in America...


John Wayne Parr, 10-time World Muay Thai Champion on having a winners mindset

G’day Giants, welcome to episode #66! Our guest today is a 10-time World Muay Thai Champion. He’s also a former Australian middleweight boxing champion, professional Kickboxer and Owner of Boonchu gym located in the Gold Coast, Queensland. He was the runner up on The Contender Asia, and the first Australian to fight at the Thai King’s birthday. For extra context, he started Taekwondo at the age of 11 before moving onto Muay Thai at the age of 13. He’s grown a career from this passion,...


Q&A on cultivating what's important, starting a podcast, managing anxiety when public speaking and the money conversation

Giants welcome to episode #65 — a special, first ever solo Q&A episode with yours truly to end 2018. Questions submitted by you the listeners. I’ve curated the top 8 based on the most similar questions asked, and also the ones I felt would be the most widely useful or applicable. To help you skip to the answer most relevant to you, as I know many of you are time poor, I’ll list all the questions out below. The eight questions I’ve answered in order are: Q1. Any recommendations for...


Naomi Simson, Shark Tank investor and Founder of RedBalloon on what makes a standout entrepreneur

Giants, this is episode #64! Our guest today is one of Shark Tank Australia’s well-known investors on the hit TV show Shark Tank. She’s also the Founder of the online experience gift retailer; RedBalloon, plus Co-Founder of the parent company Big Red Group. With only $25K in 2001 she started RedBalloon with a second-hand computer in her front room. Prior to that, she worked for massive brands including IBM, Apple and KPMG. If you follow her you may have even read her top-selling books;...


Dale Partridge, serial entrepreneur on evaluating our purpose, seeking our truth and creating businesses you believe in

Giants, welcome to episode #63! Today’s guest has launched over half a dozen multi-million dollar companies. From a rock-climbing gym to a conference company to a branding agency and a highly successful e-commerce business. In the last few years, he’s shifted his mission from starting companies to teaching others how to start theirs. To help people create the business and family they love. Empowering people to chase their dreams and fulfil their purpose. He’s been featured in...


Candice Kumai on the Japanese practice of golden repair and celebrating our imperfections

Giants welcome to episode #62. Today we have an internationally-renowned wellness writer, chef and content creator. She’s in fact a classically trained chef, who has cooked on the line at several restaurants. And impressively (but not surprisingly) was the youngest chef competing in the first season of Top Chef. Other accomplishments include being a former tv host, former-model-turned wellness journalist, and a five-time best-selling author. ELLE magazine describes her as “The Golden Girl of...


Matt Mullenweg, Creator of WordPress and Founder & CEO of Automattic on tireless tinkering

G’day Giants, This is episode #61! Our guest today is best known for developing the free and open-source web software that is insanely popular called: WordPress – which to date, officially powers 30% of websites on the internet. Including The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, Sony Music, Bloomberg, BBC America, TechCrunch, Wired, People Mag, even Beyonce and Katy Perry’s websites run on the Wordpress CMS platform. Back in 2007, our guest was named #16 of the 50 most important people...


Jules Lund, Founder of TRIBE and former presenter of Getaway on relentless hard work and world-class discipline

Hello wonderful Giants, welcome to episode #60! Today we have a former host of Getaway (which is actually Australia's longest-running travel and lifestyle TV program) and he appeared on Getaway for almost 400 episodes over 8 years. He’s hosted the Logies Red Carpet, Game-shows, Reality TV, live events, celebrity interviews and plenty more. He is a highly respected Australian TV and Radio superstar. On top of that, in the digital space he is widely known as the Founder of global influencer...


Blair Enns, Founder of Win Without Pitching on pricing creativity and how to best position our value

Welcome to episode #59! Today we have the founder and CEO of Win Without Pitching, the sales training and coaching organization for creative professionals. He is also the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and the brand new book titled Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour. This man has taught me and many thousands of creative people and businesses around the world, on how to build a lucrative client base without having to pitch ideas for free. Some of...


Ryan Carson, Founder and CEO of Treehouse on creating products from thought to reality

Welcome to episode #58 Giants! Our guest today is a father, a husband and an inspiring entrepreneur, widely known as the Founder and CEO of Treehouse – which is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development. I absolutely love Treehouse because their courses are hands-on in teaching people how to code for a career in the tech industry. Some of the topics we spoke about include: The many...


Michael Bierut from Pentagram on visual communication, career development and the big picture

This is episode #57. Our guest today is arguably one of the graphic design industry’s most well known designers. He worked at Vignelli Associates for ten years before joining Pentagram as a partner in 1990 where he still works till this day, after 28 years and counting. His clients at Pentagram have included The New York Times, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Robin Hood Foundation, MIT Media Lab, Mastercard, Princeton University, the New York Jets and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. As a volunteer to...


President & CEO at Effie Worldwide; Traci Alford on building exceptional relationships, and leadership lessons learned while at Cadbury Schweppes and Shell International

Welcome to episode #56! Our guest today is the President and CEO of Effie Worldwide. Effie is an organisation best known for championing and improving the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness. Prior to joining Effie Worldwide, our guest spent 13 years at Cadbury Schweppes in a variety of marketing and business roles, up to Global Business Development Director. And she also spent almost 7 years at Shell International. Her roles at Shell included General Manager of Global...


Prince Ea on reaching over 1 billion video views and 10 million subscribers by spreading positive social change

Hello dear Giants, this is episode #55. Our guest today is widely known for creating motivational and inspirational spoken word films and thought provoking content. His YouTube and Facebook videos have received over a billion views each on both platforms. And he covers a range of topics such as environmentalism, socio-economics, work–life balance and spirituality. He leverages life experience, self-teachings and his honors degree in anthropology. Oprah Winfrey’s TV show ‘Super Soul...


Kelly Slater, 11-time World Surfing Champion on longevity, setbacks and mental toughness

Hello wonderful Giants, this is episode #54. Our guest today is truly one of a kind. He’s an 11-time world surfing champion. Holds the record as the youngest (at age 20) to win the title and the oldest (at age 39) to win the title as well. A living legend, an inspiration to millions of people, by far the best-known surfer on the planet and chatting with him blew me away. Some of the topics we spoke about include: His thoughts on longevity and making a career out of something you love –...