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Episode 25 -Author Emma Rous

Today on the podcast I have author Emma Rous, speaking about her debut novel The Au Pair. The book has been on numerous lists for the most anticipated books of 2019 and gotten lots of advance praise. So, I feel very lucky to have gotten her as a guest on the podcast. On today’s episode we talk about her time working as a veterinary surgeon and what it’s been like to finally realize her dream of publishing her first book. We also touch how she wrote her first draft of the book so quickly. She...


Episode 24-Author Marit Weisenberg

Today on the podcast I have YA author Marit Weisenberg. We talk about her two book YA romance/sci-fi series ‘Select’ and Select Few’ We find out if this is the last book in the series and she tells us a little bit about her next book. We learn about the interesting way she wrote and finished the first book in story and how quickly she wrote the second book. She also shares with us how she got an agent and how it really feels to put your first book out in to the world. You can buy her books...

Episode 23-Author Kristi Wientge

Today on the podcast I have Kristi Wientge author of the debut middle grade novel KARMA KHULLAR’S MUSTACHE.KRISTI WIENTGE is originally from Ohio where she grew up writing stories about animals and, her favorite, a jet-setting mouse. After studying to become a teacher for children with special needs, she spent several years exploring the world from China to England, teaching her students everything from English to how to flip their eyelids inside out before finally calling Singapore home....

Episode 22-Author Janet Clare

Today on the podcast I have author Janet Clare speaking about her debut novel ‘Time is the Longest Distance’ This is the story of an American woman, a New Yorker, who ends up in Australia tracking down her estranged father. It also follows them on a strange and awkward long hike through the outback as she tries to get know him. It explores what can happen when you take people far outside of their comfort zones and stick them together in the middle of nowhere. On today’s episode we talk about...


Episode 21-Author Isaac Marion

Today on the podcast I have author Isaac Marion author of The Warm Bodies Series, which includes the books, Warm Bodies, The New Hunger and The Burning World. Today he is here to talk about the final book in the series The Living. On the episode today, we talk about how he came to the decision to self-publish the final book in the series and the challenges he’s encountered in this process. We also talk about his recent move to a ‘cabin in the woods’ on Orcas Island after living the city life...


Episode 20-Nancy Richardson Fischer

Today on the podcast I have author Nancy Richardson Fischer speaking about her debut YA novel ‘When Elephants Fly.’ On today’s episode in addition to her new book we talk about her time working for the Circus, working for LucasArts and how she went about researching Schizophrenia for her new book. We also discuss animals in captivity and what can be done to best care for animals outside of the wild. She also teases her next book. Her new novel is one of my favorites of 2018. She writes about...


Episode 19-Katya Apekina

Today on the podcast I have Katya Apekina, author of the brand-new novel The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish published by Two Dollar Radio. The book has already been named ‘Best Fiction of 2018’ and ‘Best Debut Fiction of 2018’ by Kirkus Reviews! Katya Apekina's short stories have appeared in various literary magazines. She is the recipient of an Elizabeth George grant, an Olin Fellowship, the Alena Wilson prize and a 3rd Year Fiction Fellowship from Washington University in St. Louis...

Episode 18-Demetra Brodsky

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is safe and sound and enjoying the holiday! Today on the podcast I have Demetra Brodsky. She is the author of one of my favorite books of 2018, Dive Smack, a suspenseful, gripping and thrilling YA novel. On the podcast today we talk about what genre her book falls into. We also talk about what the books title means, the origin of the fantastic cover art and her previous career in graphic design. She also talks about being a self- taught writer and her road...


Episode 17-Author Alex Owumi

Today on the podcast I have Alex Owumi, He’s a fiction writer and pro-basketball player. His new book is The Man in Forest Hills, a new detective/mystery novel. He is also the author of the Fire Raven Series. In addition to this he is an author of the non -fiction book Qaddafi’s Point Guard about his time in Libya playing for Al-Nasr, a Libyan basketball team owned by the family of Momar Gaddafi, during the Libyan civil war. He’s originally from Lagos, Nigeria and lives in Atlanta, but most...


Episode 16-Author Francesca G. Varela

Today on the podcast I have Francesca G Varela. At the age of 25 she has already published 3 novels-Call of the Sun Child, Listen and her newest book The Seas of Distant Stars a sci- fi novel about a human girl kidnapped from earth who grows up on an alien planet. She lives and works in Portland Oregon for the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. In today’s episode we talk about her work with this organization, her new book and she talks about her writing process. We also talk about the...


Episode 14-Author Simona Grossi

Happy Halloween Everybody! Today on the podcast I have author Simona Grossi. She’s the author of ‘Looking for Clara’ and the new book ‘Frozen Butterflies’. Simona was born and raised in Italy and is a woman of many passions and talents. In addition to being a wonderful writer she is also a professor of law at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. And along with that an accomplished pianist. (and loves to bake too!) On today’s episode we talk about her study of classical piano, her time spent as a...


Episode 13-Author Christine Taylor-Butler

Today on the podcast I have author Christine Taylor-Butler. She has published more than 75 children’s books and now has a new YA sci-fi book series The Lost Tribes. A graduate of MIT, Christine holds dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Art & Design. On today’s episode we talk about her Lost Tribes book series, her experience in book publishing as both a children’s book and YA author. We also touch on her time as a process engineer at Hallmark, what it was like to attend an exclusive new...

Episode 12-Author Amy Meyerson

Today on the podcast I have Amy Meyerson author of the new book ‘The Bookshop of Yesterdays” I had a blast recording this. On this episode we talk about the influence of The Tempest on her new novel. We talk about independent books stores and why they’re important, her time at Weselyn and USC and the teachers that made a special impact on her. We also touch on her writing habit, her ‘writing shed’ and writing for yourself versus writing for readers. She also tells us about the book she’s...


Episode 11-Chaya Bhuvaneswar

Today on the podcast I have Chaya Bhuvaneswar. Her short story collection ‘White Dancing Elephants’ comes out today. This a completely original, beautiful and powerful collection of stories. Chaya is a physician and writer with work in Narrative Magazine, Tin House, Electric Lit, The Millions, Joyland, Michigan Quarterly Review and elsewhere. Her poetry and prose juxtapose Hindu epics, other myths and histories, and the survival of sexual harassment and racialized sexual violence by diverse...

Episode 10-Author Marion Winik

Today on the Podcast I have Marion Winik. Her new book ‘The Baltimore Book of the Dead’ comes out today. Longtime All Things Considered commentator (1991-2006) Marion Winik is the author of First Comes Love, The Glen Rock Book of the Dead and seven other books.The host of The Weekly Reader radio show and podcast, she reviews books for Newsday, People, Kirkus Review and other venues; she is a board member of the National Book Critics Circle. Her Bohemian Rhapsody column at...

Episode 9-Author Sara Flannery Murphy

Today I talk to author Sara Flannery Murphy, author of The Possessions. This is a very relevant and riveting thriller. The Possessions is her first novel. Her shorter work has appeared in The Guardian, LitHub, Storyglossia and Tammy. Todays episode is one of my favorites so far! It was a really fun and engaging conversation. We talk about what types of things inspired the story of her debut novel, growing up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas-an artist community in the Ozark Mountains and what it...


Episode 8-Author Aminah Mae Safi

Today on the podcast I have YA author Aminah Mae Safi. I was really excited to talk to her and she didn’t disappoint. Her debut book ‘NOT THE GIRLS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR’ is funny and lighthearted and at the same time Safi manages to explore topics such as racism, identity, friendships and family in a very real way. On today’s episode we talk about growing up a mixed race Muslim American in Houston, Texas, her next book TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL (Feiwel and Friends, June 2019) and the...


Episode 7-Author Lisa Locascio

Today on the podcast I have Lisa Locascio. She is author of the new debut novel “Open Me.’ Chances are if you’ve been paying attention to literary debuts for this year that people are excited about you’ve heard about this one. It deserves all the attention it’s getting and more. ‘Open Me’ is the story of one girls sexual awaking and her journey of self-discovery. On the podcast we talk quite a bit about the book, her time in Los Angeles as a student and teacher at USC and her work on Joyland...

Episode 6-Author Katya De Becerra

Today on the podcast I have Katya De Becerra, speaking with me from Australia. She is the author of “What The Woods Keep”, which comes out today. This is a great combination of YA horror, mystery and dark fantasy. We talk about her new book and what’s up next for her. We also talk about her study of cultural Anthropology and how she came to write young adult books. I had a great time talking with her! I hope you enjoy the episode. “What The Woods Keep” On her eighteenth birthday, Hayden...


Episode 5- Author Abby Geni

Today on the Podcast I have Abby Geni author of the fantastic new novel ‘The Wildlands.’ This is a literary thriller, like nothing I’ve ever read. It explores the connection between humans and animals when a tornado creates a tear in the fabric of one Oklahoma Family. This is one of my favorite books of 2018. Abby I talk about the book, her hometown of Chicago and what it was like attending the Iowa writers workshop. Abby is also the author of The Lightkeepers, winner of the 2016 Barnes &...