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an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives every episode we break down the highs and lows of the writing, the music, and the cultural impact of a network TV show that only ran 6 seasons and ended 5 years ago Support this podcast:


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an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives every episode we break down the highs and lows of the writing, the music, and the cultural impact of a network TV show that only ran 6 seasons and ended 5 years ago Support this podcast:




The Unified Ricky Martin Conspiracy Theory

This is S3E12, "The Spanish Teacher." In an episode that hinges on the fact that Mr. Schuester is The Worst, we learn that there is a much more qualified Spanish teacher teaching night school at McKinley - David Martinez, aka Ricky Martin. Meanwhile, Sue Sylvester decides she wants a baby and goes after the Glee club boys for their, uhm, donations. Kevin McScale: 2 - he was there, but it wasn't enough. Klainedex: 2 - Blaine's not even in this episode, but he is referenced. Coulda Shoulda...


This Does Not Spark Warbler

This is S3E11, "Michael." The New Directions run through a small piece of the Michael Jackson catalogue, while Kurt and Rachel get news about NYADA. Kurt and Sebastian fight for Blaine's affection and attention, causing a rift between the Glee Club and the Warblers that results in Darren Criss appearing on Broadway. Also, Smooth Criminal. Which Mandy wouldn't understand because somehow she missed the MJ train. We forgive though. This episode features returning guest Ambre, coming back to...


Get The Whole Cheesecake

This is S3E10, "Yes/No." Sam and Mercedes continue to enjoy the fruits of an ongoing, multi-episode storyline as their flirty summer romance lingers into the school year. Finn learns the truth about his father, while Mr. Schue gets the help of the New Directions to propose to Emma. Kevin McScale: 5 - the ever elusive 5 for a full song and a real storyline. Congrats, Kev. Klainedex: 1 - some background eye lovin’, but really nothing else. Coulda Shoulda Woulda Index: Shoulda had Emma...


Glee on the Rocks: Trailer

Every episode we break down the highs and lows of the writing, the music, and the cultural impact of a network TV show that only ran 6 seasons and ended 5 years ago. Available wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on social! Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Website Patreon --- Support this podcast:


Marti Noxon, Gleek of the Week

This is S3E9, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas." The New Directions are asked to create a holiday special for their local PBS station, directed by their very own Artie; Sue looks for volunteers to help out at the homeless shelter she is apparently very invested in; Rory is still on the show. Oh, and Blaine gives Kurt a little present. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. Please enjoy the Box Scene. Kevin McScale: 4 - plenty of scene time, but lacking in song Klainedex: 8.5 - for the Box...


Dalton Branch of Fight Club

This is S3E8, "Hold On to Sixteen." It's time for Sectionals, y'all. The New Directions battle The Troubletones and The Unitards (with Harmony reappearing for another episode) for a spot at Nationals. Sam Evans returns to McKinley High in order to help his old buddies, who are short a few members to compete, and Quinn Fabray comes to a decision about Shelby. Also, Sebastian Smythe returns for some more flirting. Kevin McScale: 1.5 - Kevin the episode and got to sing a...


Santana, Interrupted

Everyone hanging in there? This is S3E7, "I Kissed a Girl." After being outed by Finn, Santana works towards self love and acceptance, getting a little help from The New Directions during "Lady Music Week" in the process. Meanwhile, accusations of cheating swirl around the student class president election and Coach Beiste worries about her relationship with Cooter. Kevin McScale: . 5 - was Kevin even in this episode? Klainedex: 6 - for the full duet of "Perfect." But 7.5 for the eye...


Bonus Episode: Naya Remembered

Welcome to our bonus episode where we remember the life, talents, and career of Naya Rivera. We reminisce about her time before Glee, her impact on the show, and more. This is our space to chat, remember, and grieve, and we hope you can join us in this process. Stay healthy. Mask up. Take care of each other. xoxo, GotR --- Support this podcast:


Fierce, Femme, Phenomenal

Listener's Note: We recorded and edited this episode before Naya Rivera's tragic passing, which is why there's no commentary about it. We held off posting as we took time to deal and gather our thoughts. The next episode is "I Kissed a Girl," which heavily features Santana in an important storyline. We're going to wait a little bit before recording it to give ourselves, and our listeners, a little more time to decompress. First we're going record a tribute episode of sorts - more on that...


Make Art and Help People

This is S3E5, "The First Time." Power couples Kurt and Blaine and Finn and Rachel go down to bone town because the teenage director of their high school musical told them they should. Meanwhile, Dalton has a new Warbler in the form of one Sebastian Smythe, and the New Directions finally put on West Side Story without a single drama nerd's help. It's not half bad, actually. Kevin McHale Scale: 3.5 - for screen time and storyline, but a downgrade for no song Klainedex: 9.5 - we mean, did you...


Voices of Glee - Episode 1, Part 2

Listen to Part 1 here. And now, the rest of the story! Here is Part 2 of our first Voices of Glee episode. Our guest hosts - Monica, Ambre, and Julien - pick up where they left off in Part 1 and continue their conversation about their experiences with Glee. Good and bad. Black Lives Matter Resources: Antiracism Resources: Stay safe. Resist. --- Support this podcast:...


Voices of Glee: Episode 1, Part 1

Hello! Welcome to the first installment of what we're calling the Voices of Glee episodes. We wanted to do this in recognition of the long history of Black/Brown/POC/Queer voices being excluded from the media. From writers, directors, and producers, to journalists, commentators, and reviewers, and every position of influence and authority in between. This episode is hosted by Monica, Ambre, and Julien - three more Glee fans who come from different backgrounds than your usual hosts, but who...


Continuity, Whomst?

How's everyone coping? Good? Just okay? Climbing the walls yet? We feel. This is S3E4, "Pot O' Gold." The Glee Project "winner" Damian McGinty arrives as exchange student Rory Flanagan, Father of the Decade Burt Hummel decides to run against Sue in the congressional race, and Shelby starts recruiting for the rival all-girl Glee club - The Troubletones. Kevin McHale Scale: 0.25 - I mean really? We were cheated. Klainedex: 5 - for the Last Friday Night cuteness. Coulda Shoulda Woulda...


Is This Title Okay?

Is everyone remembering to lotion up after washing your hands 54x a day? This is S3E3, "Asian F." In an episode touted as "Mike Chang-centric," we've got Mercedes tired AF of standing in Rachel's spotlight, Kurt and Blaine competing for the same role but being cute AF doing so, and Mr. Schue meeting Emma's rude AF parents. Also, Mike has parents! Kevin McHale Scale: 0.5 for was he even in this episode? Klainedex: 7 - for the flowers Shouda Coulda Wouda Index: low 40s - where was the...


Gay Diddly Gay Gay Gay

We know times are strange right now, but are they as strange as an episode of Glee? (Yes, we're being facetious, the world is scary. STAY HOME.) This is S3E2 - "I Am Unicorn." Kurt is running for Student Body President and campaign manager Brit wants him to lean into the unicorn. Schue makes some of the New Directions attend Booty Camp and Shelby Corcoran returns to shake things up even more. Kevin McHale Scale: 2.5 - you decide why Klainedex: 6 - purely for the fondness of their...


The Arrival of Senior Junior Blaine

Welcome to Season 3 of Glee, and of Glee on the Rocks. By Executive Order we've decided to just give ourselves seasons too, because why not? We're professionals. This is S3E1, "The Purple Piano Project." Once again, the New Directions are looking for members and Mr. Schue has them perform in public to recruit. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel discover other talented teenagers and Blaine Warbler becomes Blaine Anderson. Kevin McHale Scale: 0 - not a great way to start a new season Klainedex: 8 -...


What About Breakfast at Tiffanys

We've made it to the Season 2 finale! Today we're talking S2E22, "New York." Nationals is finally here and the Glee Club is super prepared for it. They're so prepared that instead of rehearsing for months leading up, they're writing the songs the day before. But hey, it's Glee. Kevin McHale Scale: 1 - really just for Bella Notte and showing up to work. Klainedex: 7 - a 5 for the "I love yous" and an extra 2 for Kurt talking about moving to New York with Blaine. Our sound engineer is...


Don't Yuck My Yum

Friends! Countrymen! We are returned. Today we're talking about S2E21, "Funeral." The New Directions have almost made it to Nationals in New York, but first they had to make an honestly heartfelt pit stop at a funeral. Meanwhile, Mercedes, Kurt, and Santana all get solos. Yay! This episode rates a 0.5 on the Kevin McHale Scale. It was a 1 for him showing up to work, but half a point off for the podcast. And it rates a full 0 on the Klainedex for it not even really existing. Check out our...


It's Like Gay Braveheart

The holidays are upon us, but we have a new episode for you first. Today we're talking S2E20, "Prom Queen." Junior Prom has arrived for the New Directions and everyone is worried about dresses, dates, and spiking the punch bowl. Also, Jesse St. James returns and looks great in a skinny scarf. This episode rates a solid 4 on the Kevin Scale for having two songs and a whole subplot, and a 7 on the Klainedex, for going on two dates, a romantic dance, and heartfelt conversations. Happy...


Rumours Have It

Hello! Yes, it's us. Recovered from Thanksgiving (not really) and back with a new episode for you. Today we're talking S2E19, "Rumours." Gossip abounds in and out of the choir room, and April Rhodes return to potentially steal Mr. Schue off to the Great White Way. This episode rates a 2.5 on the Kevin Scale for getting a solid song, and a 1.5 on the Klainedex, for Blaine spiritually being a part of the show. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Check out our PATREON for perks...