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an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives

an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives
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an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives




Free Pav

Kurt gets a bird, but no solo, and the New Directions get two songs at Sectionals while everyone else only gets one. Just another episode of Glee. Today we're talking about S2E9, "Special Education." The Glee club battles The Warblers and the Hipsters for supremacy in Western Ohio, while Finn battles with his jealousy over Rachel and Puck. And everyone hates Rachel this week. This episode rates a 3 on the Kevin Scale and a 6 on the Klainedex. Available now wherever you get your...


Why Oh Why Oh (Lima) Ohio

Burt and Carole, the real MVPs of the show, get engaged, which means it's time for a big fat Glee wedding. Today's episode is S2E8, "Furt." Kurt is tasked to plan the wedding in, like, 30 minutes, and Finn is not having it all. Karofsky is still the worst and Carol Burnett shows up to steal the episode. Oh, and Sam and Quinn are still around. This episode rates a 1.25 on the Kevin Scale and a 1.5 on the Klainedex. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Rate, follow, and subscribe...


Substituting Goop for Plot

With Schuester out sick it's time to bring in a sub for the Glee Club. Because clubs get subs? Or is it a class? We still don't know. Today's episode is about S2E7, "The Substitute." Gwyneth Paltrow arrives for her first stint as Holly Holliday, the cool sub who sings and dances and respects the kids' opinions. Can we keep her? This episode rates a 2 on the Kevin Scale and a 5 on the Klainedex. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Rate, follow, and subscribe on your social media...


The B is Back

The episode (some of) you have been (maybe) waiting for. The moment it all begins. The character introduction of all character introductions. That’s right. Today’s episode covers S2E6, “Never Been Kissed.” The incessant bullying of Kurt sends him to Dalton Academy, a gay utopia in the heart of Ohio with a zero tolerance policy and zero teachers. And one Blaine Anderson. Can you hear those opening a capella notes? We can. Yes, other things happen in this episode, but isn’t this why you’re...


Hot Patootie

Don't we all just LOVE Glee's tribute episodes? They're really the cream of the storytelling crop. Today's episode is about S2E5, "The Rocky Horror Glee Show." Glee takes on the seminal cult classic, Mr. Schue tries to break up a happy relationship, and Kurt continues to have a shit time at McKinley. Also, there are mashups again. Just another day in Limo, Ohio. But anyway, the next episode is "Never Been Kissed" so what does this episode really matter? Available wherever you get your...


Sam I Am

We're back! Okay, yes, it's been a hot minute with the holidays and recovering from all of the eating at the holidays. But Glee on the Rocks is back at you with a brand new episode. Today we're talking about S2E4 - "Duets." The Glee Club pairs off for the right to fight for a date night at Breadstix. Meanwhile, your hosts talk about just what was up with the whole "is Sam Evans going to be Kurt Hummel's new love interest" thing that Glee tried to play for a week and half. Spoilers: he's...


Glee! 'Cause They Sing What They Mean (Special Episode)

We've got something a little different for you today. The holidays are upon us and since we're (sadly) no where near the first Glee Christmas episode, we thought we'd try something new. Today we're talking about Community, but not just any ol' Community episode. We're watching their classic Glee parody, "Regional Holiday Music." Oh yes. The format is a little different. We watched this episode together and recorded our "live" commentary during it. We invite you to follow along by watching...


Glee's Very Special Emmy Bait

Glee is gunning for those Emmy nominations by going deep with religion and giving Burt Hummel a Very Bad Day. This is S2E3, "Grilled Cheesus." Finn sees Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, Kurt gets shit on for having different beliefs than the rest of the Glee Club, and Sue Sylvester is a damn good sister. Did this discussion of religion and faith ring true for you? Or did it hit a hollow note? This episode ranks a paltry .5 on the Kevin Scale. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and...


It's Glee Against the Music

It's Brittany S. Pierce, bitch. That's right, it's the (first) highly anticipated Britney Spears tribute episode! At least Glee wanted it to be highly anticipated. We're talking S2E2, "Britney/Brittany." Was it all killer, no filler? Or all filler, no killer? You'll have to listen to find out what we thought. We also meet Emma's new beau, Carl, the hunky dentist, and newbie Sam is nowhere to be seen. The episode ranks a whopping 2.5 Kevins on the Kevin Scale. He got a whole song,...


Glee's Big Gay Summer

Glee returns with Season 2 and so do we. Welcome back. We're talking S2E1, "Audition." Matt Rutherford has flown the coop and the Glee Club is in search of hot new recruits, unless you're Rachel and those new recruits have a killer voice. Also new to the mix is Shannon Beiste, McKinley High's new football coach, and brand new target for Sue and Schue's grade-school bullying. Basically there's some new stuff happening. We'll tell you what we think of it. Season 2 kicks off the Kevin Scale...


We Did It, Kids!

We finally did it! We're finally at the end of season one of Glee! That's right, we're talking S1E22, "Journey to Regionals." All of the New Directions' hard work has paid off as they dance and sing their hearts out and...come in third! #thirdornothing At least they tried, right? Quinn gives birth and Finn and Rachel are officially a thing. We think. When we come back we'll be starting Season 2, and you know what that means... Also, more importantly, the US Midterm Elections are coming on...


Burn Down the Patriarchy

Wow it's been a week hasn't it? Dang. Yeah. So let's all sit back, pour a drink (or nine), and spend half an hour trying to forget about the garbage fire we all just witnessed with a little bit of Glee. Today we're talking S1E21, "Funk." We're gonna be honest, we didn't love this one. A lot happened and nothing happened. Quinn found some funky soul and Vocal Adrenaline found their weakness. And we found the canon moment where Kurt speaks French. Allons-y! This episode rates a paltry .25 on...


Rah rah ah-ah-ah!

Holy sh-- y'all, we're back! Yes, we know it's been a while. But absence makes the earholes grow fonder, right? Anyway, we're back with S1E20, "Theatricality." The Glee Club takes time out of preparing for Regionals by singing a couple Lady Gaga songs and sewing themselves some damn fine costumes. But more importantly, we talk about that pesky rumor that just won't die - the Glee reboot/reunion. Oh yeah. Also, we ah, also forgot to rate this episode on the Kevin Scale so...rate it...


We Believe We Can Make It Through This Episode

A former classmate returns to McKinley High and highlights Mr. Schuester's dissatisfaction with his life and career...Does this sound familiar? It should. Today we're discussing S1E19, "Dream On." Neil Patrick Harris joins as Bryan Ryan (Brian Rian?) in an episode crowded with guest stars and Glee reuses a couple songs and plotlines. Again. This episode rates a full 4.5 Kevins. That's right. We're counting it as a solid 4 Kevins with a .5 bonus bump for total screen time.


Kurt Hummel’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Okay, we know we're a little late getting this episode up. It happens. But here it is! Today we're talking S1E18, "Laryngitis." That's right, Rachel loses her voice. Or the Glee Club does? Someone does. Thematically, anyway. Also, we've got one of the bigger questions we've ever asked on this podcast...Kurt speaking French: Fandom or Canon? Talk it out. This episode pulls in an incredible .2 Kevins.


Let's Get Physical

Someone on the Internet once called this episode a "return to form" for Glee. We spend an hour refuting that statement. Today we're talking S1E17, "Bad Reputation." Someone's published a list ranking the Glee Club and we take a long detour into Brittany's characterization (or lack thereof). Also, "Run Joey Run" happens. So there's that. This episode rates a whopping one and a half on the Kevin Quotient.


Who is Carole Hudson?

Pull a stool up the bar, get into your pjs, settle into that hour-long commute...wherever you feel most at home, it's time for Glee. (Did you see what we did there?) On today's episode we're discussing S1E16, "Home." April Rhodes is back to help out the Glee club, Sue goes after Mercedes, and Quinn shows some compassion. But most importantly we cover the most pressing issue of the entire show: just who is Carole Hudson? This episode rates half a Kevin...just for the cake costume. The cake...


Papa Didn't Preach

We're tough, we're ambitious, and we know exactly what we want...more Blaine! Wait...we're still half a season away. Anyway. This episode is all about our first tribute episode, S1E15, "The Power of Madonna." We cover Quinn's mini-feminist story arc, how Sue Sylvester would have made an amazing Hedwig, and who would have survived an escape room. Also, we get a bunch more songs this time. Yay. This episode rates a combined 1 Kevin. We took the average of the Quantity of Kevin vs. the...


Hello From the Other Side

After a four-month hiatus Glee returns with an all new episode! Well, four months back in 2010. For us it's only been a week. Today's episode is all about S1E14, "Hell-O." We're chatting about Fanon Finn Hudson v. Canon Finn Hudson, how Jesse St. James is sort of perfect for Rachel, and how Rachel is actually the Jesse St. James of McKinley. Oh, and like true Millennials we argue about pineapple on pizzas. This episode is rated a measley one quarter Kevin. Content note: Please be aware...


The McKinley Home for 3rd Rate Mutants

Sectionals has finally arrived! The moment you've all been waiting for...or not? Today we're talking S1E13, "Sectionals" and we'll find out whether or not the Glee Club triumphs over all adversity imaginable to take the trophy. (Spoilers: they do.) We also discuss the McKinley High School Choir Room Zone of Ability and the different second and third rate mutant powers of the Glee Club kids. We forgot to rate this episode on the Kevin Scale...which probably says enough. Also, primaries are...