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The greatest podcast dedicated to the work of Dr Fraiser Crane and all the guys at KACL!


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The greatest podcast dedicated to the work of Dr Fraiser Crane and all the guys at KACL!




Episode 27 - She Sees the Hat and Issy Won't Touch It

Bit of a ramble-cast this week, low energy mate chat-vibe. We managed to get the gender theory discussion down to 30 minutes, so I'm pretty sure we've solved the issue of discrimination against trans people. Smashing it. Also discussed the new Batman film, the works of Christopher Nolan, when Steven Seagal shit himself, convincing Mohammed Atta to do 9/11 with the Lolita Express, and Phil Collins indecipherable lyrics. Follow us on Twitter @goodashellcast, email us any questions, problems,...


Episode 26 - The Train Doors of Herne Hill

To get listener numbers up this week we make some very specific, direct threats against the government (parody, joke, in a computer game), discuss my plan to cause mass disruption with some direct action against the train operators, and sort out an existing listener's (and potentially our only actual fan's) problem. Email questions and money into our prison commissary to


Episode 25 - Screaming at Refugees in Boats

Just me and Rick this week, screaming into the abyss about BBC's new Running Man inspired Boat Watch, Holly Willoughby's potential niece/sister or not, BLM, and a naked girl streaking after getting a first. Email us question -


Episode 24 - Saturday Night Special

Despite constant interruptions from newest member of the Britain First Defense Force, we discuss Issy getting bored of Rick’s tattoos, water waste, LinkedIn Hampton, shagging Trump, killing Prince Andrew, terrifying new communications from the BTK killer, then about a 45 minute struggle session discussion politics of consent and racism from your favourite Three White Men. Send us a question -


Episode 23 - Fighting Old Ladies in the Park

All over the shop this week, without Nick to centre us and keep us calm. We discuss my smug wife, who was technically correct about the old ladies bag of shit, various TV shows we have and haven't watched, and how drinking gets you drunk. As always follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us


Episode 22 - Plans to Explore a Murder Basement

Some technical issues, so there's a bit that sort of jumps straight into chat about Obama getting teleported to Mars as a teenager. Not sure why. We also discuss Rick's plan to investigate a potential sex trafficking operation getting run out of a nail salon in Wales, who's the best Queen we never had, drug smuggling, whether T-Rex had lips, and my Mum calls in. As always follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us


Episode 21 - Nick's Drunk Mate Didn't See a Ghost

Spooky chat this week - We talk about none of us having seen a ghost, maybe Rick saw a demon, maybe it was an ugly woman. Nick's back this week to discuss lies I've been told regarding dislocations, how I'm now a trained first aider, which isn't far off from being a doctor, stalking the streets like a masked vigilante, the latest Jizzlaine update, Nick's dino update, and the return of the Zodiac Killer. As always, follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us


Episode 20 - The Boys Are Back 2020

So we're back, we're both in the Football Lads Alliance now, and like a guilty man Rob dodged this episode so we couldn't question him further on the death of someone in Bristol on the 17th December 2010. We discuss BLM, we discuss Kier Starmer's haircut, various other things. To be honest, I kind of blacked out mid-episode, just running on pure energy like Stone Cold Steve Austin at Summer Slam 1998. Heart of a champion, and the indomitable will to succeed.


Episode 19 - Sex Workers of the World Unite!

It's taken me nearly two weeks to get this uploaded, so immediately it's out of date. Still ok, just the original bad boys of podcasting talking about such things as women who refuse to know what they want to eat ever, the 12 year conversation about food that is my marriage, and sex work being work. As usual, follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us


Episode 18 - Stage 4 It's Coming Home

So, it didn't come home. But don't be too sad, because we also discussed the fact that rich people are planning on how to survive the apocalypse they're building, so while we all get washed away in a tidal wave of blood and salt water, or executed by the security forces of Generalisimo Elon Musk, at least we got through to a World Cup semi. Follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us questions


Episode 17 - Hypnogirthing

Rich Hix is back to discuss how the British public are craven boot lickers, hypnobirthing, gin, and falling 30 ft onto a balcony and dying. As always, follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, and email us on


Episode 16 - Steve (I want a Friend Called Steve)

This week we discuss the high likelihood that one of us is murdered by the criminal known only as Master Commander. We also talk about Face/Off, imagery in horror movies, dropping the kids off and getting the big knives out, and other coded messages that will one day be deciphered by GCHQ and used to convict us of attempted sedition. Follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us on


Episode 15 - Brian Harvey Weinstein

ACAB. Follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us questions on


Episode 14 - (Ghostly Voice) "Come Ooooooooooooout" Feat. Nick Potter

Coming back after a week off with the libelous outing fire, and introducing our new third wheel, Sweet Baby P-Sus. Follow us on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast, email us at


Episode 13 - Kardashian Death List

Perfect audio this episode, incredibly technical acumen from your boy JR. Mainly talk about Kanye West and 2 Chainz this week. Pretty good episode. Oh, and we slag rob off for being a band wagon jumper who pretends he's gluten intolerant. I'm intolerant to his bullshit. Rate and review on iTunes, follow up on Soundcloud. @GoodAsHellCast on Twitter, with any questions or comments.


Episode 12 - Back in the Submarine

Ok, after 12 episodes you would think I've got the hang of recording by now. Unfortunately I forgot to turn the mic on and recorded the whole thing off the microphone on my laptop. It sounds suitably horrible. Hey, while I've got you, don't forget to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and leave us a review describing the high quality product we put out every week. Follow us on Soundcloud too. Also @GoodAsHellCast on twitter, email us at


Episode 11 - Rob's Murder Fantasies

It's been a rough couple of weeks - Ric was in Cornwall and I have Tonsillitis. It has taken over a week to get this episode up. We're just developing a psychological profile of Rob at this point; 90% of our episodes are putting the evidence together and realising the horrible truth. Anyway, we also discuss Conor McGregor, lying to your friends and family, who really killed Joanna Yates (more hinted around, you connect the dots), and never talking to the polis. Do the ususal -...


Episode Ten (LIVE!) - Underarm Bowling

As promised, Episode 10 is a live show, and has finally made it to the internet. With a cast of thousands, and a free afternoon, we mainly discussed cricket in excruciating detail. Feat. Jane "JK47" Kemp, Nick "Sweet Baby Pesus" Potter, David Hayward - The Human Turtle and Jim and Jennifer Hampton, this is sure to be a treat for the whole family. Also, I listened to the constant comments about how pants-shittingly loud the music at the end of each episode is and so I’ve sorted that out. I’m...


Episode Nine - Edgelord

As we move closer to the live episode 10, we try to string out a quickly spoiling format, realising that we are at once alone (in that we have 47 listeners) and yet in a crowd (everyone has a more successful podcast). This week we discuss inclusivity in left wing politics and how that's a bad thing, the Bristol Sea Bin, pregnancy, racial heirarchy,


Episode Eight - Pedestrian Foot Fetish

Refreshed after our midseason hiatus, we are back tackling some big issues, including John's inability to remember the name of that bald Russian fella pictured dying in the hospital bed of radiation poisoning, John's inability to pause a TV for more than an hour, and Ric's inability to hide his foot fetish. Usual stuff - on Twitter @GoodAsHellCast and email