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The Good, The Bad and the Blackout Drunk.

The Good, The Bad and the Blackout Drunk.
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The Good, The Bad and the Blackout Drunk.




EP025 – Santo versus The Blob (1973)

Highlights from Episode 25 It’s May and that means we get to watch a Mexican Monster Movie, much to Kathleen’s chagrin. In this episode we try Left Hand Brewery’s Good Juju Pete also whipped out a beer he’s been cellering since 2013 to share with the cast. New Holland Brewery’s El Mole Ocho. The words … Continue reading "EP025 – Santo versus The Blob (1973)"


EP024 – War of the Gargantuas (1966)

Highlights from Episode 24 We had an amazing time recording at Endeavor Brewing in Grandview, Ohio. The sound suffered due to the activity in the busy brewery but the conversation around the beers and the film were fantastic. General Manager Sean Schultz joined the cast and walked us through the history of the brewery and … Continue reading "EP024 – War of the Gargantuas (1966)"


EP023.1 – Interview with Mark Bailey

Highlights from Episode 23.1 Our first remote interview with graphical artist, award winning animator and Bad Movie aficionado; Mark Bailey. View his cartoons including the award winning “It Came from the East River” at And also the New York City Giant Monster Attack Map Mark didn’t want me to forget to mention Derek M. … Continue reading "EP023.1 – Interview with Mark Bailey"


EP023 – Spacehunter, Adventures in the Forbidden Zone

Highlights from Episode 23: Featured Breweries: Listermann Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio Warped Wing Brewing Company in Dayton, Ohio A Good Beer Bad Movie Night first: Our listeners chose this horrible movie for us via online poll. On a related note, our listeners are apparently sadists. The cast discovers great selections and knowledgeable staff at … Continue reading "EP023 – Spacehunter, Adventures in the Forbidden Zone"


EP022 – Transylvania 6-5000

Highlights from Episode 22 Featured Brewery: Somewhere in Particular Brewery from Columbus, Ohio Pete is very proud of his unique ending to the six minute synopsis. The AMAZING growler that Kathleen got Troy for Christmas can be found here. It’s a perfect gift for a craft beer drinker. Correct me if I’m wrong but comedies … Continue reading "EP022 – Transylvania 6-5000"


EP022 – Transylvania 6-5000

Highlights from Episode 22 Featured Brewery: Somewhere in Particular Brewery from Columbus, Ohio Pete is very proud of his unique ending to the six minute synopsis. The AMAZING growler that Kathleen got Troy for Christmas can be found here. It’s a perfect gift for a craft beer drinker. Correct me if I’m wrong but comedies … Continue reading "EP022 – Transylvania 6-5000"


EP021 – Gremlins 2 (1990)

Highlights from episode 21 Happy New Year from the cast. We’re excited bout moving forward into our third year. ALL the cameos! Can you catch them all? Dave uses his mouth prettier than a 20 dollar whore and reads our first beer selection in Hawaiian. Les Quatres Surfeurs De L’Apocalypso Who does Gremlin noises better; Troy … Continue reading "EP021 – Gremlins 2 (1990)"


EP020 – A Carol Christmas (2003)

Highlights from Episode 20 The GBBMN cast offers their yearly holiday gift to our listeners by watching the regrettable Hallmark Holiday Made for TV film so you don’t have to. Not that any sane listener would have plans to sit down with this “Christmas Carol” remake stinker on their own anyways. Tori Spelling, Gary Coleman … Continue reading "EP020 – A Carol Christmas (2003)"


EP019 – Spooky Encounters (1980)

Highlights from EP019 The word “Seasonal” seems to be extra difficult to say even BEFORE we started drinking. Our first beer “vertical” as we compared Southern Tier’s Pumking and the Rum Barrel Aged Pumking. I promised the cast that I would never bring two 9% beers to the show again and I have held true … Continue reading "EP019 – Spooky Encounters (1980)"


EP018 – The Dungeonmaster: Ragewar (1984)

Highlights of episode 18 Will we forgive Troy for his birthday selection? We get some full frontal nudity within the first 3 minutes of the film so he may get a pass. Is it really a good idea to have seven different people direct seven different stories? This movie points to “no”. Richard Mull gets … Continue reading "EP018 – The Dungeonmaster: Ragewar (1984)"


EP017 – Hudson Hawk (1991)

Highlights from Episode 17 Kathleen’s birthday present to the show is a healthy dose of her TV boyfriend Bruce Willis. Before they were stars. Some Dad jokes sneak into the show. We have no regrets.


EP016 – Tuff Turf (1985) Super Sized Episode

Highlights from the show Special Guest Host and Superfan Jen schools the cast with one for the best Six-Minute Synopsis the show has ever had. Clearly, Jen raises the bar for the show and make it way smarter than it was ever intended to be. However, in one swift move, Jen loses points by surprising … Continue reading "EP016 – Tuff Turf (1985) Super Sized Episode"


EP015 – Werequito: Nazi Hunter (2016)

Episode 15 Highlights (or low-lights depending on your perspective.) GBBMN contributed some moolah to help Christopher R. Mihm make his next feature film; Queen of Snakes (2019) and got our name in the credits!! Christopher R. Mihm’s entire catalog of films can be streamed on Amazon Prime. Please join the cast in thinking of other … Continue reading "EP015 – Werequito: Nazi Hunter (2016)"


EP014 – Speed Racer (2008)

Highlights from episode 14 Pete goes off the deep end with his 6-minute synopsis and presents the stunned cast with his own dark fan theory. Summer is here and that means fishing! We have a taste of Land Grant’s Grapefruit Walleye. The “Gheory” is tested with this one. Fifty Foot Brewery weaves a tale from … Continue reading "EP014 – Speed Racer (2008)"


EP013 – Ship of Monsters

Highlights from Episode 13 Watch the film on Youtube, Make sure to send in feedback and make fun of Pete screwing up all the Spanish names. Our hero, Eulalio González, had a long successful career as a norteño comedian. He’s still got it in this video from 1988. Don’t forget to head over to the website … Continue reading "EP013 – Ship of Monsters"


EP012 – Bio-Zombie (1998)

Highlights from episode 12 -Pete’s six minute synapses was rough but still got it in under the allotted time. -GBBMN first: Kathleen didn’t fall asleep to this one but she did walk out on the film. -Dave wasn’t drunk but his brain was and it checked out a few times much to the amusement of … Continue reading "EP012 – Bio-Zombie (1998)"


EP 011 – The Swarm (1978)

Highlights from Episode 11 Dave is 2 for 2 in selecting a unanimous 6 beer rating for another poor film choice. There are SIX Academy Award winners in this film which NONE of them earned for this dreadful movie. Dave apologizes to the cast for this film is a unique way. Diesel Punk and Great … Continue reading "EP 011 – The Swarm (1978)"


EP010 – Ski School (1990)

Highlights from Episode 10 With the Winter Olympics just around the corner we thought it appropriate to take a look at a very inappropriate sex comedy that also happens to have a little skiing in it. Troy took one for the team and pulled a 6-minute synapses out of his butt. Having seen this film … Continue reading "EP010 – Ski School (1990)"


EP009 – Jack Frost (1997)

Highlights from Episode 8 Blame falls squarely on the Spooky Pinball Podcast for our review of Jack Frost. Thanks guys but please don’t do us any more favors. Pete abused this month’s beer to the point where it was as bad as the movie. Our humblest of apologizes to the Hoppin’ Frog Brewery. We will … Continue reading "EP009 – Jack Frost (1997)"


EP008 – Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause

Highlights from Episode 8 Special guest host Donna inexplicably requests to sit in for this pile of turd. Had technical difficulties with some strange feedback but got it cleared up. Apologizes. Other technical difficulties were caused the positioning of new equipment and a drunk host. Again, apologizes. Thanks to Kathleen and Troy we played Hallmark … Continue reading "EP008 – Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Clause"