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Empower others by your spoken word. Be the change. Create the change. Make a difference. Share your story. Hairstylists to help hairstylists around the globe

Empower others by your spoken word. Be the change. Create the change. Make a difference. Share your story. Hairstylists to help hairstylists around the globe
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Empower others by your spoken word. Be the change. Create the change. Make a difference. Share your story. Hairstylists to help hairstylists around the globe






Candi Russell ~ Leap of Faith

@bradcelebrityhairstylist ~ Host Candi Russell @cosmowithcandi Licensed cosmetologist/hairstylist Candi Russell is one to watch. Former Disneyland Resort character wig stylist/ makeup artist, Candi received her education from Riverside Community College Cosmetology school. Currently a stylist and freelance artist, Candi has worked with clients ranging from all areas of the entertainment industry including; celebrity personal trainer Melissa Alcatrez, recording artist Dondria, Fashion...


Heidi Akpaette ~ How To Start a Successful Hair Bridal Business

How To Start a Successful Hair Bridal Business Coming Monday March 4 @ 10am EST www.Anchor.Fm./Hairstylist-Podcast Heidi Govednik Akpaette "Hello! My name is Heidi and LOVE doing bridal hair. With over 12 years in the wedding industry, I have mastered what it takes to create a successful, award winning bridal hair business. I love working in the wedding industry, from the creativity I use to the flexibility it provides, and I am excited to share with you how to to start a bridal business...


Scarlett Mora

Check out Scarlett Mora's Podcast Coming Monday February 18, 2019. A hairstylist who has been in the hair industry for almost 8 years talks about her experiences and some words of wisdom. Scarlett is a cosmetologist who loves to cut, color, and style hair to make you feel and look your best. Specializes in updos, curly hair, tape-in and ITip extensions, and color. While I’m not creating beautiful braids, I spends time dancing, and fun activities with family and...


Mindfully Attract the Relationship You Want ~ Empowered Empath

Since it close to Valentine's Day I am sharing a show with my co-host of the Empowered Empath Angie Atkinson. Enjoy!! Follow ~ Like ~ Share ~ Comments are always Appreciated!! --- Support this podcast:


Episode 29

Latest episode of Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast --- Support this podcast:


Change Your Financial Destiny

Today's episode concentrates on a way for hairstylists and barbers to achieve financial freedom. Having time for things that really matter. Neel from Klippers ( gives us the scoop. Like Share Subscribe Please leave a comment.


New Year New Life!!

B rad shares his thoughts for the new year in this compact mini moment podcast. --- Support this podcast:


Wanna Get Knocked Up I Cassandra Bach

Cassandra Bach the fertility visionary and founder of Wanna Get Knocked Up has been right where you are now. She did every alternative therapy she could think of and after 2 years of unexplained infertility she got pregnant for the first time ever! After a great pregnancy she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and she was 45 years old at the time and she even gave birth at home! Through her research and work with fertility clients just like you she has identified where you need to focus your...


Angie Atkinson I Dealing with a Narcassist I Emotional Vampires

Angie Atkinson Journalist, author and certified life coach who also blogs and studies the science that is social media (and related focus areas) on an ongoing basis, among a variety of other passions. Creatively charged and organizationally different. Mentioned in this Podcast


Janet Teres Larick Part 2 I Olaplex Holiday I Guy Tang

In this second part of a two part series with Janet Teres Larick she continues the conversation with Blend, Olaplex Holiday & Guy Tang. Listen all the way to the end and have your Kleenex handy. Mentioned in this episode Start With Why ~ Simon Sinek Olaplex Guy Tang Naked Join us on the Hairstylist Empowerment Cruise Oct 12-19, 2019 Like...


Kristin Rankin I Fuss Hair I Dress Code Project

Kristin Rankin has been a hairstylist in Toronto for 13 years. Kristin is the owner of Fuss Hair Studio, a boutique hair salon in the east end neighbourhood of Leslieville. Fuss Hair Studio was one of the first salons in Toronto to implement haircuts priced by length not gender. Kristin founded DCP and is a committee member for the East Side Pride Festival, on the screening committee for the Inside Out Film Festival and a panel member of change the Narrative. Kristin is working to eradicate...


Protect Yourself from the Top 10 Energy Vampires I Wellness Wednesday

It's Wellness Wednesday Today's Episode Protect Yourself from the Top 10 Energy Vampires With Co-host Angie Atkinson Empowered Empath See it on youtube Like share & comment Join us on the Hairstylist Empowerment Cruise Oct 12-19, 2019 Like Page Follow B Rad Celebrity Hairstylist IG...


Spilling the Tea (Part One) with Janet Teres Larick

Join my guest Janet Teres Larick as she spills the tea on some topics we have all thought. This is Part One of a Two Part series since we have so much to talk about. In part two coming next Janet shares her experience while on an Olaplex Holiday & also Getting Naked. Coming Next!! Stay tuned for an emotionally packed episode with @janetlarickhair Show: Event: Host: IG:...


What Britt Seva did!!! ...An interview with Michelle Golden

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! A special holiday Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast with Michelle Golden. Please like, share, subscribe & comment. Would really love to hear your feedback. Be a guest. Link below. Enjoy!! Hello, I'm Michelle and it is my pleasure to have you visit my site. Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you. I have been in this amazing industry for over 10 years. I still feel the excitement today as I did from...


Ever had to brush out a matted mess?

Why Tanglegripper? Why is Tanglegripper, the ultimate gripping tool for all your hair detangling needs? The Tanglegripper is made with the highest quality medical grade ABS plastic. It was created, manufactured, assembled and shipped from Canada (Cookstown, Ontario) This is the only product on the market that will guarantee to grip your hair. It is a tool that can be used for multiple applications, while portable and built to last! ​GET A TIGHT GRIP ON THE WORST TANGLES NO MORE PAIN, TEARS...


Cleansing/Wellness Wednesday/

Clean Your Energy, Your Butt & your Home Enjoy Today's Episode!! --- Support this podcast:


Guest Janice Ross Entrepeneur of Janice Carol Cosmetics

New Podcast with Janice Ross Entrepreneur & Founder of Janice Carol Cosmetics will be posted shortly. Listen on Anchor. FM Radio or 10 other Platforms Like and comment on Facebook Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast "Hi, I am Janice, the founder of JANICE CAROL COSMETICS. In 1981, I started my career as the manager of the cosmetics department in Toronto. Regional account manager for Orlane cosmetics. Responsible for such clients as Holt Renfrew &Eatons,...


10 Ways to Know You are an Empath

10 ways to know you are an Empath highly sensitive - naturally giving, spiritually open, good listeners attuned to the moods of others - "FEEL" the feelings of others maybe introverted, can be overwhelmed in crowds - even extroverted empaths will limit amt of time spent in a crowd or at a party highly intuitive - when they learn to listen to gut feelings (intuition), they find healthier relationships and avoid narcs/energy vampires need alone time - need to find ways to recharge after being...


Wellness Wednesday Guest Dr. Kent Newton ~ Chiropractor

Dr. Kent has been in Alliston for almost 20 years. He has helped thousands get back to enjoying their activities and daily life. Using state of the art technology and over 18 years of experience, he will determine the cause of your health concern. He uses a number of safe and effective gentle techniques from chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. This provides a stress free experience with a variety of options well suited to your health goals. It is amazing to see how someone’s life can...


Wellness Wednesday Guest Christine Peacock ~ Loss of a loved one to cancer

Meet Kristine Peacock, CNE Kristine is the Culinary Nutrition Expert behind With nearly 10 years of teaching experience as an elementary school educator, Kristine is passionate about Health, Nutrition and Fitness! As a widow and busy Mother to 3 little girls, she is committed to Inspiring Healthy Living with Simple, Scratch Cooking, using Whole Foods, to Promote Optimal Health through Nutrition for the Entire Family! Meals that Matter offers a variety of Online...