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Haunting History, the podcast that reaches back into the past for the events that shocked us, tales of true crime, mystery and the macabre, and when we are lucky those stories where the past and the paranormal meet.

Haunting History, the podcast that reaches back into the past for the events that shocked us, tales of true crime, mystery and the macabre, and when we are lucky those stories where the past and the paranormal meet.
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Haunting History, the podcast that reaches back into the past for the events that shocked us, tales of true crime, mystery and the macabre, and when we are lucky those stories where the past and the paranormal meet.






Lizzie Borden Part 3 The Aftermath

Season 2 Episode 13 Maplecroft If Lizzie Borden thought everything would return to normal once the trial ended, she was dead wrong. The crowds cheered when the judge announced she was not guilty, but, at the end of the day all of her friends abandoned her. People refused to sit near her at church. And children, probably daring each other to tempt her, would ring her doorbell in the middle of the night and pelt her house with gravel and eggs. Headstones of the family


Lizzie Borden Part 2 The Trial

Season 2 Episode 12 The trial lasted 15 days, long for a regular murder trial but, definitely short by our standards today...i.e, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, but sensationalized for the time. 30-40 newspaper men were in the courtroom each day along with as many town citizens that would fit.


Lizzie Borden Part 1, The Murder & Investigation

Season 2 Episode 11 Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks, When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. Lizzie Borden Part 1 The Murder & Investigation Actually,the Bordens received only 29 whacks, not the 81 suggested by the famous ditty, but the popularity of the above poem is a testament to the public's fascination with the 1893 murder trial of Lizzie Borden. The source of that fascination might lie in the almost unimaginably brutal nature of the...


Haunted Disneyland

Season 2 Episode 10 Since the year it opened in 1955 over 750 million people have walked through Disneyland’s gates into the Magic Kingdom and the "Happiest Place on Earth". But apparently not as many have left thru those same magical gates. Guests and cast members alike have told bizarre stories of the supernatural inside the walls of Disneyland and anyone who’s somewhat familiar with the park’s history knows its filled with dark secrets and paranormal mysteries. Want more creepy Disney?...


Lost Boy Larry

Season 2 Episode 9 In August of 1973, a CB radio operator in California was shocked to receive a mysterious transmission from what seemed to be a young boy pleading for help over the airwaves. The transmissions were at times difficult to understand because the boy was often crying or sobbing uncontrollably, and this, combined with the generally poor signal and ample static, often made the messages nearly incoherent. What could be understood was that the boy called himself Larry, and claimed...


The Bell Witch Part 2

Season 2 Episode 7 The Bell Witch left the Bell household in 1821, saying that she would return in seven years time. She made good on her promise and "appeared" at the home of John Bell, Jr. where it is said, she left him with prophecies of future events, including the Civil War, and World Wars I and II. The ghost said it would reappear 107 years later - in 1935 - but if she did, no one in Adams came forward as a witness to it. Was the whole story of the Bell Witch made up, some believe so,...


The Bell Witch Part 1

The Bell Witch 1817, Adams, Tennessee, was the site of one of the most well-known hauntings in American history -well, maybe not most well known but, at least the longest running story of paranormal activity. Some believe the whole story of the Bell Witch was made up, or a hoax on the family and not witch or supernatural at all. Some say it was so well known that it eventually caught the attention and then the involvement of a future president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Known as...


The Bennington Triangle

Bennington Triangle" is a nickname for an area of southwestern Vermont in which at least five or as many as ten people have disappeared between 1945 and 1950. Although many say it began way earlier, some say as early as 1920. This "mystery triangle" centered around Glastenbury Mountain and includes some or most of the area of the towns immediately surrounding it. Is it just circumstance that lead to the missing people, or was it something paranormal? UFO's? Bigfoot? The Bennington Monster?...


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America’s Unknown Child

He would be approximately 68 years old today, although no one really knows exactly how old he would be, because no one knows when he was born, or his name,or his parents or who is favorite comic book hero was. No one knows anything,. We only know him as The Boy in a Box, or America’s Unknown child. He is the unidentified murder victim, 3 to 7 years old, whose naked, battered body was found in a cardboard box in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 25, 1957....


Villisca Ax Murders

Sometime after midnight on June 10th 1912, 106 years ago, an unknown person or persons entered the home of the Moore family home located at 508 e. 2nd Street in Villisca, Iowa and violently ended the lives of 8 people, Josieh Moore 43, his wife Sarah Moore 39, and their children Herman 11, Katherine 10, Boyd 7, Paul 5 and two neighbor children Lena Stillinger 12 and her sister Ina only 8. The murders soon became known as the Villisca Ax Murders and started what would become the most...


The Black Dahlia Part 3-The Suspects

The unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short may forever remain that, unsolved, but, to many the killer is already known,the problem is who is right about which one? Join us this week as we discuss (and sometimes argue) about who could have committed this heinous crime. Ed Burns, Hayley questions whether or not he had the medical know how, BUT, I had forgotten during the recording that he had some medical student credits! George Hodel? Steve Hodel certainly thinks he did it. Check out his books...


The Black Dahlia-Part 2 The Investigation

This week we discuss the investigation into the murder of Elizabeth Short. The first suspect and supposedly the last person to see Elizabeth alive, Robert "Red" Manly, although cleared of murder, he was haunted by the crime for the rest of his life. His wife stood by his side, unfortunately she had to have him committed to Patton State Hospital in 1954. Police bulletin to the officers on the investigation. Letters received by the newspapers. The police believe these were sent by the killer...


The Black Dahlia-Part 1-Elizabeth Short

On the morning of January 15, 1947, a mother taking her child for a walk in a Los Angeles neighborhood stumbled upon a gruesome sight: the body of a young naked woman sliced in half at the waist. For over 70 years the mystery of who killed The Black Dahlia has perplexed the police, the FBI and arm chair detectives and website warriors alike. Armed with the LAPD and FBI files we begin part one of our 3 part series, where we focus on the victim. A girl just 22 years old who lost her life in...


The Sodder Family

Christmas Eve 1945 started out like any other Christmas for the Sodder Family. Then a moment changed all of their lives.


More Haunted Hollywood-Marilyn Monroe with Craig Owens Part 2

Everyone knows who Marilyn Monroe is, but, do you know what happened her final day? Join Cat as her and her guest Craig Owens founder of Bizarre Los Angeles and author of the acclaimed book Haunted by History chat about Marilyn, the men in her life, her final days and whether or not she haunts some of Hollywood's more famous locations. MM's wall crypt covered in red lipstick kisses. Marilyn and Jim Doughtery her first husband June 1942 Marilyn with author and third husband Arthur Miller Get...


The Ghosts of California-Haunted Hollywood with Bizarre Los Angeles creator Craig Owens

Thelma Todd Thelma Todd was an American Actress. Born July 29, 1906, she appeared in about 120 films (pictures) between 1926 and 1935. On the morning of December 16, 1935, Thelma Todd was found dead in her car in a garage behind her restaurant, The Sidewalk Cafe. Her death ruled accidental by carbon monoxide poisoning (see death certificate below), its been listed as one of Hollywood's most suspicious deaths. Full of life and love, with beauty and brains, it was hard to believe that she...


Winchester Mansion

The Winchester Mansion Called the Winchester Mystery House it is an architectural wonder, built and designed by Sarah Winchester in the late 19th and 20th century. Warned by a medium, that Sarah must continue to build and expand 24 hours a day 7 days week, 365 days a year, was Sarah a spiritualist who believed the medium or was building the house a hobby for her? Listen while we separate fact from fiction. Said to be the only known photo in existence, but, the one below shows up often as...


Battle of Los Angeles

The Battle of Los Angeles For 76 years the morning of February 25, 1942 has been explained, denied, defended and debated. What do you think?


Ghost Stories

The week we turn the mics around and listen to your ghost stories, and of course a few of our own. Stories from Utah, Pennsylvania and California. Thank you to all who called in and emailed us!