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Hello Atelier explores what it means to be a working artist. We take you into to the studios of designers of all different mediums to learn about their inspiration, their design process and the personal stories behind their art.

Hello Atelier explores what it means to be a working artist. We take you into to the studios of designers of all different mediums to learn about their inspiration, their design process and the personal stories behind their art.
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Hello Atelier explores what it means to be a working artist. We take you into to the studios of designers of all different mediums to learn about their inspiration, their design process and the personal stories behind their art.




033 - Mercedes Lucero

Writer Mercedes Lucero talks to us about the pressure of being a first-generation college student, where she got her love of reading and how, in her book Stereometry, she combined poetry and math to create an ordered world into which she could explore the ideas of grief and loneliness.


032 - Momoko Usami

Before settling down as an artist, Momoko Usami wanted to widen her experience, so she decided to move from her native Japan to America. After a number of stops she has landed in the Missouri countryside. Here, wide open spaces allow her imagination to take hold and present itself as beautifully crafted ceramics that straddle the line between functional and fine art.


031 - Kathy Liao

Artist Kathy Liao paints from a distance. Or, she paints her subjects from a distance. Kathy’s family is spread about the globe, but she keeps them near with her paintings that portray her memories: Her mom watching TV, her grandmother in the kitchen, all recreated through a haze of color and collage. Listen in as we talk to Kathy about how her family influences her work, the importance of learning new techniques and how painting self-portraits grounds her in a space.


030 - Two Tone Press

Sisters Michelle and Angie Dreher of Two Tone Press create bright, textural letterpress prints and founded the community print shop, Print League KC. Listen in as we talk about how to get over workplace disagreements, the joy of getting your hands dirty, and how they have incorporated Lego into their business.


029 - Glyneisha Johnson

Artist Glyneisha Johnson uses collage art as a way to represent the "dislocated, collaged nature of Black history due to colonialism." Much of her work comprises of domestic spaces, bright, colorful images that invite you to sit and visit on the front porch. In this episode of Hello Atelier, we discuss the teachers who have been influential in Glyneisha's life, artists that she looks up to as father figures and her wariness about social media.


028 - Luke Haynes

Designer Luke Haynes creates quilts in an effort to start conversations. Whether it is a take on a traditional pattern or an innovative portrait quilt, Luke approaches each design as the start of a new dialogue. Join us in Luke's studio as we talk about success, travel, and how he approaches quilt design through his training as an architect.


027 - Jillian Youngbird

Jillian Youngbird is an artist of many colors: sculptor, illustrator, textile artist, quilter. But whatever form her art takes, her artistic style manifests itself in an earthy quality that is directly tied to the nature that surrounds her. Listen in as we talk about her childhood in the Ozarks, sustainability in art, and her experience at the Standing Rock protests.


026 - Evie Englezos

Evie Englezos is a printer turned potter who imbues her art with tangled tales of mythology. She is also a modern-day Snow White and devotes much of her time to wild bird rehabbing. In this episode we discuss how the struggles of nature, death and destruction find their way into Evie's pottery design. We also discuss how she made the decision to be a full-time artist, and her surprising introduction to the world of ceramics.


025 - Lizzy House

Lizzy was determined from a young age to be a fabric designer, a goal she realized before she was even out of college. Her career brought her more than a creative outlet - through her work as a quilting instructor she has traveled the globe, encouraging confidence and creativity through sewing. In this episode we talk about determination, what being a teacher taught Lizzy, and the dark side of creative burnout.


024 - Grace Chin

Artist Grace Chin's work is a contrast of the fragile and the forceful. She creates delicate paper flower wreaths that frame strong political slogans. The results are cheerful reminders of positivity in an often turbulent political atmosphere. Listen in as we talk about Grace's political heritage, her love of Sister Corita Kent, and why she thinks it's important to share her struggles online.


023 - Seth Smith

Seth Smith is a landlocked Midwesterner. The only sea surrounding him is a majestic ocean of gently waving green fields. But that is just where he is physically. Mentally he has time-traveled back 60 years, to a rosy-colored mid-century hotel with a deep turquoise pool. That is the magic of his paintings – they aren't just pictures, but transportation devices to a sunny state of mind. Watch out now, any minute the waiter will be here with your umbrella-topped drink.


022 - Nedra Bonds

Nedra Bonds is a quilter, dollmaker and activist. She makes a statement - and generates change - using the non-confrontational medium of textiles. As you'll hear in this episode, Nedra isn't afraid of, well, anything. She isn't afraid to speak out against an injustice. She isn't afraid to explore her world, and she isn't afraid to take on a disease as dire as cancer. Listen in as we talk quilting and craftivism.


021 - Phil Shafer

Muralist Phil Shafer, a/k/a Sike Style, is part of a revolution that is turning graffiti into a public artform. Forget the image of an artist in the dead of night attacking a building with spray paint. While Phil does paint with spray can in hand, he also taps into his background of art history and hip hop culture to create intricately designed murals that become as much a part of the community as the building itself. In this episode we sit down with Phil to discuss his evolution as a...


020 - Shalene Valenzuela

Like pop art icons Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, ceramicist Shalene Valenzuela transforms mass-produced images and objects into art. Recreating household items like rolling pins and telephones out of clay mutates them from a comforting everyday object to a hollow form, filling the viewer with uncertainty as they realize the object isn't what it seems. The graphic, retro women that cover the domiciliary items are forever trapped in a world of idealized femininity. Listen in as we talk to...


019 - Tula Pink

Fabric designer Tula Pink has created a fantasy world that we can visit through her art. Her fabric designs are bright, colorful, and just a bit surreal - psychedelic cats, day-glo frogs, and swirling octopuses have all taken center stage in her fabric collections. Tula's designs have garnered her an international following of fans - dubbed Tula Troops - that collect, sell and trade her fabric. Listen in as we talk to Tula about her creative journey, love of quilting, working with her family...


018 - Devon Carney

Despite a late introduction to ballet, Devon Carney has spent his professional life as a dancer. Working with the Boston Ballet right out of high school, he was mentored by the great Rudolf Nureyev, from whom he learned the key to being a successful performer. Today, though retired from the stage, Carney is a choreographer and artistic director for the Kansas City Ballet. Now he acts as mentor for the company, which he guides through each performance, on a mission to push their artistry and...


017 - Kevin Kidney

Growing up, Kevin Kidney knew that he was destined to live at Disneyland. Once he realized that people don't actually get to live there, he did the next best thing. He got a job there. In the art department Kevin had the opportunity to work on design projects large and small for the Disney company – everything from collectible enamel pins to parades. In this episode we talk about his work with Disney, how he found a community in the world of Tiki, and how giving back has become a large part...


016 - Kaffe Fassett

Fifty years ago, a trip to Scotland changed the life course of now iconic textile artist Kaffe Fassett. Then a painter, Kaffe was mesmerized by the heathered colors of Scottish yarn and taught himself how to knit on the train ride back to London. Since then he has immersed himself in the world of textiles and becoming renowned for his knitting, needlepoint and fabric designs. As an artist, he doesn’t just spend all his time in his studio. He also travels the globe teaching and encouraging...


015 - Brandon Mably

A chance meeting at a bus stop propelled textile artist Brandon Mably from a career in catering to his life as a designer known for his bold and graphic use of color. Brandon isn’t content just to create by himself, he also shares his colorful talent with the many students he teaches around the globe. As he puts it, he lives in a world of education and he wants his students to learn to create with color and confidence, just like he did. Listen in as we talk about Brandon’s first steps as an...


014 - Maiko Kuzunishi

Ten years ago, while designing screenprints, Maiko Kuzunishi stumbled across a product that would change her business – a simple clock. Since then she has challenged herself to take clock design as far as she can, incorporating whimsical creatures and flowers with graphic lines to create stunning pieces of home art. In this episode we discuss how Maiko found her calling, her move from Japan to the United States and how she balances work, life and stillness.